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July, August, September, October, November & December

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Date Issued to Issued to Witness / Record Notes Transcribers notes
July 1855        
3rd Smith, William D. Fay, Betsey M. by consent of parents  
3rd Seevers, Timothy Woolbridge, Caroline Hoppas, Jesse  
3rd Shirder, James Esser, Mary Ann Esser, Joseph surname may be Essen
4th O'Brien, James Little, Arabella M. by consent of parents  
7th Bimpmann, Joseph Peins, Mary Hbrdienndy, Eginottz not at all sure of witness surname
20th German, Henry Brummel, Theresa Strube, John H.  
20th Strube, John H. Eberhard, Christina German, Henry  
20th Schroeder, Lewis Meter, Louisa Sheffert, John  
20th Humphreys, James O'Leary, Cathonne O'Leary, Dennis  
26th Freemon, George L. Blake, Romenia Gardner, E.L.  
26th Blake, Alexander Simms, Farmie Gardner, E.L.  
28th Noseberry, Christian Weidimier, Maria Gans, Ferdinan  
August 1855        
2nd Woll, John Jacobs, Mary Jacobs, John  
2nd Eberson, Larsch Neilstatter, Jerome Neilslatter, Oben  
7th Drier, Frederick Martess, Magdeline Bumgardner, Benedict  
10th Farkas, Frederick Stahhammer, Mary Hoke, Frederick  
17th Grannis, Charles C.C. Boardman, Betsey Grannis, Cyrus L.  
27th Dart, Caleb T. Erens, Phebe Dart, Caleb T.  
September 1855        
13th Johnson, Christopher Olsletter, Sarah Neilson, Steiner  
14th Park, Thomas L. Simms, Harriet A. Davis, James  
15th Patterson, Kettel Foosdatter, Aagaat Tolasston, Oley  
19th Nails, Louis Kortes, Sophy Whereham, Penrad  
19th Schmolfeld, Christopher Blum, Doris Appa, Henry  
20th Pooler, George Benedict, Mary A. Draper, George  
20th Draper, George Handcock, Phete Pooler, George H.  
21st Barkley, Robinson S. Teeter, Mary A. Reed, R.R.  
24th Carson, Joseph P. Medley, Cornelia Carson, J.P.  
28th Ricker, John S. Souell, Louiza Ricker, Wm  
October 1855        
1st Burkman, Ferdinand Leherman, Antonette Schulte, Wm  
2nd Littrell, William H. Hagerman, Hannah Littrell, Wm typed as on record
2nd Belts, Anthony Hagerman, Hannah Baker, Wm typed as on record
4th Keep, Henry Deirbeck, Barbara Haginsack, John  
5th Beckel, Joachim Wearham, Eliza Gorman, Christopher  
9th Edson, Linus Floves, Harriet Edson, L.  
15th Winters, S.S. McGonegal, Jane E. McGonegal, C.L.  
15th Hale, Frederick Daris, Dorathy Hale, T.  
16th Cooper, Hiram Preston, Sarah consent of parents  
19th Thoma, Frederick Posh, Catherine Thoma, F.  
19th Betel, Gustavus A. Alvers, Charlotte by consent of girls father  
22nd Siedleck, Bernard Brummer, Catharine Tetter, David  
25th Wood, Eric Stevens, Mary L. by O.F. Stevens Pros Atty Act CC Judge, with Judge being absent; Witt: Isaac A. Steddave  
29th Wirkhan, Benj Blaze, Rhoda by O.F. Stevens Pros Atty Act CC Judge, with Judge being absent; Witt: S.N. Bixby  
29th Bearns, Dederick Heidelsmann, Eliza by O.F. Stevens Pros Atty Act CC Judge, with Judge being absent; Witt: Henry Metas  
November 1855        
5th Leui, Jacob Critter, Susanah Edson, Linus  
6th Benus, Edwin P. Miller, Mary E. Hazen, G.E.  
7th Mentzel, Charles Zahrnds, Bernhadina Hagenseck  
9th Delaney, William Bzban, Bridget by O.F. Stevens Pros Atty Act CC Judge, with Judge being absent; Witt: Michael Phalan not at all sure of female surname
9th Studhist, Barny F. Hempler, Caherine L. I hereby consent to the marriage of my daughter Catherine L. Hempler with Barny F. Studhist. Milessa G ---- [illegible].
On this day the consent of the girl mother and guardian being above given, marriage license was issued, by O.F. Stevens Pros Atty Act CC Judge, with Judge being absent; Witt: Louis Haggensick
surname of Milessa is illegible, but it is NOT Hempler
9th Diers, Frederick Hoffer, Caroline by O.F. Stevens Pros Atty Act CC Judge, with Judge being absent; Witt: Deirk Addishen  
9th Garrison, Anderson Kinsay, Susannah Guerdine, Wm Hardmon  
13th Usholl, August Estro, Eliza Thingerman, Geo  
17th Schultz, Frederick Leithold, Barbara by O.F. Stevens Pros Atty Act CC Judge, with Judge being absent; Witt: Louis Haggensick  
14th Miller, Alexander York, Malinda York, John  
20th Parson, Thomas Romick, Catharine Quigley, Dennis  
22nd Crane, James S. Eller, Jane Eller, Joshua  
23rd Comstock, Thomas Lyons, Jane E. see certificate on file  
24th Peck, Myron Stofferd, Sarah   no witness given
December 1855        
1st Marsh, B.F. Piper, Mary   no witness given
4th Pupka, Frederick Russel, Louisa Reed, R.R.  
4th Peters, Anson M. Smith, Jane   no witness given
4th Shaw, John Bishop, Martha Ann widow and widower both Old Coons  
13th Gull, David H. Moll, Margaret   no witness given
15th Hazleton, Laurence J. Fay, Mary L. Parch, James  
17th Sass, Hermon Faust, Mary Allers, Charles  
20th Ross, James R. St John, Elizabeth Smites, S.E.  
20th Kaster, Laus Slick, Mary Beckman, William  
20th Hane, John F. Berman, Mary Heilman, John  
24th Hoores, William Bassons, Mary Parsons, Moyon  
26th Carner, Louis Perkins, Elen In this case the women is under age. But, having lived with said Carner as his wife for the past year, the Court under the Circumstances deemed it best to grant the Licence.  
26th Schroeder, Hans Frederick Giesceker, Anna Maria Janish, August  
27th Shelhouser, Jesse B. Singer, Martha J. Price, E.  
29th Scorel, Beny F. Lamphier, Nancy A. Scorel, C.C.  
31st Eslet, Valentine Fisobos, Hannah   no witness given
31st Ash, Elias Hodgkins, Laura E.   no witness given
31st Duner, Geo Zinner, Maria   no witness given

Source: Clayton County, Iowa Marriage License Record, 1855-1860, FHL US/Can microfilm
#1255482, Item 3
Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for the Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Every effort has been taken to transcribe the records accurately, but errors are very possible. The old handwriting is sometimes very difficult to decipher! Please use this transcription only as a guide & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

Thank-you to IAGenWeb volunteer Constance Diamond for her generosity in making these records available for transcription!

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