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Clayton co. Marriage Records
Book 1

pages 59 & 60

Important notes!
-Browse all of the records & be creative with surname spellings
-In some cases the names appearing in the Book I Index will be 'different' than they appear in the marriage record; the handwriting on the original record being just as difficult to read by the indexing clerk as it is for transcribers today! It remains the responsibility of the researcher to determine which entry is 'correct'.
-These records appear in the same order as in the original Book 1, they are not chronological or alphabetized
-Some pages in Book I have a column for "Place Where Married" which has been omitted in this transcription since all indicate Clayton county.

Page 59

Groom Bride Date By Whom Married Transcriber Notes
Philo Avery Miss Osilla C. Chapman August 8, 1853 J.G. Whitford, M.G.  
George Haslett Jane Whitaker April 16, 1853 John L. Kelly, M.G.  
Wm. J. Walker Matilda Mitchell March 16, 1853 John Griffith, Minister  
John T. Swaring Hester Ann White July 2, 1853 Phillip Hansel, J.P.  
John E.C. Campbell Letitia Walker March 17, 1853 Rev. Ancil Wright  
John W. Walker Agnes Selsly March 17, 1853 Ancil Wright, Minister  
Abraham Krasto
*Kraussle, Johann Abraham (see note)
Katharine Meier August 2, 1853 D.P. Grinter, J. Peace Note: 10/25/2020 from J. Reilly: "Correct surname of groom is Kraussle, was not spelled correctly in the record"
Mathais Geiman Anna C. Reinhart August 2, 1853 D.P. Grinter, J. Peace  
James R. Gott Rebeca Walker September 9, 1852 John L. Kelly, M.Gospel  

Page 60

Groom Bride Date By Whom Married Transcriber Notes
Nicholas Gore Hannah Cropp January 25, 1853 Rev Ancil Wright  
Joseph Berringer Margaret Hemple June 21, 1853 Robt. C. Dripps, Just. Peace  
A. P. Jones Mary Ann Cline January 6, 1853 Rev J. G. Whitford  
John P. Gardner Jane Maxon August 28, 1853 Mr. H. Gould, Just. Peace  
Andrew Woods Hannah Gaisonn August 9, 1853 Mr. H. Gould, J. Peace Bride's surname is best guess.
Merrill Kellog Mrs. Morella Whipple July 3, 1853 Henry Gefford  
Thomas Jordan Diana Holmes April 19, 1853 Phillip Fishel, Just Peace  
August Wemmer Johanna Petti 23rd 1853 E. H. Williams, C. Judge No month given for marriage date.
August Wemmer Johanna Betts March 28, 1853 John P Krulls, J. Peace Corrected entry? Different bride's surname.

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Source: Clayton County, Iowa Marriage Records, 1839-1858, FHL US/Can microfilm #1255482, Item 5
Transcribed by Neva & Steve Nelson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb.

Every effort has been taken to transcribe the records accurately, but errors are very possible. The old handwriting is often very difficult to decipher! Please use this transcription only as a guide & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

Thank-you to IAGenWeb volunteer Constance Diamond for her generosity in making these records available for transcription!

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