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Important notes!
1) Browse all of the records & be creative with surname spellings.
2) The original index contains 2 alphabetical lists, one for each name of the contracting parties. They have been combined into one index and alphabetized by groom surname for this on-line transcription. The transcriber has cross-checked the first entry against the second
3) Frequently the first & second entries were not identical. In those cases the
discrepancies have been noted in the column 'transcribers notes' or if 2 different page numbers were given, both have been listed in the 'page' column.
4) Possible alternate spellings or dates are also entered in the 'transcriber notes' column, along with any other pertinent information to clarify the data. Occasionally it was not apparent from either entry, which name was the groom and which was the bride, so that has been noted 'groom and bride may be reversed'. Those entries appear in the Miscellaneous page.

5) There are a few marriage licenses indexed in with the marriage records. They have been retained on this transcription.

Names of Parties Names of Parties Date of Marriage By whom Married Vol
Transcriber notes
Ivers, Wm Wheeler, Sarah E. 11/08/1850 S.M Eastman, MG 1 49  
Ingbretson, Thos Larson, Christiana 03/07/1857 John Partch, JP 2 190 2nd entry: Ingerbretson, Thos


Names of Parties Names of Parties Date of Marriage By whom Married Vol
Transcriber notes
Jacobia, John H. Howe, Jennie S. 05/07/1861 [blank] 2 190  
Jacobs, E. Hale Cook, Emeline 08/30/1853 Osias Littlefield, MG 1 68  
Jager, Jos Knori, Catherine 06/23/1859 Job. Randall, JP 2 200 Knon or Kuori
Jeffries, Elias C. Morley, J.P. 05/10/1859 J.B. Parlin, MG 2 200 2nd entry: by Jas Orst, Priest
Jellings, Benj Lowe, Elizabeth 08/09/1857 D.P. Lowe, MG 1 125  
Jenkins, Major Harper, J. Miss 09/28/1848 S.H. Greenip, MG 1 30  
Jennings, John A. Newton, Lucinda 01/30/1861 License issued 2 201  
Jewell, Rob. T. Thomas, Rebecca E. 05/12/1859 J.B. Parlin, MG 2 200  
John, Leachrige Bagby, M.E. 01/04/1861 License issued 2 200 is indexed under B, L & J, see also 'Lochrige, John T.'
Johnson, Christopher Oldsdatter, Sarah 09/15/1855 V. Koren 2 200  
Johnson, Gilbert Klein, Gertrude 08/09/1858 Jas Orst, Priest 2 200  
Jones, A.P. Cline, Mary Ann 01/06/1853 Rev. J.G. Whifford 1 60 see also Jones, Wm A.
Jones, Freedom Ross, Nancy 05/09/1858 F. Snedigar, JP 2 200  
Jones, James Frances, Elizabeth 03/24/1842 Alfred Bronson, MG 1 8 2nd entry: Jones, Jas
Jones, Wm A. Cline, Mary Ann 01/06/1853 J.G. Whitford, JP 1 63 see also Jones, A.P.
Jordan, Thomas Holmes, Lena 04/19/1853 Phillip Fishel, JP 1 60  
Jordon, Richard White, Sally A.M. 01/03/1856 Alvan Torney, JP 1 94  
Justice, Daniel Sherod, Elizabeth 11/28/1849 Jos Grimes, JP 1 36  


Source: Clayton County, Iowa Marriage Record, 1839-1861, FHL US/Can microfilm #1255482, Item 4
Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Every effort has been taken to transcribe the records accurately, but errors are very possible. The old handwriting is often very difficult to decipher! Please use this transcription only as a guide & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

Thank-you to IAGenWeb volunteer Constance Diamond for her generosity in making these records available for transcription!

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