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Directory of Early
Clayton co. Newspapers

Newspapers established in the 1850's

Clayton County Herald, of Garnavillo was planned as the first paper north of Dubuque, but it bagan January 28, 1853, a week or so later than the Lansing Intelligencer [Allamakee county]. Henry S. Granger was editor of the six-column Independent sheet. After a year and a half, Granger retired in favor of A.W. Drips, who must have written the shortest salutatory on record:

"I have bought the Herald office and will assume its responsibilities. The paper will remain neutral in politics. With respect, A.W. Drips."

He continued alone in publication until November 17, 1856, when he took as associate John McBride.

Clayton County Journal,
successor to the Herald, was established at Guttenberg May 66, 1858, with Willard F. Howard, Republican, editor. He apologetically explained that it was his first newspaper venture. Alpheus Scott was co-editor between the fourth and fifty-first numbers, after which Howard, as sole owner, moved to Garnavillo, which was again the county seat. Joseph Eiboeck bought the office August 4, 11859. Plodding along from one week to the next, never knowing just where his future paper supply was to be found, this Hungarian printer pulled his paper out of debt and built for it a good circulation and standing. By 1870 he was one of the influential men of the countty and his paper an outstanding journal of the day.

North Iowa Times grew out of a Democratic resolution that the party needed an organ in northeast Iowa. Hence the strongly partisan F.W. Merrell and A.P. Richardson began publication October 110, 1856. Four columns were devoted to ertisements of merchants of Monona, where the paper was to have started. Merrell remained with the enterprise but two weeks, leaving Richarddon sole owner until April 14, 1858, when C.C. Fuller became associated forr seven months. A.J. Felt was admitted as associate in May, 1860, and also retired after a few months. The issue of April 4, 1861, announced that George W. Tenney, Republican, was to be joint proprietor. His connection caused a change in politics, and the Times took an Independent stand. Richardson retired in August, 1861, and Tenney two years later, leaving in charge John H. Andrick. The year 1870 found Andrick's papers, once more Democratic, a powerful party organ.

Wildcat Tribune
was established in 1858, the first printed publication in Elkader. It lasted only one year. It was published primarily for propounding the merits of the Elkader location for Clayton county seat. ~source: Elkader Register clipping, ca1870's/80's; contributed by Connie Ellis

Mississippi Valley Register, a seven-column folio, published by McBride, Tipton and Company, first appeared in Guttenberg on May 19, 1859. Tipton lasted only through seven numbers. Oliver D. Eno took his place as editorial head January 26, 1860. His was a good paper, but it had no financial success, and, according to the publisher, "contracted a western fever that nothing but removal would cure." The end of the campaign of 1860 found it dead.

McGregor Press, a moderate Republican weekly, was established in August, 1859, by George and S.S. Haislett, with Orlando McCraney as editor. McCraney was succeeded in March, 1860, by R. Tompkins, who purchased the paper with B. Truax, and published it till October, 1861, when it was sold to H. Belfoy. On November 1, 1861, the paper was suspended to begin again on December 9, 1861, as the Pocket City News with Willis Drummond editor. T.J. Gilmore and W.W.Williams bought it from him when he entered the army in the fall of 1862. They sold in August, 1863, to George Tenney. T.J. Gilmore, R. Tompkins, Willis Drummond, and Douglas Leffingwell were successive proprietors during the years leading up to 1870. Under Leffingwell the News was not a financial success and publication was suspended for a time.

~source of all (unless otherwise credited): "Notes on the History of Iowa Newspapers, 1836-1870", University of Iowa Extension Bulletin, No. 175, July 1, 1927; contributed by S. Ferrall

Clayton co. Newspapers being published in the 1860's

Clayton County Journal
Garnavillo, weekly, News & Politics, Jos. Eiboeck publisher, Republican in character

North Iowa Times
McGregor, A.P. Richardson publisher, Democratic in character

McGregor, G.W. & S.S. Haislet publishers, Republican in character

Die Nord Iowa Herald was published by Joseph Eiboeck to meet the need of German readers of the county. The paper was begun in the Journal office, January 1, 1868. Adolph Papin was editor, but he retired June 1, leaving Eiboeck bothe editor and proprietor. On August 1, the material was sold to Papin and B. Quinke. The latter soon sold to Papin, leaving him in sole charge through 1870.

~sources: The Iowa State Almanac and Statistical Register; 1860; and "Notes on the History of Iowa Newspapers, 1836-1870", University of Iowa Extension Bulletin, No. 175, July 1, 1927
~contributed by Sharyl Ferrall

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Elkader Newspapers in the 1870's

The Argus (1874-1907), a Republican paper, was established in 1874 and later sold to the Elkader Register.

Elkader Register, established in 1878 by G.H. Otis and A.M. Goddard. R. Douglas and F.D. Bayliss purchase it as the Register Company.

~source: Elkader Register clipping, ca1870's/80's
~contributed by Connie Ellis

Clayton co. Newspapers being published in 1884

Clayton County Journal
Elkader, weekly, News & Politics, est. 1851

Nord Iowa Herald
Elkader, weekly, News & Politics, est. 1868, German newspaper. It suspended publication in 1916.

Elkader Register
Elkader, weekly, News & Politics, est. 1878

North Iowa Times
McGregor, weekly, News & Politics, est. 1856

The McGregor News
McGregor, weekly, News & Politics, est. 1858

Strawberry Point Press
Strawberry Point, weekly, News & Politics, est. 1874

Volga City Times
Volga City, weekly, News & Politics, est. 1879, suspended in March 1880

~source: "History and Present Condition of the Newspaper and Periodical Press of the United States, with a Catalogue of the Publications of the Census Year", by S.N.D. North, Special Agent; Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.; 1884
~contributed by Sharyl Ferrall

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Clayton co. Newspapers in 1911

Town Name Frequency Day Character Publisher or Editor
Colesburg Clipper Weekly Thursday Rep Albert Voit
Elkader Clayton County Democrat Weekly Wednesday Dem H.C. Bishop
Elkader Nord Iowa Herold Weekly Wednesday Dem Chas. Reinecke
Elkader Register and Argus Weekly Thursday Ind H.L. Griffith
Guttenberg Clayton County Journal Weekly Friday Rep C. Mitrucker
Guttenberg Press Weekly Thursday Ind Z.G. Houck
McGregor News Weekly Wednesday Rep J.F. Widman & Sons
McGregor North Iowa Times Weekly Thursday Dem Anton Huebsch
Monona Leader Weekly Thursday Rep Harley S. Rittenhouse
Strawberry Point The Mail-Press Weekly Thursday Ind Arthur Williams

All Iowa Counties (off-site) on Iowa Old Press

~source: "The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1911-1912", Twenty-Fourth Number; compiled under the supervision of William C. Hayward, Secretary of State and John M. Jamieson, deputy, by Guy S. Bewer; Des Moines, Emory H. English, State Printer, E.D. Chassell, State Binder; 1911; pages 723-746.
~contributed by Sharyl Ferrall

Clayton co. Newspapers in 1916

Edgewood Journal
weekly on Thursday,Republican, Edgewood, Floyd A. Peet, Ed.

Clayton Co. Democrat
weekly on Wednesday, Democratic, Elkader, H.C. Bishop, Ed.

Nord Iowa Herold
weekly on Wednesday, Democratic, Elkader, Carl Reinecke.

Register and Argus
weekly on Thursday, independant, Elkader, D.G. Griffith & Son, Ed. & publishers.

Garnavillo Tribune
weekly on Thursday, independant, Garnavillo, R.O. Schumacher, Ed.

North Iowa Times
weekly on Thursday, Democratic, McGregor, Anton Huebsch, Ed.

Monona Leader
weekly on Thursday, Republican, Monona, Harley S. Rittenhouse, Ed.

weekly on Thursday, Republican, Strawberry Point, R.R. Clark, Ed

~source: Iowa Official Register 1915-16, compiled under the supervision of William S. Allen, Secretary of State, by Henry c. Baumgartner
~contributed by Sharyl Ferrall

Strawberry Point Newspaper History

L-R: James Newberry, editor C.W. Fallows and editor A.R. Dodd

The "Press", Strawberry Point's first newspaper, was established by F. A. Teed and H. G. Vines in 1869, the first issue was published on September 14, 1869. The office was located in a little frame building just east of the Franklin Hotel. In 1872 Eb. C. Huntington purchased the plant, continuing the publication until 1873, when he moved it to Windom, Minn.

The town was without a paper from that date until 1874, when B. W. Blanchard established the "Weekly Free Press". The first issue was dated February 26, 1874. H. B. Taylor, A. Blake, L. F. Carrier and T. F. Corbett became proprietors of the "Free Press" on October 1, 1874, and Geo. E. Delevan assumed editorship. This stock company remained in charge until May 18. 1876, when Mr. Delevan and E. H. Hoag became proprietors.

Mr. Delevan resigned his post in the summer of 1877 and James Newberry became associated with Mr. Hoag. The name of the paper was changed to the "Press". After two years under this management, Mr. Hoag retired and Mr. Newberry, assisted by his son Frank, continued the publication.

In 1885 the elder Newberry retired, leaving the junior partner in full charge. A new paper, the "Democrat", made its appearance in 1883, and after two and one-half years was merged by Mr. Newberry with the "press", and the resulting paper became known as the "Press-Democrat".

E. O. Gardner, assisted by his brother, M. E., succeeded Frank Newberry in August, 1886, and ran the paper until 1888. This time a company composed of James Newberry and Frank Scofield, became owners. This continued for five years, when Mr. Scofield retired and E. Q. Lane entered the business with Mr. Newberry.

Opposition again made its appearance with the establishment of the "Mail" by Boardman Cooley in August, 1894. In 1896 the "Mail" and the "Press" were consolidated, a stock company being formed with Frank Newberry the principal owner. Cooley and Clarence Marsh became proprietors of the "Mail-Press" and remained as such until 1896, when, Mr. Barker succeeded Mr. Marsh. In 1898 Carl Deyo took Mr. Barker's place and continued with the company for about one year. Byron Bronson was the next owner, taking charge in 1900. In August, 1901, B. W. Shepard became associated with Mr. Bronson, assuming full ownership in October, 1901.

A. R. Dodd and C. W. Fallows later became the publishers, and in 1908 Arthur Williams purchased the paper and was proprietor until 1911, when R. R. Clark became owner. In the spring of 1918, Mr. Clark had a linotype installed in the Press office, which was the first one in Clayton county. In August, 1919, Mr. Clark sold out to F. J. Mantz, the present owner and publisher. The name of the newspaper was changed from "Strawberry Point Press" to "The Clayton County Press-Journal" in January, 1929, when the subscription list of The Edgewood Journal was taken over and the two papers consolidated.

~Clayton County Register, Centennial Edition, July 1936
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



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