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Directory of Government Officials & Politicians

County & Township Level Officials

Note: unless otherwise credited the info. on this page was contributed by S. Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Clayton co. Officers - 1860

County seat: Garnavillo
Jno Garber, County Judge
Thos Updegraff, Clerk of District Court
Jacob Nicklaus, County Treasurer
J. Kaufman, County Sheriff
H. Emory, County Superintendent
Ezra Hurd, County Surveyor
~Iowa State Almanac, 1860


Clayton co. Township Constables
July 1867

John Herdman, for Buena Vista
J.B. Ross, for Boardman
Thomas Sargent, for Clayton
Volney Wheeler, for Cass
H.J. Scovel, for Cox Creek
A.J. Smith, for Elk
Samuel Benjamin, for Farmersburg
E.B. Lyon, for Grand Meadow
C. L. Angier, for Giard
S.J. Bevins, for Highland
Edward Wimmer, for Jefferson
M.R. Tough, for Lodomillo
Syver Johnson, for Marion
Philip Hansel, for Mallory
F.W. Richardson, for Millville
James Davis, for Mendon
Geo. W. Oathout, for Monona
Valentine Herman, for Read
John F. Jersey, for Sperry
Joseph Watt, for Volga
Charles R. Anderson, for Wagner



Clayton co. Township Officials, 1879
(Due to the number of names on this database, it's on a different page)

Guttenberg city officers - 1879

At the municipal election held at Guttenberg, April 5th, the following ticket was elected:

Mayor - Henry Eckart
Recorder - John Rau
Treasurer - Herman Ihm
Assessor - John Troester
Marshall - John Dubbles
Councilmen - A. Staffelder, G. F. Wiest, J. B. Tieke, Clemens Kappen, Chas. Falkenheimer

~Elkader Register, Thur., 10 Apr. 1879


Township Officials, 1880
Elected at the General Election, October 14th, 1879

Clerk - H. H. Hagensick
Trustees - J. L. Gilbert, A. Borman
Assessor - Michael P. Dunn
Constable - J. A. Ready
Justice - W. C. Lewis

Buena Vista:
Clerk - E. Merkle
Trustee - Rudolph Meuth
Assessor - A. Voggenthaler
Justice - Charles Cook, Sr.

Clerk - J. E. Baird
Trustee - E. B. Gardner
Assessor - James Newberry

Clerk - Chas. Ruegnitz
Trustee - H. F. Beckman
Assessor - H. C. Stinson
Constable - Franz Eidam

Cox Creek:
Clerk - F. W. Hochhaus
Trustee - J. D. Michael
Assessor - Philip Fishel
Constable - Daniel Buckley

Clerk - C. Morgan
Trustee - D. L. Renshaw, W. C. Linton
Assessor - Fritz Tiede

Clerk - W. F. Meyer
Trustee - Louis C. Meyer
Assessor - A. C. Rogers
Constable - Luis Schroeder
Clerk - John Froelich
Trustee - John G. Korte
Assessor - John Garaghty
Constable - Fred Froelich

Grand Meadow:
Clerk - John Welzel
Trustee - John McKinley, Jr.
Assessor - James McKinley

Clerk - J. C. Miller
Trustee - Frank Moran
Assessor - Mathew Ewing
Constable - W. Keenan

Clerk - John Troester
Trustee - Henry Kann
Assessor - William Rodenberg

Clerk - R. J. Bixby
Trustee - Chas. Stone
Assessor - S. W. Robinson

Clerk - Daniel Rinluger
Trustee - John W. Hansel
Assessor - John H. Zearley

Clerk - H. S. Holstenson
Trustee - Ole Johnson
Assessor - Jacob Paulson


Clerk - Robt. Grant
Trustee - Ole A. Brastburg, Peter Stauer
Assessor - V. _. Miller

Clerk - W. D. Sheehan
Trustee - J. J. Kaufman
Assessor - W. H. Scott

Clerk - W. C. McNell
Trustee - R. M. Fonda
Assessor - J. S. Renshaw

Clerk - C. W. Hagensick
Trustee - F. W. Diers
Assessor - J. C. Hagensick

Clerk - W. A. Penfield
Trustee - S. Pardee
Assessor - J. K. Hill

Clerk - Charles Schecker
Trustee - Henry Borcherding
Assessor - William Koehn

Clerk - T. C. Peterson
Trustee - Wesley Patterson
Assessor - John Johnson
Justice - M. H. Burnham
Constable - Henry Holverson

~Elkader Register, Thur., 23 Oct. 1879



J.F. Thompson, clerk courts, salary $1,500
C.E. Florte, treasurer, salary $1,500
L.H. Place, sheriff, salary -fees
J.M. Leach, auditor & deputy, salary - fees & $1,900
O.D. Oathout, county supt., salary $1200
Charles Schecker, recorder, salary -fees
S.L. Peck, surveyor

Board of Supervisors

Geo. H. Schofield, 1881
A.F. Nichols, 1883
Helmerth Brandt, 1882


First National of Elkader
First National of McGregor
Lovell & Corbett, Strawberry Point, private bank


Murdock & Larkin, R.E. Price, S.K. Adams, W.A. Preston, W.C. Lewis -- Elkader
Noble & Updefraff, L.O. Hatch, W.E. Odell, Robert Quigley, Stoneman & Chapin -- McGregor
W.C. McNeil -- Monona
J.O. Crosby -- Garnavillo
Garber & Corlett -- Elkport
T.M. Davidson -- Volga City
B.W. Newberry -- Strawberry Point

~The Iowa Official Register, 1882



Senator - Hon. John Everall, Farmersburg
Representative - Hon. T. J. Sullivan, McGregor
County Attorney - Jas. E. Corlett, Elkader
Clerk of the Court - M. P. Dunn, Elkader
Treasurer - Charles Ruegnitz, Elkader
Auditor - E. W. Adams, Elkader
Recorder - F. H. Soll, Elkader
Sheriff - Elmer E. Benton, Elkader
Coroner - Chas. E. Scholz, Guttenberg
Surveyor - Harry L. Dayton, Elkader
Superintendent of Schools - Sumner Miller, Guttenberg
Board of Supervisors - William Monlux, Chairman, Gunder; G. H. Scoffield, Strawberry Point; J. F. Kaiser, National

Elkader City Officers:
Mayor - Charles Reinecke
Recorder - G. M. Gifford
Treasurer - Chas. Ruegnitz
Assessor - A. C. Hagensick
Trustees - F. D. Bayless, R. E. Price, H. H. Barnard, J. B. Schmidt, D. D. Murphy, H. D. Brown
Chief Fire Department - D. E. Gleason
~Elkader Register, Fri., 08 Jan. 1897 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Clayton County officers - 1901

John G. Hempel, Auditor, Elkader, Republican
Daniel Costigan, Clerk of courts, Elkader, republican
Charles Ruegnitz, Treasurer, Elkader, Democrat
John H. Hill, Recorder, Elkader, Democrat
E.E. Benton, Sheriff, Elkader, Democrat
C.J. Adam, Supt. of schools, Elkader, Democrat
John H. Zearley, Surveyor, East Elkport, Democrat
A.A. Schmidt, Coroner, Garnavillo, Democrat
T.M. Davidson, County attorney, Elkader, Republican
H.G. Jenkins, Supervisor chairman, Guttenberg, Republican
Henry Meder, Supervisor, Mederville, Republican
J.H. Splies, Supervisor, Froelick, Democrat
~The Iowa Official Register, 1901


Clayton co. County officers - 1904

J.G. Hempel, Auditor, Elkader, republican.
Daniel Costigan, Clerk of courts, Elkader, republican
W.F. Reinecke, Treasurer, Elkader, democrat.
James F. Carroll, Recorder, Elkader, democrat.
Martin Dittmer, Sheriff, Elkader, democrat.
C.J. Adam, Supt. of schools, Elkader, democrat.
Ole Nielson, Surveyor, N. McGregor, republican.
J.H. Craig, Coroner, Volga City, republican.
B.M. Davidson, County attorney, Elkader, republican.
Henry Meder, Supervisor-Chm., Mederville, republican.
S.H.F. Schoulte, Supervisor, McGregor, democrat.
A.S. Haug, Supervisor, Elgin, republican.
~The Iowa Official Register, 1904
[transcribers note: Elgin is his postoffice, just across the Clayton co. line in Fayette co.]


Clayton co. County officers 1915-1916

John Adam, Elkader, Auditor, republican
Martin Hagensick, Elkader, Clerk of Court, democrat
Gustav J. Graf, Elkader, Treasurer, republican
Vina Katschkowsky, Elkader, Recorder, democrat
E. Bergemeyer, Elkader, Sheriff, democrat.
Carl F. Becker, Elkader, Supt. of Schools, republican.
Edw. B. Tourtellot, Elkader, engineer, republican
W.J. Beerman, Guttenberg, coroner, republican
A.J. Palas, Elkader, County Attorney, democrat
C.E. Witt, Monona, supervisor chairman, democrat
E.W. Kregel, Garnavillo, supervisor, republican
Chas. Meder, Mederville, supervisor, republican
~The Iowa Official Register, 1915/16


County Assessors - 1922

Thirty-two Assessors of Clayton County met at the Court House Wednesday afternoon and received their instructions from County Auditor Claud Firman. The following were in attendance:

Town Assessors:

Chas. Crefeld, Clayton
Ed Ehrhardt, Elkader
Henry Beeh, Elkport
Hugo Oelke, Farmersburg
Jos. Meyer, Garber
W. A. Kregel, Garnavillo
L. C. Geinecke, Guttenberg
John Farrell, Littleport
Henry W. Schultz, Luana
August Budde, Marquette
J. H. Quigley, McGregor
Edw. J. Hoag, Monona
Albert Kloser, North Buena Vista
Wm. Tomkins, Osterdock
E. F. Wilke, St. Olaf
E. H. Hoag, Strawberry Point
L. A. Blake, Volga
Township Assessors:

Nick Thillen, Boardman
Frank J. Bakula, Buena Vista
Geo. A. Steward, Cass
Ray Rizer, Cox Creek
Grover Miller, Farmersburg
A. J. Wirkler, Garnavillo
John Geraghty, Giard
L. D. Moser, Jefferson
J. S. Knight, Lodomillo
J. H. Brown, Mallory
Paul Troester, Millville
Robert Waskow, Monona
Otto Seifert, Read
W. M. Hoskyn, Sperry
Phillip Beeh, Volga

~Elkader Register, Thur., 5 Jan. 1922. ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


County Officials Salaries - 1922

The salaries of the several County Officials for the year 1922 shall be for the amounts as set forth in the following schedule:
County Auditor - $2100.
County Treasurer - $2100.
Clerk of the District Court - $2100.
County Recorder - $1900.
County Sheriff - $2000.
County Attorney - $1700.
County Superintendent - $$1800.
Deputy Auditor - $1440.
Deputy Treasurer - $1320.
Deputy Clerk - $1320.
Deputy Sheriff - $1495.
Deputy Superintendent - $1050.
Court House Janitor - James Canada - $1020
~Elkader Register, Thur., 12 Jan. 1922. Board of Supervisors column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


County Officials Salaries - 1924

The salaries of several County Officials for the year 1924 shall be for the amounts as set forth in the following schedule:
County Auditor - $2100.
Deputy Auditor - $1440
County Treasurer - $2100
Deputy Treasurer - $1320
Clerk of the District Court - $2100
Deputy Clerk - $1320
County Recorder - $1900
Deputy Recorder - $900
County Sheriff - $2000
Deputy Sheriff - $1495
County Attorney - $1700
Deputy Engineer - $1500.
County Superintendent - $1800
Deputy Superintendent - $1200
Court House Janitor - James Canada was appointed Janitor of the Court House for the year 1924 at a salary of $1020. per annum.

Ordered that all salaries as stated above be paid in twelve equal installments at the end of each month.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 17 Jan. 1924. Board of Supervisors column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Jefferson twp. officials - 1926

At the general election held here on Tuesday of last week, less than fifty percent of the voters in Jefferson township failed to go to the polls to cast their ballots. 430 ballots were cast in this township. The following township officers were elected:
Justice of the Peace - C. P. Luther, Democrat; Adolph Class, Republican.
Constables - Fred L. Miller, Democrat; J. H. Rademacher, Democrat.
Trustees - Henry Kann, Democrat; Wm. Morarend, Republican.
Township Clerk - A. J. Kappen, Democrat.
Assessor - L. D. Moser, Democrat.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 11 Nov. 1926. Guttenberg column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Clayton co. County officers 1927 & 1928

R.E. Firman, Auditor, Elkader, Republican
H.L. Meyer, Clerk of Court, Elkader, Republican
P.C. Buckman, Treasurer, Elkader, Republican
Bertha Stoops, Recorder, Elkader, Republican
Chris P. Larson, Sheriff, Elkader, Republican
Mary A. Meyer, Supt. of Schools, Elkader, Republican
E.W. Hahn, County Engineer, Elkader, Republican
W.J. Beerman, Coroner, Guttenberg, Republican
G.W. Hunt, County Attorney, Guttenberg, Republican
~The Iowa Official Register, 1927/28

Town & Township Assessors - 1928
Thirty-eight of the forty town and township assessors of this county were in attendance at the annual meeting held here in the court room. The following is the list of the assessors who were here Wednesday afternoon, together with the town or township they represent:

Townships - all present:

Nic Thillen - Boardman
A. J. Klass - Buena Vista
S. F. Schoentag - Cass
Wm. V. Mahowald - Clayton
Earl Hubbard - Cox Creek
O. H. Berens - Elk
W. E. Buckman - Farmersburg
John H. Flagel - Garnavillo
H. J. Klotzbach - Giard
Lloyd Bigler - Grand Meadow
Jas. Muncie - Highland
L. D. Moser - Jefferson
Leroy Pilgrim - Lodomillo
L. A. Oldham - Mallory
Sven Blockhus - Marion

E. Pullen - Mendon
Geo. Brown - Millville
Robert Waskow - Monona
Otto Seifert - Read
L. O. Embretson - Wagner
Frank O'Brien - Sperry
Philip Beeh - Volga
Towns - two absent:

Chas. Crefeld - Clayton
E. B. Shaffer - Edgewood
Ed. Ehrhardt - Elkader
Geo. L. Gifford - Elkport
Earl Dahlstrom - Farmersburg
Fred Voss - Garber
[illegible] - Garnavillo
Oscar C. Niemeyer - Guttenberg
W. J. Behrens - Littleport
Hy. W. Schultz - Luana
J. H. Quigley - McGregor
E. H. Haag - Monona
J. L. Schmidt - North Buena Vista
Blaine Johnson - St. Olaf
J. A. Huebsch - Strawberry Point
H. W. White - Volga.

~Clayton County Register, Thur., 05 Jan. 1928 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Clayton Co. Officials & Salaries, Town Assessors & Township Assessors - 1932
~Clayton County Register, Thur., January 14, 1932 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Salary cuts, totaling $3,440 were made on employees of the county pay roll by the board of supervisors in the January session, just closed. The largest cut came in the county engineer's office where $920 was taken from the engineer and his assistants. E. W. Hahn, who was drawing $3,200 during 1931 was re-appointed by the board at a salary of $2,400 for the year 1932, effective with March 1st, when his present appointment expires. D. E. Hoover and Milton Uecker were each cut $5 per month, from $140 and $125 to $135 and $120 per month respectively.

Deputies in both the recorder's office and the county superintendent's office were eliminated, but $660 has been allowed by the board for clerk hire during the year in each of these offices. Both these deputies have been drawing $1,320 annually. A similar reduction in the help in county office was made by the board last year when additional help was taken from the auditor's and treasurer's office.

E. Bergemeyer was re-appointed as steward of the county asylum with a reduction of $25 per month, from $125 to $100 and Wm. Koehn was re-appointed steward of the poor home with a reduction of $50 per month, from $125 to $75. A new arrangement is also made with relation to these two institutions. Mr. Koehn will have only stewardship of the poor farm, while Mr. Bergemeyer will conduct both the insane and county farms and by this arrangement it is expected that more of the help available at the asylum can be used.

No salary changes were made with regard to the county officials and their deputies, except as already noted. The salaries were fixed the same as last year, as follows: County Auditor - $2,000; Deputy Auditor - $1,440; County Treasurer - $2,000; Deputy Treasurer - $1,440; County Clerk - $2,000; Deputy Clerk - $1,440; County Sheriff - $1,900; Deputy Sheriff - $1,495; County Recorder - $1,800; County Superintendent - $1,800; County Attorney - $1,600.

Town Assessors -
J. A. Reis, Clayton
Mrs. Loena Fraser, Edgewood
Ed. Ehrhardt, Elkader
Ernst Haltmeyer, Farmersburg
Fred Voss, Garber
Henry Limbach, Garnavillo
Oscar C. Niemeyer, Guttenberg
W. J. Behrens, Littleport
Irving Englehardt, Luana
Jas. Berry, Marquette
F. F. Bergman, McGregor
W. L. Berhard, Monona
Wm. Tomkins, Osterdock
Blaine Johnson, St. Olaf
Carl Deyo, Strawberry Point
H. W. White, Volga City

Township Assessors -
Nic Thillen, Boardman
A. J. Klass, Buena Vista
S. F. Schoentag, Cass
Severn Johnson, Clayton
Earl Hubbard, Cox Creek
O. H. Berens, Elk
W. E. Buckman, Farmersburg
A. G. Backhous, Garnavillo
H. J. Klotzbach, Grand Meadow
Jas. Muncie, Highland
P. A. Noack, Jefferson
Emmet Weyant, Lodomillo
H. A. Mallory, Mallory
Marian Lind, Marion
Rob't H. Theviot, Mendon
Geo. Brown, Millville
W. W. Kaiser, Monona
Otto Seifert, Read
Frank O'Brien, Sperry
Philip Beeh, Volga
Perry Benson, Wagner

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