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Immigrants from Switzerland to Clayton co. Iowa and vicinity

Following we give the names of all the men who were born in Switzerland, immigrated to this country and have died at Elgin and vicinity since 1852. This list was compiled by John and Rudolph Lehman and contains 108 names. Many others have come here from Switzerland and removed to some other place. Of these no mention is made, but the long list of names will in part explain why this part of Fayette county, and especially Pleasant Valley is called "Little Switzerland." Many of the named men have been prominent citizens and nearly all of them have taken an active part in the history of Elgin. The names will be familiar to nearly all our citizens.

John Abby
Aeschliman SR
Ch Aeschliman
Ben Baumgartner SR
Ben Baumgartner JR
Nick Baumgartner
John Bauder SR
Fred Bauder
Sam Bauder
Jacob Bauder
Christ Bauman
Jacob Bauman
Sam Bauman
Sam Burke
Peter Burke
J. Butikofer SR
Jacob Butikofer JR
John Braker
Peter Braker
And. Braker
J. Beer SR
Fred Bigler
J.A. Bucher
J. Bachler
Ed Blumer
Ch Berger
Christen SR
Chr Duby SR
John Duby JR
Chr Dummermuth
John Etter
B. Eberhart
E. Eggiman
Ch Freiburghaus SR
G. Freiburghans JR
Ben Frieden SR
John Friederich
Ben Feller
John Falb SR
Michael Gerber SR
John Gerber
Peter Gerber
Gerthiser SR
Fred Herrman
Ben Hess SR
John Hiltbrunner SR
J. Hiltbrummer JR
And. Hunsberger
Ben Hunsberger
Ben Hofer
Jacob Hofer
Nick Hofer
Jacob Isely SR
Peter Jacob
John Kohler SR
John Kohler JR
Jacob Kohler
Ben Kohler
Ben Lehman SR
Jacob Lehman SR
John Lehman SR
Ben Lehman JR
David Lehman
Peter Lehman
Fred Lehman
Ch. Lederman
P. Luchsinger
R. Mueller
B. Mueller
Nick Marti SR
Jacob Merti JR
U. Muehlenthaler
Fred Muehlenthaler SR
Fred Muehlenthaler JR
Carl Muehlenthaler
Ch. Mnengei
Christ Moser
Peter Nicklaus
N. Pfarrer SR
Nick Pfarrer
W. Reinhart SR
John Reinhart
Simon Rothlisberger
John Ritz SR
John Ritz JR
J. Riser SR
J. Riser JR
G. Reusser
Nick Schori JR
Ben Schori SR
John Schori SR
J. Schafroth
Segeser SR
Jacob Schneider
Victor Schneider
Summer SR
R. Sutter SR
Fred Sutter JR
Geo Schappyn
B. Schwartz
John Steiner
Sam Schlupp
J. Tschirgi
J. Weinman SR
Ben Witschi SR
Ben Witschi JR
John Wenter SR


~source: Elgin Echo, July 18, 1907
~contributed by S. Ferrall
~transcriber notes: many of the men of the above list were early settlers of Marion twp. Clayton co. Iowa. Elgin, Fayette co. is just across the border from Marion twp.


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