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Unless otherwise credited, the following were transcribed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


Millville Blue Ribbon Temperance Reform Organized
After four evenings efficient work in the way of earnest and able lectures each evening, and other work during the day, brother Hall, of Kalamazoo, Mich., succeeded in organizing a temperance reform club in Millville, of two hundred members. The officers elected were as follows:
President - W. H. Scott
Vice President - S. J. Thayer
Treasurer - W. H. Kephart
Editor - Alex Husenetter
Stewart - E. C. Thompson
Marshall - Len Ayers
Asst. Marshall - Freeman Haggard
Master of Music - A. H. Fink
Sergeant at Arms - J. S. Graybill
Committee of Entertainment - Mrs. Elvira Kephart, Mrs. Julia Woodworth, Mrs. Martha E. Peyton
~Elkader Register, Thur., 30 Jan. 1879. From Millville column. Condensed by the transcriber from a longer article.


Rebekah Lodge
The following officers of New Hall Rebekah Lodge, No. 468, were elected at the last meeting:
N.G. - Mrs. Rosa Hansel.
V.G. - Mrs. Lena Moser.
Sec. - Mrs. Susanna Kickbush
Fin. Sec. - Anna Hansel
Treas. - Mrs. Fannie Bush
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 12, 1901. Osterdock column

Rebekah Lodge
New Hall Rebekah lodge elected the following officers Tuesday evening:
N.G. - Lena Moser
V.G. - Josa Hansel
Rec. Sec. - Ella Moser
Cor. Sec. - Anna M. Hansel
Treas. - Fannie Bush
V. Pres. of Clayton Co., Dist. Assn. - Ella Moser.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 05 June 1902. Osterdock column


Rebekah Lodge
Mrs. Robinson of Monona came here Thursday and installed the following officers in the Rebekah lodge:
N.G. - Ella Moser
V. G. Ella White
Treasurer - Lydia Friedlein
Secretary - Sylvia Bush
I.G. - Leta Brown
O.G. - Chas. Friedlein
Warden - Lena Moser
R.S. to N.G. - G. W. White
L.S. to N.G. - Frona Penhollow
R.S. to V.G. - Burd Tompkins
L.S. to V.G. - Etta Bush
~Elkader Register, Thur., 24 Jan. 1907. Osterdock column


Royal Neighbors of America
Goshen/Millville: The Royal Neighbors held their installation of officers Saturday night in the Mrs. B. H. Becker home in Millville. Nora Latta was installing officer and Margaret Kickbush was ceremonial marshal. The officers elect were:
Oracle - Jessie Borrett
Vice Oracle - Mary Ferris
Recorder - Lucy Brown
Receiver - Elizabeth Brown
Chancellor - Lillian Anderegg
Past Oracle - Bertha Thompson
Inner Sentinel Carrie Becker
Outer Sentinel - Gladys Ferris
Manager - Geo. Becker
Musician - Alvina Anderegg
Graces - Mabel Kolker, Alvia Ward, Ethel Penhollow, Luella Friedlein, Lizzie Behrendt
Flag Bearer- Edith Schrunk
Marshal - Pearl Becker
Asst. Marshal - Pearl Bown
~Clayton County Register, Thur., Feb. 4, 1932

Rebekah Lodge
Osterdock: New Hall Rebekah Lodge No. 468, held their installation of officers Friday evening, July 8th. D.D. President Caroline Enders of Guttenberg had charge of the installation; also D.D.M. Selma Pohle. Others attending from Guttenberg were: Minnie Geuder, Helen Behrens, Vivian Lorenz, Hattie Schweikert, Edna Scholz, Jennie Morrell and Mrs. Wolf. The following officers were installed:
Nobel Grand - Clara Larson
Vice Grand - Winnifred Bowman
Secretary - Betty Moser
Treasurer - Caroline Moser
Financial Secretary - Bertha Tomkins
Warden - Flossie Troester
Conductor - Lucile Larson
Chaplain - Dulcie Lee
Outside Guard - Ella Kottke
Inside Guard - Myrtle Hansel
Organist - Blanch Borrett
R.S.N.G. - Lydia Friedlein
L.S.N.G. - Lenora Hansel
R.S.V.G. - Icie Funk
L.S.V.G. - Ella White
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 July 1932


Royal Neighbors of America
Millville: Sweet Brier Camp No. 1217, held their regular meeting Wednesday evening for the purpose of celebrating their 35th anniversary, and also to elect officers for the coming year. The officers elected are as follows:
Oracle - Mrs. Jessie Borrett
Vice-Oracle - Mrs. Mary Ferris
Past Oracle - Mrs. Bertha Thompson
Chancellor - Mrs. Susie Kinyon
Recorder - Mrs. Lucy Brown
Receiver - Mrs. Elizabeth Brown
Marshal - Mrs. Pearl Becker
Inner Sentinel - Mrs. Carra Becker
Outer Sentinel - Mrs. Ruth Wyent
Manager - Mrs. Iona Kinyon
Musician - Mrs. Margaret Troester

There were six charter members in attendance, namely:
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown
Mrs. Nora Latta
Mrs. Jose Truesdale
Mrs. Susie Kinyon
Mrs. Iona Kinyon
Mrs. Ella Friedlein
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 Dec. 1933

Osterdock: New Hall Rebekah lodge held its regular meeting Tuesday evening, Jan. 2, after which installation took place. The following officers were installed:
Noble Grand - Jessie Bowman
Vice Grand - Alvin_ Moser
R.S.N.G. - Bertha Tomkins
L.S.N.G. - Frona Pennhollow
R.S.V.G. - Lydia Friedlein
L.S.V.G. - Lurinda Moser
Treasurer - Caroline Moser
Recording Secretary - Betty Moser
Financial Secretary - Winnifred Bowman
Chaplain - Grace Havens
Warden - Lenora Hansel
Conductor - Ella White
Inside Guard - Ella Kottke
Outside Guard - Lizzie Lee
Organist - Blanch Borrett
Trustees - Dulcie Lee, Clara Larson, Flossie Troester
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 11 Jan. 1934


Rebekah Lodge
Osterdock: New Hall Rebekah Lodge held a special meeting on Saturday evening at which time installation took place. The following officers were installed:
Noble Grand - Frona Pennhollow
R.S.N. Grand - Jessie Bowman
L.S.N. Grand - Ella Kottke
Vice Grand - Grace Havens
R.S. Vice Grand - Lucille Larson
L.S. Vice Grand - Thelma White
Warden - Dulcie Lee
Conductor - Clara Larson
Chaplain - Lenora Hansel
Inside Guard - Ella White
Outside Guard - Alvina Moser
Treas. - Ella Kottke
Rec. Sec. - Betty Moser
Fin. Sec. - Bertha Tomkins
Organist - Blanch Moser
~Clayton County Register, Thur., Jan. 24, 1935


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