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Unless otherwise credited, the following were transcribed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


Epworth League
The Epworth League Wednesday evening elected the following officers:
Pres. - H. E. Wolf
1st Vice - R. B. McCord
2nd Vice - C. M. Buck
3rd Vice - M.A. Goedert
4th Vice - E. R. Jordan
Secy. - A. Honking
Treas. - E. R. Jordan
~Elkader Register, Fri. morning, 07 May 1897. McGregor column



Knights Templar
Honorius Commandry, No. 8, K.T, of McGregor, recently elected the following officers for 1898:
Ex Commander - W. A. Kregel
G. - Geo. W. Brenner
C.G. - Peter Stauer
Prelate - Sumner Miller
S.W. - H. H. Clark
J.W. - C. F. Spaulding
Treas. - M. T. Kennedy
Rec. - J. L. Hagensick
W. - A. C. Hagensick
Std. B. (St. B.) - John Van Staden
Sw. C. (Sw. B.) - Thomas S. Ives
Sen. - Wm. Gray
~Elkader Register, Fri. morning, 31 Dec. 1897. Local Scrap Bag column



Knights Templar
Honorius Commandery, No. 8, Knights Templar, of McGregor, elected the following officers at a recent meeting:
E.C. - C. F. Spaulding
Genl's - Wm. A. Kregel
C.G. - Wm. R. Kinnaird
Prelate - M. T. Kennedy
S.W. - H. H. Clark
I.W. - G. R. Luther
Treasurer - Chas. E. Huntting
Regorder - J. L. Hagensick
~Elkader Register, Thur., 30 Nov. 1899. Local News columns



Modern Woodmen of America - M.W.A
Last Saturday night at the regular meeting of Old Hickory Camp, 3294, M.W.A., the following officers were elected:
V.C. - Will Lynch
W.A. - Will Hunt
E.B. - L. A. Monty
Clerk - C. L. Langlie
Escort - Ernst Lang
Sentry - Alonzo Smith
Watchman - Dan Donahue
Manager, 3 years - Ed Sparks
~Elkader Register, Thur., 13 Dec. 1900. North McGregor column



Modern Woodmen of America - M.W.A
At the regular meeting of the M.W.A. Monday night the following officers were elected:
V.C. - Wm. Lynch
W.A. - D. Donahue
E.B. - C. L. Langlie
Clerk - W. R. Brown
Escort - J. Curran
Watchman - A. B. Langlie
Manager - A. Kelly
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 12, 1901. North McGregor column

Young Men's Club
The Young Men's Club was organized at a called meeting in Firemen's Hall Monday evening, a constitution was adopted and the following officers were elected:
President - Alonzo Boyle, Jr.
Vice - Frank Sloane
Secretary - P. C. Woods
Treasurer - Carl Bickel
Sargent at Arms - Saul Wallace
Director of Music - Frank Sloane
Director of Athletics - M. V. Bickel
They have not yet secured quarters, but have refusal of several suitable places. This club is organized for the development of the town's young men, socially, physically and mentally, and promises to be just what has long been needed. A reading room, a gymnasium, and the necessary appliances will be furnished, and the boys will be well fitted out.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 30 Jan. 1902. McGregor column



Modern Woodmen of America - M.W.A
At the Woodman meeting Monday night the following officers were elected:
Clerk - W. R. Brown
Consul - Will Lynch
Banker - Chris Langlie
W.A. - Dan Donahue
Watchman - Nels Langlie
Escort - Lou Monty
~Elkader Register, Thur., 25 Dec. 1902. North McGregor column



Order of the Eastern Star
Next year the O.E.S. chapter will be in the hands of the following competent officers, elected at the meeting Tuesday evening:
W.M. - Mrs. Ben Oleson
W.P. - W. H. C. Elwell
A.M. - Mrs. Bessie Buck
Cond. - Mrs. Al. Clemens
A. Cond. - Mrs. C. Fette
Sec'y - Anna Scott
Treasurer - Mrs. Frank Dornbach
~Elkader Register, Thur., 29 Dec. 1904. McGregor column



Modern Woodmen of America - M.W.A.
The following officers were elected at the M.W.A. meeting Saturday evening:
Consul. - Wm. Lynch
W.A. - Jesse Curran
Clerk - C. L. Langlie
Banker - A. B. Langlie
Escort - L. A. Monty
Watchman - Nels Langlie
Manager - W. H. Sloan
~Elkader Register, Thur., January 18, 1906. North McGregor column.
North McGregor Fire Company
At the regular meeting of the Fire Company, Tuesday evening, the following officers were elected for the year:
Chief -- F. C. Gilmore
Foreman - Wm. Lynch
Asst. Foreman - Robt. Trewin
Banker - C. L. Langlie
Secretary - Dan Donahue
Foreman Hose Cart - Albert Langlie
Foreman Engine - J. E. Hart
Nozzlemen - Wm. Hartwick and Nels Langlie
The firemen will have their new uniform hats, soon.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 8 Feb. 1906. North McGregor column.



Among the McGregor fraternities these officers were elected for the ensuing year:

N.G. - Joe Watson
V.G. - Art Hellberg
Fin. Sec. -J. F. Widman
Rec. Sec - Mac Thompson
Treasurer - J. A. Walter

Pocket City Rebecca No. 11
N.G. Emma Benjamin
V.G. - Marguerite Nelson
Rec. Sec. - Della Gray
Fin. Sec. - Marie Walter
Treasurer - Odilda Walter

Eastern Star
W.M. - Gayle Boyle
W.P. - W. H. C. Elwell
A.M. - Hattie Huebsch
Conductress - Thea Sloane
A.C. - Clara Bergman
Treasurer - Georgia Elwell
Secretary - Della Gray

M.W.A., Sherwood Camp No. 105
V.C. - W. J. Knowles
Advisor - A. Huebsch
Banker - F. C. Sloane
Clerk - W. H. Habensick (sic - Hagensick)
Escort - Wm. Linderman
Watchman - Ed Jordan
Sentry - Jacob Henry
Physician - Dr. W. H. Thomas

R.N.A., McGregor Camp 1184
Oracle - Leota Brooks
Vice Oracle - Mattie Flaucher
Past Oracle - Birdie Edgar
Chancellor - Minnie Peick
Receiver - Sarah Ziegler
Recorder - Matilda Walter
I.S. - Carrie Boyle
O.S. Nancy Gween
Physician - Dr. W. H. Thomas
M.B.A., Hawkeye No. 238
President - J. F. Widman
Vice President - Chas. Davis
Secretary and Treasurer - Eva R. Jordan
Chap. - Callie Watson

Brotherhood of American Yeomen (B.A.Y.) McGregor Homestead No. 292
Foreman - R. N. Rose
M.C. - Will Merritt
Correspondent - Eva R. Jordan
M.A. - L. N. Kramer
Chap. - P. M. Elvers

W.O.W., Bellwood Camp
C.C. - Joe Minney
A. - F. E. Dornbach
Banker - Joe Watson
Clerk - L. N. Kramer
Escort - George Durr
Watchman - Carl Coffman
Sentry - Art Gilbert

Encampment No. 100 (The organization to which it was attached was not named)
C.P. - F. Dornbach
H.P. - Robert Quigley
S.W. - J. D. Bickel
J.W. - J. B. Coffman
Scribe - J. F. Widmman
Treasurer - H. Lee

Canton No. 8 (The organization to which it was attached was not named.)
Captain - J. H. Quigley
Lieutenant - C. M. Nelson
Ensign - Art Hellberg
Accountant - H. Lee

W.M. - Wm. Hagensick
S.W. - C. F. Widman
Secretary - Walter Eichendorf
Treasurer - W. F. Daubenberger

~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 28 Dec. 1916. McGregor column

Fire Department
The McGregor Hook and Ladder Co. elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
Chief - J. A. Walter
Asst. Chief - Wm. Hagensick
Foreman - H. N. Albeck
First Asst. Foreman - Joe Watson
Second Asst. Foreman - Irving Walters
Sec. - Frank Bartholomew
Treasurer - Paul Kossack
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 22 Feb. 1917. Mcgregor column


Woodman Circle
At a meeting of the Woodman Circle, the following officers were elected for the year. Meeting held at the home of Mrs. Gilmore.
Guardian - Mrs. Emma Schott
Past Guardian - Mrs. Honora Monty
Banker - Miss Mae Connell
Clerk - Mrs. Bessie Gilmore
Adviser - Mrs. Lora Schott
Attendant - Mrs. Rose Kleinow
Asst. Attendant - Mrs. Charles Ross
Chaplain - Mrs. Mattie Wheeler
Inner Sentinel - Mrs. Kathryn Kelley
Outer Sentinel - Mrs. Ella Whalen
Board of Managers - Mrs. Mary Gallagher, Mrs. Anna Hahn, Mrs. Ruth Balfranz
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 10 Jan. 1918. North McGregor column



McGregor: Kiwanis elected officers for '33-'34 on Monday evening November 6 at the regular weekly meeting, as follows:
President - Herman Kranert - succeeding Fred Widman
Vice-President - Dr. W. H. Thomas
Trustee - Fred Widman
Directors - Al Widman, L. P. Bickel, C. F. Saeugling, P. J. Daubenberger, Harry Hart
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 16 Nov. 1933



Order of the Eastern Star
McGregor: Tuesday evening, Jan. 2nd, Bluff City chapter, O.E.S., installed officers for the coming year. Mary Holtz, Past Worthy Matron, was the installing marshal.
Worthy Matron - Anna Campbell
Worthy Patron - Lloyd Horning
Associate Matron - Marie Becker
Associate Patron - Ira Everhart
Treasurer - Elizabeth Church
Secretary - Della Gray
Conductress - Katherine Bergman
Associate Conductress - Mae Holtz
Adah - Christine Meyer
Ester - Emma Yearous
Ruth - Edna Horning
Martha - Lydia Prouty
Electa - Pearl Kerlin
Marshal - Lucy Graff
Organist - Nettie Coon
Chaplain - Florence Coe
Warder - Irene Phelps
Sentinel - Everett Hagensick
After installation a social hour was spent in honor of Marie Becker's birthday.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 11 Jan. 1934



Honorius Commandery, No. 8, KP
McGregor: Honorius Commandery No. 8 elected the following officers at their meeting Monday evening:
Em. Commander - Karl D. Fisk
Generalissimo - W. R. Kerlin
Captain General - A. J. Cords
Senior Warden - Al Rousell
Junior Warden - F. S. Richards
Prelate - W. F. Daubenberger
Treasurer - C. F. Spaulding
Recorder - Joe Gerich
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 25 Dec. 1935.



McGregor Hook & Ladder, No. 1, 1872-1940


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