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Directory & Gazetteer index

Polks Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1918/1919

Published by R.L. Polk & Co.

Clayton county gazetteer & directory data extracted and transcribed by S. Ferrall, September 15, 2021
(source of images: https://babel.hathitrust.org)

Beulah (pg 179)
In Girard township, Clayton county on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., 18 miles north of Elkader, the judicial seat. Has rural delivery from Russell [sic].

Clayton (pg 278)
Population, 200. On the C.M. & St. P. Ry., and on the Mississippi river, in Clayton township and county, 16 miles n.e. of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 9 from McGregor, the nearest bank location. Has Catholic and Methodist Episcopal churches and a graded public school. Exp., W.F. & Co., Tel., W.U.; W.H. Beacom, postmaster.

Beacom, W.H. - Postmaster
Bothmer, H.C. - live stock
Clayton White Sand Co.
Crefeld, Mary - hotel
Haschen, John - hardware
Pesch, Henry - painter
Reise, John - general store
Soles, Chester - fish
Yohe, G.P. - RR, exp and tel agt

Communia (pg 299)
A discontinued postoffice in Volga township, Clayton county 6 miles south of Elkader, the judicial seat and banking point, and 3 from Littleport, its shipping point. Has R D from Elkader.

Ehrhardt, G.E. - general store

East Elkport (pg 494)
Clayton county. Name changed to Garber. See Garber

Edgewood (pg 496)
Population, 750. An incorporated town on the C.M. & St. P. Ry., in Lodomillo township, Clayton county, 18 miles south of Elkader, the judicial seat. Contains Congregational, Catholic and Methodist Episcopal churches, a bank, an opera house, electric light plant and a weekly newspaper, the Journal. Tel., W.U. Exp., W. F. & Co.; J.W. Forward, postmaster.

Amling, Charles - notions
Arthur, A.J. - RR, exp and tel agt
Digby, R.J. - insurance
Cooledge, V.J. - hardware
Cocking, R.C. - general store
Croyle, Charles - restaurant
Edgewood Band
Edgewood Journal - F.A. Peet publr
Farmers' Co-operative Creamery Co.
Farmers' Savings Bank (capital $15,000) - J.F. Adams pres., C.L. True cashier
Forward, J.W. - Postmaster
Glazier, D.S. - wagonmaker
Gray, M.L. - physician
Hanson, E.B. - physician
Hatfield, Ira - harness
Hesner, C.F. - theatre
Hotel Whipple - J.D. Whipple prop
Houlahan Bros. - meats
Newman, D.W. - dentist
Noble, E.L. - musical instruments
Noble, Rulon & Co. - grocers and shoes
Peick, Fred - drugs
Pilkington, G.W. - furniture
Putz & Co. - general store
Robinson, Frank - flour and feed
Schaffers Studio
Scovel, N. - lawyer
Shaffer & Co. - jewelry
Sharp & Kirk - agrl implts
Spahn & Rose Lumber Co.
State Bank of Edgewood (capital $25,000) - Charles Blanchard pres, J.P. Wiley cashr
True, C.L. - cashier Farmers' Savings Bank
Tyrrell, George H. - confectionery
Waldo, H.L. - hardware
Westerlen & Sons - garage
Wiley, J.P. - cashr State Bank of Edgewood

Elkader - county seat (pg 500-501)
Population, 1,300. The judicial seat of Clayton county is an incorporated city located on the Turkey river, and on the Elkader branch of the Iowa & Dakota div. C., M. & St. P. Ry., 19 miles from Beulah, where the branch joins the main line 6 miles from Osborne on the Volga branch of the Dubuque division of the same road, 60 northwest of Dubuque and 230 northeast of Des Moines. Has Catholic, Congregational and Evangelical churches, good schools, 2 banks, 3 weekly newspapers: the Clayton County Democrat, Register and Poultry Post. The Clayton County Insane Asylum is located here. An electric light plant was installed in 1900 at a cost of $20,000. There is an excellent system of water works from a well, flowing 400 gallons per minute, and with mains supplied from a reservoir 225 feet above the town. There are fine limestone quarries in the immediate vicinity from which the county got the material to construct a stone arch bridge, which spans the Turkey river. Tel., W.U. Exp., W.F. & Co.; A.J. Palas, postmaster.

Allen Bros (Albert and Ole) - machinists and garage
Andreae, A.H. - county auditor
Bahr, John - plumber and tinner
Barnard, Harrison - insurance
Barton, Daniel - live stock
Barton, Ray - produce
Barton, Thomas - live stock
Becker, Carl F. - county supt of schools
Becker, John F. - cashr Elkader State Bank
Bente, H.M. - vulcanizer
Bergemyer, Embert - sheriff
Burlingame, E.A. - grocer
Cassidy, George - cement contractor
Cassidy, Jeremiah - contractor
Citizens Gas Co. - Ross Richardson mngr
Clark, Seth - thresher
Clayton County Abstract Co. - Wm. C. Reimer pres.
Clayton County Democrat - Hiram C. Bishop propr
Clayton County Fire & Lightning Ins. Co. - Frank J. Uriell sec
Clayton County Insane Asylum - L.L. Hulverson sec
Cole, R.E. - blacksmith
Crider, Clayton L. - veterinary surgeon
Communia Fire & Lightning Ins Co. - Henry Wistrick sec
Davidson, W.W. - county attorney
Davidson & Davidson (T.M. and W.W.) - lawyers
Dittmer, Walter C. - implements and garage
Donlon, Joseph - dentist
Eberhart, Adolph - jeweler
Elkader Bottling Works - Wacker & Lenth proprs
Elkader Co-operative Commission Co. - W.J. Moran mngr, live stock
Elkader Electric Light Co. - Schmidt Bros. proprs
Elkader Opera House - Gus H. Wilke mngr
Elkader Register - H.L. Griffith propr
Elkader State Bank (capital $50,000) - H.H. Hagensick pres., D.D. Murphy v-pres, J.F. Becker cashr
Fair Store - E.W. Ferris propr., novelties
First Nat'l Bank (capital $50,000) - R.E. Price pres., A.J. Carpenter cashr
Fitzpatrick, E.C. - clothing
Floete Lumber Co. - John Foster mngr
German Turn Verein - Charles Reinecke sec
Gleason, Clement D. - livery
Glesne & Co. (John Glesne) - general store
Gmelin, H.C. - printer
Goldberg, Max - general store
Graff, Gustav J. - county treasurer
Griffith, H.L. - publr Elkader Register and Poultry Post
Hagensick, Henry H. - drugs
Hagensick, Martin G. - clerk of court
Hale, DeWitt C. - photographer
Heiden, Fred L. - hardware
Hempel, J.G. - clothing
Hill, J.H. - abstracts
Home Lumber Co. - R.L. Seneff mngr
Hotel Bayless - F.F. Asay propr
Humphrey & McLaughlin - restaurant and billiards
Hyde Bros - blksmiths, implts and garage
Jack & Price (S.V. Jack, V.T. Price) - real estate
Jeffers, Wm. J. - dentist
Katschkowsky, Freda - county recorder
Keinpell, Wm. F. - hardware
Kramer, L.J. - meats
Krogman, Wm. - tailor
Larson, Edward - thresher
Leibrock, Frank G. - dry goods
Lenth, L.C. - coal, feed and ice
Leonard, Tobey - creamery
Livingood, D.E. - harnessmaker
McGrath, Wm. J. - physician
Majestic Theatre - J.L. Flannigan propr
Marshall & Co. (W.W. Marshall, E.E. Stockman) - restaurant
Miller, Wm. A. - physician
Molumby's Hall - John K. Molumby propr
Morse, R.L. - dentist
Mueller, Herman F. - musical mdse
Murphy, D.D. & Son (Daniel D. and Clarence F.) - lawyers
Niemeyer, Frank A. - general store
Oehring, C.C. - drugs
Ottstadt, R.C. - photographer
Phalas, Henry C. - insurance
Palas, Arthur J. - Lawyer and Postmaster
Patterson, Henry S. - physician
Paul, Mrs. E.M. - tel and exp agt
Poull & Bink (M.J. Poull, L.M. Bink) - general store
Poultry Post (monthly) - H.L. Griffith publr
Preston, W.A. - lawyer
Price, R.E. & V.T. - lawyers
Regan & Witt (Michael Regan, Wm. Witt) - furniture
Reimer, Wm. C. - lawyer
Schmidt Bros & Co. (C.G., F.H. and R.F. Schmidt) - flour mill
Shulz, A.A. - meats
Standard Telephone Co. - L.F. Orr mngr
Stebor, John - cigar manufacturer
Toutellot, Edward B. - county engineer
Toutsch, John - real estate
Uecker, August - tailor
Wacher & Lenth (Henry Wacher, Fred Lenth) - proprs Elkader Bottling Wks
Walch, L.A. - garage
White, Glenn G. - physician
Williamson, C.H. - cement contractor
Wonderly, John - harness
Zahrndt, L.F. - laundry

Elkport (pg 502)
Population, 250. An incorporated town on the C.M. & St. P. Ry. and on the Turkey river, in Volga township, Clayton county, 13 miles southeast of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 43 from Dubuque. Has United Brethren and Lutheran churches and a bank. Tel., W.U. Exp., W. F. & Co.; Asa G. Kriebs, postmaster.

Bahr, Peter - carpet weaver
Benschneider, Louis - hardware
Brandtman, C. - general store
Brandtman, Mrs. Sophia - milliner
Central House - S. White propr
Elkport Cheese & Cream Co. - H.F. Mueller sec
Elkport Opera House - George Kriebs propr
Elkport Savgins Bank (capital $10,000) - H.H. Hagensick pres, George Kriebs cashr
Gifford, George - furniture
Gifford George L. - lumber and coal
Hohman, A.W. - produce
Jaster, John B. - feed mill
Knospe, Wm. - wagonmaker
Kriebs, Asa G. - General Store and Postmaster
Kriebs, Frank J. - physician
Kriebs, Louisa E. - drugs
Lau, Floyd - automobiles
Mueller, H.F. - jeweler
Plagman, H. - coal and live stock
Prolow, E.J. - R.R. Exp and Tel agt
Renschel, Andrew - harness
Schweikert, Jacob - drayage
Thein, G.M. - physician
Younkman, Samuel - livery

Farmersburg (pg 518)
Population, 300. An incorporated town on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Farmersburg township, Clayton county, 9 miles from Elkader, the judicial seat. Has Lutheran and Union churches and a bank. Tel., W.U. Exp., W.F.& Co.; S.L. Shates, postmaster.

Adams, James F. - real estate and mayor
Baron, Chas - hotel
Brandt, G.A. - physician
Darrow, Geo. - R.R. exp and tel agt
Duffin, Leroy - dentist
Engelhardt, L.L. - autos and pianos
Farmersburg Grain Co.
Farmersburg Savings Bank (capital $40,000) - John Everall pres, L.W. Thompson chashr
Fuelling, Wm. F. & Son - lumber
Gall, Herman - wagonmaker
Glawe, Geo. - restaurant
Hagen, E.O. - harness
Harnack, Mrs. H.W. - milliner
Hinch, Charles & Son - hardward
King, Dr
Kjosa, Otto - farm implements
Looby, E. - harness
Mathews, James & Son - garage and pumps
Oelke, C.W. - livery and hotel
Oelke, Henry Jr. - general store
Oelke, H. & Son - general store
Radloff, George C. - Grocer, meats and restr
Sharles, Samuel L. - Postmaster and Drugs
Thompson, L.W. - cashr Farmersburg Savings Bank
Walter, Mrs. Ernest - milliner
Walter & Sons - garage and farm implts

*Transcriber's note: surname of Postmaster was given as typed. Other records give his name as Samuel L. Shales

Froelich (pg 544)
Population, 50. A village in Giard township, Clayton county, on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., 18 miles by rail north of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 5 from Farmersburg, the usual banking point. Tel., W.U. Exp., W. F. & Co.; A.M. Burlingame, postmaster.

Bernhard, J.H. - cattle breeder
Burlinggame & Tayek - General Store

Garber (pg 545)
Population, 150. On the C.M. & St. P. Ry., in Volga township, Clayton county, 13 miles southeast of Elkader, the judicial seat. Has a bank and a Catholic church. Tel., W.U. Erp., W.F. & Co.; Lewis A. Zearley, postmaster.

Farmers' Savings Bank (capital $10,000) - Henry C. Schnepf cashier
Flaherty, Leo - livery
Garber Farmers' Co-operative Commission Co.
Garber Farmers' Co-operative Creamery Co.
Garber Farmers' Mutual Telephone Co.
Graf, F.W. - restaurant
Haack, Henry - real estate
Hammond, Bert - live stock
O'Connor, M.J. - agricultural implements
Prolow, E.J. - R.R. Exp and Tel agt
Schnepf, Conrad - general store
Schnepf, Henry C. - cashier Farmers' Savings bank and insurance
Schweikert, J.F - contractor
Strube, R.C. - blacksmith
Voss, J.H. - well driller
Voss & Co. - general store
Zearley, Lewis A. - Undertaker and Postmaster

Garnavillo (pg 546)
Population, 400. Settled in 1819. In Garnavillo township, Clayton county 10 miles s. of Elkader, the county seat, 5 1/2 from Clayton, the nearest shipping point by rail, and 4 west of the Mississippi river. Has Catholic and Lutheran churches, a newspaper, the Tribune, and 2 banks. Mail stage twice daily to Clayton. Telephone connection. Weber B. Kuenzel, postmaster.

Brandt Bros. - cattle breeders
Crawford, A.N. - harnessmaker
Duffin, R. - dentist
Farmers' State Bank (capital $25,000) - J.W. Kudeh pres, H.H. Kuhlman cashr
Felhafer, Fred - contractor
Garnavillo Commission Co. - J.H.H. Stiehl cashr.
Garnavillo Farmers' Creamery Co.
Garnavillo Farmers' Insurance Co.
Garnavillo Savings Bank (capital $50,000) - Wm. F. Meyer pres, Charles Roggman cashr
Garnavillo Telephone Co.
Garnavillo Tribune - R.O. Schumacher publr
Gruetzmacher, Ida - milliner
Harberg, Fred - wagonmaker
Harberg, H.J. - soft drinks
Hudek, J.W. - physician
Krasinsky, T.J. - general store
Kregel, E.N. & H.D. - cattle breeders
Kregel, E.W. - county supervisor
Kregel, N.A - contractor
Kuenzel, H.C. - drugs
Kuenzel, Weber B. - Postmaster, School Supplies and Art Goods
Kuhlman, H.H. - cashr Farmers' State Bank
Luehsen, Henry - furniture, undertaker and marble
Masuen, M. - meats
Meuser Lumber Co.
Meyer, Wm. N.C. - farm implements
Mohrman, Art - garage
Ries, T.A. & Co. - general store
Roggman, Charles - cashr Garnavillo Savings Bank and insurance
Schmidt, Fred J. - contractor
Schumacher, R.O. - publr Garnavillo Tribune
Schumacher, Wm. & Son - hardware
Starlight Theatre - A.H. Stickgord mngr
Thoma, Christ - general store

Giard (pg 551)
A postoffice on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Giard township, Clayton county, 20 miles from Elkader, the judicial seat, and 6 from North McGregor, its banking point.

Beyer, Ferd - general store

Graham (pg 558)
Population, 40. In Millville township, Clayton county, 24 miles s.e. of Elkader, the judicial seat, 9 from Turkey River, the nearest shipping point, and 5 from Colesburg, the nearest bank location. George P. Burgess, postmaster.

Bolsinger, G.R. - saw mill
Burgess, George P. - General Store and Postmaster
Riegel, H.W - saw mill

Gunder (pg 570)
Population, 50. In Marion township, Clayton county, 7 miles from Cermont, its banking a shipping point, and 11 from Elkader, the judicial seat. Has rural delivery from Postville.

Farmers Store - general store
Nyborg, Oscar - implements
Nyborg, A. Oscar - blacksmith
Osborn, O.K. - grocer

Guttenberg (pgs 572-573)
Population, 1,950. An incorporated town located on the Mississippi river and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Jefferson township, Clayton county, 22 miles southeast of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 35 northwest of Dubuque. Has German Catholic, German Lutheran and Meithodist Episcopal churches, excellent public and parochial schools, electric lights, canning factory, granite works, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, The Press. Tel., W.U. Exp., W.F. & Co.; Calvin P. Luther, postmaster.

Adam, Peter - restaurant
Aulwes, Louis - baker
Barton, H. - drugs
Beck, B. - gardener
Beerman Bros (Wm. J. and Henry L.) - furniture
Beerman, Louis - ferry
Beerman, W.J. - county coroner
Beutel, Charles - soft drinks
Beutel, the Misses - millinery
Beyer, A.E. - physician
Borcherding, Wm. - livery
Borman, August H. - lawyer
Bosecker, Fred Jr. - jeweler
Bowman, C.L. - shoes
Burr, M. - dairy
Central Hotel - H.J. Shirmer prop
Chailsworth, C.L. - grocer
Chase, E.W. - photographer
Class, Mrs. Louise - milliner
Clayton County State Bank (capital $25,000) - Charles E. Scholz pres, C.J. Adam cashier
Dorweiler, John - dairy
Duffin & Cutler (C.W. Duffin, F.R. Cutler, Eugene Eberhard) - lumber
Eberhard Lumber Co. - Edward and Eugene Eberhard
Eilers, Benjamin - drayage
Empire City Pearl Button Works - Chris Frommelt supt.
Franks, Wiley W. - grocer, real estate and insurance
Friedlein, Fred N. - agrl implts
Friedlein, Mrs. W.L. - hotel
Fuerste L. & L. (Louise and Lena) - milliners
Gilbertz & Schmid (Michael Gilbertz, Charles Schmid) - meats
Glover, H.B. Co. - Miss Florentine Koppin mgr., overall mfrs
Groth, John - automobiles and garage
Growney, J. - real estate and insurance
Guttenberg Canning Co.
Guttenberg Military Band - Fred Scholz leader
Guttenberg Press - Muschewske Bros. props
Guttenberg State Bank (capital $25,000) - Henry Eckert pres, John P. Eckert cashier
Hamann & Stack - autos
Herboldsheimer, John S. - wagonmaker
Home Electric Light Co.
Horsch, J.H. - tailor
Hunstad Bros. - garage
Ihm Bros (Carl and Emil) - general store
James, Benjamin W. - granite works
Junk, Peter - harness
Kann, Wm. H. - general store and grain
Kappen, Albert J. - undertaker
Kappen, Clemens (estate of) - A.J. Kappen mgr, furniture
Kohler, George - lime mfr
Kuemple Bros (John G. and Edward) - hardware
Luther, Calvin P. - Postmaster
Meuser Lumber Co. - F.J. Friedlein mgr
Meyer, Adolph & Bro. (Adolph and Alfred) - cigar mfrs
Miller, C.C. - dentist
Montgomery Pearl Button Co. - Robert Scholz mgr
Muschewske Bros (L.C. and H.J.) - publrs Guttenberg Press
Niemeyer, Garret H. - clothing
Ortman Bros. - drayage
Overbeck, H. Julius - hardware and insurance
Petters, C.W. - R.R. Exp and Tel agt
Princess Theatre - Robt Sterritt prop
Purnhage, John - jeweler
Roth, Andrew - general store
Saengling, F.J. - wagonmaker
Scholz, Charles E. - lawyers
Scholz, O.F. - drugs
Schopes, H.W. - insurance
Schroeder, A.F. - veterinar surgeon
Schweder, Louis - contractor
Standard Telephone Co.
Thiese, Mrs. M. - general store
Turner Hall - Turner Society props
Wolter, Rudolph E. - baker and bottler
Yunker, Mary - grocer

Highland (pg 587)
A discontinued postoffice in Clayton county, 11 miles west of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 5 south of Elgin, when mail is supplied by rural delivery.

Gilson, M.M. - general store

Littleport (pg 665)
Population, 225. A village on Volga river, and on the C.M. & St. P. Ry., in Clayton county, 9 miles south of Elkader, the judicial seat. Has a bank. Exp., W.F. & Co.

Brich, Joseph J. - general store
Corson, T.F. - wagonmaker
Farmers Co-operative Creamery Co.
Kafer, Anthony - meats
Keve Lumber Co.
Latteyer, Fred - jeweler
Liddy, Fred J. - grocer
Littleport Savings Bank (capital $11,000) - J.J. Brich pres
Madden, Thomas - restaurant
Meese, W.C. - hotel
Ortman, C.G. - livery
Zapf, A.B. - general store

Luana (pgs 672-673)
Population, 150. On the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Monona township, Clayton county, 18 miles north of Elkader, the judicial seat. Has German Lutheran and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank. Telephone and telegraph facilities. Exp., W.F. & Co.; Miss Susan M. Chapman, postmaster.

Chapman, Susan N. - Postmaster
Engelhardt, George - mayor
Enos Bros. - live stock
Fett, R.W. - general store
Frank, Benjamin - creamery
Frye, Philip - feed mill
Henderson, Mrs. Frank - hotel
Hinman, Wm. - stone quarry
Kamps, F.C. - restaurant
Lambert, G.M. - R.R. Exp and tel agt
Land, W.F. - insurance
Lindroth, G.F. - garage
Luana Band - Arthur Kruega leader
Luana Farmers' Co-operative Creamery Co.
Luana Farmers' Shipping Co.
Luana Savings Bank (capital $20,000) - W.J. Splies cashier
Nichols, C.J. - blacksmith
Overbeck, B.F. - livery
Palas, Henry - live stock
Pufahl, G. - live stock breeder
Rowell, A.E. - lumber and coal
Splies, W.J. - cashier Luana Savings Bank
Stoehr, R.J. - hardware
Tewes, W.F. - general store

Marquette - see North McGregor

McGregor (pgs 675-676)
Population, 1,260. Settled in 1842. An incorporated city located on the Mississippi river and on the C.M. & St. P. Ry., in Clayton county, 22 miles northeast of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 52 from Dubuque. It is across the river from Prairie du Chien, Wis., with which place it is connected by ferry. It is lighted by electricity, has water works, fire department, excellent religious and educational advantages, first-class hotels, a hospital, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, The North Iowa Times. Tel., W.U. Exp., W.F. & Co.; Anton Huebsch, postmaster.

Adney, A. - tinsmith and plumber
Bergman & Dunning - grocer and meats
Bickel Baking Co. - J.D. Bickel pres., K.D. Bickel sec
Bickel Meat & Grocery Co. - J.D. Bickel pres, W.S. Bickel sec.
Blaker, C.E. - garage
Bowen, Charles H. - harnessmaker
Boyle, M.E. - dray
Chapin & Spaulding (Asahel Chapin, E.L. Spaulding) - lawyers
Church, Gilbert - confectioner
Clark, Alice M. - physician
Clark, Henry H. - physician
Clark Hospital - H.H. and A.M. Clark proprs
Clemens, A. & Co. - dry goods
Coffman, John B. - plumber
Dahar, John - tailor
Daubenberger, John F. - lumber and coal
Daubenberger, Wm. F. & Co. (Wm. F. Daubenberger, Marcus Dehley) - clothing
De Haven, Earl - livery
Dornback, Frank - grocer
Eichendorf, John - tailor
Eichendorf, Walter L. - lawyer
Farnum, Mrs. Jennie A. - Christian Scientist
Fette, Christian - restaurant
First National Bank (capital $50,000) - W.F. Daubenberger pres., F.S. Richards cashier
Freeman, G.F. - pianos
Frese, G.H. & Bro. (John C. Frese) - jewelers
Geske, Henry - bottler
Geske, M.X. - lawyer
Gilchrist & Co. (F.C. Bell, J.W. Boyle) - grain, seed and live stock
Goddard, Herbert J. - grocer
Haight, Louis E. - confectioner
Hatch, Frank D. - grocer
Hellberg, John H. - confectioner
Horning, Alamando A. - photographer
Hoskins, L.D. - automobiles
Huebsch, Anton - Publr North Iowa Times
Iowa Telephone Co. - H.A. Statton mngr
Kennedy, M.T. & Co. (George M. Bliss) - drugs and stationers
Kramer, Charles F. - drugs
Kramer, John - clothing
Kranert, August - shoes
Larson, John H. - shoes
Leonard, Mrs. Dora - restaurant
McGregor Building & Loan Assn. - John Kramer sec
McGregor Citizens' Assn. - Frank C. Sloane sec
McGregor Electric Light and Power Co. - G.S. Donaldson propr
McGregor Fish Co.
McGregor Hand Laundry - C.F. Davis propr
McLanahan, Miss S.V. - milliner
Miles, I.H. - physician
North Iowa Times - Anton Huebsch publr
Oehring, Fred J. - jeweler
Pilkington, W.B. - ice
Presho, John - billiards
Quigley, Robert - lawyer
Ramage, J.A. - cashier State Bank of McGregor
Reeves, Henry - live stock dealer
Reynolds Hotel - H.E. Reynolds propr
Richards, F.S. - cashier First National Bank
Shadel, Bird - restaurant and confectioner
Sherman, E. Amelia - physician
Sloan, Quincy A. & Son - hardware
Spaulding, Clarence F. - furniture and undertaker
Stafford, L. - R.R. Exp and tel agt
State Bank of McGregor (capital $25,000) - J.F. Daubenberger pres, J.A. Ramage cashier
Sullivan Opera House - T.J. Sullivan mngr
Thomas, W.H. - physician
Walker, Charles W. - insurance
Walter, John A. - dentist
Washburn, George - cattle breeder
Webb, John E. - dentist
Weir, David H. - general store
Widman, J.F & Sons (John F., A.J. and C.F.) - printers and blank book mnfrs.
Wolfe, Charles J. - live stock
Zimmerman (The) - E.A. Bergman propr

Mederville (pg 717)
Population, 100. On the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Fox* Creek Township, Clayton county, 8 miles south of Elkader, the judicial seat, and banking point. Tel., W.U. Exp., W.F. & Co. Wm. M. Brinkhouse, posmaster.

Bente, Wm. - pumps
Brinkhouse, Wm. M. - General Store and Postmaster
Koester, Theo. - farm implements
Meder, Charles - county supervisor

Transcriber's note: correct location is in Cox Creek township

Millville (pg 722)
A discontinued postoffice on the Little Turkey river, in Millville township, Clayton county, 20 miles s.e. of Elkader, the judicial seat, 3 1/2 miles west of Turkey River, the nearest railroad station, and 7 from Guttenberg, the nearest banking point. Has rural delivery from Turkey River.

Becker, B.H. - general store
Graybill, Charles - blacksmith
Kenyon, P. - general store

Monona (pgs 727-728)
Population, 900. An incorporated town on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Monona township, Clayton county, 22 miles north of Elkader, the judicial seat. Has Catholic, Congregational, German Evangelical, German Lutheran and Methodist churches, a graded public school, an opera house, water works, gas plant, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, The Leader. W.U. Exp., W.F. & Co. Telephone connection. Harry C. Fox, postmaster.

Abel, F.G. - jeweler
Baade & Waalk - milliners
Balekos, George - restaurant
Bellows, Mrs. Celia - milliner
Bernhardt, Wm. - blacksmith
Briar, Joseph A. - marble works
Bronson, Jason D. - physician
Busching & Pape (Otto F. Busching, Ed W. Pape) - hardware
Citizens' State Bank (capital $25,000) - John Killen pres, Robert M. Fonda cashier
Colby, Fred - cement walks
Colby, Gus - cement walks
Collins, Richard - blacksmith
Cottage Hotel
Cunningham, George H. - hardware
Currie, Albert L. - dentist
Duncan J. - restaurant
English Bros. - drugs
Everall, B.B. - physician
Farmers' Commission Co. - H.H. Smith mngr
Fonda, Robert M. - Cashier, Citizens' State Bank
Fox, Harry C. - druggist and Postmaster
Hicks, Joshua - physician
Hotel Arlington - George Fosha propr
Howard, Frank H. - general store
Humphrey Bros. - agrl implements
Humphrey, W.F. - dentist
Iowa telephone Co. - Carrie Musser mngr
Kaiser & Weithorn (Ernest Kaiser, Wm. Weithorn) - general store
Glenpell, Eugene Jr. - harnessmaker, auto supplies and vucanizing
Koth, H. - live stock breeder, 2 miles sw
Kozelka Shoe Store - Wm. Kozelka mngr
Kruse, W.C. - furniture and undertaker
Kurdelmeier, F.C. - contractor
McNiff, Phil - R.R., Exp and Tel agt
Maiers, J.A. - real estate
Meier, D.W. - lawyer
Meuser Lumber Co. - W.G. Weifbeck mngr
Mid-Continental Utilities Co. - P.R. Williams mngr
Mista, John - shoes
Monona Farmers' Telephone Co.
Monona Iron Works - C.H. Wiegand propr
Monona Leader - H.S. Rittenhouse publr
Monona Lumber Co. - G.A. Thomas mngr
Monona Opera House - A.J. Wirkler mngr
Monona State Bank (capital $40,000) - F.M. Orr pres, H.T. Orr cashier
Montgomery, F. - coal and cement
Neubauer, John - automobiles and garage
Orr, C.J. - insurance
Orr, C.J. & Co. - clothing
Orr, H.T. - cashier Monona State Bank
Peglow, Fred J. & Co. - autos and garage
Rittenhouse, H.S. - publr
Robertson, J.E. - vet surgeon
Russell, C.W. - restaurant
Russell, E.W. - coal and ice
Schofield, Paul P. - feed mill
Schultz, Carl G. - furniture and undertaker
Schwab, A.E. - grocer
Sebastian, Charles - drayman
Standard Telephone Co.
Steele Bros (Frank J. and Joseph) - general store
Stiert, F.X. - blcksmith
Tangeman, Ray F.A. - racket store
Tapper, George - physician
Ternburg, E.G. - photographer
Ulish, P.E. - livery
Ulish & Wagner - meats
Union Farmers' Co-operative Creamery Co. - Cora M. Haislett sec
Walsh, Joseph - autos and garage
Wirkler, Arthur J. - clothing

National (pg 751)
In Farmersburg township, Clarion county [sic - Clayton county], 12 miles sw. of McGregor, the nearest banking point, and 5 1/2 from Farmersburg, the nearest shipping point. Has rural delivery from McGregor.

North Buena Vista (pg 765)
Population, 179. On the Mississippi river and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Clayton county, 40 miles southeast of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 7 1/2 from Holy Cross, the nearest banking point. Tel, W.U. Exp., W.F. & Co.; Albert N. Kloser, postmaster

Bakula, Frank J. - poultry breeder
Clemen, Michael - general store
Dix, Henry - blacksmith
Engling, Michael - harness
Freyman, Peter - bank
Heider & McGuire (Peter Heider, Frank McGuire) - live stock
Kloser, Albert N. - Postmaster
Mell, John - general store
Nagel, C.F. - general store
Noggle, Ellis - restaurant and general store
Olt, Wm. - R.R., Exp and Tel agent
Schmidt, B.F. & A. - apiarists
Schmidt, Joseph L. - billiards
Sweeney, Frank J. - live stock breeder
Sweeney, J.P. - general store

North McGregor (pg 766)
Population, 600. An incorporated town on the Mississippi river, which is here crossed by a pontoon railroad bridge, and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Clayton county, 26 miles n.e. of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 1 1/2 north of McGregor. The town is principally sustained by the railroad. Has telephone connection and electric lights from McGregor system. Tel., W.U. Exp., W.F. & Co.

Bayless Pharmacy - Harriet and C.D. Bayless
Berry (The) - hotel, James M. Berry propr
Bills, Grover J. - billiards
Burke, Ed - restaurant
Burke Hotel - J.J. Burke propr
Dahman, P.J. - billiards
Dahmen & Ferris - garage
Donaldson, E.S. - physician
Ferris, E.C. & Son (Edmund C. and Cloyd E.) - restaurant
Gilmore, T.C. - real estate
Hervison, J.A. & Co. (James A. Hervison) - general store
Hughes Bus Line
Keen, H.A. - agrl implements
Knapp, M.J. - grocer and meats
Langlie, Anton B. - general store
Matthews, Mrs. T.B. - restaurant
Nicholson, Ernest - cashier North McGregor Savings Bank
North McGregor Savings Bank (capital $10,000) - C.J. Weiser pres, Ernest Nicholson cashier
North McGregor Stone Crusing Works - A.J. Knapp and Frank Sawvell mngrs
Schott, Harry H. - drayage
Schurtzman, Herman A. - meats
Scrogum, John M. - fish and ice
Sloan, J.J. - dry goods
Wingen, G. & Sons (Gerhardt, Herman J, Wm. F. and Christian) - lumber
Wingen Opera House

Osborne (pg 782)
Population, 50. On the C.,M. & St. P. Ry., in Clayton county, 6 miles south of Elkader, the judicial seat and 6 from Volga, the usual banking point. Exp. W.F. & Co.; George Feller, postmaster.

Feller, George - Postmaster, General Store, Hardware and Railroad Agent
Meuser Lumber Co. - J.C. Paul mngr
Sturm, J.E. - contractor

Osterdock (pg 790)
Population, 100. On the C.M. & St. P. Ry., in Mallory township, Clayton county, 24 miles s.e. of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 36 from Dubuque. Nearest bank at Guttenberg, 6 miles distant. Exp., W.F. & Co. Tel, W.U.; John C. Kickbush, postmaster.

Barrett, Delbert - saw mill
Barrett & Penhollow - garage
Bowman, Mrs. E. - hotel
Columbia Orchestra - W.F. Kickbush mngr
Desotel, Charles - blacksmith
Farmers Co-operative Commission Co. - grain and coal
Haberman, John - hotel
Hyde, G.W. - livery
Hyde, G.W. Jr. - harness
Kickbush, John C. - General Store and Postmaster
Opera House - J.C. Kickbush mngr
Osterdock Cornet Band
Osterdock Commission Co. - Chas Friedlein mngr, produce
Osterdock Creamery Co. - H.A. Mallory sec
Schweikert, J.E. - general store

Read (pg 830)
A discontinued postoffice in Read township, Clayton county, 6 miles northeast of Elkader, the judicial seat, nearest railroad station and banking point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

Radach, E.W. - general store

Saint Olaf (pg 857)
Population, 160. Settled in 1870. An incorporated town on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Wagner township, Clayton county, 6 miles north of Elkader, the judicial seat. Has a bank. Tel., W.U. Exp., W., F. & Co.; James L. Reynolds, postmaster.

Bachtel, E.H. - blacksmith
Barnum, Harry - livery
Emberston, H.T. - meats
Farmers' Co-operative Creamery
Farmers' State Bank (capital $25,000), Q.J. Palas pres., F.K. Orvis cashr
Geno, A.L. - restr and billiards
Gilbert, F.M. - hardware
Henning, Wm. - jeweler
Houg, O.K. - hardware
Jacobson & Landsgard - general store
Johnston, Otto O. - cashr St. Olaf Savings Bank
Knudson Bros. - garage
Olson, John K. - live stock
Orvis, F.K. - cashr Farmers' State Bank
Orvis, F.R. - hotel
Reynolds, James L. - Postmaster
St. Olaf Furniture Co. - Theodore Knudson, furniture
St. Olaf Grain Co.
St. Olaf Lumber Co.
St. Olaf Savings Bank (capital $15,000)- John F. Johnston pres., Otto O. Johnston cashr
Wilke, H.W. - general store

Saint Sebald (pg 857)
A farmers' postoffice in Sperry township, Clayton county, 16 miles southwest of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 6 north of Strawberry Point, the nearest railroad station and banking point. Has a Lutheran church. G.H. Fuehr, postmaster.

Fuehr, G.H. - Postmaster and Clergyman

Strawberry Point (pgs 924 & 925)
Population 1,200, is located on the C. M. & St. P. Ry., in Clayton county, 16 miles s.w. of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 50 n.w. of Dubuque. It is a wide-awake business town, and has 6 churches, modern high school, water works, electric light, sewerage system, 2 opera halls, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, The Strawberry Point-Press. The Farmers' Creamery in this place is the largest strictly separator creamery in this county. Stock, grain and dairy products are shopped in large quantities. Exp., W., F. & Co. Tel., W.U.; R.W. Schug, postmaster.

Accola, J. - photographer
Allderson, J.R. - livestock breeder
Allen, Herbert - blacksmith
Anthony, E.J. - physician
Arnold, Manuel G. - live stock breeder
Arnold, W.H. - garage
Auditorium - Oscar Davis, mngr
Bales & Rodies - bridge contrs
Barker, L.W. - livery
Barr, George W. - insurance
Blean, R.B. - chiropractor
Bowers, I.A. - laundry
Bowman, Howard - plumber
Byrnes, Wm. J. - live stock
Campbell & Son - garage
Carmichael, Nellie - milliner
Carpenter, John J. - grocer and restr
Carpenter & Tinker - billiards
Chapman & Esch (J.W. Chapman, H. Esch) - flour, feed and coal
Clark, Robert R. - publr Strawberry Point Press
Clough, Mrs. Minnie - general store
Davis Estate (L.D. and Grace Davis) - general store
Dorman, Charles - dentist
Eaton, Hal M. - dentist
Uphriam, Herman - clothing
Farrington, Fred - apiarist
Feulner, O.H.J. - hardware
First National Bank (capital $25,000), A. Hanson pres, M.A. Harwood cashr
Franklin Furniture Co. - Charles Roberts propr
Friedrich, Charles - contr
Gildner Bros & Schomberg - clothing
Goodrich, M.J. - poultry
Gratke, Gootfried E. - architect
Harris, Walter - vulcanizer
Harwood, M.A. - cashr First Natl Bank
Helgerman, Ed - blacksmith
Henry & Coykendall (John Henry, Wayne Coykendall) - drugs
Hesner, M.E. - hardware
Hogan, Thomas - tailor
Holmes, Alexander - lawyer
Hotel Franklin - Julius Duerst mngr
Howard, Fred H. - physician
Howard, I.P. - drugs
Howard, Thomas - physician
Interstate Telephone Co. - Myrtle Buechner mngr
Jordan, Ernest - city marshal
King Bros & Preston (James and John King, L.w. Preston) - lumber
King, J.R. - agrl implts
Kretschmar, O.L. - shoes
LeDage, H.C. - creamery
Lang & Son (E.E. & C.E.) - live stock
Ludy, Jacob - bldg contr
Lyric Theatre - H. Allen mngr
McGarvey, Al G. - gldg contr
Morris, Thomas - bldg contr
Moser, E.G. - well borer
Nace & Co - restaurant
Newberry Bros (Byron W. and Charles W.) - lawers
Opperman, E.J. - agrl implts
Peck, Peter E. - harnessmaker
Rawson, Edward C. - physician
Reinecke, Wm. F. - cashr Strawberry Point State Bank
Riddell & Co. (Mrs. Alex Riddell) - grocers
Roberts, Charles - pianos and organs
Schafer, C.L. - R.R. exp and tel agt
Schoeppe & Smith (Carl A. Schoeppe, Albert Smith) - meats
Schug Realty Co. (R.W. and J.F. Schug) - Real Estate and Insurance
Scofield Bros (Harry W. and Guy F.) - general store
Sheldon, Henry - jeweler
Smith, Frederick - drayage
Snyder, Marvin - live stock
Steinhilber, C.F. - Land Co.
Strawberry Point Commercial Club - Wm. F. Reinecke pres
Strawberry Point District Fair Society - R. W. Schug sec.
Strawberry Point Farmers' Commission Co. - F.V. Balluff mngr
Strawberry Point Farmers' Creamery Assn - C.D. Woolcot sec
Strawberry Point Opera House
Strawberry Point Press - Robert R. Clark pubr
Strawberry Point State Bank (capital $50,000) - J.C. Flenniken pres., Wm. F. Reinecke cashr
Strawberry Point Water Works
Talcott, Dooley & Co. (Bert Talcott, Wm. Dooley) - general store
Uhl, Mary A. - milliner
Wareham, W.L. - billiards and bowling
Wear, H.D. - photographer
Woodruff, Mrs. Thomas - carpet weaver

Turkey River (pg 941)
Population, 50. On the C.,M. & St. P. Ry, and on the Turkey river, in Millville township, Clayton county, 28 miles n.w. of Dubuque, 30 from Elkader, the juducial seat, and 6 from Guttenberg, the nearest banking point. Exp., W., F. & Co., Tel, W.U.; Mrs. Jose Truesdell, postmaster.

Adams Patent Wheel Factory
Christ, E.W. - R.R. exp and tel agt
Co-operative Co - agri implts, grain and live stock
Latta, A.W. - hotel
Truesdell, Mrs. Jose - Postmaster
Truesdell, N.H. - general store

Updegraff (pg 943)
A discontinued postoffice in Mallory township, Clayton county, 18 miles southeast of Elkader, the county seat, and 5 1/2 from Elkport, the nearest shipping point. Nearest bank at Guttenberg, 12 miles distant. Has rural delivery from Garber.

Volga / Volga City (pg 952)
Population, 450. An incorporated town on the Volga river, and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Sperry township, Clayton county, 10 miles southwest of Elkader, the judicial seat. Has Catholic, Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches and 2 banks. Tel., W.U. Exp., W. F. & Co.; R.W. Duff, postmaster.

Adams & White (C.S. Adams, Ed White) - general store
Ainsworth, S.C. - physician
Andreas, H.C. - cashr Volga Savings Bank
Blake, C.C. - furniture
Boleyn, Albert - live stock
Brenner, C. - baker
Burns, J.J. - dentist
Burrington, John C. - harnessmaker
Burrington, Mrs. J.C. - milliner
Cahill, J.A. - physician
Duff, R.W. - Postmaster
Farmers' Co-operatice Creamery
Farmers State Bank (capital $25,000) - E.W. White pres, E.F. Sorg cashr
Gifford, H.L. - meats
Hotel Oliver - Eva B. Taylor propr
Hurley, T.C. - clothing
Konzen, Karl J. - publr Volga City News
Kunzman, A.R. - autos and garage
Lindman, F.J. - drayage
Menser Lumber Co.
Meyers, W.J. - general store
Minihan, Maurice F. - hardware
Northwestern Light & Power Co.
O'Brien, R.A. - restaurant
Paull & Brink -general store
Perkins & Son - blacksmiths
Phillips, Frank - livery
Rinert, John - restaurant
Schottroff Bros. - blacksmiths
Shepard Bros. - drugs
Smith, G.A. - hardware
Sorg, E.F. - cashr Farmers State Bank
Stahl, John - jeweler
Susie, Fred - eggs, poultry, grain and seed
Volga City News - Karl J. Konzen publr
Volga Savings Bank (capital $40,000) - A.E. Olinger pres., H.C. Andreas cashr
Webb, L. - R.R. Exp and tel agt
White, W.E. -general store
White, W.P. - drugs

Watson (pg 982)
In Girard township Clayton county, 20 miles north of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 3 1/2 from Monona, its banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

Hensel, Herman - blacksmith

Wood (pg 1009)
In Elk township, Clayton county, 20 miles southeast of Elkader, the judicial seat, and 4 1/2 from Edgewood, the nearest railroad station and banking point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery (Route No. 1).

Berens, Otto H. - general store
Rulon, C.J. - general store
Winkler, Chas. - wagonmaker

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