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1905 - Clayton County Directory & Gazetteer - 1905

Turkey River - Updegraff - Volga


Names of the heads of families, business & professional firms who receive mail through Clayton county and adjoining county post offices. Brief descriptions of the towns and villages in Clayton county.

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Turkey River Post Office
This town is located on the C., M. & St. P. Railway, twenty-eight miles north of Dubuque, thirty from Elkader, the county seat, and four from Cassville the nearest banking place. It is a terminal point on the Volga branch of the C., M. & St. P. R. R. and on this account is an extensive shipping point for live stock, grain and other farm produce. Population 50. U. S. Express. W. U. Telegraph. Telephone connections.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Turkey River post office:

Adams, N.A.
Adams, Math. I.
Adams, Peter P.
Balsinger, John
Barrett, W.J.
Barry, Michal
Bird, Eugene
Bird, Mary
Brookers, Wm.
De Sotel, Wm.
Erie, George
Fuerstenberg, August
Graybill, Marion
James, Wm.
Kenyon, Charles
Kenyon, Phoebe
Kolker, Frank
Kolker, F.E.
Livingston, John A.
McKinlay, John F. - Postmaster
McKinlay, Josie - Asst. postmaster
McLane, Wm.
Meyer, Henry
Minger, George
Minger, Henry
Montgomery, W.W.
Ricker, Malon
Tinkey, W.H.
Truesdell, N.H.
Wentworth, G.D.


Updegraff Post Office
An inland town in the southern part of the county, five miles from Elkport, the nearest shipping and banking point, Population 45. Telephone connections.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Updegraff post office:

Baker, Joseph
Baker, S.E.
Baker, Wm. H.
Beddow, John M.
Beddow, Virginia
Bond, A.D.
Bond, Wm. N.
Bowman, James
Crop, Ezra
Davis, Samuel
Garlow, C.E.
Garretson, John
Hansel, J.J.
Hansel, John L.
Hansel, Robert
Herrington, S.A.
Learn, Bradley
Learn, Morris
McDonald, Daniel
Miller, C.D.
Miller, Edward
Nicholas, S.R.
Oldham, L.A.
Oldham, S.D.
Rentschler, Jacob
Simons, Edgar
Simons, Fred E.
Smith, A.C.
Swisher, James A.
Walters, I.N.
Walters, Jesse J.
Wenkstern, W.H.


Volga Post Office
Is located on the C., M. & St. P. R. R. and on the banks of the Volga River, in Sperry Township, surrounded by as fine a fruit and grain-growing district as there is in the state, and the valleys and rough lands make the best of pasture, besides being well watered by brooks and springs. Shipments from here consist of hogs, cattle, horses and grain that cannot well be excelled in quality. It is 64 miles from Dubuque and ten miles from Elkader, the seat of justice. Telephone connections. Contains fine graded public school, two churches, mill, two hotels, and an extensive creamery, and a bank. U. S. Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population 425.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Volga post office:

Adams, August
Adams, Charles
Adams, C.S.
Adams, D.L.
Adams, J.J.
Allen, C.M.
Ambrose, F.E.
Andreson, Fred
Askew, Fred
Axtell, E.E.
Bachtell, E.H.
Bachtell, George E.
Bailey, E.C.
Bailey, Jason W.
Bailey, Seldon
Baker, Joseph
Barrs, Henry
Bartels, August
Barton, D.L.
Bennington, Charles
Bennington, Ray
Bennington, Samuel
Bennington, Samuel, Jr.
Bennington, Wm.
Bentley, J.W.
Bergan, James
Bergan, John
Bergan, Thomas
Bevens, Charles F.
Bissell, Ed.
Bissell, J.E.
Blake, L.A.
Blake, M.L.
Blake, V.F.
Bolyn, Albert
Brandenberg, F.M.
Brobrandt, C.
Brown, H.P.
Brown, William E.
Burns, D.D.
Burns, John
Burns, Dr. J.J.
Burrington, John
Carmichael, Henry
Carmichael, James
Chapman, A.A.
Chapman, A.B.
Chapman, C.L.
Chapman, F.W.
Chapman, James
Chapman, Joseph J.
Clark, E.S.
Conboy, Michael
Conboy, Thomas
Conboy, Thomas E.
Cook, David
Cook, E.R.
Cook, W.H.
Coonfare, E.
Copeland, John
Coss, Henry
Crain, D.J.
Crain, James
Cummings, T.W.
Cuningham, Michael
Cuningham, Patrick
Davis, F.F.
Davis, F.J.
Davis, H.E.
Dill, Elijah
Dill, George
Direen, L.C.
Douglass, Ed.
Douglass, Stewart
Dryer, Wm.
Duff, A.M.
Duff, John
Duff, J. Albert
Duff, Milton T.
Duff, Robert
Duff, R.W.
Duff, Thomas
Duff, Wm.
Durland, John
Ebendorf, Fred
Edmonds, Edward
Elwick, Rev. T.J.
Epps, James L.
Epps, Lemuel
Eveleth, Joseph
Ewing, Wm.
Ewing, W.M.
Fairburn, Mark
Fay, Joseph
Finley, William
Fliehler, Anton
Fliehler, Charles
Fliehler, Wm.
Follen, Frank
Fowler, C.E.
Germer, Henry
Germer, Otto
Glennon, Wm.
Goodin, Warner
Goodin, Wm.
Goodwin, E.R.
Goodwin, F.F.
Goodwin, Lewis
Harvey, A.C.
Hawthorne, James
Hawthorne, W.J.
Hayes, Edward
Hayes, John
Hays, Thomas
Hess, Charles P.
Hill, George
Hold, J.W.
Humbert, George
Hummel, D.L.
Hummel, Lewis
Humphry, H.R.
Humphry, W.K.
Hurley, Jermiah
Hurley, John J.
Hurley, J.M.
Hurley, Michael
Ingraham, George
Jellings, Wm.
Jennings, A.O.
Jennings, Henry
Jennings, J.M.
Jones, Joseph R.
Jones, William
Jones, W.T.
Keeling, F.J.
Keiholtz, Ed. W.
Keiholtz, Hamilton
Keiholtz, Lester
Keleher, James F.
Kinkead, W.B.
Koehler, Charles
Koopman, Rev. T.
Kottman, Louis
Krieg, William
Kunzmann, A.R.
Lamphier, C.C.
Lamphier, Henry
Lamphier, Lyman
Lamphier, L.S.
Lamphier, Myron
Lamphier, Wm.
Leal, William
Leate, Robert
Leonard, A.A.
Lewis, William
Libby, J.W.
Linder, George
Little, James
Little, Joseph
Lovejoy, Ed. S.
Lovett, A. - Asst. postmaster
Lovett, C.E. - Postmaster
Lowe, David
Lowe, D.E.
McCabe, William
McCann, George
McCann, George, Jr.
McKinney, George
McTaggart, James
McTaggart, Wm.
Madden, Dr. W.D.
Marble, Oscar
Martin, C.F.
Martin, Patrick
Maxwell, S.J.
Mecklenburg, Wm.
Phillips, I.L.
Potter, James L.
Preuss, Frank
Preuss, Fred
Probert, James
Probert, John
Probert, Wm.
Rardin, W.E.
Rinkert, George
Rinkert, John
Roach, John
Robinson, David
Robinson, Joseph
Roth, George
Rowell, Willis H.
Royse, John
Royse, Samuel
Royse, Walter
Samp, C.
Scully, M.J.
Scully, Peter
Shadle, Henry
Shadle, James
Shea, Edward
Shea, John
Shea, Martin
Shea, Wm.
Shea, Wm., Jr.
Sherman, L.
Slawter, Charles
Sloan, Samuel
Smith, Fred
Smith, Fred, Jr.
Smith, G.A.
Smith, Harrison
Smith, Thomas
Smith, W.A.
Snodgrass, Francis
Stence, M.J.
Susie, William
Susie, William J.
Taylor, Lute W.
Taylor, Orie H.
Tenny, Alf.
Tenny, L.J.
Thody, Allen C.
Thompson, D.B.
Thompson, W.T.
Thyne, Austin
Thyne, Austin, Jr.
Thyne, Patrick
Tinkham, Oran J.
Voshell, Andrew
Voshell, George
Waltenbaugh, George
Walters, Orrin
Wentzel, Julius
White, EdwinW.
White, George F.
White, H.G.
White, H.W.
White, R.D.
White, Wm.
White, W.E.
White, W.P.
White, Wyllys W.
Whitford, A.W.
Whitford, Henry
Whitford, S.B.
Wilson, Harry
Wilson, James


~source citation: Clayton County Directory - 1905. Comprising a Complete and Alphabetically Arranged List of Heads of all Families, Business and Professional Firms Residing in Clayton County and Receiving mail through the Various Post Offices in this and Parts of Adjoining Counties; pages 285- 338. Compiled by the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald for the use and benefit of subscribers, 1905.

~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


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