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1905 - Clayton County Directory & Gazetteer - 1905

Saint Olaf & Saint Sebald


Names of the heads of families, business & professional firms who receive mail through Clayton county and adjoining county post offices. Brief descriptions of the towns and villages in Clayton county.

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St. Olaf Post Office
A town of 150 inhabitants, situated on the C., M. & St. P. R. R. The nearest bank location is Elkader, the county seat, five miles distant. U.S. Express. W. U. Telegraph. Telephone connections

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Saint Olaf post office:

Anderson, Andrew O.W.
Anderson, C.J., RR1
Anderson, Maline, RR1
Anderson, Ole
Anderson, Thomas W.
Arvensen, N.
Barnum, Harry
Baumeister, C.
Bennetts, J.C.
Benson, O.M.
Bergan, H.O., RR1
Breitsprecher, Henry
Brockman, Christ
Brockman, Christ, Jr.
Brockman, Fritz
Buckman, John F.
Carney, Wm.
Christenson, John
Christianson, Charles
Clark, Seth
Clauson, Levi
Connors, J.P.
Crary, Alice M.
Crary, Amy S.
Crary, Lucy E.
Crary, Wm. H.
Dahl, August
Dahlstrom, August
Dahlstrom, Ernest
Dahlstrom, Henry
Dahlstrom, Herman
Diers, F.W.
Diers, Henry
Embretson, Adelia - Asst. postmaster
Embretson, E.
Embretson, Embret
Embretson, Henry O.
Embretson, H.T.
Embretson, Knut O.
Embretson, Lars
Embretson, Lewis
Embretson, Nels
Embretson, Ole E.
Embretson, Peter
Embretson, T.T.
Englehardt, Charles
Englehardt, George R.
Englehardt, Henry
Englehardt, John
Faber, John
Fasher, Otto
Frederick, Frank
Frisby, John
Fuhrman, Wm. L.
Gilbert, Frank M.
Gilster, William
Glawe, Charles
Glawe, Henry
Glawe, Theodore
Glesne, Even O.
Glesne, Ole E.
Gulsvig, A.E., RR1
Gulsvig, E.A., RR1
Gunderson, Jurgen
Gunderson, Ole E.
Hagensick, Louis
Halvorson, Gilbert
Halvorson, Knut, RR1
Halvorson, Nels
Halvorson, Ole
Hamann, Herman
Hamann, Otto
Hanson, Gilbert
Hanson, Hans B.
Hanson, Hans G.
Hanson, H.R., RR1
Harnack, Charles
Harnack, Henry
Helgeson, Hans
Henning, Fritz
Henning, George
Herbranson, Henry
Herbranson, Ole T.
Herterich, Frantz, RR1
Hoffman, Fred
Horstman, August
Hueckstadt, Wm.
Hulvorson, H.L.
Hulvorson, Lars
Hulvorson, Lewis
Hulgerson, P.
Ihde, Charles
Jellum, Albert
Jellum, Gunder
Jellum, Ole
Johnson, Finger
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, John
Johnson, Nels
Johnson, Otto O. - Postmaster
Jones, Jeff. RR1
Junk, Carl
Kaiser, J.H.
Kamin, Fred
Keleher, T.F.
Keleher, W.E.
Kightlinger, Francis
Kightlinger, J.
Kill, Miss Cora A.
Klinkenberg, Henry
Klinkenberg, Herman
Klinkenberg, Wm.
Kluth, George
Kluth, Wm. H.
Knudson, Anna
Knudtson, Embret
Knudtson, Theodore
Knudtson, T.O.
Knuth, Emil
Knuth, Wm.
Koss, A.L.
Koss, George
Koss, Wm.
Kuhse, Gustav
Kurdelmeyer, George
Larson, Amund
Larson, Henry P.
Larson, Jacob
Larson, John
Larson, Joseph
Larson, Louis
Larson, Martin
Lembke, Henry
Lenth, Albert
Lenth, H.F.
Liljestrom, Nels
Maehl, John C.
Mandelkow, Ernestine
Mandelkow, Louis
Martens, William
Matt, Joseph
Matt, Wm.
Meyer, John H.
Meyer, Louis
Mickelson, Henry
Monlux, Wm. C.
Mueller, Fred
Mueller, Henry
Nelson, Hans
Niebauer, Wm.
Nielson, Torkel
Nosby, Lars
Nugent, George
Obermuller, August
Olson, Albert
Olson, Gilbert
Olson, Gilbert L.
Olson, J.K.
Olson, Knut L.
Olson, Lars L., RR1
Olson, Nels A.
Olson, Ole A.
Olson, Ole T.
Olson, T.H., RR1
Olson, Theodore L.
Orvis, F.K.
Palas, H.W.
Palas, L.J.
Perry, F.M.
Peterson, Wm. L.
Peterson, A.L.
Peterson, B.H.
Peterson, Marten
Peterson, M.C.
Peterson, Peter T.
Radloff, Mrs. C.W.
Radloff, Fred
Radloff, Wm.
Rantzow, Charles
Raymond, Delbert
Raynolds, J.L.
Rierson, Torkel
Ronquest, Henry
Schmidt, C.F.
Schmidt, John G.
Schmidt, Wm.
Schmidt, Wm. C.
Schueltz, Ferdinand
Seeland, Carl
Seeland, Charles
Seeland, Henry
Sorum, Nils, RR1
Southwell, R.
Stake, Maria
Sterns, F.
Stone, H.A.
Thompson, Gunder
Thompson, H.L.
Thompson, Knud
Thompson, Ole
Thoresen, Tanler, RR1
Thovson, Lars
Thovson, Nels
Thoxson, Tove T.
Tollefson, Joseph
Tollefson, T.
Torstenson, Torsten
Toveson, Lars
Toveson, Tove
Tovson, Halvor
Ulberg, Peter
Vogt, Fritz
Vogt, Henry
Wahls, Henry J.
Wald, Henry
Weber, Math.
Wehrkamp, John H.
Weymouth, Ole
Wiedemeyer, Henry
Wilke, Fred C.
Wilke, F.W.
Wilke, H.W.
Wilker, Fred
Wilker, George
Wilker, John
Wold, Ferd.
Wold, Theodor


St. Sebald Post Office
An inland postoffice, four miles north of Strawberry Point, the nearest railroad station and banking point. Population 30.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Saint Sebald post office:

Bartels, Henry
Bartels, Henry, Jr.
Baumgartner, Charles
Fliehler, Gottlieb
Fuehr, G.H. - Postmaster
Fuehr, Mrs. E. Ph. - Asst. postmaster
Gresch, Gottlieb
Herring, Michael
Huebsch, Carl J.
Huebsch, John A.
Rebaschus, F.G.
Schmidt, Ludwig


~source citation: Clayton County Directory - 1905. Comprising a Complete and Alphabetically Arranged List of Heads of all Families, Business and Professional Firms Residing in Clayton County and Receiving mail through the Various Post Offices in this and Parts of Adjoining Counties; pages 285- 338. Compiled by the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald for the use and benefit of subscribers, 1905.

~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


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