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1905 - Clayton County Directory & Gazetteer - 1905

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Names of the heads of families, business & professional firms who receive mail through Clayton county and adjoining county post offices. Brief descriptions of the towns and villages in Clayton county.

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National Post Office
A live town of 125 inhabitants in Clayton County, nine and one-half miles southwest of McGregor, the usual banking and shipping point. Stage daily to McGregor and Giard. Telephone connections.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the National post office:

Anderson, Arthur
Anderson, C.D.
Bachtell, E.H.
Bachtell, T.D.
Bean, C.W.
Berns, Herman
Berns, Herman, Jr.
Berns, Joseph
Berns, William
Brownson, Freeman
Bruckner, Barney
Clark, Victor
Freeman, Joseph
Kramer, Fred
Kreutter, John
Marlett, Lorenzo
Marty, Matt
Matt, Louis
Meier, Charles F.
Miller, Fred
Moeller, Henry J.
Moeller, John
Morgan, Cornelius - Postmaster
Morgan, H.B.
Morgan, James G.
Morgan, Jos. G. - Asst. postmaster
Mueller, L.J.
Nieland, Ben
Smith, Barton
Werger, August
Werger, Herman
Werges, Fred
Wright, D.A.
Wright, John T.


North Buena Vista Post Office
This is the post office name for the town of Buena Vista, which is beautifully situated on the Mississippi River and on the C., M. & St. P. R. R., in the extreme southeastern part of Clayton County, twenty-four miles north of Dubuque, the nearest banking location. Ships large quantities of grain, live stock and cord wood. U. S. Express. W. U. Telegraph. Population 65.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the North Buena Vista post office:

Allen, E.L.
Atchison, Fred
Atchison, James
Atchison John S.
Atchison, Wm. I.
Bakula, Michael
Birch, D.E.
Blaser, George
Blaser, John
Brada, Simon
Brandenburg, J.C.
Bredt, John M.
Brimeyer, Nicholas
Bronson, Seymour
Carter, G.W.
Carter, James
Connelly, J.J.
Connelly, Terrance A.
Dean, Wm.
Demill, Mrs. E.
Dietrich, Albert
Edwards, John B.
Engling, Henry
Engling, John
Fabert, Ernest
Freiburger, Benjamin
Friedman, George, RR1
Greve, August
Groehlinger, Joachim
Hefel, George
Hefel, John
Hefel, Joseph
Hefel, Martin
Henkels, John
Hommes, Anthony
Hommes, Math.
Huffman, I.T.
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Joshua
Kallmerten, Ferd.
Kamm, Henry
Kasel, B.
Kelsey, George
Kelsey, Ira
Keppler, A.C.
Keppler, Gustav
Koennecker, Christ
Koennecker, Frank
Kohnen, John
Krapf, Joseph
Kuykendall, John L.
Kuykendall, Mrs. Susie J.
Lance, Cleo.
Lance, McC.
Ley, Nicholas
Ley, Peter
Lund, I.A.
McCaffrey, Catherine
McCaffrey, Edward
McCaffrey, Emma
McCaffrey, John
McCaffrey, Michael
Maier, Christ
Merkle, Ernest
Meuth, C.A.
Meuth, Robert - Asst. postmaster
Meuth, Rudolph - Postmaster
Meuth, R.A.
Mulhall, Thomas
Nagel, Arthur E.
Nagel, Carl
Nagel, Fred
Noggle, A.C.
Noggle, Ellis
Oberbroeckling, F.W.
Orcutt, Daniel
Osthoff, Chr.
Osthoff, Math.
Pierce, Frank
Potter, J.M.
Regner, Andrew
Reichman, Ferd.
Reichman, John
Rinicker, John
Rinicker, J.L.
Roe, John M.
Sawyer, E.P.
Saylor, Jacob
Schmidt, Anthony P.
Schmidt, John G.
Spielbauer, Joseph
Stoddard, M.C.
Sweeney, Joseph A.
Taschner, Carl
Taschner, Christian
Tinkey, George
Tinkey, Michael
Tittle, John
Tittle, Lemuel
Tucker, E.R.
Tweedie, Thomas
Wachendorf, Anton
Wachendorf, Wm.
Wick, George
Wick, Jacob
Woodward, Edward
Zimmer, Joseph
Zimmer, Mrs. Rosa


Osborne Post Office
Located on the C., M. & St. P. R. R., and on the Volga River, six miles from Elkader, the county seat and nearest bank location, and sixty-four miles from Dubuque by rail. Population 60. U. S. Express. W. U. Telegraph. Telephone connections.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Osborne post office:

Behn, Henry
Casey, Bernard
Connelly, J.M.
Connelly, P.M.
Cords, C.J.
Cords, Henry D.
Cross, Charles J. - Postmaster
Debes, Albert
Debes, Gregor
Debes, James
Debes, Peter A.
Dunn, James S.
Elvers, Adolf
Farmer, James
Feller, George
Fick, Ludwig
Galer, M.M.
Heiden, Charles
Heiden, Fred
Hines, Lester
Hines, Sylvester
Ivory, D.J.
Kaiser, Christian
Kenneally, David
Kenneally, Michael
Kenneally, Thomas
McDermott, Bridget
McDermott, J.J.
McDermott, J.P.
McDermott, Wm.
Mentzel, Gustave
Mentzel, G.E.
Moyna, Patrick
Osborne, Robert
Osborne, Thomas
Palmer, E.M.
Robbins, C.H.
Robbins, C.H., Jr.
Stahl, August
Stahl, Fred
Strum, John


~source citation: Clayton County Directory - 1905. Comprising a Complete and Alphabetically Arranged List of Heads of all Families, Business and Professional Firms Residing in Clayton County and Receiving mail through the Various Post Offices in this and Parts of Adjoining Counties; pages 285- 338. Compiled by the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald for the use and benefit of subscribers, 1905.

~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


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