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1905 - Clayton County Directory & Gazetteer - 1905

North McGregor Post Office
Town residents - Rural residents


Names of the heads of families, business & professional firms who receive mail through Clayton county and adjoining county post offices. Brief descriptions of the towns and villages in Clayton county.

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Note: North McGregor is now named Marquette


North McGregor Post Office
A flourishing incorporated town, very pleasantly situated on the Mississippi River, and C., M. & St. P. Railway, fifty-six miles north of Dubuque; one mile north of McGregor, its nearest banking point, and twenty-seven miles by rail from Elkader, the county seat. It is exclusively a railroad town, being the junction of the I. & D. and the Dubuque divisions of the C., M. & St. P. Railway. It is connected with Prairie du Chien by a pontoon bridge which spans the river at these points. Has water works, an electric light plant, and a good hotel. Population 600. U. S. Express. W. U. Telegraph. Telephone connections.

Town residents receiving mail through the North McGregor post office:

Allen, Thomas
Barr, Hannah
Barr, Thomas D.
Barton, Frank J.
Bell, Mrs. Anna
Berry, James M.
Berry, John
Berry (The Berry)
Beyl, Fred A.
Blake, Wm. H.
Boleyn, Martin C.
Bromley, Adelaide
Brown, Wm. R.
Budde, August
Burke, John J.
Cannon, Jeremiah
Carroll, Mary
Casey, Catharine
Casey, Wm. J.
Cassidy, Patrick
Clements, Rollins S.
Cole, Wm. W.
Coleman, Walter L.
Collins, M.E.
Contell, Mrs. Ida
Contell, Wm. D.
Cotant, Clarence H.
Curran, Jesse H.
Dahmen, Jerry H.
Dahmen, Oscar
Day, Charles
Delaney, Frank
Deye, Seville
Diamond, Frank
Dickson, George
Donahue, Daniel
Doyle, James F.
Doyle, Liza
Drown, Charles A.
Ecker, Charles
Edgar, Malinda
Edgar, Robert
Emsly, John
Ennis, Cornelius S.
Ennis, Wm. C.
Ferguson, Leonard
Ferris, Edward C.
Fields, Charles E.
Fields, Wm. H.
Fox, Frank T.
Gallagher, John
Gilmore, Frederick C.
Golke, Charles
Gordon, Fred
Grady, Anthony
Grady, Michael E.
Graf, Michael C.
Graham, George H.
Hagensick, John
Hahn, Aloysius B.
Hahn, Francis
Hanley, Patrick J.
Harrington, Mrs. Betsy
Hart, James E.
Hart, James P.
Haugen, Martin
Haupt, Milton J.
Hawthorne, Johnson C.
Hendrickson, Carl J.
Herverson, James
Hoffman, John J.
Holz, Gottfried
Hook, George
Hopkins, Florence
Huffman, George
Jennings, Mrs. Nancy
Johnson, Charles A.
Kalen, George M.
Kean, Robert
Keen, Frank G.
Keen, Henry A.
Keen, Louis
Kelly, Anthony
Kelly, James
Kelly, Thomas L.
Kelsey, Samuel H.
Kiesewetter, Wm.
Krohn, George W.
Lange, Ernest
Lange, Fred
Lange, Henry
Langlie, Anton B.
Langlie Bros.
Langlie, Christ
Larson, Karen
Lewis, Andrew E.
Lewis, Ralph A.
Luthers, Nancy
Lynch, Wm. F.
McCoy, Isabella
Monty, Lewis A.
Moore, Amos L.
Motheral, Esther
Murphy, Margaret
Nielson, Miss Jorand - Asst. postmaster
Nielson, Ole - Postmaster
O'Brien, James
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, Patrick H.
O'Brien, P.H. & Son
O'Donnell, John
O'Donnell, Thomas J.
Oehring, Caroline
Ploog, Henry C.
Prouty, James M.
Presho, John H.
Rehm, George J.
Richards, Frank O.
Richards, Frank R.
Ridgeway, Otto B.
Rudolf, Alexander, K.
Schaffer, Christina
Schaffer, Henry
Schaffer, John
Schott, Henry F.
Schurtzman, Herman A.
Scrogun, George E.
Shafer, Henry
Sievers, Joseph L.
Sloan, Wm. H.
Soarn, Ole A.
Soulli, Anna
Stasel, Gustav
Tanner, Gordon R.
Thompson, Hugh
Thill, Frank
Trewin, Robert W.
Trumle, Nancy
Van Hooser, Giles
Vaughn, John
Veit, Frank B.
Veitenheimer, Mina
Vite, Joseph A.
Wellner, Charles G.
Wells, Noble E.
Westcott, Mrs. Mary T.
Whalen, John
Whalen, John F.
Wheeler, Wm. G.
Williamson, James
Winegar, H. Frederick
Winegar, James A.
Wingen, Christian
Wingen, Gerhardt
Wingen, G. & Sons
Wingen, Herman J.
Wingen, Wm. F.
Wooden, Mary J.
Wyman, Elizabeth M.


Rural residents receiving mail through the North McGregor post office:

Anderson, John
Baldwin, Charles
Baldwin, Charles, Jr.
Bergemeyer, E.
Bergemeyer, Joseph
Bock, Albert
Bohan, James
Bohan, Peter
Boots, Bert
Boots, James
Brechler, Peter
Cahoon, R.A.
Cannon, J.
Carlson, Albert
Carpenter, A.J.
Casey, John
Chase, James
Clement, Abe
Clement, Claude
Cochran, C.M.
Collins, Mary E.
Connell, M.D.
Crimmins, Daniel
Crimmins, Jeremiah
Crimmins, M.D.
Demming, James
Demming, Orin
Erickson, Evan
Faber, Ernest
Gallagher, Frank
Gallagher, Henry
Grady, Anthony
Hahn, A.B.
Hahn, I.
Hahn, Vincent
Hook, George
Houck, E.J.
Kersten, Emil
Kinsley, Frank
Knapp, Frank
Knapp, George
Knapp, M.C.
Knapp, M.J.
McAndrew, Thomas
McGuire, Philip
Mitchel, J.W.
Monahan, Patrick
Motherall, Anna
Motherall, Wm. B.
Ruddy, Daniel
Sawvel, A.A.
Sawvel, John
Schneider, Wm.
Schurtzman, H.A.
Scott, Charles
Scott, E.G.
Scott, S.A.
Scrogum, Charles
Scrogum, J.H.
Starkey, Thomas
Vansickle, C.A.
Walker, Wm.
Walsh, Joseph
Walsh, Martin
Whalen, John
Wieland, Ernest
Wilson, A.H.
Wilson, O.C.
Wilson, William
Yaeger, Robert
Zahn, Peter
Ziska, Thomas


~source citation: Clayton County Directory - 1905. Comprising a Complete and Alphabetically Arranged List of Heads of all Families, Business and Professional Firms Residing in Clayton County and Receiving mail through the Various Post Offices in this and Parts of Adjoining Counties; pages 285- 338. Compiled by the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald for the use and benefit of subscribers, 1905.

~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


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