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1905 - Clayton County Directory & Gazetteer - 1905

Littleport - Luana - Mederville - Millville


Names of the heads of families, business & professional firms who receive mail through Clayton county and adjoining county post offices. Brief descriptions of the towns and villages in Clayton county.

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Littleport Post Office
Situated on the Volga River and on the C., M. & St. P. R.R., fifty-one miles from Dubuque, and nine miles south of Elkader, the county seat and nearest banking point. Population 165. W.U. Telegraph. U.S. Express. Telephone connections.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Littleport post office:

Alloway, Arthur
Anton, Nicholas
Athen, D.
Barber, G.W.
Battleman, Henry
Beal, Frank
Beatty, E.R.
Beatty, John D.
Becker, Charles
Becker, H.F.
Beckman, Fred.
Beckman, Louis
Behrens, Christian
Behrens, Fritz
Behrens, Henry
Behrens, Wm.
Behrns, Christian
Bendschneider, August
Benschneider, Charles
Brick, J.J.
Buechel, Anton
Clark, H.S.
Clinton, John
Clinton, Wm.
Conley, Patrick
Conley, W.W.
Conway, Daniel
Conway, Maurice
Coolidge, George
Cornelius, Henry
Curran, Philip
Dahling, Henry
Dill, Elmer E.
Dinan, Lawrence
Dinan, Michael
Donke, Fred
Eggerth, Albert
Enderes, Ernest
Enderes, John W.
Enderes, Wm.
Finkenkiller, Christ
Fritz, Ludwig
Fullman, Michael
Gifford, Elmer
Gifford, H.L.
Gotschalk, John
Gould, George
Gusta, Otto
Hakert, Charles
Hathaway, Guy
Hildebrandt, Christ.
Hildebrandt, Wm
Hochhaus, F.W.
Hughes, A.M.
Hughes, Burrows
Hughes, Warren
Kafer, Anton
Kane, H.A.
Kellogg, Alf.
Krieg, Adolph
Krieg, Louisa
Krouse, Henry
Krouse, John
Lenhart, John
Liddy, F.J.
Lillibridge, O.S.
Lucy, Daniel
Lucy, John
Lucy, Michael
McDonough, M.
McKinnis, John
Madden, Thomas
Maler, Emil
Meese, Edward
Meese, Fred
Meese, W.C.
Meier, John
Meyer, George
Meyer, Jacob
Meyer, Joseph
Meyer, Rudolph
Meyer, Wm. E.
Mierson, John
Miller, Charles
Miller, Wm. E.
Murphy, Timothy
Musfeldt, H.H.
Musfeldt, John
Nading, A.J.
Nading, Flore.
Nading, Forest
Nading, James
Nading, Jasper
Nading, John
Nading, M.M.
Nading, W.H.H.
O'Connor, E.F.
O'Dea, Michael
O'Laughlin, Patrick
Olinger, George
Ortmann, Henry
Osborne, John
Parsons, Thomas
Piehl, Charles
Piehl, Wm.
Pilkington, F.T.
Porter, G.W.
Pust, Christian
Pust, Henry
Reffle, Joseph
Reichart, Henry
Reichart, Wm.
Reichert, Charles
Reichert, Fred
Reick, Charles
Reick, Wm.
Reimer, F.C.H.
Reimer, George
Reimer, Paul
Reimer, Wm.
Robbins, John
Rodas, Henry
Rodas, John
Rodas, John, Jr.
Rumbaugh, A.L.
Schlie, Herman
Schlie, Otto
Schuldt, Frank
Schuldt, Wm.
Scovel, Walter
Shepard, W.F.
Shine, Daniel
Shine, Timothy
Stalnaker, S.M.
Steminer, W.J.
Sullivan, James
Tate, B.F.
Towle, W.C.
Wach, Anton
Warnecke, Henry
Warnecke, John
Wegner, Charles A.
Wenkstern, Henry
Wenkstern, Henry, Jr.
White, George E.
White, Thomas
Whipple, Darwin
Whittle, John
Wiley, John
Wiley, Michael
Winch, Louis


Luana Post Office
On the C., M. & St. P. R. R., eighteen miles north of Elkader, the county seat, and three west of Monona, the nearest banking point. Has a church, good schools, large cheese factory, creamery, grain elevator, etc. Here can be seen on the farm of Burgess and Hansen, the largest herd of buffalo in captivity in the world. Population 200. U. S. Express. W. U. Telegraph. Telephone connections.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Luana post office:

Ames, Frank W.
Anderson, Gilbert
Backhaus, J.H.
Becker, Henry
Biegler, Ernest
Bigler, Louis
Brandt, Charles
Brandtman, Wm.
Bray, Charles
Buckman, Wm. F.
Bugenhagen, Wm.
Burdick, E.E.
Burgess, Helen
Burgess, T.W.
Candee, J.F.
Candee, Selden
Chapman, James W. - Postmaster
Chapman, Mrs. J.W. - Asst. postmaster
Coon, A.P.
Daubenberger, Fred
Daubenberger, George
Doerring, Charles, RRI
Doerring, Wm.
Dohms, J.R.
Engelhardt, Louis
Engelhardt, Otto
English, Thomas
Eno, John L.
Ernst, A.
Ernst, J.M.
Ernst, Lloyd
Evans, Willis
Farnham, F.F.
Frey, H.
Fuller, F.E.
Funk, Fred
Garms, Albert
Gentz, Henry
Glawe, George
Gruel, Herman
Hanson, John
Haslip, Clara M.
Heins, George
Heins, Henry
Heins, Herman
Heins, Julius
Heins, J.H.
Henderson, Frank
Henkes, Henry
Hines, C.F.
Hinman, C.A.
Hinman, W.E.
Houn, H.C.
Hubacher, John F.
Hupfer, Edward
Johanningmeier, Chas.
Kamia, Lewis
Kamin, Henry
Kamin, John
Kamous, Henry
Kishman, Alfred
Kishman, George
Kishman, Henry
Kliefoth, Fred J.
Kliefoth, Henry
Kliefoth, John F.
Knuth, H.L.
Koss, John
Krambier, Jno.
Krambler, William
Krueger, H.D.
Kugel, August
Lambert, G.M.
Landt, Charles
Landt, Charles, Jr.
Landt, Wm.
Lange, August
League, T.M.
Lein, John H.
Lemke, Wm.
Lenth, J.P.
Lenth, J.W.
Lindroth, Frank
Lindroth, G.F.
Looney, Edward
Looney, Thomas
Lubbers, Enno
Lytle, John
McNally, Lewis
McNally, Richard
Marting, H.G.
Martins, John
Meyer, Wm.
Miller, Ed.
Miller, Robert
Montour, Ed.
Montour, E.L.
Moritz, Herman
Mueller, Ferdinand
Oathout, G.W.
Oathout, Lee
Oldag, George
Oldag, Henry
Oldag, L.J.
Oldag, Wm.
Oldag, Wm. H.
Overbeck, August
Overbeck, C.H.
Palas, Fred
Palas, Henry
Palas, John F.
Paulsen, John
Pauncke, Fred
Perkins, Henry
Pries, Joachim
Pufahl, G.F.
Radloff, Charles F.
Raymond, Stephen
Roberts, Wm.
Rupp, J.Q.
Ryan, Edward
Sauger, Philip
Sauerssig, Henry
Sauerssig, John
Scheffert, Edward
Schrader, August
Schrader, Henry E.
Schrader, John
Schroeder, Carl
Schroeder, Henry
Schultz, Charles
Schultz, Henry
Schutte, Charles
Schutte, Fred
Sheffert, E.H.
Shepperd, Eli
Smith, Horace
Splies, Fred
Splies, Wm.
Stackpole, Henry
Stadtmiller, Ed.
Steglich, August
Stettler, W.W.
Thies, George
Thiese, Charles
Turner, E.L.
Turner, H.N.
Uebelhoer, Lewis
Vaughn, Jess
Von Berg, Rosa A.
Waalk, Henry
Walch, Edward
Walch, John
Walch, Joseph
Walch, Sebastian
Walter, D.P.
Walter, Ernest
Walter, Fred
Walter, George
Walter, George, Jr.
Walter, Henry
Walter, Philip
Walter, Wm. F.
Waskow, Ed.
Zeigler, Henry
Ziegler, George
Zieman, Albert


Mederville Post Office
In Clayton County on the C., M. & St. P. R. R., seven miles from Elkader, the county seat and bank location, and fifty-five miles from Dubuque by rail. U. S. Express. W. U. Telegraph. Telephone connections. Population 100.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Mederville post office:

Adams, Fred
Albrecht, A.B.
Behrens, August
Bente, Wm. G.
Brinkhous, John
Brinkhous, Wm.
Carnicle, T.G.
Childers, David
Childers, Hannah
Conerton, Joseph
Coonfare, Daniel
Coonfare, David
Coonfare, Wm.
Donath, Edward
Dunn, Peter
Farmer, Francis
Farmer, Henry
Gens or Geno, A.J.
Gorkow, Charles
Handel, Paul
Handel, Wm.
Helgerman, Charles
Hines, Henry
Hines, Hiram
Hines, John
Kahrs, John
Kellogg, Mary J.
Kellogg, Wm.
Kellogg, Wm. H.
King, Henry
Klahr, Charles
Klahr, Henry
Koestre, Theodore
Kramer, Harry
Kramer, Valmah
Landis, A.J.
Lane, Frank
Lange, Charles
Leonard, Michael
Leonard, Richard
Leonard, William
McCarron, Thomas
Marshall, Miles - Postmaster
Meder, Albert
Meder, Barney
Meder, Charles - Asst. postmaster
Meder, Henry
Nugent, Henry
Parker, W.H.
Patrick, F.E.
Patrick, Leodiey
Peake, C.E.
Pugh, Wayne
Schuldt, Wm.
Scott, Wm.
Sturm, Henry
Thurber, J.W.
Thuber, Wm.
Vohs, John
Vohs, Mary
Wacker, Christ
Wacker, Fred
Wenzell, J.F.
Wiesner, Oscar
Wilberg, August
Zahrndt, F.W.


Millville Post Office
On the C., M. & St. P. R. R., and on the Little Turkey River in the southeastern part of Clayton County, six miles from Guttenbsrg, the nearest banking point, and thirty southeast of Elkader, the county seat. Mail daily. Population 100. U. S. Express. W. U. Telegraph. Telephone connections.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Millville post office:

Ayers, Len.
Beatty, Bert
Becker, J.H.
Berger, Henry
Blume, Charles
Blume, Karl
Bolsinger, George
Brockman, August
De Sotel, James
Donnan, E.C.
Farris, Alex
Ferris, Charles
Ferris, Joseph
Fisher, Amel
Friedlein, Henry
Friedlein, Louis
Friend, E.E.
Friend, W.A.
Gibbons, George
Graybill, Charles
Graybill, George
Graybill, Herman
Graybill, Joseph
Grose, Joseph
Hall, John
Heckel, F.E. - Postmaster
Heckel, Ch. J. - Asst. postmaster
Henkels, John
Kaufman, J.E.
Kenyon, Edward
Kickbush, Charles
Kickbush, H.
Marshall, J.C.
Marshall, W.B.
Martin, S.A.
Meyer, Benjamin
Meyers, Fred
Minger, Albert
Minger, Benjamin
Minger, Charles
Minger, Frank
Minger, John
Palmer, Henry
Patrick, W.W.
Penhollow, Ansel
Peyton, Martha
Smith, C.E.
Smith, John
Smith, Leeson
Smith, Leeson, Jr.
Sprague, C.C.
Thatcher, W.M.
Thompson, E.C.
Torrey, Edward
Torrey, Henry
Troester, Louis
Troester, Paul
Truesdell, Daniel
Ward, J.P.
Ward, W.H.
White, F.P.
White, W.A.


~source citation: Clayton County Directory - 1905. Comprising a Complete and Alphabetically Arranged List of Heads of all Families, Business and Professional Firms Residing in Clayton County and Receiving mail through the Various Post Offices in this and Parts of Adjoining Counties; pages 285- 338. Compiled by the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald for the use and benefit of subscribers, 1905.

~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


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