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1905 - Clayton County Directory & Gazetteer - 1905

Garnavillo - Graham - Gunder


Names of the heads of families, business & professional firms who receive mail through Clayton county and adjoining county post offices. Brief descriptions of the towns and villages in Clayton county.

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Garnavillo Post Office
An inland village six miles west of Clayton, and about twelve miles east of Elkader, the county seat and nearest banking place. The nearest railroad is the C., M. & St. P. R. R., which has stations six miles distant in every direction. The village is located on a beautiful and very productive prairie, and there is an abundant supply of timber in the vicinity. Has good public schools, convent, churches, milling company, etc., and enjoys a prosperous farm trade. Stages daily to Elkader and Clayton with mail; fare 50 cents to either place. Telephone connections. Population 300.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Garnavillo post office:

Allyn, Wm. M.
Allyn, Wm. M. Jr
Auer, Edward
Auer, Frank
Auer, Frank Jr.
Auer, Joseph
Bahls, Albert
Bahls, Max
Baier, George
Bauer, Christ
Beck, Otto
Beckett, S.W.
Berns, Frank
Berns, Otto
Berns, Peters
Berns, Peter J.
Biederman, George
Biederman, Jacob
Biederman, Joseph
Biederman, Joseph Jr.
Blunk, Herman
Blunk, Wm.
Brandt, Helmuth
Brandt, Henry
Braun, K.W.
Bruns, F.H.
Bruns, George L.
Brideweser, W.J.
Bunge, John G.
Butts, G.W.
Butts, Henry
Carrier, Glint R.
Clair, Charles H.
Clair, D.B.
Clefisch, Henry
Cooper, Charles
Crawford, A.N.
Crosby, J.O.
Day, F.L.
Dehn, John
Dettmann, C.A.
Dettmer, Henry
Dettmer, H.H.
Dickman, C.W.
Dickman, H.W.
Duede, Chris
Espolt, Louis
Fallon, Sarah
Fascher, Carl
Felthafer, H.H.
Fritz, M.W.
Fry, John
Georges, Carl
Griemann, Herman
Gruel, Henry
Gruel, John
Gruel, Wm. F.
Gruetsmacher, J.H.
Guth, Herman
Hademan, Charles
Hagensick, Frank
Hains, John
Hamann, Christ G.
Hammann, August
Hammann, John
Hammann, John Jr.
Hand, W.W.
Harberg, Fred
Harnack, Bernard
Harnack, G.L.
Harnack, John
Harnack, John Jr.
Harnack, M.F.
Hartwig, L.C.
Havill, Louis
Havill, Martin
Hedeman, C.G.
Hempeler, C.H.
Hempeler, Wm.
Henning, Charles
Henning, John
Hildenbrandt, Carl
Hill, George
Hill, Wm.
Hingman, Richard
Hohman, Frank M.
Hudson, J.W.
Ihde, August
Ihde, Fred
Ihde, John F.
Ihde, Joseph
Ihde, Wm. H.
Jahnke, Ferdinand
Jahnke, Wm.
Joels, E.
Kainz, Joseph
Kaiser, J.G.
Kaiser, W.E.
Kann, F.W.
Keelmer, Gottlieb
Kirschner, August
Kister, Joseph
Koehn, Ferdinand
Koss, John
Kranel, Edward
Krasinsky, Theodore
Kregel, Alvin J.
Kregel, C.F.
Kregel, Dietrich
Kregel, E.W.
Kregel, H.D.
Kregel, J.D.
Kregel, Wm.
Kregel, W.A.
Krouse, Fred
Krueger, M.P.
Kuenzel, H.C.
Kuhlman, F.W.
Kuhlman, George
Kuhlman, H.H.
Lembke, Fred
Lembke, John
Limbach, Henry
Limbach, Joseph
Lindman, W.F.
Lockridge, W.C.
Luehsen, Henry - Postmaster
Luehsen, M.H. - Asst. postmaster
Mach, Constantine
Marting, C.J.
Marting, L.J.
Matt, Theresa
Meier, Charles
Meier, L.H.
Meyer, Arthur
Meyer, August, W.
Meyer, Carl
Meyer, Charles G.
Meyer, Joseph
Meyer, Joseph Jr.
Meyer, Theodore L.
Meyer, Wm. C.
Meyer, Wm. F.
Miller, C.F.
Miller, Herman
Milwesky, Frank
Moellering, Wm.
Mohrman, Wm.
Mueller, F.D.
Mueller, F.H.
Mueller, H.J.
Mueller, H.L.
Neubauer, Otto
Nieter, J.H.
Oelkers, Frank A.
Petersen, Albert
Petersen, Peter
Petersen, Peter, Jr.
Petschauer, Andrew
Petschauer, Ferdinand
Possehl, Fred
Possehl, Henry
Possehl, John
Preuse, Herman
Putz, F.J.
Rademacher, Ed.
Rademacher, Wm. F.
Raedler, Louis
Rantzow, C.H.
Rantzow, Paul O.
Rehberg, Wm.
Reimer, John
Reinke, Louis
Rhoda, Fred
Roeben, Fritz
Roebken, Abner
Roebken, Fred.
Roebken, Orville
Roggman, Charles
Rohde, Reimer
Rohwedder, Frank
Rohwedder, Henry
Rohwedder, Herman
Sack, Frank
Schaefers, Henry
Schaefers, Xavier
Schaefersmeyer, H.
Schaub, Fred
Schaub, Traugott
Siebertz, John
Siebertz, Wm. H.
Splies, Wm. J.
Steemann, Matt
Steinfadt, F.H.
Stickford, A.H
Stickfort, Benjamin
Stickfort, C.G.
Stickfort, Fritz
Stickfort, P.J.
Stiehl, J.H.H.
Suckow, Fred
Suckow, Herman
Suelter, Henry
Tackman, Henry
Tackman, Louis
Tackman, Wm.
Tangeman, A.F.
Tangeman, B.G.
Tangeman, Edward
Tangeman, Georg
Tangeman, Henry
Tangeman, H.H.
Tangeman, J.H.
Tangeman, Othmer
Tangeman, W.A.
Theodore, Wm.
Thiese, Henry
Thiese, Herman
Thiese, John
Thoma, Christ
Thoma, Fred
Thoma, C.J.
Thompson, Peter
Thorp, Fred
Tuecke, J.G.
Tuecke, Wm. Julius
Wagner, Albert
Walleser, Emil
Walleser, J.H.
Walter, A.J.
Wendt, Fritz
Werges, H.L.
Werges, L.W.
Werges, Wm. H.
Wiedow, August
Wilke, Henry
Willmann, E.A.
Wirkler, Alfred J.
Wirkler, Erwin
Wirkler, John
Wirkler, Joseph
Schenk, August
Scherf, John
Schlake, Henry
Schmeizer, Otto
Schmidt, A.A.
Schmidt, Carl J.
Schmidt, C.T.
Schmidt, F.J.
Schmidt, Michael
Schroeder, E.C.
Schroeder, Rudolph
Schuldt, Henry
Schulte, C.H.
Schulte, Henry
Schultz, F.A.
Schumacher, C.W.
Schumacher, H.C.
Schumacher, J.F.
Schumacher, Orlando
Schumacher, R.O.
Schumacher, Wm.
Schumacher, Wm. F.
Schumacher, Wm. H.
Seidel, Fred
Seidel, John
Seidel, John Jr.
Zaph, Christ


Graham Post Office
A post office six miles southwest of Turkey River, its nearest railway and shipping point. Population 25. Telephone connections.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Graham post office:

Andregg, Robert
Bolsinger, Norman
Bowers, B.F.
Bowers, Solomon
Burgess, Clara L. - Asst. postmaster
Burgess, Geo. P. - Postmaster
Coon, L.M.
Cornwell, John A.
Cornwell, P.A.
Cornwell, Thomas
Craig, Miss Edna C.
Funk, Elmer
Goldsmith, Edward
Graham, C.H.
Graham, G.J.
Haggard, Freeman
Knickerbocker, Anna
Livingston, Samuel
Lockoff, John
Lockoff, Peter
Mast, Earl
Mast, George W.
Mast, Henry
Parsons, Wm.
Radabah, Charles
Radabah, Jonathan
Ray, Isaac
Ricker, Melvin M.
Rippey, Georg
Schrunk, W.H.Sickels, Daniel
Smith, A.J.
Smothers, James
Staebier, Charles
Welch, G.W.


Gunder Post Office
A post office about six miles east of Elgin (Fayette County) and twelve miles northwest of Elkader, the county seat. Population 95. Telephone connections.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Gunder post office:

Amundson, Adolph
Amundson, Hans
Amundson, H.J.
Amundson, Louis
Bergan, Margaret O.
Christianson, Ole Jr.
Erickson, Mrs. Andrew
Frederick, A.H.
Gulbranson, Halvor
Gulsvig, Wm. E.
Halvorson, Marie - Postmaster
Halvorson, M.J. - Asst. postmaster
Holm, Nels O.
Holm, T.A.
Jenson, Maren
Johnson, August
Johnson, Carl
Johnson, Nic.
Jurgenson, Jens.
King, George H.
Knudson, G.
Koland, G.A.
Lien, E.L.
Mork, Thomas E.
Nass, Mrs. G.G.
Nelson, C.L.
Nelson, N.
Nelson, Ole
Nelson, Ole G.
Nelson, Ole L.
Nyborg, A.O.
Olson, Asgrim
Olson, Halvor
Olson, Olavus K.
Olson, Ole K.
Olson, T.J.
Peterson, Henry
Peterson, Kittel
Reirson, R.L.
Riser, Herman
Rugland, Ben
Rugland, Gunder
Ruroden, A.
Ruroden, T.C.
Simpson, Knut
Surby, Olaf
Wellersven, P.P.
Wettleson, Tov.


~source citation: Clayton County Directory - 1905. Comprising a Complete and Alphabetically Arranged List of Heads of all Families, Business and Professional Firms Residing in Clayton County and Receiving mail through the Various Post Offices in this and Parts of Adjoining Counties; pages 285- 338. Compiled by the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald for the use and benefit of subscribers, 1905.

~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


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