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1905 - Clayton County Directory & Gazetteer - 1905

Colesburg - East Elkport - Elgin


Names of the heads of families, business & professional firms who receive mail through Clayton county and adjoining county post offices. Brief descriptions of the towns and villages in Clayton county.

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Colesburg Post Office
Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Colesburg, Delaware county post office:

Barnhart, C.D.
Barnhart, Wm.
Barnhart, W.C.
Blaker, John W.
Brockmeier, J.H.
Brown, Frank
Brown, Jacob H.
Brown, John C.
Brown, Joseph W.
Chambers, Charles
Chambers, George
Davis, Thomas H.
Flascher, C.F.
Flascher, G.H.
Flenniken, R.B.
Flenniken, S.W.
Franks, Michael
Kurrelmeyer, H.G.
Garlow, F.M.
Gull, Arthur G.
Gull, John O.
Gull, R.A.
Hall, D.H.
Hammond, B.W.
Hammond, O.B.
Harris, Freeman H.
Henry, Frank
Henry, James
Henry, Peter
Hyde, Edward
Irmscher, Emil F.
Keck, Bernard
Kencke, Herman
Kenton, E.A.
Livingston, Amos
McDowell, John
Page, W.S.
Peck, R.M.
Phelps, A.H.
Phelps, C.E.
Phelps, Wilburn
Ridenour, E.S.
Schwantes, Paul
Shaw, George W.
Shaw, George W., Jr.
Smith, C.M.
Smith, James E.
Tweedie, George W.
Wessel, Henry


East Elkport Post Office
On the east side of the Turkey River and on the Volga branch of the C.M. & St. P. Railway, forty-three miles northwest of Dubuque and thirteen miles southeast of Elkader, the county seat, and adjacent to Elkport, its banking point. Population 135. U.S. Express, W.U. Telegraph & Telephone connections.

Clayton county residents receiving mail through the East Elkport post office:

Baker, Charles
Barrett, Alfred
Barrett, Edgar
Barrett, George
Barrett, George H.
Barrett, James
Barrett, Lester
Berns, Henry
Berns, Peter
Berns, Theodore
Bickford, Dell
Brandtman, C.F.
Burgin, Lester
Buschkofsky, Robert
Challand, Henry L.
Curler, J.C.
Dannenbring, Henry
Dannenbring, Louis
Davis, James
Doran, J.P.
Downey, James
Ehlenfelt, Christ.
Feldt, John
Flaherty, Mary A.
Fritz, August
Fritz, Henry
Gerloff, Fred.
Goodsel, S.M.
Grace, John
Graff, F.W.
Gray, J.A.
Haack, Henry
Haack, Henry, Jr.
Hammond, Burt.
Hammond, G.W.
Hannaman, H.J.
Hansel, David E.
Hansel, George
Hansel, George W.
Hansel, Ira A.
Hansel, Jacob
Hansel, Japen
Hansel, John H.
Hansel, Lyman
Hansel, Nelson L.
Hansel, Strother
Hansel, Wm. J.
Harbaugh, Jeff
Harbaugh, Joseph
Hayes, Thomas
Heinricks, Dora
Horstman, Fred C.
Horstman, Wm.
Jaeger, Peter
Jennings, Ed. C.
Jennings, J.H.
Kruse, Herman
Lindenberg, Henry
Lutje, Charles
Lutje, Claus
Lutje, John
McDonald, Alex
McDonald, Irving
McDonald, Joseph
McGarvey, Charles
McLane, James
McLane, Wm.
Morley, C.W.
Noggle, Thomas
Neuhring, E.F.
Neuhring, Henry
O'Connor, M.J.
Oehrie, Christ
Ortman, Fred
Purman, John
Purman, P.B.
Reid, J.C.
Reil, Herman
Reil, John
Ridenour, James
Ridenour, Richard
Sandusky, A.W.
Sangston, J.F.
Sangston, Wm. B.
Schnepf, Conrad - Postmaster
Schnepf, Henry C. - Asst. postmaster
Schultz, Herman
Schweickert, John
Seward, G.N.
Smith, Asa
Smith, Reuben F.
Stiefel, Christian
Stone, F.A.
Stroube, Rudolph
Swisher, Mrs. Mary
Thayer, Polk
Thein, Jacob
Thein, Joseph
Thein, Joseph L.
Thein, Mark
Thein, Peter
Thien, A.H.
Thien, Michael
Towle, B.A.
Voss, Henry
Voss, Joseph
Walters, A.J.
Walters, J.G.
Waterman, Henry E.
Waterman, Wm.
Wathen, Burt.
Wathen, F.J.
Wathen, Wm.
White, George
Winch, Ernest
Woods, C.E.
Zearley, John H.
Zearley, L.A.
Zittergruen, Charles


Elgin Post Office
Clayton county residents receiving mail through the Elgin, Fayette county post office:

Anderson, A.J.
Ask, Kettel B.
Ask, Nils B.
Bailey, Wilber
Baumgartner, A.
Baumgartner, Alex
Baumgartner, John
Beigler, Henry
Benson, B.M.
Benson, Thomas
Berg, Magnus
Berg, Olaf O.
Biegler, G.
Bilden, B.F.
Bilden, H.T.
Bilden, J.E.
Bilden, Martin
Blockhus, C.J.
Blockhus, Swen
Braker, Andrew
Butikofer, Jacob
Butikofer, John
Chapman, A.J.
Christianson, C.O.
Christianson, Ole
Christen, John
Cold, Nels J.
Dennier, G.
Dennier, Jacob
Doty, C.W.
Ekeren, Cal
Ekeren, Hulver
Ekeren, H.R.
Ekeren, James
Engen, Peter
Erickson, Christ
Frieden, Anna
Frieden, Ben
Frieden, Fred
Frieden, Gottfired
Frederick, John
Gehring, Jacob
Gilbert, Halgrin
Gregorson, G.
Grimm, Edward
Grimm, John
Grinde, Bertha J.
Groth, H.S.
Gulbramson, H.
Halstenson, John
Hanni, Fred
Hanson, Adolph
Hanson, Thomas
Haug, A.S.
Haug, E.S.
Haug, K.K.
Haug, K.S.
Hertig, John
Hofer, Eliza
Holden, Margaret
Jenson, Jens
Johnson, Gunder
Kerr, Henry
Kerr, James
Kerr, John
Kerkberg, K.R.
Klingman, Albert
Klingman, C.L.
Klingman, C.M.
Klingman, L.
Klingman, Martin
Koland, T.A.
Knutson, O.T.
Landsgaard, E.E.
Larson, Joseph A.
Lentz, Joel
Lentz, John
Lentz, Wm.
Leuchtenmacher, John
Linde, Oscar
Loftsgaard, H.T.
Loftsgaard, N.T.
Loftsgaard, T.T.
Lundt, E.M.
Marti, Emma
Meyer, Christ
Minihan, M.
Mork, K.E.
Mork, P.E.
Nelson, Beriner
Nelson, S.E.
Olson, Asle
Olson, Nile S.
Olson, Ole
Ostgaard, E.N.
Pagen, Alexander
Paulson, G.
Peters, Robert
Peterson, O.K.
Pollock, Helen
Pulfer, R.
Rulfer, Rudolph
Reinhardt, Andrew
Reinhardt, Fritz
Reinhardt, Jacob
Ritz, Fred
Ritz, John
Robbins, M.J.
Ruroden, Martins O.
Ruroden, O.A.
Schlupp, Alfred
Schmid, F.W.
Schneider, Ben
Schneider, Joseph
Schneider, J.V.
Schupbach, Fred
Skarshaug, Angelina
Skarshaug, H.O.
Syverson, H.
Thorson, Ole
Thorson, T.H.
Tollefson, Iver
Torkelson, Ole
Wettleson, Ambjar
Wettleson, Lars
Wikan, Halvor H.
Wilson, Charles
Yost, Samuel


~source citation: Clayton County Directory - 1905. Comprising a Complete and Alphabetically Arranged List of Heads of all Families, Business and Professional Firms Residing in Clayton County and Receiving mail through the Various Post Offices in this and Parts of Adjoining Counties; pages 285- 338. Compiled by the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald for the use and benefit of subscribers, 1905.

~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


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