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Clayton Co. Register of Deaths
Volume A

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-Page 46-

Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Casey, John M 50 Farmer October 13, 1907 Single Ia McGregor Fall from wagon McGregor, Ia
Collet, Harry F M 41   October 14, 1907 Single Ia Guttenberg Cirrhosis Guttenberg, Ia
Cooper, Melissa F 53 Housekeeper November 3, 1907 Single U.S. Elkader Supus Vulgaris Strawberry Point, Ia
Copeland, Margaret F 82 Retired farmer October 6, 1907 Widow Ireland Volga Pneumonia Volga City, Ia
Durfey, Sarah R. F 70 Retired October 26, 1907 Widow New York Elkader Paralysis Aurora, Ia
Haack, Minnie F 67 Farming October 16, 1907 Married Germany Volga Uremic toxemia East Elkport, Ia
Hertrich, Sarah J. F 58 Housekeeping October 19, 1907 Married Ohio Marion Cerebral hemorrhage Wagner, Ia
Kruse, Bertha F   Retired forming October 1, 1907 Married Germany Monona Bright's disease Monona, Ia
Mazanec, Mary F   Farming October 2, 1907 Widow Bohemian   Senility  
Pardee, Elias F M 58 Farmer October 22, 1907 Married Michigan Volga Pneumonia Volga city, Ia
Schmidt, Michael M 70 Stonemason October 18, 1907 Married Germany Garnavillo Cancer of liver Garnavillo, Ia
Schroeder, James M 75 Postmaster October 7, 1907 Married Germany Guttenberg Dilated hypertrophy of heart Guttenberg, Ia
Weidow, Sophia F 81 Housekeeper October 21, 1907 Widow Germany Garnavillo No attend. physician Garnavillo, Ia
Wert, Wm M 75 Farmer October 4, 1907 Married England Highland Paralysis Elkader, Ia
Wyman, Irene F 54   October 30, 1907 Single New York McGregor Addicted to morphine habit Pleasant Grove, Ia
Bierbaum, Gerhard M 81 Retired farmer November 23, 1907 Married Germany Garnavillo Chronic cystitis Garnavillo, Ia
Bigler       November 9, 1907   Ia Marion Premature birth Elgin, Ia
Becker, Ida F 11 Schoolgirl November 10, 1907 Single Ia Volga Acute nephritis Elkader, Ia
DeSotel, Maxion B.   35 Labor November 21, 1907 Married Ia Guttenberg Cardiac failure Guttenberg, Ia
Gerloff, Elmer Henry M 2   November 18, 1907 Single Ia Volga General peritonitis East Elkport, Ia
Harleyock, Mrs. F 65 Housekeeper November 23, 1907 Married Bohemia Farmersburg Chronic nephritis Monona, Ia
Hilgendorf, Laura F 19   November 3, 1907 Single Ia Edgewood Tuberculosis Wood, Ia
Hilgendorf, G. F M 25 Farmer November 28, 1907 Single Ia Elk Tuberculosis Wood, Ia
Keeling, Susan S. F 78 Housekeeper November 30, 1907 Widow England Volga Stenosis mitral valve Volga, Ia
Judy, Mrs. F 76 Housekeeper November 20, 1907 Married Ireland Elkader Heart failure Elkader, Ia
Kreinner, Louis F 69 Housewife November 16, 1907 Widow Germany Jefferson Nephritis Rockwell, Ia
Nagel, Johann Wm M 70 Laborer November 18, 1907 Married Germany Guttenberg Heart disease Guttenberg, Ia
Nugent       November 26, 1907   U.S.A. Read Scarlet fever Elkader, Ia
Oelke, Elizabeth F 91 Retired November 13, 1907 Widow Germany Farmersburg Old age Garnavillo, Ia
Olson, Cignhild F 78 Housekeeper November 29, 1907 Married Norway Gunder Pneumonia Marion, Ia
Possehl, F       November 22, 1907 Single Germany Wagner --tral disease of the heart Wagner, Ia
Schmill, Molly F 31 Housewife November 5, 1907 Widow Ia Volga Tuberculosis Elkport, Ia
Thoma, Margaretha F 70 Housekeeper November 9, 1907 Widow Germany Garnavillo Septicemia Garnavillo, Ia
Wing, A.A. Mrs. F 66 Housewife November 28, 1907 Widow U.S.A. Elkader Post operative neuritis Elkader, Ia
Wood       November 3, 1907 Single Ia Read Weakness due to birth Elkader, Ia
Addes, Frank D. M   Preaching December 3, 1907 Married Ia Monona Acute nephritis Monona, Ia
Bangs, Saphroma F 97 Housewife December 10, 1907 Widow Ohio McGregor Exhaustion due to
senile dementia
Pleasant Grove, Ia
Becker, Oscar M 25 Farmer December 23, 1907 Married Germany Grant Cancer of stomach Grant Cemetery
Behrens, Mary F 37 Housewife December 4, 1907 Married Ia Volga Tuberculosis Elkport, Ia
Bente, M. Bernice F 3   December 25, 1907 Single U.S.A. Cox Creek Tonsillitis Mederville, Ia

-Page 47-

Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Dinan, Helen F 4   December 2, 1907 Single U.S.A. Elkader Scarlet fever Elkader, Ia
Doran, Ellen F 75 Housewife December 1, 1907 Married Ireland McGregor Pernicious Anaemia McGregor, Ia
Engelhardt, Elizabeth F 86   December 8, 1907 Widow Germany Elkader Pneumonia  
Eall, Mary G. F 71   December 26, 1907 Widow Prussia McGregor Chronic bronchitis Pleasant Grove, Ia
Holden, Stowell T. M 2   December 30, 1907 Single Ia Strawberry Point Pneumonia Strawberry Point, Ia
Junkblut, Lorence M 11m   December 8, 1907 Single U.S.A. Elkader Meningitis Elkader, Ia
Kaiser, Joseph M 73 Laborer December 29, 1907 Widower Germany Jefferson General debility Guttenberg, Ia
Klotz, Henry M 62 Laborer December 1, 1907 Married Germany Monona Pulmonary embolism Monona, Ia
Klotzbach, Elizabeth F 72 Housewife December 30, 1907 Widow Germany Giard Fatty degeneration of heart Giard, Ia
Learn, Morris M 80 Farming December 5, 1907 Married Penn Mallory Carcinoma Brown Cemetery Elkport, Ia
Markucardt, Elizabeth F 72   December 20, 1907 Widow Germany Grand Meadow Old age Postville, Ia
Meier, Edward F M 6m   December 18, 1907     Jefferson Nephritis Guttenberg, Ia
Nugent, Clement T. M 10   December 19, 1907   U.S.A. Read Scarlet fever Elkader, Ia
Quinn, Kathaleen V. F 2   December 4, 1907 Single Ia Volga Gastroenteritis Volga, Ia
Regan, Margaret F 10   December 6, 1907 Single U.S.A. Elkader Chronic nephritis Elkader, Ia
Rodas, Gracie F 13 Farming December 12, 1907 Single Ia Volga Hemophilia Elkport, Ia
Ronquist, Sophia M F 13   December 13, 1907 Single Ia St. Olaf Acute dilation of heart Wagner, Ia
Seward, Geo. W. M 70 Farmer December 20, 1907 Married New York Edgewood Acute indigestion and lung fever Edgewood, Ia
Trainer       December 19, 1907   Ia North McGregor Premature birth Dubuque, Ia
Trygg, Harold M     December 30, 1907   Ia Mendon Diphtheria Swede Cemetery, Ia
Wilke, Maria F 87   December 29, 1907 Widow Germany Cox Creek Old age  
Bacon, Marvil L       January 10, 1908   Ia Lodomillo Convulsions Edgewood, Ia
Buchheim, Mable F 1   January 17, 1908 Single U.S.A. Read Congestion of lungs Read, Ia
Bushkofskey, Henrietta F 66 Retired January 6, 1908 Married Germany Volga Pulmonary Oldema Lutheran Cemetery, Ia
Clute, Harold L. M 7m   January 23, 1908 Single Ia Mallory Pneumonia Bethel, Ia
Donaldson, O. B. M 17   January 3, 1908 Single Ia Little Fork Diabetes Colesburg, Ia
Embretson, G. M 76   January 19, 1908 Married Norway Wagner Abscess  
Fitte, Catherine F 92   January 3, 1908 Widow Germany McGregor General Debility Guttenberg, Ia
Gebhardt, Anna K. F 31 Domestic January 1, 1908 Married Ia Giard Pneumonia Giard, Ia
Hestwood, James F. M 77 Minister January 27, 1908 Married Ohio Strawberry Point Pneumonia Strawberry Point, Ia
Huene, Adella F F 15   January 22, 1908 Single Oregon Guttenberg Acute mania Guttenberg, Ia
Hulman, John J. M 68 Farmer January 15, 1908 Married Germany Giard jaundice Pleasant Grove, Ia
Harnack, Frederick F M 65 Retired January 25, 1908 Married Germany Garnavillo Chronic nephritis Garnavillo, Ia
Jost, Frederick M 88 Laborer January 26, 1908 Widower Switzerland Guttenberg Old age Dubuque, Ia
Kafer, Mary F 54 Farming January 30, 1908 Married Germany Elk La Grippe  
Koehn, Bertha F 5m   January 9, 1908 Single Ia Garnavillo Acute gastritis Garnavillo, Ia
Larson, Adolph M 2   January 2, 1908 Single Ia St. Olaf Pneumonia St. Olaf, Ia
Miller, Chas. H. M 21   January 11, 1908 Single Ia Monona Appendicitis McGregor, Ia
Wickers, Irwin A. M 10 Schoolboy January 7, 1908 Single Ia Clayton Pneumonia Clayton

-Page 48-

Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Powel, Sidney M 77 Retired January 27, 1908 Married U.S.A. Elkader, Ia Pneumonia Elkader, Ia
Price, John M 68 Laborer January 1, 1908 Married Pennsylvania Strawberry Point Pneumonia Strawberry Point, Ia
Reiner, Franz C. W. M 56 Farmer January 19, 1908 Married Illinois Lodomillo Gunshot (accidental) Littleport, Ia
Sargent       January 8, 1908   Ia Strawberry Point   Strawberry Point, Ia
Sherholtz, Arthur M   Farmer January 21, 1908 Single Ia Monona Pneumonia Monona, Ia
Schmid, Frederic W. M 75 Farmer January 9, 1908 Married Switzerland Marion Cardiac failure  
Scovel, Viola E. F 47 Housewife January 20, 1908 Married Indiana Edgewood Carcinoma Edgewood, Ia
Smith, Eliza F 74 Housewife January 1, 1908 Widow Ireland Strawberry Point Typhoid fever Strawberry Point, Ia
Ulrich, Gottfried M 91 Laborer January 30, 1908 Divorced Germany Jefferson Senility Guttenberg, Ia
Walters, Andrew J. M 85 Farming January 11, 1908 Widower Pennsylvania Mallory Cerebral hemorrhage Hansel Cemetery, Ia
Wendt, William M 65 Farmer January 31, 1908 Married Germany Strawberry Point Cancer Earlville, Ia
Bigelow, Neller Mae F     February 9, 1908 Single Ia Arlington Pneumonia Strawberry Point, Ia
Brooks, Donald M 1   February 1, 1908   Ia Strawberry Point Pneumonia Taylorville, Ia
Buckley, John M 92 Retired farmer February 24, 1908 Married Ireland Monona La Grippe McGregor, Ia
Cramberry       February 14, 1908   Ia Monona Premature birth Monona, Ia
Deyoe, John H. M 79 Cabinetmaker February 5, 1908 Married New York Strawberry Point Uraema Coma Strawberry Point, Ia
Dorwiler, John M 87 Farmer February 10, 1908 Married Germany Jefferson Carcinoma Jefferson twp, Ia
Fortcamp, Clifford M 3m   29-Feb-08 Single Ia McGregor Pneumonia McGregor, Ia
Junk, Anna M F 2   February 6, 1908   Ia Guttenberg Pneumonia Guttenberg, Ia
Koehn, William M 56 Farmer February 19, 1908 Married Germany Read Pneumonia Read, Ia
Putz, Margaret F 71 Housewife February 20, 1908 Married Germany Elkport Pulmonary congestion Elkport, Ia
Rice, Margaret L. F 41 Housewife February 6, 1908 Married U.S.A. Elkader Cancer Elkader, Ia
Ritter, Fredricka F 84 Housewife February 6, 1908 Widow Germany Elkport, Ia Chronic nephritis Elkport, Ia
Scarwell, Richard W. M 65 Farmer February 25, 1908 Widower New York McGregor Arterial sclerosis Waukon
Scrogum, WM H. M 38 Fishermen February 24, 1908 Single Ia McGregor Gastritis McGregor, Ia
Scherling, Joseph M 59   February 24, 1908 Married Germany Guttenberg Tuberculosis Guttenberg, Ia
Stora, Edward M 79 Merchant February 13, 1908 Married Connecticut McGregor Hemorrhage Oakland Cemetery
Tontsch, Bernice T. F 1   February 13, 1908   Ia Elkader Pneumonia Elkader, Ia
Anwatk, Isabella F 73 Housewife March 5, 1908 Married Norway Highland Old age Highland, Ia
Barnhard, Elizabeth F 75 Domestic March 6, 1908 Widow Germany Grant Softening of brain Giard, Ia
Barnhardt, Ray B. M 4   March 18, 1908 Single Ia Colesburg Pneumonia Brown Cemetery
Behm, Adolph M 78 Laborer March 30, 1908 Widower Germany Guttenberg Gen. debility Guttenberg, Ia
Brockman, Maria F 77 Housekeeper March 8, 1908 Married Germany Farmersburg Obstruction of Read, Ia
Busacker, Joachim M 86 Retired farmer March 14, 1908 Married Germany Garnavillo Organic heart disease Guttenberg, Ia
Cramberry, Lizzie F     March 1, 1908 Married Ia Luana Pneumonia Luana, Ia
Curran, Franklin M 77   March 10, 1908 Widower New York McGregor Pneumonia Pleasant Grove, Ia
Hesner, Frederica F 77 Housekeeper March 25, 1908 Widow Germany Edgewood Angina pectoris Strawberry Point, Ia
Holden, Edgar G. M 60   March 20, 1908 Married Pennsylvania McGregor Hemorrhaged Pleasant Grove, Ia
Ihde, Sophia F 84 Retired March 11, 1908 Married Germany Garnavillo Pyelonephritis Garnavillo, Ia
Karnan, Henry C. M 31 Labor March 19, 1908 Married Germany N. Buena Vista Tuberculosis N. Buena Vista

-Page 49-

Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Keaneally, Edward M 20 Farmer March 11, 1908 Single Iowa Cox Creek Meningitis Sacred Heart Cemetery
Kregel, Louisa F 85   March 18, 1908 Widow Germany Guttenberg Senility Guttenberg
Leasure, Luther M 48 Hack driver March 20, 1908 Married Iowa McGregor Diabetes McGregor
Lindenberg, Matilda F 22 Farming March 8, 1908 Single Iowa Volga Paralysis Lutheran Cemetery
Minkler, Elizabeth F 83 Housewife March 6, 1908 Married Ohio Edgewood Heart failure Edgewood
Noggle, Sarah F 65 Housewife March 5, 1908 Widow Illinois Elk Cerebral hemorrhage Elk twp
Oldberg, Ole M 65   March 4, 1908 Single Sweden Elkader Paralysis Co. Poor Farm
Purman, --- M.* F 50 Dressmaker March 24, 1908 Widow Iowa Garber Acute hepatitis Mount Harmony Cemetery
Riesselman, Joseph M 51 Laborer March 4, 1908 Married Iowa Guttenberg Carcinoma Guttenberg
Scott, Elizabeth F 74 Farming March 30, 1908 Widow New York McGregor Disease of heart McGregor
Stewart, Jas. A. M 70 Farmer March 1, 1908 Married Ohio Strawberry Point Pneumonia Strawberry Point
Taake, Johanna F   Retired March 3, 1908 Widow Germany Monona Apoplexy Monona
Triner, Tim M 50 Laborer March 11, 1908 Married Iowa Strawberry Point Suicide Strawberry Point
Winterlin, John A M 24 Bartender March 14, 1908 Single Iowa McGregor Heart disease Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Wirhler, Eleanor M 14d   March 13, 1908 Single Iowa Monona Unknown Monona
Wyman, Elizabeth F 68   March 10, 1908 Widow New York McGregor Dropsey Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Baars, Hilda F 12 Schoolgirl April 26, 1908 Single Iowa Highland Appendicitis Volga City
Beckett, Fred M 19 Farmer April 24, 1908 Married Iowa Clayton Congestion brain Clayton twp
Brandt, Gottlieb M 69 Retired April 12, 1908 Married Germany Postville Cancer Postville
Clark, Mary F 64 Retired April 25, 1908 Widow USA Elkader Pulmonary embolism Elkader
Carrier, Arabella F. F 65 Housewife April 14, 1908 Married New Hampshire Strawberry Point Heart failure  
Fisher, Bernice F 17d   April 23, 1908   Iowa Elk twp General weakness  
Franks, Michael M   Farmer April 8, 1908 Married Ohio Mallory twp Pneumonia Oak Hill Cemetery
Frost, Dorothy M F     April 15, 1908   Tennessee Guttenberg Obstructionism of bowels Guttenberg
Grunhover, Sarah F 67   April 6, 1908 Single Norway Elkader La Grippe Wagner twp
Gull, Margarett J. F 68 Housewife April 12, 1908 Widow West Virginia Colesburg La Grippe Oak Hill
Hassler, Sephrine F 64 Housekeeper April 7, 1908 Married Germany Elkader Senile Elkader
Ivory, James M 80 Farmer April 5, 1908 Widower Ireland Sperry twp Emboli Cox Creek
Keleher, Hannah F 55 Housewife April 24, 1908 Widow Vermont Elkader Bright's disease St. Joseph's Cemetery
Lanfer, August M 2d   April 21, 1908   Iowa Mendon Congenital debility Catholic Cemetery
Lanfer, Carrie F 15 Farmer April 25, 1908 Single Iowa Mendon Appendicitis St. Mary's Cemetery
Love, William M 85 Retired farmer April 15, 1908 Widower Scotland Monona Pneumonia Farmersburg
Nieland, Lena F 14   April 22, 1908   Iowa Guttenberg Pneumonia Guttenberg
Oleson, A. M 65 Farmer April 24, 1908 Married Norway Marion Angina pectoris  
Opperman       April 27, 1908   Iowa Cass twp G.M Billimeyer Strawberry Point
Pollard, Almira F 79   April 20, 1908 Widow Massachusetts Cass Dropsey Strawberry Point
Passchl, Henry M 68 Retired farmer April 28, 1908 Married Germany Garnavillo Cancer Garnavillo
Raesle, Ed M 23   April 1, 1908 Single Iowa Guttenberg Suffocation by fire & smoke Ia
Reilly, Rose M F 12   April 6, 1908   Iowa Cox Creek Endocarditis Elkader
Schroeder, Albert M 18 Labor April 12, 1908 Single Iowa Guttenberg Acute meningitis  

*Purman, -- M. - inkblot on first name

-Page 50-

Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Schroeder, William M 20 Laborer April 21, 1908 Single Iowa Guttenberg Meningitis  
Schutte, Henry B. M 16 Blacksmith April 20, 1908 Married Iowa Guttenberg Tuberculosis City Cemetery
Seeley, Orlina F 67 Retired April 17, 1908 Married New York McGregor Cancer Pleasant Grove
Strag, Mary F 63 Housewife April 15, 1908 Married Norway Marion Pneumonia Clermont
Timmerman, Pierce M 2   April 19, 1908   Iowa Mendon Meningitis Pleasant Grove
Cook, Charley B. M 31 Farmer May 21, 1908 Married Iowa Grand Meadow Lightning Post. twp Cemetery
Culbertson   54 Farmer May 15, 1908 Married Penn Elk twp Loco Motor ataxia Edgewood
Curlee       May 24, 1908 Single Iowa Volga Premature  
Gordon, Willard W. M 1   May 6, 1908   Iowa Grand Meadow Accidental drowning Postville
Hawken, Jennie F 18 Housewife May 31, 1908 Married Iowa St. Olaf Tuberculosis Gunder
Len, William M 76 Retired May 14, 1908 Married Germany Read twp Senile Read
Mosier, Annie B. F 69 Tailor May 17, 1908 Married Germany Strawberry Point Bronchitis Strawberry Point
Scallon, Mary Jane F 19 Student May 6, 1908 Single   Strawberry Point Hemophilia Strawberry Point
Triror, Louis Lilly F 90 Housewife May 10, 1908 Widow   Strawberry Point Paralysis Strawberry Point
Berg, Fred C. M 64 Farmer June 6, 1908 Married Norway Elkader Senility Germany
Boleyn, Ray M 23 Laborer June 25, 1908 Married Iowa Volga Tuberculosis Olewein
Brooks, Nancy J. F 76 Housewife June 13, 1908 Widow Canada Strawberry Point Bronchitis Taylorville
Campbell, Florinda A. F 84 Housekeeper June 11, 1908 Widow Vermont Farmersburg Chronic rheumatism National, Ia
Haught, Norah E. F 15   June 16, 1908 Single Iowa Osterdock Tuberculosis Brown Cemetery
Hannon, Charley B. M     June 20, 1908 Single Iowa   Some unknown auto infection of a nodule Monona
Hannon, Christina M F   Farmer June 23, 1908 Married Iowa   General peritonitis  
Hensel, Jennie L. F 22 Farming June 20, 1908   Iowa Volga Acute gastritis Mount Harmony Cemetery
Hilgendorph, Ed M 51 Farmer June 13, 1908 Married Germany Edgewood Tuberculosis Wood
Jacobia, David M   Farmer June 23, 1908 Married New York Marion Hemorrhage Eno Cemetery
Jennings, Sarah Ellen F 64 Housewife June 25, 1908 Buried USA Elkader Hemorrhage Volga City
Karn, Mary F 38   June 29, 1908 Married Iowa Guttenberg Concussion brain New Catholic Cemetery
Kopp, Cornelius F 84 Retired June 7, 1908 Widow Germany Elkader Gen. debility Elkader
Koss, Martha F 73 Retired June 25, 1908 Widow Norway Read Senile Elkader
Kuhlman, Mary F 64 Housekeeper June 27, 1908 Married Germany Garnavillo Cirrhosis of the liver Garnavillo
McMillan, Catharine F 81 Housekeeper June 14, 1908 Widow Scotland Edgewood Apoplexy Stanley, Ia
Mecklenburg, Henry C. F M 70 Retired June 6, 1908 Married Germany Elkader Heart disease Elkader
Meunch, William M 73 Farmer June 13, 1908 Widower Germany Elkader Heart disease  
Portwine, Edward M 63 Carpenter June 10, 1908 Widower Canada Osterdock Consumption  
Ridgeway, J. M 60 Retired farmer June 29, 1908 Married US Monona Cancer Postville Cemetery
Roberts, William M 77 Farmer June 29, 1908 Married Pennsylvania Luana Hemorrhage Luana, Ia
Schuldt, Dorthea F 82 Housekeeper June 10, 1908 Married Germany Garnavillo No attending physician Garnavillo
Stratton, Charles M 83 Retired farmer June 20, 1908 Married New York   Gastric & enteric Farmersburg
Yager, Joseph M 84   June 9, 1908* Married Switzerland Guttenberg   Guttenberg
Wish, Anna F 84 Housewife December 24, 1908 Widow Austria Giard Natural decline Giard
Lestina, Catharine F 6   December 6, 1908 Single Giard twp Giard Spinal & --ple Giard

*Yager, Joseph
- date of death very faint, June 9, may be incorrect


-Transcription notes: Every effort has been taken to transcribe these records accurately, but errors are possible. Notes in [brackets] were added by the transcriber. Please use this transcription as a guide only & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

-Source: Register of deaths Volume A, Nov. 1897-June 1913, FHL film #1255482
-Transcribed by Steve & Neva Nelson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb from photocopies contributed by Constance Diamond

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