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Clayton Co. Register of Deaths
Volume A

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-Page 31-

Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Childs, Mrs. Mariette F 73   February 14, 1903 Married New York Edgerton, Wisconsin La Grippe Edgerton, Wisconsin
Freeman, Adelia F 68   March 3, 1903 Married New York State McGregor, Ia Dropsey McGregor, Ia
Boyle, Robt. Owen M         McGregor, Ia McGregor, Ia Spasms McGregor, Ia
Boyle, Elizabeth F 61   February 8, 1903 Married Shelbyville, Illinois McGregor, Ia Heart & Dropsey McGregor, Ia
Cowles, Charles W. M 58   September 2, 1903 Married Milwaukee, Wisconsin McGregor, Ia Unknown McGregor, Ia
Stitor, Abbie R. F 57   January 27, 1903 Married Franklin, Vermont Monona, Ia Consumption Monona
Kinsley, Jason M 69 Schoolteacher October 12, 1903 Single Fletcher, Franklin, Vermont Monona, Ia Bright's disease Monona, Ia
Kivlahan, Thomas M 91 Farmer years ago December 1, 1903 Widower Ireland North McGregor Old age Harpers Ferry, Ia
Wells, Norris E. M 3 None September 4, 1903 Single North McGregor North McGregor Bright's disease Pleasant Ridge
Soulls, Joseph M 61 Carpenter November 18, 1903 Married Germany North McGregor Unknown McGregor, Ia
Moore, Helen E. F 2m None February 12, 1903   North McGregor North McGregor Pneumonia Giard
Winegar, Lily M F 11 None April 27, 1903 Single Peterson, Clay Co., Ia North McGregor Pneumonia McGregor
Haw, Ralph L. Jr M 30 Clammer December 27, 1903 Single Irvington, Ia North McGregor Sciatic rheumatism Mason city, Ia
Cassady, Clemont V. M 18 Brakeman October 29, 1903 Single North McGregor Clarksville, Ia Killed by the car McGregor
Scott, Neva F 1d   March 5, 1903   Volga City   Heart Volga City
Scott, Eva F 3m   June 3, 1903   Volga   Whooping cough Volga City
Rowell, Grace L. F 11m   June 28, 1903   Sperry twp Volga City Whooping cough Volga City
Epps, Sarah F 3   June 15, 1903   Volga City Volga City Congestion of bowels Volga City
McMorrow, Mary F 65 Farming February 24, 1903 Widow Ireland Volga twp Heart disease Elkport
Oelkers, Margaret E. F 63 Farming December 10, 1903 Single Germany Volga twp Dropsey Garnavillo
Quislin, Philip M 80 Farming September 3, 1903 Married Ireland Volga twp Heart trouble Elkport
Hinricks, Alma F 4m   May 19, 1903 Single Volga twp Volga twp Cramps Elkport
Rofle M 1d   July 8, 1903 Single Volga twp Volga twp   Littleport
Josten, Louisa F 42   March 6, 1903 Married Volga twp Volga twp Heart trouble Elkport
Schnack, Catharine F 67   December 10, 1903 Widow Germany Volga twp Dropsey Elkport
Straschein, WM M 61   February 1, 1903 Married Germany Volga twp Suicide Elkport
Berns, Kathrine F 12 Farmer May 4, 1903 Single Volga twp Volga twp Spinal Elkport
Clauson, Mrs. Torkel F 76 Farmer's wife April 21, 1903 Married Norway Wagner twp Pneumonia Wagner twp
Hulvorson, Mrs. Lars F 81 Farmer's wife October 9, 1903 Married Norway Wagner twp Dropsey & old age Wagner twp
Olson, Millard N. M 21d   February 22, 1903   Wagner twp Wagner twp Unknown Wagner twp
Tollefson, Julia F 9m   August 1, 1903   Wagner twp Wagner twp Unknown Wagner twp
Knight, Anabella M F 72 Farmer's wife March 15, 1903 Widow New Hampshire Wagner twp Cancer of stomach Farmersburg
Plattson, Ole H. M 73 Farmer January 17, 1903 Single Norway Wagner twp Heart trouble Wagner twp
Rugland, Alma J. F 14   February 21, 1903 Single Wagner twp Wagner twp Pneumonia Wagner twp
Toutsch, Emma F 33 Farmer's wife July 9, 1903 Married Luxenburg, Dubuque Co. Wagner twp Nervous prostration Elkader
Brookshire, Mary J. F 66 Farmer's wife March 17, 1903 Married England Elk twp   Elk Cemetery
Brown, Roy A. M 10 Schoolboy December 6, 1903   Elk twp Elk twp Appendicitis Cox Creek Cemetery
Gleason, Louis T. M 18 Schoolboy December 10, 1903 Single Elk twp Elk twp Consumption Elk Cemetery
Reutschler, Catharine F 53 Farmer's wife June 22, 1903 Married Germany Elk twp Dropsey Elkport
Ash, R. G. M 79 Farmer June 19, 1903 Married New York Elk twp Enlargement of liver Edgewood

-Page 32-

Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Godden, Earl M 21d   March 25, 1903 Single Elk twp Elk twp Lung fever Mount Harmony Cemetery
Stam, Mary F                
Sharp, Margaret F 74   December 18, 1903 Married Ireland Clayton, Ia Heart failure Clayton Cemetery
Stearns, Sarah Ann F 40 Housewife July 10, 1903 Married New York, N.Y. Clayton, Ia Nervous prostration Clayton Cemetery
Crefeld, Hubert M 73 None December 11, 1903 Married Germany Clayton, Ia General debility Clayton Cemetery
Jones, Willis N. M 72 Walking Stick Mfg. November 11, 1903 Widower Indiana Clayton, Ia Tuberculosis of bowels Clayton Cemetery
Stamm, August M 81   June 9, 1903   Germany Clayton, Ia Dropsey Clayton Cemetery
Reported to State Board of Health, May 25, 1904, Dan Costigan, Clk

-Page 33-

Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Wertz, Charles F M 23   July 1, 1904   Cedar Rapids, Ia Edgewood, Ia Spinal trouble Edgewood, Ia
Towsley, Claus M 76   October 23, 1904 Married Ohio Edgewood, Ia Dropsey Edgewood, Ia
Hesner, Clara B. F 39   June 25, 1904 Married Wisconsin Edgewood, Ia Appendicitis Edgewood, Ia
Richards, Jennie May F 40 Landlady (hotel) October 19, 1904 Married Ia Edgewood, Ia Cancer of stomach Edgewood, Ia
Montz, Henry M 40 Farmhand June 20, 1905 Single   Sperry, Ia Heart disease Arlington
Gordice, Charles M 53 Farmer August 17, 1904     Sperry, Ia Kidneys Volga City
Gush, Casper M 77   June 15, 1904     Sperry, Ia Paralytic stroke St. Sebald
Starring, Michael M 77 Farmer May 8, 1904 Widower Germany Sperry, Ia Dropsey St. Sebald
Ewing, Matthew M 78 Retired farmer April 14, 1904 Married   Volga Congestion of lungs Volga
Crane, Mary E. F 42   March 22, 1904 Married   Highland Pneumonia  
Malary, Gertrude A. F 8   March 18, 1904     Read twp Pneumonia Elkader, Ia
Boland, Jane F F 46 Farmer's wife March 21, 1904 Married   Highland Consumption Elkader, Ia
Duff, Isabella F 73 Farmer's wife April 7, 1904 Married   Highland Hemorrhage of lungs Volga
Duff, Jennette F 59 Farmer's daughter June 8, 1904 Single   Highland Complications of diseases Volga
Walters, Martha F 85 Farmer's wife April 9, 1904   Germany Giard Cancer in face Giard Cemetery
Blitz, Louisa F 47 Farmer's wife May 19, 1904   Ia Giard twp Septicemia Catholic Cem. Monona
McCarthy, Catharine M F 78 Farmer's wife May 30, 1904 Married Ireland Giard twp Pneumonia Monona Catholic Cemetery
Siege, Katharine F 70   August 13, 1904     Garnavillo Heart disease Garnavillo, Ia
Sheppard, Mary, Ann F 63   November 23, 1904     Garnavillo Paralysis Garnavillo, Ia
Mauer, Elizabeth F 74   September 17, 1904 Widow   Garnavillo Old age Garnavillo, Ia
Graul, Wm M 59 Farmer November 21, 1904     Garnavillo Treforid Phthesis Garnavillo, Ia
Nickles, Peter M 77 Farmer January 7, 1904     Garnavillo, Ia Paralysis of brain Garnavillo, Ia
Donahe, Frances A. F 26 Servant March 3, 1904 Single   Lodomillo Typhoid fever Lodomillo twp
Bower, Teresa F 46 Housekeeper April 11, 1904 Married   Lodomillo Bright's disease Lodomillo
Furman, Clarisa F 81   July 20, 1904 Widow   Lodomillo Old age Lodomillo
Schur, Henry M 45 Farmer June 14, 1904 Married   Lodomillo Heart disease Volga twp
Gamm, Otto W. M 1   May 7, 1904     Cass Pneumonia Fayette Co.
Gerdes, Albert M 67 Farmer May 22, 1904 Married Germany Boardman twp Tumor in abdomen Elkader, Ia
Torkelson, Millard O. M 3m   January 1, 1904     Marion Catarrh of bowels Highland Cemetery
Jones, Orville M 2m   February 14, 1904     Marion Heart trouble U.B. Cemetery, Wagner
Sutter, Fred M 48 Farmer March 31, 1904     Marion Rheumatic fever Marion twp
Glawe, Minnie F 30 Farm May 30, 1904 Widow Ia Read twp Consumption Read twp
Berrs, Elizabeth F 4   November 12, 1904     Jefferson twp Gastora fever Guttenberg
Hobert-Kann, Wilhelm M 9   January 19, 1904   Glenwood, Ia Glenwood, Ia Gastro Nephritis Guttenberg
Rohner, T. O. F 2   April 29, 1904     Jefferson Accident Guttenberg
Reckeweg, Marie F 23 Hired girl April 6, 1904     Jefferson Suicide Guttenberg
Schaal, Benny Fred M 4m   October 12, 1904     Jefferson   Elkport
Anderegg, Hattie L. F     November 20, 1904     Jefferson   Elkport

-Page 34-

Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Tinkey, Floyd M 13   January 13, 1905     Guttenberg Scarlet fever Guttenberg
Thomas, Mary E. F 59 Housekeeper April 8, 1904 Married   Guttenberg Cancer Guttenberg
Pins, Peter P. M 80 Retired farmer April 15, 1904 Married   Guttenberg Stomach trouble Luxemberg
Fredelake, Anna M F 78   April 7, 1904 Widow   Guttenberg Old age Guttenberg
Stoeffler, Andrew M     April 20, 1904     Guttenberg   Guttenberg
Walter, Thera F 3m   June 23, 1904     Guttenberg   Guttenberg
Rosen, Adelheid G. F 77   February 16, 1904 Widow   Guttenberg Cramps Guttenberg
Walter, Catherina F 67   March 12, 1904 Widow   Guttenberg Asthma Guttenberg
St. John, Robert M 66 Farmer June 19, 1904 Married   Guttenberg Dropsey Guttenberg
Barlow, William M 71 Laborer April 7, 1904 Married   Mendon Bright's disease Giard
Daniels, U.G. M 37   April 12, 1904     Mendon Asthma Moody Cemetery
              Mendon La Grippe McGregor
Mitchel, Lillie L. F 1   April 17, 1904     Mendon   Mederville, Ia
Luther, G. R. M 74 Farmer March 19, 1904 Married   Mendon   McGregor, Ia
Rowell, Baby M 7d   February 28, 1904     Volga City, Ia   Volga City, Ia
Ivery, John M 67 Labor July 14, 1904 Married   Volga City, Ia Heart trouble Volga City, Ia
Tinley, Baby F     March 3, 1904     Volga City, Ia   Volga City, Ia
Ewing, Matthew M 78 Retired farmer April 14, 1904 Married   Volga City, Ia Congestion of lungs Volga City, Ia
Scheof, WM M 53 Farmer May 24, 1904 Married   Clayton   Garnavillo, Ia
Putzier, Inez M 3   February 29, 1904     Clayton Pneumonia Garnavillo, Ia
Joice, Mrs. Emilia F 63 Retired February 9, 1904 Widow   Clayton Dropsey Bee Town,
[*see below]
Clauson, Clouson T. M 48 Farmer April 4, 1904 Single Norway Wagner Heart trouble Wagner twp
Walter, Leah F 43 Housekeeper May 18, 1904 Married Pennsylvania Wagner Heart disease Wagner twp
Walter, Michael M 71 Farmer August 22, 1904 Married Germany Wagner Cancer Wagner twp
Swenson, P. M 56 Laborer September 28, 1904 Single Norway Wagner Unknown Wagner twp
Harness, Joe M 70 Farmer October 29, 1904 Married Germany Wagner Dropsey Wagner twp
Gulleckson, Howard M 78 Farmer April 3, 1904 Married Norway Wagner Cancer Wagner twp
Palemer, Elizabeth F 44 Housewife February 25, 1904 Married   Cox Creek Pneumonia Mederville
Carpenter, Mary F 80 Housewife November 5, 1904 Widow   Cox Creek Dropsey Mederville
Buete, Elda F 1m   July 17, 1904     Cox Creek Whooping cough Elkader
Harness, Viola F 2   March 18, 1904     Cox Creek Rheumatism Littleport
Hubbard, Martin M 46 Farmer May 17, 1904 Married   Cox Creek Stomach & liver trouble Mederville
Liddy, Dennis M 89 Farmer June 15, 1904 Married   Cox Creek Old age Littleport
Nading, Minnie M F 1   November 12, 1904     Cox Creek Accident Littleport
Scott, Baby M 3m   August 2, 1904     Cox Creek Whooping cough Cox Creek Cemetery
Meder, Dorotha F 68   June 10, 1904 Married   Cox Creek Stomach trouble Mederville
Donath, Frederick M 1   April 14, 1904     Cox Creek Pneumonia St. Sebald Cemetery
Albrecht, Ferdinand M 79 Farmer July 17, 1904 Married   Cox Creek Old age Mederville

*Joice, Mrs. Emilia
- burial place is best guess. Beetown, WI is in Grant county

-Page 35-

Name Sex Age Occupation Date of Death Marital Status Where Born Place of Death Cause of Death Place of Burial
Meier, Michael M 79 Farmer January 23, 1904 Married   Farmersburg twp Old age Giard Cemetery
Meier, Blanche C. F 2   May 15, 1904     Farmersburg twp Measles Giard Cemetery
Wahls, John M 84 Farmer October 10, 1904 Married   Farmersburg twp Dysentery Giard Cemetery
Martins, Anna F 71   April 3, 1904 Widow   Farmersburg twp Old age & paralysis Garnavillo, Ia
Kaufman, Sarah E. F 53   June 28, 1904 Widow   McGregor, Ia Cancer McGregor, Ia
Gordon, Ethel H. F 8   July 3, 1904     McGregor, Ia Dropsey of heart McGregor, Ia
Nehring, Otto M 13 Farmer May 29, 1904     Grand Meadow Congestion of brain Postville, Ia
Schulidt, John M 68 Farmer March 29, 1904     Grand Meadow Asthma Postville, Ia
Fabert, Theodor M 8   October 8, 1904   Buena Vista twp Buena Vista Erysipelas  
Atchison, Mary Pearl F 2m   December 12, 1904   Buena Vista twp Buena Vista Spasms Buena Vista
Birch, Etta J. F 8m   October 29, 1904   Buena Vista twp Buena Vista Fever Buena Vista
Walls, Margaret F 83   April 20, 1904     Buena Vista Pneumonia Buena Vista
Steen, Henrietta F 75 Housewife February 21, 1904 Married Germany Elkader Old age Elkader
Tyler, Lymar M 76 Carpenter February 17, 1904 Married New York Elkader Old age Elkader
Patterson, William M 79              
Oberbrockling, P. D. M 2   August 27, 1904     Millville Fits Luxemburg
McIver, Robert M 19 Common laborer June 26, 1904 Single   Millville Killed by car Goshen, Ia
Brown, J. M F 25   April 17, 1904 Married McGregor, Ia McGregor, Ia Pneumonia McGregor, Ia
Conaway, Maria F 69 Housewife April 27, 1904 Married Ireland Monona, Ia Bright's disease Monona, Ia
Walch, Max J. M 27 Farmer May 2, 1904 Married Monona, Ia Monona Rheumatism Monona
Thompson, Margret F 2m   June 26, 1904   Monona, Ia Monona Marsasmuth Monona
Faugmeier, Fritz M 64 Common laborer June 5, 1904 Widow Germany Monona Dropsey Postville Cemetery
Lyth, Matthew S. M 67 Farmer January 18, 1904 Married Pennsylvania Monona twp Malaria fever Monona, Ia
Welch, Andrew M 63 Farmer March 18, 1904 Married Germany Monona twp La Grippe Monona, Ia
Moser, Millard L. M 1m   May 19, 1904   Mallory twp Mallory twp Fits Bethel Cemetery
Schultz, Frederick F 88   February 9, 1904 Widow Germany Volga twp Old age Elkport, Ia


-Transcription notes: Every effort has been taken to transcribe these records accurately, but errors are possible. Notes in [brackets] were added by the transcriber. Please use this transcription as a guide only & always consult the original record to confirm the information.

-Source: Register of deaths Volume A, Nov. 1897-June 1913, FHL film #1255482
-Transcribed by Steve & Neva Nelson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb from photocopies contributed by Constance Diamond

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