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1858 Mortality Report for Monona township

By the politeness of Mr. T.G. Slitor of Monona, we are able to lay before our readers a list of the mortality in that township and the cause of the deaths during the year 1858. We would be glad if others in different townships throughout the county who have kept a record of the deaths in their respective townships would send us an account of it. If they have not kept a record we would be glad if some one would do it the present year and give us the result.

Monona contains about 1,000 inhabitants; the prevailing disease in 1858 was consumption, the whole number of deaths was twelve.

The following list shows the names, age, &c, of the deceased parties:

Jan. 8th, Ezekiel Matthews, aged 34 years, of Typhoid Fever

March 25, G.W. McNamara, aged 38 years, of Erysipelas

May 2, Ava, daughter of Wm. and __ Baker, aged 2 years 10 mos, of Paralysis

May 7, Minerva Sherman, wife of F.W. Sherman, aged 46 years; Heart Disease

May 11, John Demares, aged 33 years, of Pleurisy

About July 5th, Patrick Coffee, aged 32 years; drowned while bathing

July 29, Harriet Waugh, daughter of Geo. R. and Philena Waugh, aged 10 years; Consumption

Aug. 16, Very suddenly, Mrs. Sarah Winters, aged 67 years; Cholera Morbus

Sept. 3d, Mrs. Jane McCulloch, aged about 32 years, wife of James McCulloch; Consumption

Nov. 16, Mr. Le Grand Olmstead, aged 61; Consumption

Nov. 29, Mrs. Valina Rock, aged about 30; Consumption

Dec. 12, Margaret, daughter of Peter Montour, aged 15; Consumption

~source: Clayton County Journal, Tuesday, May 17, 1859
~transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb, July 2017


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