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St. John's Lutheran Church, Guttenberg
originally German United Lutheran Reformed Church
1880: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
1933: St. John's American Lutheran Church


Brief History

The German United Lutheran Reformed Church, organized in 1842, was made up of a group of Lutherans and Reformed. They met mostly in private homes. In 1854, only 3 years after Guttenberg was incorporated, this group of pioneers started construction on their stone church ediface. It was completed in 1857. The congregation was reincorporated in 1880 as St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church and in 1933 as St. John's American Lutheran Church. In 1947 a new church was built using much of the stone from the original building.

From the "History of Clayton County, Iowa", published in 1882, Chapter 31: Pastors - Revs. Miller, Serling, Huschman, Beckman, Thuener and Besel. The present Deacons of the church are: Messrs. Gevder, Gruenwald and Bierbaum. The membership is 250. The Sunday-school was organized in 1876.


Miscellaneous Info.

1855 Confirmation class
(images in German & best guess translation)


1909 Confirmation Class

A class of nineteen were confirmed on Palm Sunday at St. John's Lutheran church, consisting of:

Fritz Walter
George Lundt
George Geuder
John Becker
Arno Morarend

Elmer Schutte
Peter Kurtz
Lester Lindroth
Alfred Pufahl
John Backes

John Biedermann
Margarette Geuder
Emili_ Geuder
Myrtle Loeseke
Emma Flentje
Selma Saeuling

~Elkader Register, Thur., 15 Apr. 1909. Guttenberg column.
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


1910 Confirmation Class

Confirmation class exercises were held at St. John's Lutheran church on Good Friday. Following are the names of those composing this year's class:

August Geuder
Clarence Borcherding
Elmer Morarand
Edward Rodenberg
Arno Mueller
Fred Kurtz
Herman Friedlein
Henry Meyer
Hilda Bruening
Christine Fischer
Alma Sodawasser
Silbine Seidel
Malinda Winch
Ella Morarand
Hilda Meyer
Selma Rodenberg
Clara Loeseke
Alma Schroeder

~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 31 Mar. 1910. Guttenberg column.
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

1926 Officers

At their meeting the members of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Congregation the following officers were elected:

Secretary - Wm. Nuehring
Treasurer - Wm. H. Tuecke
Trustee - Ferdinand Thiese
Deacons - J. S. Herboldscheimer, Wm. Nuehring, H. H. Borcherding, Wm. H. Tuecke.

The presiding officer of St. John's congregation is appointed at each meeting of the church council.

~Elkader Register, Thur., 14 Jan. 1926. Guttenberg News column.
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

1934 Officers

Guttenberg: At the annual meeting of St. John's American Lutheran church
congregation the following officers were elected for this year:
President - Henry L. Beerman
Secretary - Ewald Gueder
Treasurer - Gus Becker
Deacons - Otto Pensel, Oscar Pufahl, H. J. Schroeder
Trustees - J. H. Rademacher, H. B. Schroeder, Ernst Niehaus
Treasurer Benevolence Fund - J. H. Rademacher
Pastor - Rev. J. W. F. Adix
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 25 Jan. 1934
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

1935/36 Ladies Aid Society Officers

Guttenberg: The Ladies Aid Society of St. John's American Lutheran church here at their annual meeting elected the following officers for the coming year:

President - Mrs. Gus Reinitz
V. Pres. - Mrs. Bertha Wake
Secretary - Mrs. Molly Niemeyer
Financial Secretary - Mrs. Tillie Tuecke
Treasurer - Mrs. Christine Scholz
Sick Committee - Mrs. Hilda Pufahl, Mrs. Sophia Tuecke

~Clayton County Register, Wed., 11 Dec. 1935
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


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