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Contributed by S. Ferrall & Reid R. Johnson, unless otherwise credited

Sunday School Celebration

The Clayton County Sunday School Celebration will be held at Farmersburg on the 4th of July at 10 o'clock A.M. The several Sunday Schools of the County are invited to attend. A suitable person will be present to deliver an address for the occasion.
A.B. Cortes, A.C. Buck and C. Watkins; Committee of Arrangements
~Clayton County Herald, Garnavillo, Fri., June 24, 1853
Farmersburg, July 4, 1853 - A Sunday School Celebration has to-day been held in our place, and a synopsis of the proceedings is herewith enclosed. The meeting was opened with prayer, by Rev. J.H. Kelley, when the classes engaged in singing, after which the Declaration of Independence was read by S.T. Woodward. A very happy address was then made to the children and others by the Rev. O. Littlefield which was listened to with great interest by all present. Dinner was then served, when the following [offered various] sentiments:
S.T. Woodward - on the 4th of July
C. Watkins - a thanks to the Ladies present
A.M. Cortes - The Speaker of the day
Rev. S.H. Kelley - on the President of the United States
Isaac A. Stoddard - on the Sabbath School
Rev. S.H. Greenup - on the memory of Washington
Large numbers were present from the adjoining towns, and as the day was pleasant we had an agreeable and interesting time. All present were orderly and well behaved, and appearances seemed to indicate that they were all well satisfied.
~Clayton County Herald, Garnavillo, Fri., July 8, 1853

American Sunday School Union plan

Mr. Chandler is now engaged in visiting localities in our county where no Sunday Schools are established and is taking measures to establish such schools on the American Sunday School Union plan. Mr. C. is a young man who understands his business well, and we commend him to the kindness of our citizens. His field of labor for the present summer is Clayton and Fayette counties. He came west in company with Mr. Wood, who is engaged in Allamakee and Winneshiek counties, and Mr. Gordon who has Dubuque and Delaware counties for his field.
~Clayton County Herald, Garnavillo, June 8, 1855

Sabbath School Celebration in Garnavillo
A Committee of Ladies met at the Methodist Church, at 7 o'clock, to set the tables. There were four tables the length of the Church and there seemed to be no end to the provision that was brought in to be placed on them. The tables were all arranged by half-past nine o'clock. We were then called to the bower, which was erected near the Church, and had not got seated when the Farmersburg School, containing a goodly number, joined us. The exercises were then opened with prayer by the Rev. L.P. Matthews; followed with singing by the School. A procession was then formed, and marched over to the Congregational Church accommpanied by the Clayton Brass Band. The German School was assembled in front of their Church, our School met and passed them, and marched back to the bower where we had several addresses and singing. Our procession then marched around the Public Square and back to the Church for dinner, where there was plenty of good things to eat and good appetites to eat them. There were four hundred and fifty joining in the procession and about one hundred and fifty spectators.

All was harmony and good feelings, and all seemed to realize that one of our number, that would have been present was fast passing away from earth; and before the company had dispersed, she had gently fallen asleep in Jesus .... one of the teachers in our school, Miss Sarah Sackett.
~The Clayton County Herald, Thurs., July 10, 1856

Sabbath School Convention

[the lengthly article detailing the meeting has been abstracted by the contributor .. sf]
-According to previous notice, a few of the friends of Sabbath Schools in the County of Clayton, convened at the M.E. Church at Garnavillo, on Tuesday the 14th inst. for the purpose of taking into consideration the organization of a Sabbath School Association for said county.
- J.O. Crosby, Esq., motioned that Robert Grant be named Chair, and Rev. H.G. McArthur, named Secretary.
- Committee to report a plan of organization: G.R. McLawry, J.O. Crosby and O.C. Buck
- Committee to recommend names for permanent officers for the ensuing year: W.L. Calkins, H.W. Wakeman and Rev. Moses Predmore
- The adopted Constitution of the newly formed Clayton County Sabbath School Association followed in full.
- Officers elected for the ensuing year:
E.V. Carter - President
Rev. M. Predmore, Dr. C.H. Martin, A. Tuttle - Vice-Presidents
Robert Grant - Treasurer & Sec'ty
- Various motions made by G.S.C. Scott & O.C. Buck
- Township Secretaries appointed:
John Goddard - Monona
Isaac Stodard - Grand Meadow
Cyrus Potter - Farmersburg
C.F. Stearns - Clayton
Henry Sackett - Garnavillo
Avery Clark - Sperry
J.W. Potts - Mallory
F. Snedingar - Boardman
G.W. Griffith - Buena Vista & Millville
A.P. Cook - Highland
J.J. Jewett - Mendon
James Tapper - Giard
Peter Lown - Marion
John Patterson - Wagner
J.P. King - Read
O.D. Eno - Jefferson
Lyman Howard - Cass
Geo. L. Peck - Cox Creek
F.A. Metcalf - Elk & Volga
F.C. Madison - Lodomillo
~The Clayton County Journal, Garnavillo, Monday, March 5, 1860

Sabbath Schools Celebration & Picnic

Volga City, Aug. 11, 1860 - At a meeting held at the Volga City school house, of the officers and teachers of Sabbath Schools, for the purpose of taking into consideration the subject of having a Sabbath school celebration and picnic.

Stephen Bush was chosen chairman and Lucy A. Phillips, secretary. On mothin of W.W. Goodwin, of the Hewit Creek S.S., it was resolved to have a celebration. W.A. Penfield was elected President and Marshal of the day.

J.G. Webb of the Highland S.S. moved that a committee be elected to make general arrangements; whereupon, E.A. Goodwin, Wm. Harvey and C.E. Trowbridge were duly elected.

J.E. Smith, of the Volga City S.S. moved that a committee be elected to procure speakers; whereupon, Stephen Bush, J.E. Smith, Lucy A. Phillips, J.G. Webb and W.W. Goodwin were elected.

Other committees: Music; W.A. Penfield, J.G. Webb and W.W. Goodwin. Banner; J. Eibroeck, J.G. Webb and W.A. Penfield.

The day to celebrate was to be the third Wednesday in September next, at Volga City. The procession to be formed in front of the Good Templar's Hall at ten o'clock A.M.
Stephen Bush, Pres.
Lucy A. Phillips, Sec.
~The Journal, Elkader, Thurs., August 23 1860

Clayton County Sunday School Association
The first Annual Meeting of the Clayton County School Association, will convene at the Congregational Church in the City of McGregor, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 15th and 16th of February next, at 11 o'clock A.M. The attendance of Superintendents' Teachers and all friends of Sabbath School in the county, is earnestly solicited.
Robert Grant, Secretary, McGregor, January 7th, 1861
~The Clayton County Journal, Garnavillo, Thurs. January 10, 1861

Clayton County Sabbath School Association

[the 2-column article that detailed the meeting has been abstracted by the contributor .. sf]

-The fourth semi-annual meeting of the Clayton County Sabbath School Association assembled at the Grove Street School House in Farmersburg township, June 16, 1863.
-President - W.L. Calkins
-Township secretaries giving reports: John Bally, Mendon twp.; L.F. Carrier, Cass twp.; Ebenezer Wood, Jefferson twp.; Phillip Hunter, Millville twp.; Ira B. Hodges, Clayton twp. and H.W. Wakeman, Farmersburg twp.

-Others mentioned: Rev. I.K. Fuller, S. Huntington, Robert Grant, Nicholas Kriebs, Rev. Elisha Warner, P.F. Dickinson, C.L. Potter, Rev. John Jackson, E.R. Barron, Edward Ferman [surname is best-guess]; Rev. D.M. Stearns, M.O. Barnes, Silas T. Woodward, Rev. J. Sunderland, Elder Polly, W.R. Port and E.B. Wakeman (Marshall of the Day).

-Report of G.S.C. Scott, Secretary: 32 Sabbath Schools in 9 of the county townships; 258 Teachers; 1,483 scholars; 5,285 volumes in the various libraries.
~The Clayton County Journal, Elkader, Thurs. July 16, 1863

Bear Creek Sunday School officers

Sunday schools are being started. The Bear Creek S.S. organized recently with the following officers:
Supt. - J. A. Leighty
Assistant - Thos. Parsons
Sec. - F. T. Pilkington
Treas. - Emery Beatty
~Elkader Register, Fri., May 13, 1881. Elk Etchings column

Clayton Sunday School

The following officers of the Sunday School were elected on Dec. 26th:
Superintendent - J. Buhlman
Asst. Superintendent - Albert Ruegnitz
Sec. & Treas. - Herman Ruegnitz
Librarian - Julius Buhlman
Organists - Miss Stearns and Miss Emma Schumacher
~Elkader Register, Thur., January 6, 1881. Clayton Chips column.

Union Sunday School

The following are the officers of the Union Sabbath School, elected last Sunday:
D. G. Griffith, Superintendent
O. D. Oathout, Assistant Superintendent
Henry Ehrlich, Sect. and Treas.
Miss Katie Moyer, Ass't Sect and Treas.
C. F. Stearns, Librarian
Mrs. Jos. Thompson, Ass't. Librarian
Mrs. H. H. Barnard, Organist
Miss Ella Havens, Ass't Organist
~Elkader Register, Fri., December 30, 1881, Home News column.

Luana M.E. Sunday School officers
The election of new officers in the M.E. S.S., occurred on the 6th, as follows:
Supt. - Mr. W. Scott.
Ass't. Supt. - Mrs. Farnam.
Organist - Miss Bell Horribin.
Librarian - Clara Hopkins.
Secretary - Miss Flora Askew.
The old teachers were gladly retained. Parents of children are invited to attend, and show by their presence that they are interested in the work.
~Elkader Register, Fri., May 18, 1883. Luana Locals column

Osterdock, White school Sunday School
The Sabbath school at the white school house was reorganized a short time ago. The new officers are as follows: 
Superintendent - John Cree
Ass't. Superintendent - Ezra Crop
Secretary - W. W. Cree
Treasurer - Ezra Miller
~Elkader Register, Friday, July 20, 1883. Osterdock column

Union Sunday School

At the election of officers for the Union Sunday School, the following were chosen for the ensuing year:
Superintendent - D. G. Griffith
Assistant Supt. - O. D. Oathout
Secretary and Treas. - H. C. Ehrlich
Asst. Sec. and Treas. - Jennie Skinner
Librarian - C. F. Stearns
Asst. Librarian - Nelson Ready
Organist - Lizzie Vaupel
Asst. Organist - Minnie Leach
~Elkader Register, Fri., January 4, 1884

Union Sunday School
The Union Sunday School elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
Supt. - H. C. Ehrlich
Asst. Supt. - D. G. Griffith
Sec. & Treas. - May Moyer
Asst. Sec. & Treas. - Nettie Boots
Librarian - Fritz Ruegnitz
Asst. Librarian - Stella Moyer
Organist - Bell Gilbert
Asst. Organist - Mrs. J. N. Hamilton
~Elkader Register, 01 Jan. 1891

Union Sunday School
On Sunday last the Union Sunday school elected the following officers for the new year:
Supt. - J. H. Hill
Asst. Supt. - Mrs. H. S. Patterson
Sec. and Treas. - D. G. Griffith
Asst. Sec. and Treas. -Maud I. Tyler
Librarian - Lizzie Uecker
Asst. Librarian - Anna Stemmer
~Elkader Register, Fri. morning, 31 Dec. 1897. Local Scrap Bag column

Union Sunday School
The Union School elected the following officers for the new year:
Supt. - John Hill
Assist. Supt. - Mrs. H. S. Patterson
Sec. & Treas. - D. G. Griffith
Librarian - Miss Lizzie Uecker
Organist - Miss Eva Jack
~Elkader Register, 05 Jan. 1899

Bailey Ridge Sunday School
The following officers were elected by the Sunday School for the coming year:
Supt. - Orrin Follon
Asst. Supt. - Mrs. Cummings
Sec. - Lizzie Cummings
Treas. - John Follon
Organist - Lois Bailey
~Elkader Register, Thur., 02 Jan. 1902. Bailey Ridge column

Union Sunday School
The Union S. S. held their regular election this week with the following results:
Supt. - Mrs. Burgess
Asst. Supts. - W. Gull, E. Craig
Sec. - Edna Craig
Treas. - Watson Gull
Librarian - Alice Graham
The Church Aid held its quarterly meeting Saturday evening and elected the following officers:
Pres. - C. Graham
Vice Pres. - C. Gull
Sec. and Treas. - Lizzie Craig
Ex. Com. - Edna Craig, Lucy Ray
~Elkader Register, Thur., 02 Jan. 1902. Jefferson column

Union Sunday School
The Union S.S. elected the following officers and teachers, Sunday:
Supt. - Edna Craig
Asst. Supt. - Dorothy Penfold
Sec. - Edith Graham
Treas. - Watson Gull
Librarian - Audrey Schrunk

1st Primary - Lizzie Craig
2nd Primary - Edna Craig
Ladies - Clara Burgess
Men - Inez Craig
Bible - Dorothy Penfold
~Elkader Register, Thur., 03 July 1902. Jefferson column

McGregor M.E. Sunday School
The following officers were elected at the M. E. Sunday School meeting, Tuesday evening:
Supt. - W. J. Knowles
Asst. - H. M. McReynolds
Sec. - Ira Moody
Asst. - Emma Pierce
Treas. - Eva R. Jordan
Pianist - Winnie Blackburn
Asst. - Abbie T. Arnold
Choir - A. Horning, D. C. Dutton, H. M. McReynolds, Ira Moody.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 09 Jan. 1902. McGregor column

Elkader Congregational
The Congregational Sunday school has elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
Supt. - Rev. G.W. Baxter
Asst. Supt. - G.H. Fletcher
Sec. and Treas. - Lina Stemmer
Organist - Ruth Corlett
Asst. Organist - Anna Stemmer
~Elkader Register, Thursday evening, January 19, 1905. Local news column

Farmersburg Union Sunday School
The Union Sunday School, Sunday, held their election for the ensuing year with the following result:
Supt. - Helmuth Oelke
Asst. Supt. - Mattie Everall
Sec. and Treas. - Kittie Little
Asst. Sec. & Treas. - Jennie Rogers
Organist - Alma Hinsch
Asst. Organist - Mina Dahlstrom
~Elkader Register, Thur., 12 Jan. 1905. Farmersburg column

Monona Sunday School

The Sunday School officers for 1906 are:
Supt. - W. G. Wheeler.
Asst. Supt. - Mrs. Snyder.
Sec. - Harry Kalen.
Treas. - Harry Schott.
Org. - Mrs. Ed Scott.
Asst. Org. - Sophia Brown.
Librarian - Melville Huffman.
~Elkader Register, Thursday, January 4, 1906. Monona column

Farmersburg Union Sunday School
Sunday, Jan. 2nd, the Union Sunday School elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
Superintendent - H. A. Oelke
Asst. Supt. - Miss Mattie Everall
Secretary - Miss Helen Rogers
Treasurer - Miss Eva Hinsch
Organist - Miss Kittie Little
Asst. Organist - Genevieve Church
~Elkader Register & Argus, 06 Jan. 1910. Farmersburg column

Garber Sunday School
At a meeting held in the Y.M.C. building Sunday morning a Garber Sunday School was organized. The following officers and teachers were elected:
Supt. - Al Borrett
Asst. Supt. - Prof. Manke
Secretary - M. Colton
Treasurer - Miss Alma Schnepf
Bible Class teacher - Mrs. M. Colton
Young Folks Class teacher - Mrs. E. Baker
Intermediate Class teacher - Mrs. J. Gray
Primary Class teacher - Miss Emma Oehrle
There is no doubt but what it will be a great success, over thirty having attended the first meeting.
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 24 Nov. 1910. Garber column

Union Sunday School, Farmersburg
The Union Sunday School elected the following officers for the ensuing year last Sunday:
Superintendent - H. A. Oelke
Asst. Superintendent - Miss Mattie Everall
Secretary - Miss Thelma Oelke
Treasurer - Miss Marguerite Oelke
Organist - Miss Kittie Little
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur. 23 Jan 1913. Farmersburg column

Union Sunday School, Garber
The Garber Union Sunday School Association met last Saturday night and elected the following named persons as trustees for the ensuing year:
Henry C. Schnepf
Mrs. G. W. Hammond
Mrs. H. B. Fitz-Jerrell
Mrs. B. Wathen
Mrs. E. J. Prolow
Miss Alma Schnepf
Miss Elsie Schnepf
Miss Emma Oehrle
Mrs. C. H. Pinch
Mrs. H. Gaynor
Mrs. H. McSperrin
The trustees elected the following named officers:
President - Henry C. Schnepf
Vice-President - Mrs. G. W. Hammond
Secretary - Miss Emma Oehrle
Treasurer - Mrs. E. J. Prolow
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 2 Jan. 1913. Garber column

Union Sunday School, Farmersburg
The Union Sabbath school elected the following officers Sunday:
Superintendent - Mrs. Clara Walters
Asst. Superintendent - Mrs. Mina Dahlstrom
Secretary - Mrs. Dahlstrom
Treasurer - Mrs. Otto Fuelling
Music - The Misses Phillips and Thelma Oelke
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 9 Oct. 1919. Farmersburg column.

Strawberry Point Sunday School
Last Thursday evening the Sunday School board met with Rev. and Mrs. Elwick and the following officers were elected for the year:
Supt. - W. A. Luce
Asst. Supt. - Dr. Dutton
Sec. - Vernita Adams
Organist - Mildred Trezona
Asst. Organist - Clara Peet
Missionary Supt. - Miss Garvey
Asst. Missionary Supt. - Mrs. Elwick
Home Dept. - Hazel Kidner
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 02 Feb. 1928. Strawberry Point columns

St. John's, Garber

Garber: The Sunday School of St. John's Evangelical church, on Monday evening, held its annual election of officers as follows:
Superintendent - Rev. H. Hohman
Assistant Superintendent - Mrs. E. J. Prolow
Secretary - Howard Rentschler
Treasurer - Miss Helen Fisko
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 11 Dec. 1935


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