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Methodist Episcopal Church

Methodist church & Parsonage, Guttenberg, ca1909

Guttenberg Methodist Episcopal Church

The Guttenberg Methodist Episcopal church was organized by Rev. Clause of Upper Iowa University in 1890. As there was no English-speaking church in the community up to that time, Rev. Cause was sent here from Upper Iowa to organize one. The church actually consisted of all the protestants of the community who wanted an English-speaking church, but the Methodist name and worship was adopted because of the interest shown and the assistance given by Upper Iowa University.

The first meetings were held in a tent, but as there was a great amont of interest shown, the church was built during the summer of 1891. Funds for it were subscribed by those interested, and additional funds were loaned by the Upper Iowa Conference to make up the deficit. Rev. L.H. Linn was the first pastor.

The Ladies Aid society was organized in December, 1891, with 20 members. Mrs. Linn was chosen president; Mrs. E.R. Latta, vice president; Mrs. M.A. Laughlin, secretary; and Mrs. W.L. Duffin, treasurer.

The parsonage was built in 1893 or 1894 during the pastorate of Rev. Charles Parkin.

Late in September, 1935, the interior of the church was remodeled and art glass windows were donated by members and groups and dedicated to friends or relatives, as follows:

Dr. Pohle to his wife
Ary children to their mother and father
Tinkey family to their mother and father
Mrs. W.L. Duffin to W.L. Duffin
Emma Eppins to her mother
Edna Scholz to her husband
Friedlein brothers to their mother and father
Ladies Aid to Anne Ploete
Sunday school to Mrs. C.W. Duffin
Mr. James and sons to Mrs. James
Dr. and Mrs. C.W. Duffin to their son, H. LeRoy
Mrs. O.E. Nading to her mother

The church has a Sabbath school with a regular attendance of 60 persons, under the leadership of Mrs. Edna Scholz, superintendent.

Rev. Welch of the University of Dubuque has served the church for the past 17 years.

1) Vintage photo-postcard
2) Clayton County Register, July 1, 1936

~transcribed by S. Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


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