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East Clermont Lutheran Church Cookbook
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Arranged by the surname of the contributor

I thought it would be fun to include a cookbook on the Clayton co. IAGenWeb site. I chose this cookbook for several reasons. It is one of my most-used, so I know it has some really good recipes. Also, it belonged to my grandmother, who obviously tried many of the recipes. She wrote notes next to the recipe if she altered the ingredients or instructions. Finally, this cookbook contains a short history of the church, a list of the Ladies Aide members as well as some of the maiden names of the recipe contributors ..... so the cookbook is a genealogy resource!

If you find a recipe that you'd like, drop me an email and I'll copy it for you. Be sure to include the person's name, name of the recipe and page number.


Aanes, Mrs. A.M. Noodle and Tuna Fish Casserole 52
Amundson, Mrs. Almer Pecan Rolls 13
Amundson, Mrs. Almer Ready Roll Mix 17
Amundson, Mrs. Almer Tiny Tim Meat Balls 31
Amundson, Mrs. Almer Round Steak in Foil 32
Amundson, Mrs. Almer Beets in Honey Sauce 42
Amundson, Mrs. Almer "Rescued Vegetable" Pie 45
Amundson, Mrs. Almer Pineapple Bars 84
Amundson, Mrs. Almer Kettle Rasin Spices 104
Amundson, Mrs. Almer Refrigerator Pie 115
Amundson, Mrs. Almer Pumpkin Dessert 115
Amundson, Mrs. Almer Smooth Pumpkin Pie 127
Amundson, Mrs. Arthur Beef Stew 34
Amundson, Mrs. Clarence Batter Rolls 18
Amundson, Mrs. Clarence Apple Muffins 24
Amundson, Mrs. Clarence Chocolate Creams 87
Amundson, Mrs. Martin Norwegian Krub 7
Amundson, Mrs. Martin Christmas Bread 15
Amundson, Mrs. Martin Ruby Salad 58
Amundson, Mrs. Martin Bean Salad 61
Amundson, Mrs. Norman Banana Bread 21
Amundson, Mrs. Norman Porcupine Meat Balls 31
Amundson, Mrs. Norman Beef Stew 34
Amundson, Mrs. Norman No-Bake Chocolate Macaroons 92
Amundson, Mrs. Ole Peanut Croquets 76
Amundson, Mrs. Ole Cracky Bars 84
Amundson, Mrs. Roger Scalloped Corn with Sausages 42
Amundson, Mrs. Wayne Holiday Salad 58
Amundson, Mrs. Wayne Fruit Cocktail Cake 77
Anderson, Genevieve Chicken on Sunday 28
Anderson, Genevieve Orange Sherbert Salad 56
Anderson, L'Myra State Fair Rye Bread 14
Anderson, Mrs. Gilbert (nee Lena Johnson) Whipped Cream Cake 70
Anderson, Mrs. Henry Date Nut Bread 20
Anderson, Mrs. Henry Heath Candy Bar Cake 69
Anderson, Mrs. Henry Sunshine Cake 75
Anderson, Mrs. Henry Drop Balls 92
Bacon, Mrs. William Krum Kake 3
Bacon, Mrs. William Cherry Bread 20
Bacon, Mrs. William Fry Pan Macaroni Supper 49
Bacon, Mrs. William Tuna-Potato Pie 53
Bacon, Mrs. William Butter Frosting 79
Bacon, Mrs. William Brown Sugar Fluff Frosting 80
Bacon, Mrs. William Potato Donuts 92
Bacon, Mrs. William Lemon Cheesecake Pie 130
Baird, Mrs. Jerry (nee Bernice Blockhus) Sweet "N" Sour Meat Loaf 30
Baird, Mrs. Jerry (nee Bernice Blockhus) Special K Bars 89
Baird, Mrs. Jerry (nee Bernice Blockhus) 3 by 3 Dessert 111
Baker, Mrs. Joe Good Flat Bread 2
Baker, Mrs. Joe Buns 18
Baker, Mrs. Joe Star Cookies 93
Baker, Mrs. Joe Excellent Sugar Cookies 93
Baker, Mrs. Justin Buns 14
Baker, Mrs. Justin Stuffing for a 12-15 lb. Turkey 28
Baker, Mrs. Justin Meat Loaf 30
Baker, Mrs. Justin Swiss Steak 33
Baker, Mrs. Justin Treasure Bars 89
Baker, Mrs. Lonnie Spam Casserole 51
Baker, Mrs. Lonnie Tuna Casserole 52
Baker, Mrs. Oscar (nee Luella Johnson) Filled Cookies 107
Baker, Mrs. Oscar (nee Luella Johnson) Cream Peach Pie 126
Berg, Mrs. Orville Kolaches 17
Berg, Mrs. Orville Our Favorite Casserole 49
Berg, Mrs. Orville Whipped Cream Cake 71
Berg, Mrs. Orville Lizzie Bilden's Maple Nut Cake 77
Berg, Mrs. Orville Hershey Bar Cookies 96
Berg, Mrs. Orville Custard 116
Berg, Mrs. Roger Popovers 22
Berg, Mrs. Roger Crumb Coated Chicken - Baked 28
Berg, Mrs. Roger Barbequed Beans 44
Bilden, Agnes Flat Bread 2
Bilden, Agnes Rolled Oatmeal Cookies (Norsk) 8
Bilden, Agnes Corn Meal Muffins 24
Bilden, Agnes Bran Muffins 25
Bilden, Agnes Popovers 25
Bilden, Agnes Waffles 26
Bilden, Agnes Steak with Tomato Sauce 32
Bilden, Agnes Coldslaw Dressing 62
Bilden, Agnes Lizzie Bilden's Raisin Cake 72
Bilden, Agnes Penuche Icing 79
Bilden, Agnes Meringue 132
Bilden, Diann Caramel Chocolate White Icing 80
Bilden, Diann Mother's Bakeless Cake 119
Bilden, Louise Aunt Lizzie's Honey Cookies 8
Bilden, Louise Aunt Lizzie Bilden's Chocolate Cake 66
Bilden, Mrs. Helga Flat Bread 2
Bilden, Mrs. Helga Belle Kringle 4
Bilden, Mrs. Helga Rosettes 4
Bilden, Mrs. Helga Fattigmand 5
Bilden, Mrs. Helga Norwegian Doughnuts 7
Bilden, Mrs. Helga Flotegrot (Cream Mush) 8
Bilden, Mrs. Helga Rolled Oatmeal Cookies (Norsk) 8
Bilden, Mrs. Helga Helga's Sponge Cake 74
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Blood Vust (German) (My Mother's) 7
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Apple Coffee Cake 23
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Saurkraut - Meat 35
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Swedish Ham Balls 35
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Oysters and Soda Crackers 38
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Mother's Homemade Noodles 40
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Mother's Chicken Salad 61
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Miracle Whip Chocolate Cake 68
Bilden, Mrs. Millard California Special Cake 73
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Angel Food Topping 79
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Bilden Brownies 86
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Prune Pie 131
Bilden, Mrs. Millard Mother's Apricot Preserves 134
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Carrie's Kringles 4
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Norwegian Pancake (Crepe Suzettes) 8
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Pumpkin Bread 20
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Corn Bread 23
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Corn Fritters 25
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Spring Chicken 29
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Roast Duck with Dressing 29
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Ground Beef Stroganoff 35
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Scalloped Onions 42
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Christmas Wreaths 94
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Cranberry Pie 131
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Pickled Peaches 136
Bilden, Mrs. Tilpher Indian Relish 139
Blockhus, Mrs. Harlan Pie Mix Coffee Cake 25
Blockhus, Mrs. Harlan Peanut Butter Fingers 89
Blockhus, Mrs. Helen (nee Thorson) Bohemian Kolaches 8
Blockhus, Mrs. Helen (nee Thorson) Tasty Meat Loaf 29
Blockhus, Mrs. Helen (nee Thorson) Salisbury Steak 32
Blockhus, Mrs. Helen (nee Thorson) Scalloped Carrots 44
Blockhus, Mrs. Helen (nee Thorson) Gallagher Dressing 62
Blockhus, Mrs. Helen (nee Thorson) Peanut Butter Cookies 94
Blockhus, Mrs. Helen (nee Thorson) Orange Drops 103
Blockhus, Mrs. Helen (nee Thorson) Flat Bread (Shingle Bread) 3
Blockhus, Mrs. Helen (nee Thorson) Butter Cookies 107
Blockhus, Mrs. Kenneth Seya Soup (Danish Sweet Soup) 5
Blockhus, Mrs. Kenneth Frigadela Soup 7
Blockhus, Mrs. Kenneth Ruey Gruey - Rhubarb Dessert (Danish) 7
Blockhus, Mrs. Kenneth Scottish Highland Cake (Oatmeal Cake) 9
Blockhus, Mrs. Kenneth Danish Prune Whip 10
Blockhus, Mrs. Kenneth White Frosting 78
Blockhus, Mrs. Kenneth Rhubarb Crunch 111
Blockhus, Mrs. Kenneth Clumfp - Elderberry Dumpling 116
Blockhus, Mrs. Kenneth Ground Cherry Pie 129
Blockhus, Mrs. M.J. String Bean Casserole 43
Blockhus, Mrs. M.J. Quick Cherry Dessert 111
Blockhus, Mrs. Michael Sausage Casserole 30
Blockhus, Mrs. Michael Spam Salad 63
Blockhus, Mrs. Michael Lemon Butter Frosting 81
Blockhus, Mrs. Michael Rice Krispies Bars 90
Blockhus, Mrs. Michael Molasses Icebox Cookies 97
Blockhus, Mrs. Michael Ground Cherry Jam 134
Blockhus, Mrs. Michael Maid-Rites 153
Blockhus, Mrs. Ott (nee Ella Frederick) Dropped Fruit Cookies 104
Blockhus, Mrs. Otto Rolls, Buns, Cinnamon Rolls, Raised Doughnuts or Refrigerator Rolls 13
Blockhus, Mrs. Otto Raspberry Dessert 112
Bockhoves, Mrs. William 5-Spice Hamburger Casserole 48
Bockoven, Mrs. Bill (nee Arlene Amundson) Poppy Seed Cake 68
Buraas, Mrs. Alfred Banana Bread 22
Buraas, Mrs. Alfred Applesauce Cake 71
Buraas, Mrs. Bertha Brownie Drop Cookies 103
Burrow, Mrs. Will (nee Mabel Paulson) Fool-Proof Bread 12
Burrow, Mrs. Will (nee Mabel Paulson) Oatmeal Cookies 106
Burrow, Mrs. Will (nee Mabel Paulson) E.Z. Apple Dumplings 110
Burrow, Mrs. Will (nee Mabel Paulson) Crystal Pickles 137
Crider, Mrs. James (nee Arlene Ruroden) Spanish Rice 52
Cummings, Mrs. Hubert Morning Coffee Cake 21
Cummings, Mrs. Hubert Salmon Soup 39
Cummings, Mrs. Hubert French Dressing 62
Cummings, Mrs. Hubert Pineapple Dessert 113
Cummings, Mrs. Hubert Hot Fudge Pudding 116
Cummings, Mrs. Hubert Oatmeal Pie 128
Davis, Martha Hanson Date Nut Bread 21
Davis, Martha Hanson Nut-Snoball Cookies 99
Ellinghysen, Mrs. Richard (nee Carolyn Kittleson) Easy Casserole 49
Erickson, Mrs. Alvin Bisquick Oatmeal Pancakes 26
Erickson, Mrs. Alvin Citrus Rasin Sauce for Ham 33
Erickson, Mrs. Alvin Swedish Ham Balls in Brown Sauce 35
Erickson, Mrs. Alvin Spareribs - outdoor barbeque 36
Erickson, Mrs. Alvin Irish Beef Stew 37
Erickson, Mrs. Alvin Noodles Romanoff 51
Erickson, Mrs. Alvin Chocolate Cake 67
Erickson, Mrs. Alvin Cheese Tuna Burgers 153
Erickson, Mrs. Ben Lefse 2
Erickson, Mrs. Ben Mother's Fattigmands Bakkels 5
Erickson, Mrs. Ben Snow Pie 129
Erickson, Mrs. Esther Cereal Toffee Squares 91
Erickson, Mrs. Esther Apple Pickles 137
Erickson, Mrs. Selmer Sponge Cake 74
Erickson, Mrs. Selmer Orange Slice Rhubarb Jam 135
Feierson, Mrs. Ole Baked Beans 44
Freidrich, Mrs. Signe A. Mother's Sorghum Cake 74
Frieden, Donna Southern Corn Custard 43
Frieden, Donna Chow Mein Noodle Drops 146
Frieden, Donna Maid-Rites 154
Frieden, Donna 4-H Sandwich Filling 154
Frieden, Mrs. George Evelyn Thiele's Buns 13
Frieden, Mrs. George Oatmeal Bread 14
Frieden, Mrs. George Eight Dozen Buns 18
Frieden, Mrs. George Apricot Bread 19
Frieden, Mrs. George Tastier Wheaties Muffins 23
Frieden, Mrs. George Potato Pancakes 26
Frieden, Mrs. George Scalloped Onions 42
Frieden, Mrs. George Chicken Supreme Casserole 46
Frieden, Mrs. George Alvina's Banana Cake 66
Frieden, Mrs. George Potato Doughnuts 92
Frieden, Mrs. George Chocolate Lush 116
Frieden, Mrs. George Eva Mae's Garlic Dill Pickles 138
Friedrichs, Mrs. Signa (nee Larson) Date Pudding 118
Gass, Mrs. LeRoy 5-Cup Salad 59
Gericke, Mrs. Fern (nee Fern Buraas) Cinnamon Loaf 16
Gericke, Mrs. Fern (nee Fern Buraas) Chickenette Loaf 33
Gericke, Mrs. Fern (nee Fern Buraas) Sour Cream Peach Pie 125
Gilbertson, Luella Lefse 2
Gilbertson, Luella Norwegian Chicken Meat Balls 6
Gilbertson, Mrs. Gus "Cliford Tea" Cookies 98
Gilbertson, Mrs. Gust Buns 12
Gilbertson, Mrs. Gust Soft White Sugar Cookies 108
Gilbertson, Mrs. Harvey Choconut Tempters 91
Gisleson, Mrs. Millard Chicken Noodle Casserole 46
Gisleson, Mrs. Millard Nut Fingers 85
Gisleson, Mrs. Millard Lemon Love Notes 86
Gorsuch, Mrs. Ruth (nee Ruth Skarshoug) Cherry Salad - 7-UP 60
Gorsuch, Mrs. Ruth (nee Ruth Skarshoug) Mother's Filled Cookies 105
Gorsuch, Mrs. Ruth (nee Ruth Skarshoug) Tea Tarts 108a
Gorsuch, Mrs. Ruth (nee Ruth Skarshoug) Date Chiffon Pie 126
Gorsuch, Mrs. Ruth (nee Ruth Skarshoug) Mother's Strawberry Cheese Pie 130
Gorsuch, Mrs. Ruth (nee Ruth Skarshoug) Mothers Pickle Sticks 9-day 139
Gorsuch, Mrs. Ruth (nee Ruth Skarshoug) Ham Loaf or Individual Loaves 36
Griebenow, Mrs. Leo (nee Leona Lyngaas) Ice Cream Creations 120
Griebenow, Mrs. Leo (nee Leona Lyngaas) Baconized Meat Balls 30
Griebenow, Mrs. Leo (nee Leona Lyngaas) Chicken Crunch Casserole 45
Griebenow, Mrs. Leo (nee Leona Lyngaas) Mother's Salad Dressing 62
Groth, Mrs. Selmer Black Walnut Cookies 108a
Groth, Mrs. Selmer Mrs. H.H. Groth's Rhubarb Pie 124
Gulsvig, Mrs. Ernest Meat Ball Stew 47
Gunderson, Carol Ann Carrot Cake 72
Gunderson, Carol Ann Lemon Cake 78
Gunderson, Carol Ann Cream Cheese Frosting 80
Gunderson, Joan Fruit Cake 76
Gunderson, Mrs. Emma Banana Bread 21
Gunderson, Mrs. Emma Pineapple Cookies 105
Gunderson, Mrs. Emma Ice Box Dessert 116
Gunderson, Mrs. Emma Glorified Rice 120
Gunderson, Mrs. Merrill Carrot Ring 44
Gunderson, Mrs. Merrill Five-Can Casserold 45
Gunderson, Mrs. Merrill Mother's Mayonnaise 62
Gunderson, Mrs. Merrill Mother's Pumpkin Cookies 94
Gunderson, Mrs. Merrill Mother's Date Roll Cookies 105
Gunderson, Mrs. Merrill My Grandmother's Mincemeat 131

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~Source: East Clermont Lutheran Church Cookbook, compiled by the American Lutheran Church Women of East Clermont, 1966
~Transcribed by S. Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

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