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St. Paula Cemetery
aka Pollman cemetery
aka Hagen cemetery (occasional)

Jefferson Township, Section 21 SE/SW

St. Paula cemetery - photo by Helen Jennings, 2008

Data sources:

* The original list of names was contributed by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
* Iowa WPA cemetery records - transcribed by Phyllis Montour
* Allamakee co. Death Records (ACDR) - contributed by R. O'Brien
* Additions, corrections & notes from obituaries, gravestone inscriptions, newspapers, researcher contributions (as credited), census records, Death Certificates & SSDI records

*Gravestone photos have been contributed for this cemetery*
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*Obituaries have been contributed for people buried in this cemetery*
Clayton co. Obituary Index

Name Birth Death Comments
Amsden, Lyman 1794 02/10/1881 h/o 1st Cynthia Tibbets, 2nd Mary Whitman; Veteran, War of 1812
Amsden, Mary nee Whitman / Whiteman 1817 1895 w/o Lyman
Backes, Aldo 04/17/1896 09/21/1916 WPA = Aldon W.
Backes, Anna      
Backes, Carl Ludwig      
Backes, Ernest Carl      
Backes, George Heinrich      
Backes, Maria K. nee Will 1827   w/o Peter
Backes, Peter 1824   h/o Maria
Baker, Marie 1837 02/21/1899 WPA record
Baker, Peter 1824 01/21/1888 WPA record
Ball, Infant Dau      
Ball, Infant Son      
Ball, Sam      
Bischke, Amelia / Emilie nee Kottke     w/o Frederick
Bischke, Augusta M. 'Gusta'     d/o Frederick & Amelia
Bischke, Carolyn 'Carrie' nee Hinzman     w/o Frederick; d/o Frank
Bischke, Charles C.   06/1?/1923  
Bischke, Frederick 11/24/1907 1971 h/o Caroline; Signal corps, WWII
Bischke, Frederick   ca1877 h/o Amelia
Bischke, Frederick Jr 08/19/1885 08/22/1926 s/o Frederick & Amelia
Bischke, Gustav 'Gus' 1876 1952 h/o Kathryn
Bischke, Kathryn 1886 1973 w/o Gustav
Bischke, Lamar 01/11/1923 08/12/1981 U.S. Army, WWII
Bischke, Leo 11/02/1913 11/17/1966 WWII veteran
Bischke, Louis 08/07/1874 12/18/1937 s/o Frederick & Amelia
Block, Baby      
Block, Elmer      
Bonker, August      
Bonker, John F. 1827 05/01/1898  
Bonker, Mary E. 1831 03/06/1893  
Borcherding, Gus Roy      
Borcherding, Gustav 05/05/1890 12/11/1972 h/o Mabel; s/o Conrad & Margreta (Kregel)
Borcherding, Lavern      
Borcherding, Mabel nee Lundt     w/o Gustav
Borcherding, Virgel      
Brase, Anna D. 1875 1929 WPA record
Brase, Fred W.H. 1866 1936  
Brase, Georgi Anna nee Endriss 12/06/1875 10/01/1929 w/o Wm H.D.
Brase, Gertrude nee Trede      
Brase, Harold Henry Paul 04/11/1933 11/26/1991 h/o Gertrude; s/o Henry & Hilda
Brase, Heinrich      
Brase, Karoline 1836 1881  
Brase, Minnie      
Brase, Wilhelmina 1838 1903  
Brase, William Heinrich Dietrich 08/18/1869 08/29/1941 h/o Georgi
Bruening, Carl     h/o Mary
Bruening, Charles H.   06/16/1983 s/o Carl & Mary
Bruening, Joachin      
Bruening, Mary nee Henrichs     w/o Carl
Bruening, Sophia      
Groth, Fred      
Hyde, Marie 1911 1931  
Hyde, Susie 1873 10/20/1911 WPA = Susue E. Wathen Hyde
Hyde, Victor A.      
Jaeger, Katherine 1837 01/12/1889  
Kottke, August W. 11/29/1887 09/30/1918 s/o August SR; U.S. Army, KIA World War I
Kottke, August S. 1838   h/o Mary; Co. D 27, IA inf.
Kottke, Earl     s/o Louis & Katherine (Clefisch); Note: twin of Pearl
Kottke, Ella      
Kottke, Elmer William 05/18/1908 08/13/1997 s/o Louis & Katherine (Clefisch)
Kottke, Fred      
Kottke, Lena      
Kottke, Lloyd      
Kottke, Lottie     There is a gravestone in the cemetery with only "Lottie" on the top as identification, no dates. It may be for Lottie Kottke.
Kottke, Louis F. 1868 10/05/1935  
Kottke, Mary nee Voss 1845 04/29/1912 w/o August
Kottke, Mary      
Kottke, Pearl E. 03/17/1911 04/30/1993 d/o Louis & Katherine (Clefisch); Note: twin of Earl
Kottke, William F. 1885 1918  
Kottke, Katherine      
Kukuk, Minna 1822 08/08/1867 WPA record
Langless, Dorthea   1899 WPA record
Lemke, Anna Dora      
Lundt, Louis 1879 07/14/1921  
Molgaard, Leslie Christopher 01/06/1905 03/25/1979 h/o Mabel; d. Lansing, IA; Thronburg Funeral home; ACDR
Molgaard, Mabel nee Bischke 04/13/1909 02/18/2002 w/o Leslie
Moser, Charles William     h/o Fern
Moser, Fern Ellen nee Patrick 03/08/1929 06/08/1997 w/o Charles W.; d/o Leslie W. & Bertha D. (Hyde)
Niederfrank, Louisa 1847 1865  
Noack, Anne nee Kottke / Kottka 12/14/1865 10/17/1939 w/o James; d/o August Kottka & Mary Voss; d. Finley hosp. Dubuque
Noack, Clay Patrick 03/15/1896 06/19/1980 h/o Helma; s/o James & Anne; d. Postville hosp.; Schutte Funeral home; ACDR
Noack, Dean      
Noack, Ella      
Noack, Helma Ida nee Brandenburg 04/29/1900 03/03/1989 w/o Clay; d/o Charles & Elizabeth (Wendt)
Noack, Howard C.      
Noack, James Franklin     h/o Anne
Noack, Leona I. nee ?Kottke 1873 01/20/1901  
Noack, Roy Samuel 08/20/1888 01/08/1912 s/o James & Anna
Overbeck, M.E. 1824 12/20/1901  
Overbeck, Anna M.C.      
Overbeck, Henry      
Overbeck, Herman 1852 05/12/1823  
Overbeck, Wm 1826 07/21/1884  
Patrick, Bertha Desse nee Hyde 07/30/1898 11/11/1986 w/o Leslie W.; d/o Victor A. & Susan (Wathen)
Patrick, Emma      
Patrick, Joseph A.      
Patrick, Leslie W.   10/31/1977 h/o Bertha
Patrick, Linn August 12/29/1922 01/14/1923 s/o Leslie W. & Bertha; premature birth 7mo per Death Cert.
Schecker, Frederika nee Blanchaine 1828 03/??/1868 1st w/o Charles Schecker (d. 1906, bur. East Side cem.)
Sherman, Henry     no dates or marker; Civil War vet.
Sherman, Mary Groth      
Troester, Delbert      
Werkamp, Elise      
Werkamp, H.G.      
Werkamp, Henry      
Werkamp, Wm. H.      
Whaler, Wilhelmina      
White, Mary      
White, Vera      


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