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St. Joseph Catholic
Cemetery - Garnavillo

Garnavillo twp. Sec. 24, NE/NE
St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery, Garnavillo
A - D
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1) List of burials - contributed by Charlene Barnhart; her list did not have any dates & the original source is unknown
2) WPA cemetery records as transcribed by Phyllis Montour
3) Obituaries
4) Gravestone inscriptions
5) Allamakee County Death Records (ACDR) - contributed by Richard O'Brien

Many gravestone photos have been contributed for this cemetery. View gravestone photos for St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery

Obituaries for some of the people buried in St. Joseph's have been contributed:
Clayton Co. Obituary Board and Allamakee Co. Obituary Board (links open new windows)

Name Birth Death Comments
Auer, Ambrosia     d/o Frank & Margaretha
Auer, Anna nee Hohenhaus 04/22/1812 02/28/1881 w/o Frank
Auer, Calesta     d/o Joseph & Sarah
Auer, Edward     h/o Lizzie
Auer, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' nee Fallon 05/30/1858 11/07/1926 w/o Edward; d/o Michael & Sarah (Hemesley)
Auer, Frank Paul 03/30/1838 12/02/1923 h/o 1st Mary Schmeizer, 2nd Margaretha; s/o Frank & Anna
Auer, Frank Sr. 08/05/1805 10/27/1891 h/o Anna
Auer, John (Jack)      
Auer, John Joseph      
Auer, Joseph 12/05/1855 02/26/1924 h/o Sarah; s/o Frank & Anna
Auer, Laura 03/13/1918 10/31/1923 d/o Ed & Josephine (Heck); died of Scarlet fever
Auer, Margaretha M. Beck nee Riegel 07/20/1855 01/10/1926 w/o 1st unkn. Beck, 2nd Frank Auer; d/o John & Barbaa (Spath)
Auer, Maria 1851 1887  
Auer, Oscar      
Auer, Raphael Loras 10/06/1915 09/02/1917 s/o Ed & Josephine
Auer, Sarah Jane nee Fallon 01/31/1856 04/20/1930 w/o Joseph; d/o Michael & Sarah (Hemsley)
Backhaus, Lorenz      
Backhuas, Kathryn      
Backus, John      
Backus, Sarah      
Bahls, Howard      
Bahls, Laurence M.      
Baier, Urusla      
Barret, Gilbert 1812 1876  
Barrett, Bridget      
Barrett, John 1815 11/30/1897 died in Sheldon, IA
Barrett, Michael 1857 04/13/1883 s/o Thomas SR; died at the County Asylum
Barrett, Thomas      
Bauer, George      
Becker, Anna 1828 08/07/1911  
Becker, Casper 1819 10/26/1896  
Becker, Elizabeth   01/29/1856 age 37
Becker, Wm. D. 1860 11/10/1892  
Behrend, Clifford      
Behrend, Irene C.      
Berns, Agnes nee Auer     w/o Bernard
Berns, Alvina      
Berns, Anna      
Berns, Anna M. 1819 06/26/1900  
Berns, Anna Marie 1863 09/28/1932  
Berns, Anton P.     h/o Elizabeth
Berns, Arthur 1896 1933 Co. C 214th Eng., World War I
Berns, Benedict E.      
Berns, Bernard     h/o Agnes
Berns, Bernard Harold      
Berns, Carla Marie     no stone
Berns, Clara R. Berns, Clarence      
Berns, Cyril      
Berns, Cyrillus      
Berns, David     no stone
Berns, Deborah Ann      
Berns, Elizabeth nee Wolter     w/o Anton
Berns, Eunice      
Berns, Frank J. 1857 06/15/1926  
Berns, Frank J.      
Berns, H. 1865 1932  
Berns, Henry H.      
Berns, Herman Jr. 1855    
Berns, Herman Sr 1786 06/15/1856  
Berns, Hienrich 1817 05/28/1889  
Berns, Hildegard 08/24/1901 12/17/1922  
Berns, J. Herman      
Berns, J. Hienrich      
Berns, James      
Berns, Jerald R. 03/30/1927 12/21/2006 s/o Arthur & Evelyn (Zapt) Berns
Berns, Jolene     no stone
Berns, Joseph 1862 06/09/1936  
Berns, Joseph Henry     no stone
Berns, Josephine      
Berns, Kenneth L.      
Berns, Leo J. 11/29/1893 02/26/1986 s/o Peter & Josephine (Schmelzer) Berns; d. Postville, IA hosp.; Tuecke-Allyn Funeral home; ACDR
Berns, Leon Anthony 08/21/1924 06/07/2021 h/o Phyllis Junk; s/o Anton & Elizabeth; U.S. Army veteran
Berns, Lorraine J.      
Berns, Louis H.      
Berns, Lulu      
Berns, Mae      
Berns, Maria     no stone
Berns, Marquerite (Heying)      
Berns, Mary H. 1867 1925  
Berns, Oliva M.      
Berns, Otillie 1865 04/07/1895  
Berns, Peter 1855 12/28/1936  
Berns, Peter H.      
Berns, Raymond A      
Berns, Shirley M.      
Berns, Stanley      
Berns, Sylvester      
Berns, Terry L.      
Berns, Theodor 1823 03/22/1878  
Berns, Theodore   1938  
Berns, Thomas Leo     no stone
Berns, Wilfred      
Berns, William      
Blunk, Bernice      
Blunk, Verni      
Bockenstedt, Steven Allen      
Boden, Christop / Christopher 1822 01/14/1895  
Boden, Doreatha / Dora   06/22/1898  
Boden, Henry 1861 03/13/1917  
Boden, John      
Burhart, Bridget      
Burkhardt, Bridget   1873  
Burkhart, Ferdinand      
Burkhart, John      
Burkhart, Moneke / Munerl ??   1857 age 46
Burr, Arnold      
Burr, Lloyd Francis      
Burr, Regina      
Carney,   12/2?/1887 w/o John
Carney, John   05/0??1899 died at Rock Valley, Sioux co., IA
Cassidy, Elizabeth      
Cassidy, Gordon      
Cassidy, Jerimah      
Christ, Lawerence      
Christ, Lorenz 1824 07/13/1915  
Christ, Rosina 1841 03/12/1917  
Claus, Mary 1849 1907  
Clausing, Gertruse      
Clausing, Marilee      
Clous, Julia A. 1862 1927  
Clous, Oscar      
Collins, Joseph C. 1838 09/13/1909 h/o Julia C.
Collins, Joseph D. Sr.      
Collins, Julia C. nee Barrett 01/05/1840 11/??/1918 w/o Joseph C.
Collins, Raymond F. 1882 1904  
Connell, Bert 1884 04/23/1930 h/o Elizabeth A.
Connell, Debra      
Connell, Dennis Lee      
Connell, Elizabeth      
Connell, Elizabeth A. nee Berns 02/21/1891 10/1966 w/o Bert; d/o Frank Berns
Connell, John Joseph      
Connell, Patrick 1860 03/22/1902  
Connell, Patrick H. 1820 12/02/1892  
Connell, Sarah 1820    
Connell, Steven Edward   03/18/1885 age 31
Connell, Thomas 1856 05/02/1896  
Connell, Thomas      
Connell, William      
Crain, Bernice      
Crain, William      
Cunningham, John     no stone
Davis, Ellen   1876 age 35
Degnan, Clemens      
Degnan, Felix 1889 06/14/1917  
Degnan, James P.      
Degnan, Jane      
Degnan, John 1850 10/02/1897  
Desotel, Leo J.      
Desotel, Margaret      
Dickenson, Mary      
Dickman, Henry Mark      
Donohoe, Bridget      
Donohoe, Catherine      
Donohoe, Michael   08/31/1909  
Downey, Alice      
Downey, Ann 1837 05/12/1907  
Downey, Margaret   04/01/1896 age 64
Downey, Michael   01/21/1909 age 77
Downey, Richard 1833 03/15/1900  
Duball / Duebal, Herman 1866 1923  
Duggan, John 1816 11/04/1864 h/o Mary; her obit gives his DOD 10/10/1863, the 1864 date is on his gravestone
Duggan, Mary nee Collitan / Colliton 12/12/1816 08/30/1889 w/o 1st John Duggan, 2nd Asa McNamara (buried in St. Peter’s Catholic cemetery, Clermont twp., Fayette co.)
Duwe, Maria Anna 1844 1929  


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