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Sacred Heart
Catholic Cemetery - Volga City

aka School House yard cemetery

12819 Cass St., Volga, Sperry twp. Section 4 SE SE 4-92-6
1 acre

Volga City - Sacred Heart Cemetery - Sperry twp.

East of Volga City a short distance on Cass St., the cemetery is on the north side of the road, directly across from Hillcrest Cemetery.


birds-eye photo of Sacred Heart - Volga City cemetery
Birds-eye photo from Bing maps

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There are 3 Sacred Heart cemeteries in Clayton co. Please check all 3 of these cemeteries & confirm questionable burials with additional sources. Corrections & additions are welcome. Email the Clayton co. coordinator.

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1) Gravestone inscriptions
2) WPA cemetery records as transcribed by Phyllis Montour; Note: Lot numbers are from WPA records
3) Obituaries
4) Iowa Death Certificates


Name Birth Death Comments
Baker, Elizabeth      
Baker, Eve E.      
Baker, Frank Henry      
Baker, Joseph      
Baker, Margaret      
Belden, Gordon D. 1929 1995 h/o Zola D.
Belden, Gordon D. Jr. 08/08/1953 06/30/1972 s/o Gordon & Zola
Benson, Francis D.   05/15/1984 age 85y
Bergan, mother      
Bergan, infant 11/08/1908 11/09/1908 s/o Thomas & Julia; death cert: died of aspiration pneumonia/suffocation
Bergan, Catherine / Katherine nee Minihan 12/29/1869 10/29/1940 w/o James; d/o Patrick & Mary (Gaynor)
Bergan, Elizabeth nee Scully 08/31/1833 01/26/1913 w/o Patrick H.
Bergan, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' 09/12/1876 1962 w/o John J.
Bergan, Harold W. 1912 1957  
Bergan, James 07/27/1863 1951 h/o Catherine; s/o Patrick & Elizabeth
Bergan, John Joseph 10/29/1865 06/12/1932 h/o Lizzie; s/o Patrick & Elizabeth
Bergan, John A. 01/16/1907 05/04/1941 unmarried; s/o Thomas & Julia; death cert: died of epileptic seizure due to cerebral hemorrage & other (feeble minded)
Bergan, Julia A. nee Shea 11/15/1871 1957 w/o Thomas F.
Bergan, Mae Josephine 05/29/1905 02/23/1981  
Bergan, Michael 10/14/1861 04/04/1933 h/o Nellie; s/o Patrick & Elizabeth
Bergan, Nellie nee Corcoran 01/29/1861 03/19/1945 w/o Michael
Bergan, Patrick H. 1822 10/25/1900 h/o Elizabeth
Bergan Patrick Henry 05/18/1860 06/03/1913 h/o Mayme Mae Monnahan; s/o Patrick & Elizabeth
Bergan, Thomas Francis 12/07/1868 04/02/1938 h/o Julia A.; s/o Patrick & Elizabeth
Berse, Billy Ray      
Berse, Edwin H.      
Berse, Eva M.      
Boenish, Frances      
Boenish, Paul J.      
Boland, John M.      
Boland, Raphael T.      
Burns, Bridget nee Sullivan     w/o John
Burns, Daniel 01/26/1881 11/17/1920 s/o John & Bridget
Burns, J. J., DDS 11/29/1882 01/28/1921 h/o Grace; s/o John & Bridget
Burns, Grace nee Rinkert      
Burns, John 03/06/1849 07/20/1918 h/o Bridget; s/o Michael & Mary
Burns, Mary   03/29/1902 83y
Burns, Stella C.     d/o John & Bridget
Clinton, Addie nee Burns   01/??/1943 w/o George; d/o John
Conboy, Anna 1845 1930  
Conboy, Anna 12/13/1883 07/19/1971  
Conboy, Anna nee Samp 02/1885 1948 ssa John
Conboy, Anna A. nee Glennon 1875 01/1924 'Mother'; w/o Michael J.
Conboy, Catherine May 06/12/1909 08/17/1909 infant d/o Thomas & Eva Conboy
Conboy, Cecil   1904 s/o Gertie (Massey) Conboy
Conboy, Earl Joseph 10/09/1911 10/10/1921 s/o Michael & Anna Conboy
Conboy, Eva Maud nee Tenney 03/24/1881 01/15/1974 ssa Thomas E.
Conboy, Francis 'Frank' 05/04/1886 06/1971  
Conboy, Gerald Eugene 05/19/1911 10/25/1931  
Conboy, Gladys A. nee Schrampfer living living ssa William L.
Conboy, Infant 1921 1921 child of Thomas & Eva Conboy
Conboy, John 08/09/1875 09/03/1965 ssa Anna
Conboy, John Dale 08/25/1914 1993 ssa Stella
Conboy, Michael J. 02/01/1870 05/24/1957 "Father"; h/o Anna A.
Conboy, Peter 01/13/1867 05/07/1932  
Conboy, Stella Elizabeth nee Debes 1912 05/21/1996 ssa John D.
Conboy, Thomas 1844 03/20/1906  
Conboy, Thomas Edward 06/15/1873 10/20/1956 ssa Eva M.
Conboy, Verinica 1873 05/03/1891 WPA = no town given - researcher should verify
Conboy, William Luke 03/09/1908 12/1985 ssa Gladys A.
Conboy, William 1877 03/15/1902  
Corkery, Harold J.      
Corkery, Irene Julia      
Corkery, James E.   01/16/1939 age 79; Note: his obit says buried in Volga cemetery; services were at St. Joseph Catholic church in Elkader, so he is most likely buried in a Catholic cemetery - researchers should confirm burial place
Corkery, Loretta Anna 04/16/1908 11/22/1929 unmarried d/o J.E.; died in Chicago
Corkery, Sarah Barton      
Cox, Andrew     s/o Timothy & Kate
Cox, Catherine 'Kate' nee Cassidy 04/09/1861 07/26/1909 w/o Timothy
Cox, Florence M.      
Cox, Frank T.     s/o Timothy & Kate
Cox, Katie     d/o Timothy & Kate
Crane, James S.      
Crane, Mary A.      
Cunningham, Henrietta Holze      
Cunningham, John M. 1864 04/16/1937  
Direen, Edward 03/17/1838 01/06/1912 Born in Kilkenney, Ire.
Dorsett, Catherine Gladys nee Glennon 04/21/1902 02/07/1989 is not buried here, she died & is buried in California
Doweiller, Infant      
Dureen, Nellie      
Durin, Nellie      
Epps, Franklin M. 'Frank' 12/17/1889 10/28/1930 s/o Lemuel & Mary; drowned in MO (see obit); WWI veteran
Epps, Mary nee Tripp 12/15/1859 03/26/1932 w/o Lemuel (he's buried in Hillcrest); d/o William
Ernst, Mary Ann      
Feeney, Mrs. Jeremiah      
Finley, Emma      
Finley, Matthew S. 09/01/1900 02/02/1928  
Finley, William      
Fleming, Donna M. nee Koch living living w/o & ssa Lester J. 'Joe'
Fleming, Lester Joseph 'Joe' 04/05/1940 10/29/2009 ssa Donna M.
Frayer, May nee Conboy 11/05/1865 03/14/1943 w/o William; d/o Thomas; lived in Fayette after marriage
Frayer, William   aft 1943  
Glennon, Catherine M. nee Wiley 11/16/1916 01/13/1987 ssa Cecil J.
Glennon, Cecil Joseph 05/22/1908 03/16/1987 ssa Catherine M.
Glennon, Leo Alphonse 10/19/190? 11/16/1906 s/o Peter & Mary
Glennon, Mary V. nee Molumby 01/1867 1941 ssa Peter B.
Glennon, Peter B. 07/07/1869 02/17/1936 ssa Mary V.
Glennon, Rose Anna nee Shea 03/26/1873 1956 ssa William J.
Glennon, William James 05/15/1874 1946 ssa Rose Anna
Grant, Dr. Raymond E.      
Grant, Shirley J.      
Hannon, Anna 'Ann' nee Sweeney 03/12/1847 04/11/1928 w/o James; WPA=lot 44
Hannon, Anne      
Hannon, James 03/15/1836 03/11/1924 h/o Anna; WPA=lot 44
Hannon, Martin J. 06/18/1889 02/25/1907 WPA=lot 43
Hannon, Michael J.      
Hansel, Robert A.      
Hetherington, Father Alex      
Hulderson, Mary Cox      
Humbert, Forrest H.      
Humbert, Zita      
Hurley, Alice nee Seybert     w/o Joseph
Hurley, Anna      
Hurley, Evelyn     d/o John M. & Anna Hurley
Hurley, Joseph -- 06/17/1981 h/o Alice
Hurley, Kathryne      
Hurley, Kenneth J. 04/07/1945 07/14/2007 h/o & ssa Rosalyn M.
Hurley, Martin   12/25/1943 s/o John M. & Anna Hurley; died in San Francisco, CA, body returned to Volga City
Hurley, Rosalyn M. nee Walz living living ssa Kenneth J.
Hurley, William F.      
Ivory, John 1831 06/14/1904 born in Kilkenny, Ire
Ivory, Margaret nee Direen 1832 03/31/1863 w/o John
Jurgens, Kenneth L. 1964 1984  
Jurgens, La Vern      
Jurgens, Leon 1963 1969  
Jurgens, Mary Jane      
Kenn, Willard J. 01/14/1935 10/19/1989 SN US Coast Guard
Konzen, Flossie Leete      
Konzen, Karl John 1894 1932  
Koons, Gary M.      
Krieg, Anna Marie      
Krieg, Hannah R. nee Roach 08/03/1871 06/02/1923 w/o William; d/o John & Mary (Fitzerald)
Krieg, Harold G.      
Krieg, Leo F.      
Krieg, William L.      
Lamphier, Mabel nee Staffenhagen     w/o Oscar
Lamphier, Oscar Peter 10/25/1876 11/23/1959 h/o Mabel; s/o Lyman & Betsy (Page)
Leahy, Agnes Sarah nee Quinn 11/21/1903 02/06/1929 WPA=lot 6; w/o John R.; d/o Lawrence & Kathryn
Leahy, John R. 05/24/1886 11/15/1931 note: obituary gives burial place as Hill Crest cemetery
Lette, Don W.      
Lette, Lucy      
Little, Christina Anna nee Hurley 10/17/1884 07/30/1968 w/o John
Little, Glen William 04/04/1896 01/12/1958 ssa Hilda L.; also has a military gravestone: PVT Co C 325 Inf. WWI
Little, Hilda Luella nee Klingman 11/16/1898 08/18/1982 ssa Glen W.
Little, James Alexander 06/05/1868 12/17/1954 ssa Mary; gravestone shared by Albert & Maud Meyers; military marker
Little, John J. 1904 1975 s/o John & Christina Little
Little, John Joseph 05/18/1875 01/08/1960  
Little, Joseph 07/12/1834 12/14/1902 h/o Mary; U.S. Navy, Civil War
Little, Leo J. 09/10/1894 12/07/1993 military gravestone: PVT US Army, WWI
Little, Luke R. 08/21/1905 11/03/2004  
Little, Mary Jane nee Shea 04/08/1864 10/24/1960 ssa James; gravestone shared by Albert & Maud Meyers
Little, Mary nee Feeley 09/06/1830 09/21/1910 w/o Joseph; d/o James & Bridget (Winn)
Manning, Rosella nee Little 12/29/1905 10/22/1994 d/o James & Mary Little
Martin, Michael      
Martin, Vera      
Martin, William      
Martin, William Gerald      
Meyers, Albert 02/09/1882 01/05/1955 ssa Maud; gravestone shared by James & Mary Little
Meyers, Baby      
Meyers, Dorothy L.      
Meyers, Howard F.      
Meyers, Maud nee Little 04/12/1892 02/21/1965 ssa Albert; gravestone shared by James & Mary Little
Minihan, Agnes      
Minihan, Ella Van Bosien      
Minihan, Irene      
Minihan, Martin H.      
Minihan, Mary Agnes nee Sheehan 04/03/1861 05/16/1919 Lot 10; w/o Maurice; d/o John & Bridget
Minihan, Maurice 04/09/1858 01/28/1914 Lot 10; h/o Mary; s/o Patrick & Kate (Curran)
Minihan, Michael J. 08/17/1886 10/11/1925 Lot 10; s/o Maurice & Mary; unmarried
Minihan, Mildred G.      
Minihan, Patrick      
Molumby, Anne nee Freeman   11/16/1901 aged 36y; 1st w/o Joseph
Molumby, Catherine nee Murphy 08/20/1830 04/12/1900 2nd w/o David
Molumby, David SR 12/04/1822 03/23/1909 Lot 40; h/o 1st Katherine O'Brien (d. ca1863), 2nd Catherine Murphy; s/o Maurice & Marguerita (Broadrick)
Molumby, Joseph D. 04/2?/1865 11/18/1934 Lot 40; h/o 1st Anna, 2nd Mrs. Mary Beaman
Newton, Evelyn M.      
Newton, Lawrence A.      
O'Brien, Alo Tenney nee White 08/21/1892 03/08/1981 w/o Arthur V.
O'Brien, Arthur Vincent 12/15/1889 10/01/1958 h/o Alo; s/o John J. SR & Julia (Leonard)
O'Brien, Cecile Mary nee White 12/15/1895 11/08/1989 w/o Frank
O'Brien, Claire Lamae nee Krogman 11/21/1927 12/29/2001  
O'Brien, Duane Francis 'Sox' living living  
O'Brien, Frank Leonard 02/17/1892 1945 h/o Cecile M.; s/o John J. SR & Julia (Leonard)
O'Brien, Joan Patricia 09/16/1936 09/16/1936 d/o Arthur V. & Alo
O'Brien, Nellie 03/13/1878 08/06/1943 d/o Michael & Margaret; Note! Obit states she was buried in Sacred Heart - Volga City, but she has a gravestone in Sacred Heart - Cox Creek
Orr, Bridget      
Orr, Frances E.      
Orr, Fred C.      
Orr, Josephine E.      
Orr, Patrick J.      
Orr, Raphael      
Orr, William J.      
Peck, Dora      
Quinn, Catherine      
Quinn, Eileen Iowa 10/09/1908 07/21/1937 WPA=lot 61; d/o Lawrence & Katherine; twin sister of Jack E.
Quinn, Jack Edward 10/09/1908 03/09/1991 s/o Lawrence & Katherine; twin brother of Eileen I.
Quinn, Katherine nee O'Brien 12/27/1876 06/26/1951 w/o Lawrence
Quinn, Katheline 09/06/1905 12/28/1907 d/o Lawrence & Katherine
Quinn, Lawrence Sylvester 07/26/1870 12/04/1929 WPA=lot 61; h/o Katherine; s/o Robert & Sarah (Carroll)
Rinkert, John 12/15/1860 03/27/1929 WPA=lot 8; h/o Mary; s/o George & unkn (Kaiser)
Rinkert, Lewis 'Lew' 07/08/1887 12/09/1918 WPA=lot 8; s/o John & Mary; Death cert = 7/3/1887-12/10/1918
Rinkert, Mary nee Roach      
Schaeffers, George      
Schaeffers, Leona      
Schmidt, Alfred      
Schmidt, Alice      
Scully, Agnes M. 06/11/1889 1960 'Sister'; ssa Michael J.; sister of Michael J.
Scully, Catherine nee McNeill 01/1862 02/02/1943 ssa Michael
Scully, Daniel Dominick 06/03/1884 05/1974 ssa Lucille A.
Scully, Katie J. 09/11/1896 09/06/1923 d/o Michael & Catherine
Scully, Leo A. 10/18/1900 11/16/1900 s/o Michael & Catherine
Scully, Lucille A. nee Connelly 03/03/1909 10/1982 ssa Daniel D.
Scully, Michael 1827 11/10/1900 WPA=lot 41; ssa Catherine
Scully, Michael J. 03/13/1881 1961 'Brother'; ssa Agnes M.; brother of Agnes M.
Shea, Donald J. 1912 1968  
Shea, Ella Sarah nee Hannon 08/10/1883 1970 w/o John
Shea, Eva May 1904 1964  
Shea, Harold 06/12/1899 07/19/1900 s/o Martin & Louise
Shea, John J. 1875 1964  
Shea, Joseph 'Jim' 04/28/1928 02/05/1999 PFC Korea; ssa Patricia A.
Shea, Louise M. nee Herwig 11/27/1877 1955 ssa Martin P.
Shea, Loy J. 10/12/1915 01/1985  
Shea, Marguerite A. 05/1909 1993 d/o John & Ella
Shea, Martin P. 02/20/1868 1934 WPA=lot 54; ssa Louise M.
Shea, Mary 01/01/1837 06/22/1907 'Mother'; w/o William Shea SR
Shea, Mary Cecelia 1898 1957 d/o William SR & Mary
Shea, Patricia nee Bennington living living ssa Joseph 'Jim'
Shea, William SR 08/15/1832 03/28/1907 WPA=lot 55; 'Father'; h/o Mary
Shea, William Henry 07/21/1869 1941 'Son'; s/o William SR & Mary
Smith, Margaret E. 1876 11/05/1921 WPA=lot 29
Spielbauer, Delores Mary nee Wilker 06/03/1929 07/07/2012 w/o Joseph; d/o Wm & Rosena (Lenth)
Stahl, Marguerite Mary 'Peggy' nee Little 10/26/1904 11/13/1980 w/o Thomas Bernard Curran and Lester Stahl
Thompson, Ellis W.      
Thompson, Mary C.      
Thyne, Emmett      
Weber, Della      
Weber, Donald      
Weber, Genevive      
Weber, Harold      
Weber, Rachel Nicole      
White, Harley Gordon 'Kid' 10/01/1875 07/24/1928 h/o Rose; s/o Thomas D. & Celinda (Clark); died in Nebraska
White, infant daughter 06/05/1924 06/05/1924 newborn d/o Harley & Rose; buried w/mother
White, Rose Alice nee O'Brien 03/30/1887 06/05/1924 w/o Harley; d/o John J. SR & Julia (Leonard); died in childbirth
Whittle, daughter 1930 11/23/1930 infant d/o Emmett & Rosemary
Whittle, Emmett F.     h/o Rosemary
Whittle, Rosemary L.     w/o Emmett
Wolf, Magdalene M.      
Wolf, Marilyn Wenger      
Wolf, Peter A.      
Wolf, R.C. (Bud)      
Wolf, Salley E.      
Zapf, Callista 02/05/1903 02/1973 ssa Callista
Zapf, Clarence A. 05/03/1900 08/1977 ssa Callista


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