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Reed Cemetery
A Pioneer Cemetery
Sec. 31, SW - Sperry twp.

Located approx. 4 mi. SE of Arlington and approx. 6 mi. NW of Strawberry Point

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Sadly this old cemetery has been vandalized several times. Some of the stones have been repaired, but others have been stolen or broken too badly to fix.

~WPA cemetery records, as transcribed by Phyllis Montour
~A burial list submitted by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source and date
~Clayton County Death Records (CCDR), Obituaries, Military & Census records, gravestone inscriptions & biographies, as researched by S. Ferrall

Please verify all information independently, using the following burial list only as a guide!

Name Birth Death Comments
Astor, Irene      
Baker, unkn adult male   01/??/1905 "The remains of Mr. Baker, of Chicago, were brought here (Str Pt.) Monday morning for burial. Funeral services were conducted at the A.S. Clark home & interment took place in the Reed cemetery." Register 1/12/1905
Clark, Asa W. 1827 04/22/1867  
Clark, Eugent H.      
Clark, Phebe J.   12/09/1873 44y 7m 15d; w/o J.S.
Clark, Phila B. - - ssa Sumner; dates illegible
Clark, Sumner L. - - ssa Phila; dates illegible
Ely, Julia A. (Flower) Tuller 1811 10/15/1902 2 marriages: unkn Tuller, unkn Ely; m/o Helen (Tuller) Harwood; is living w/them in Cass twp. (1870 & 1880 U.S. census)
Ewing, Margaret      
Ewing, Mary      
Ewing, Samuel   12/0?/1903 died at Bradgate, IA
Finuf, Paul D.   09/19/1878 73y 7m 16d
Fitzgibbon, Clarence E.      
Fitzgibbon, Eugene H. 1848 12/22/1870  
Fitzgibbon, Mary P. 04/20/1851 10/25/1873  
Flower, Edward      
Flower, Homer   04/23/1864 age 44y; h/o Mary
Flower, Mary E. 1824 02/17/1860 w/o Homer
Garretson, George G.      
Geno, Daisy F. 1894 09/11/1895 1y 1m; d/o Alfred J. & Helene (Rick); died of cholera infantum (CCDR)
Geno, Viola M. 1904 10/??/1904 d/o Alfred J. & Helene (Rick); "A. Geno & wife of Mederville, mourn the loss of their little 4 mo. old dau. The remains passed through here (Str Pt.) Friday for interment in the Reed cemetery." CC Register, 10/13/1904
Goodrich, Wellington 1832 1882 Co. I 16th IA Inf. Note! In June 1902 his remains were removed to Grandview cemetery, Fayette co. IA; likely because his wife Mary had died in 1901 and was buried in Grandview. See: Newspaper clipping * Gravestone
Harwood, Helen M. nee Tuller 1840 02/13/1883 w/o Newton; MN is from her son Miner's obituary
Harwood, Julia E. 06/18/1875 08/31/1875 10wk 3d; d/o N. & H.
Harwood, Newton 1837 10/30/1880 h/o Helen; 43y 5m 3d (CCDR); Co. C 148th N. Y. inf.
Hummel, Sammuel F.   01/??/1877 aged 4m 22d; s/o S.W. & M.F.
Kellogg, Samuel J. 1824 04/10/1896 WPA record indicates a veteran marker, he does not indicate military service on the 1895 Iowa State Census
Kiesewedder, Caroline 1809 03/15/1868 w/o Ernst
Leffingwell, Archie   03/03/1883 2y 2m 18d; s/o J. & E.M.
Leffingwell, Ellen M. nee Colby 1850 1913 w/o Jerome
Leffingwell, Elmer C. 08/18/1885 0911/1891 s/o Jerome & Ellen
Leffingwell, Jerome 1838 1885 h/o Ellen
Linendoll, Walter 11/03/1825 08/15/1886 2nd h/o Sophia
Linendoll, Sophia Geno nee Tromblee 02/18/1833 02/11/1894 1st h/Moses Geno (died in CW ca1862), 2nd h/Walter; Note: she is the grandmother of the Geno infants (see above)
Little, Almira nee Speed? 1828 03/09/1877 w/o Wallace
Little, Wallis / Wallace   08/07/1888 age 88ys; h/o Almira
Livingston, Frank      
Lucas, Martha      
McAlpin, Mertie E.   05/20/1879 7m 10d; d/o W.J. & E.E.; ssa Worthy
McAlpin, Nettie 02/21/1863 02/02/1883 d/o W.J. & E.E.; "buried on her 20th anniversary"
McAlpin, William J. 02/16/1838 01/18/1889 Co. E 27th Ia. Inf.
McAlpin, Worthy C.   07/01/?? 4y 5m 14d; d/o W.J. & E.E.?; ssa Mertie
McFarlane, Carrie 12/12/1892 01/06/1898 d/o J.A. & A.G.
Mead, Deborah 01/26/1805 12/18/1872  
Mead, Franklin O.     illegible
Mead, John H. 1833 12/21/1903 2nd h/o Mary (Finuf) Phillips
Mead, Joshua 1807 12/07/1890  
Mead, Mary E.     see Mary Phillips below
Mead, Ruth      
Morley, Francis S.   12/07/1880 aged 30y 1m 25d; 1st w/Abbie Hawthorne (d. 1913, buried Hill Crest cem), 2nd w/Helen; s/o Samuel & Lucy
Morley, Helen M. nee Reed 1840 03/17/1902 2nd w/o Samuel
Morley, Lucy W.   02/11/???? aged 14d; d/o Samuel & Helen
Morley, Matthew M.   01/02/1863 aged 67y 6m
Morley, Osmer N. 01/20/1858 03/01/1888 aged 30y 1m 10d; s/o Samuel & Lucy
Morley, Samuel K. 1818 09/01/1871 1st w/Lucy Noble, 2nd w/Helen; s/o Matthew
Niehaus, child      
Niehaus, infant   08/18/1903 "The death of the infant child of Mr. Niehaus and wife occurred Tuesday. Funeral services were held Thursday conducted by Rev. Graf. The remains were laid to rest in the Reed cemetery" Elkader Register, 08/20/1903
Olson, Mary      
Pennollow, Geneveve      
Peterman, Merle      
Philips, Sally C.      
Phillips, Abbie Taylor nee Hall 1856 1933 w/o Wm Paul
Phillips, Israel   02/14/1872 age 59y; h/o Sally
Phillips. M. D. 1858 06/02/1880  
Phillips, Mary nee Finuf / Phinuff 01/21/1835 02/07/1898 1st h/Wm Phillips, 2nd h/John H. Mead
Phillips, Sally C.   08/07/1885 68y 1m 4d; w/o Israel
Phillips, William Stuart   01/27/1874 aged 38y 11m 17d; 1st h/o Mary
Phillips, William Paul 1856 1928 h/o Abbie
Reed, Ezra B. 1808 04/01/1893 h/o Mary
Reed, Mary Ann 1810 01/19/1883 73ys ?m 29d; w/o Ezra
Rosenkrans, Andrew 1868 09/19/1892  
Shriver, Anna L.      
Simpson, Robert   08/30/1870 s/o D.M. & E.
Speed, George 1821 07/23/1881 60y 7m 20d; h/o Lucy; s/o Richard & Mary
Speed, Lucy nee Young 1829 05/24/1864 35y 9m 8d; w/o George
Speed, Mary nee Smith 1794 02/26/1881 w/o Richard
Speed, Nellie M.   09/12/1887 10m 17d; d/o George B. & Eva E.
Speed, Richard 1791 05/11/1858 68y 1m 23d; Veteran, War of 1812
St. John, Elmena nee Freeman 03/20/1820 12/20/1887 w/o Nehemiah; d/o John & Amanda (Lucas)
St. John, Myron L. 05/09/1854 08/29/1887 s/o Nehemiah & Elmena
St. John, Nehemiah 11/18/1805 09/01/1888 h/o Elmena; s/o Seth & Rebecca (Foster)
St. John, Ruth   01/21/1898 20y 5m 16d; d/o Winfield & Marion (Phillips)
Tracy, Clarissa nee Champion   10/07/1887 age 60y; w/o James; obit states she & husb. were "first white settlers in Cass twp." Research note: obit says buried in Reed cemetery, WPA records say burial in Strawberry Pt. cemetery - burial place should be confirmed
Tromblee, Cassious      
Tromblee, Frank 05/01/1847 06/08/1920 h/o Lucia; 48th WI Vol. Inf.
Tromblee, Lucia 'Lucy' nee Reed 03/07/1848 12/??/1915 w/o Frank
Tromblee, Mary J.      
Wheeland, Josephine Flower      
Willson, Hiram M. 08/??/1878 12/04/1882  
Willson, Morris 1800 03/05/1889 89y 1m 7d
Willson, Rolen / Rollin ca1838/9 02/18/1869 29y 8m 12d; s/o Morris; Co. D 105 Ill. Inf.


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