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Patterson Cemetery

Sec. 29, SE/SE, Wagner twp.

One mile south and one mile west of Norway cemetery. North of Big Springs Rd. at the junction of Edgewood Rd.

The original source of this burial list is unknown. It was contributed by Charlene Barnhart. Additional burials or information have been added from obituaries & other sources.

May 27, 2014, Jean Lawrence of the Patterson Family Cemetery Assoc. clarified some of the Patterson names.

Obituaries have been contributed for some of the people who are buried in the Patterson cemetery - please share any you might have.
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Atwood, infant   10/??/1904 3 mo. infant of Alvah & Dica - burial here is not confirmed, but very likely
Atwood, infant   09/0?/1906 4 mo. infant of Alvah & Dica - burial here is not confirmed, but very likely
Atwood, Alexander B.   08/14/1891 78y; h/o Sarah; Co. H, 16th U.S. Infantry, Mexican War veteran
Atwood, Alvah Boyd 03/24/1865 05/19/1937 1st w/ Evalyn A. Shaw; 2nd w/ Dica E. Hamlett (divorced ca1917); s/o Alex & Sarah
Atwood, Ella   03/11/1907 d/o Alex & Sarah
Atwood, Phares P.   12/16/1860 8y 18d; s/o Alex B. & Sarah J.
Atwood, Sarah Jane nee Patterson 01/15/1831 10/19/1916 85y 9m 4d; w/o Alexander; d/o John & Jane
Buncle, Alexander 09/03/1822 07/27/1906 1st w/ Lucinda, 2nd w/ Mrs. Lois Tyler; Obit: "...interment being in the Patterson burial grounds where he was laid away beside his first wife."
Buncle, James 10/26/1802 10/14/1876 h/o Jane; born Med-Lo Ariarn, Parish of Newton, Scotland; Note: alternate surname spellings are Bungle or Bunkle
Buncle, Jane   06/10/1853 57y; w/o James
Buncle, Lucinda nee Wooldridge     1st w/o Alexander
Donahoe, Lucy A. 10/28/1885 07/22/1912 w/o M.J.
Ladd, R. Chasius 10/11/18?? 03/21/???? 7y 5m ?d
Patterson, Austar / Auscar C.   12/29/1862 1m 29d; s/o John R. & Catharine
Patterson, Catherine nee Christ   02/14/1863 1st w/o John R.
Patterson, Corey M. 04/22/186? 05/28/1872 twin of John M.; s/o John R. & Catherine J.
Patterson, Dewey 07/29/1870 07/29/1870 s/o A. & F.
Patterson, Henrietta 01/28/1858 04/04/1858 twin of Marietta; d/o Wm & Susanah
Patterson, Ida 06/17/1861 09/29/1862 d/o Wm. & S.
Patterson, Jane nee Graham 03/28/1810 01/24/1890 w/o John
Patterson, John 03/15/1802 07/06/1875 h/o Jane
Patterson, John Mervin 04/22/186? 05/28/1872 twin of Corey M.; s/o John R. & Catherine J.
Patterson, John R. 03/30/1835 11/22/1905 h/o 1st Catherine Christ; h/o 2nd Catherine Josephine Barnhouse (Catherine J.: 10/17/1846-08/16/1909 & buried in the Elgin, Fayette co. IA cemetery; her obit is on the Fayette co. IAGenWeb obit board)
Patterson, Marietta 01/28/1858 04/04/1858 twin of Alfrietta; d/o Wm & Susanah
Patterson, Martha A.     2y 1m 20d; d/o John R. & Catharine
Patterson, Susanna A. 'Susie' nee Killinger 03/14/1826 02/19/1909 w/o William S.; d/o Dr. H.S. & Sarah E.
Patterson, Susie   10/??/1891 12y; d/o H.S. & wife "...of Waukon, formerly of this county."
Patterson, William B.   04/29/1861 3y 6m; s/o John R. & Catherine
Patterson, William S. 12/18/1826 02/01/1903 "Father"; h/o Susanna
Patterson, unknown     Child of J.R. & J.
Reddrick, Charety   01/18/1858 68y 18d; w/o David
Reddrick, David   09/25/1864 74y 8m 17d; h/o Charety
Reinhart, Emmet
Reinhardt, Emmet
04/06/1874 01/26/1914 s/o Jakob & Sarah; a brief note in the Elgin Echo of 1/29/1914 stated that he "had the misfortune of being a cripple and had never enjoyed good health"; and from the Register & Argus: "He was laid to rest beside his mother in the Patterson cemetery in Wagner township." Death certificate also names burial in Patterson cemetery. Conflict! WPA records erroneously give burial place as County Home cemetery
Reinhart, Sarah nee Hubbard   ca1876-1880 1st w/o Jakob/Jacob (d. 1923, bur. Apostolic cem.); see note for Emmet Reinhart above
Stewart, Mr.     burial is noted in the 1882 History of Clayton county
Stoops, Martha E. nee Atwood 03/24/1862 09/05/1914 52y 5m 12d; w/o John W.; d/o Alex & Sarah
Summers, Fred   05/17/1880 age 69
Summer, Mrs.   05/11/1903 a brief note in the Elgin Echo of 5/14/1903 stated that she was visiting relatives in Marion twp., became ill & died, was buried in Patterson cemetery
Thompson, Catherine nee Patterson 1833 03/01/1914 w/o Mathew; d/o John & Jane; died at Ellendale, MN
Thompson, Mathew 09/29/18?? 01/30/1861 h/o Catherine; Catherine's obit: "Her husband passed away in 1861 at the age of 39 years."
Tiffany, Ella J. nee Atwood 07/02/1854 03/11/1907 1st h/ W.H. Bowers; 2nd h/ Joseph Tiffany; d/o Alex & Sarah


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