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Old Stone School Cemetery

Sperry Township, Section 9

Located southwest of Volga City on Bell Road (C2W) a short distance west of the intersection of Bell Rd & Bixby Rd. Approximate address is 12234 Bell Rd.

Birdseye view of Old Stone School cemetery
Birds-eye from Bing Maps

Old Stone School cemetery - photograph by D.S. June 2012
Old Stone School cemetery

Old Stone School Cemetery
Warrantee Deed Conveyance from Mr. & Mrs John Nagle to Sperry Township Trustees - 1874

Warrantee Deed Conveyance from Mr. & Mrs John Nagle to Sperry Township Trustees - 1874

Know all Men by these Presents, that we John Nagle & Emma C. Nagle his wife of the County of Hamilton and State of Iowa in consideration of the sum of one dollars, in hand paid by the Trustees of Sperry township of Clayton County, and State of Iowa do hereby sell and convey unto the said Trustees & their successors in office the following described premises, situated in the County of Clayton, and State of Iowa, to-wit:

All our rights, title and interest in and to the following land to be held by said Trustees as a public Burying ground, to-wit:

Commencing three & 4 1/2 rods East of the quarter Section corner between Section Eight & nine Township (92) Ninety two, Range No. (6) Six. Thence East to North West corner of School house Lot. Thence South along the line of School house Lot far enough to make two acres. Thence West as far as the Starting point. Thence North to place of Beginning.

And we hereby covenant with the said Trustees that we hold said premises by good and perfect title; that we have good right and lawful authority to sell and convey the same; that they are free and clear from all liens and incumbrances whatsoever. And we covenant to warrant and defend the said premises against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever (except taxes since June 1866).

And E.C. Nagle his wife hereby relinguishes her right of dower in and to the above described premises.
Signed thie 19th day of Oct. A.D. 1873
signed John Nagle
signed E.C. Nagle
(Notarial Seal)


State of Iowa Hardin County --ss
On this 19th day of Oct. A.D. 1874, before me, C.M. Nagle, a Notary Public within and for said County, personally came John Nagle and E.C. Nagle personally to me known to be the identical persons whose names are affixed to the above instrument as grantors and acknowledged the same to be their voluntary act and deed for the purposes therein expressed. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my official seal at SEAL on the date last above written.
signed C.M. Nagle
Notary Pubic

Filed 3d April 1874
signed C.L. McGonigle, Recorder

Book 46, Page 49


Gravestone photos from Old Stone School cemetery

Researchers! Use the dates in this list as a guide and verify for yourself; some of the dates are from WPA records and others from nearly illegible gravestone inscriptions. Note that the WPA records describe this cemetery as "unnamed 2 mi. NW of Volga City".

Row Name Born Died Comments
1 Jellings, Phebe Ann   12/16/1872 Aged 12y 1d; d/o Benj. & E.J. Jellings
1 Lowe, Earnest   11/11/1870 Aged 1y 1m; s/o John W. & Ellen F. Lowe
1 Lowe, babe   05/27/1877 "Our Babe"; infant/o John W. & Ellen F. Lowe
1 Lowe, Elizabeth 'Betsy' nee Bates April 1805 08/14/1877 Aged 72y 5m 4d; w/o James M.
1 Lowe, James M. July 1807 12/03/1879 "J.M.L."; Aged 71y 5m 22d; h/o Elizabeth
1 Lowe, James JR 'Jimmie' 09/16/1841 01/25/1903 s/o James M. & Elizabeth; unmarried; died at "hospital for insane at Independence
? Lowe, Anna Jan 1802 10/31/1869 Aged 67y 9m 2d; w/o D.P. Lowe
2 Stoughton, Thomas   09/26/1863 Co. A, 38th Iowa Infantry; date of death is from pension records; Stoughton’s military gravestone was read by the WPA in the 1930’s when it was intact. The gravestone no longer can be found in the cemetery as of June 2012.
2 Parker, Campbell   04/13/1864 Aged 46y 11m 8d; Note: the Homewood list gave age as 16y
3 ?   09/29/1865 Aged 8m 20d
3 Dempster, Blanchie M.   08/22/1875 Aged 1y 6m 19d; ssa Thomas T.; d/o James T. & J. Dempster; Note: parents are James Templeton Dempster & Jane Duff, who were married in Highland twp. in 1861, they are buried in the Taylorsvile cemetery near Arlington, Fayette co.
3 Dempster, Thomas T. 07/04/1875 01/08/1878 Aged 2y 5m 23d; ssa Blanchie M.; s/o James T. & J. Dempster; Note: parents are James Templeton Dempster & Jane Duff, who were married in Highland twp. in 1861, they are buried in the Taylorsvile cemetery near Arlington, Fayette co.
4 Nagle, John W.   11/22/1857 Aged 10m 5d; s/o J. & D. Nagle
4 Paddelford, Wm. R. 1810 July 1874 Born in Sherburne, N.Y.; ssa Adin A.; Note: WPA gives middle initial 'B' & spells surname 'Paddleford'
4 Paddelford, Adin A. 1818 05/16/1871 Born in N.Y.; ssa Wm. R.; Note: WPA spells surname 'Paddleford'
5 2 limestone markers     Illegible names and dates
6 Mitchell, Eanos   03/11/1863 Aged 4y 4m 29d; s/o J.B. & I.L. Mitchell
6 limestone marker     Illegible name and dates
7 Voshell, Mary nee Miller   06/07/1867 Aged 57y (Homewood); w/o P. Voshell; d/o Peter & Hester Miller.
7 Voshell, Peter   04/01/1876 Aged 78y; father of Francis, Jesse B., Killen M., John Miller & Elizabeth; per Voshell family lore, he may have served in the War of 1812
8 Cummings, Benjamin F. 06/10/1792 11/24/1874 Aged 82y 6m 16d; brother of Frederick G. Cummings
8 Cummings, Mary M. 1814 02/18/1867 Aged 53y; w/o B.F. Cummings
8 Cummings, James L. 12/24/1767 03/06/1854
Aged 87y 2m 8d; h/o Elizabeth F.; sources differ to date of death
8 Cummings, Elizabeth F. 1794 08/16/1870 Aged 76y; w/o James Cummings
8 Douglass, M. 08/16/1788 10/14/1854 Aged 66y 1m 28d; m/o Sophia Douglass Cummings; w/o J. Douglass; his name may be Jeremiah, see the post'em notation to her gravestone photo
8 Cummings, Frank 08/28/1879 11/17/1880 Aged 1y 7m 14d; s/o John B. & Rose Cummings
8 Cummings, Sophia F. nee Douglass 08/19/1815 01/04/1889 Aged 73y 4m 15d; w/o F.G. Cummings; b. Sebec, ME; ssa Lizzie
8 Cummings, Lizzie   12/29/1865 Aged 15y 8m 4d; d/o F.G. & Sophia F. Cummings
8 Cummings, Frederick Goodrich   10/30/1874 Aged 59y 8m 13d; s/o James & Elizabeth F.
8 limestone marker     illegible name or dates
8 Clark, Caroline   08/23/1861 d/o A. & H. Clark
8 Clark, Frank   08/23/18?? Aged 15 or 16y; s/o A. & H. Clark; death year may be 1851 or 1857
8 Hubbard, David 09/28/1805-06 08/20/1856  
8 Hawthorne, Nathaniel Henry   02/23/1860 Aged 15m 16d; s/o S. & M.A. Hawthorne
? Cousins, Patty C. 'Martha' nee Seward 03/09/1781 07/13/1870 d/o Jedediah & Martha nee Smith Seward; w/o Joshua Cousins
? Cousins, Joshua 04/28/1780 05/05/1854 s/o Jacob (1756-1819) & Bethia nee Barto (1763-?) Cousins


~the original list of burials was contributed by Mary Homewood via Chuck in Austin, Texas (unknown date of submission, but prior to 2003)
~additional notes, photos & cemetery location info. added by the Clayton co. coordinator 06/22/2012
~additional burials & notes added from a photo & written survey of the existing gravestones by "Gemini" 06/22/2012


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