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Grand Meadow Cemetery
Sec 12 SW/NW, Grand Meadow twp. Clayton co. Iowa

Sec 12 SW/NW, Grand Meadow twp. Birdseye photo by Bing Maps www.bing.com

The cemetery is on Hwy 52-18 between Postville & Luana.

Note! This burial list & information was compiled from many sources. It is not yet a complete listing & will be updated as additional burials are found. You can help - do you know of a burial in the Grand Meadow cemetery that isn't listed? Dates? Corrections?

~Grand Meadow tombstone inscriptions compiled by L.F. Eder and published in the Hawkeye Heritage 1987
~WPA cemetery records, transcribed by Phyllis Montour
~Gravestone inscriptions
~Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
~Richard O'Brien has contributed names, dates & other info. from the Allamakee county Death Records (ACDR) and Veterans Affairs records (VAR)
~other sources as noted

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Obituaries have been contributed for some of the people in Grand Meadow cemetery.
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Name Birth Death Comments
Barnes, Charlie A.   11/27/1865 s/o C.H. & H.M.; 2y 1m 11d
Bell, Melvin      
Bettys, Benjamin   1/14/1878 age 67 y
Bettys, Mary 1801 2/1/1902 w/o Benjamin
Bettys, Mason D.   3/19/1863 Civil War Soldier; has 2 markers
Bettys, Phillip C.   1863 s/o B & M.C.; Co L, 8th IL Cavalry Regiment
Bettys, Susan      
Brandt, infant   1899 d/o Charles & Mathilda 'Tillie' (Kluss); Note: parents buried Oak Hill cem., Ft. Atkinson, IA
Brandt, Harold 1907 02/??/1907 s/o Charles & Mathilda (Kluss)
Brooks, John   1861 s/o Geo & Margaret; aged ?y 5m 26d
Brooks, Josephine   05/18/1865 d/o Geo & M.
Brooks, Margaret   04/??/1859 age 24 y 8m; w/o George
Bruns, Fred Byron 02/02/1899 07/06/1986 1st w/ Wilma Hazlett, 2nd w/ Hilda Pearson; s/o Henry & Emma (Witt); U.S. Army 42nd Rainbow Division, WWI
Bruns, Hilda Leah nee Pearson 12/20/1912 01/12/1986 w/o Fred; d/o Chester & Eula
Bruen, son   10/??/1939 infant s/o Bennet & Elizabeth; died in Leland, IA (Postville Herald, 11/2/1939)
Buren, Elizabeth nee Sonnkalb 05/16/1906 11/??/1966 w/o Bennet 'Ben'; d/o Charles & Elizabeth (Leui)
Buttolph, Bessie Caroline 01/24/1887 05/18/1945 d/o Loren & Emma
Buttolph, Julia L. nee Allen   11/12/1883 aged 46y 9m 24d; 2nd w/o William H.
Buttolph, Loren Edward / Edwin 09/14/1843 or 09/14/1845 01/16/1931 h/o Emma Homuth (divorced, ca1919); s/o William H. & Mary A.; ACDR gives birth year 1843 & middle name Edward, obit gives 1845 & Edwin
Buttolph, Louise   09/??/1951 ?d/o Loren & Emma; killed in a car accident
Buttolph, William H. 12/25/1819 03/27/1901 1st w/ Mary A. Stearnes (d. 3/25/1853), 2nd w/ Julia Allen
Cayton, Floyd 01/12/1867 02/17/1867 s/o James C. & Tabitha
Cayton, James C.   10/14/1880 h/o Tabitha
Cayton, James H. 06/21/1849 04/04/1858 s/o James C. & Tabitha
Cayton, John 08/18/1849 02/20/1929 s/o James C. & Tabitha; died at Iowa State Hosp., Independence, IA
Cayton, Tabitha nee Slades 1811 12/3/1897 w/o James C.
Cook, Florence Helen nee Kluss 05/04/1894 03/20/1921 w/o Dr. Howard Holden Cook; d/o John & Mary (Leui)
Courson, Charlott   03/08/1859 age 48y; w/o Anthony
Davis, Florence M. nee Simpson 04/18/1877 01/16/1950 w/o John O.; d/o Wm & Sarah
Davis, John O. 11/08/1867 06/18/1931 h/o Florence Simpson; s/o John & Mary; ACDR
Davis, Mary A. 1831 06/16/1880 age 42y; w/o John
Davis, Ralph C. 'Jeff' 05/15/1892 08/??/1936 h/o Marie Wegner; s/o John O. & Florence; WWI veteran 88th Division
Edson, Linus May 1811 Feb 1859  
Fewell, Alice   June 1855 d/o H & S.B.; aged 4y 2m
Fewell, Henry   02/28/1855 aged 38y 9m
Fewell, Wm Beverly   05/04/1853 or 1858 DOD is best guess; s/o H & S.B.; aged ?y 4m 1d
Foster, Frances Larson nee Pearson 08/09/1914 06/22/2001 1st husb. Sidney Larson, 2nd husb. James R. Foster; d/o Chester & Eula; gravestone inscribed "Frances (Pearson) Larson"
George, Hannay     w/o Nathan
Hall, Myrtle R. nee Davis 12/06/1903 08/26/1947 1st w/o Sheldon; d/o John O. & Florence (Simpson)
Hall, Sheldon Alva 01/21/1901 07/26/1986 1st w/ Myrtle, 2nd w/ Florence Ann Sebastian (8/11/1908-9/13/1997 - bur. Postville cem.); s/o Charles W. & Alvira (Sample); d. Postville hosp.; Schutte Funeral home; ACDR
Hangartner, Richard Jacob William 05/13/1914 05/25/1987 h/o Violet; s/o Jacob & Wilmina (Heckman); PVT US Army, World War II
Hangartner, Violet Genevieve nee Miller 03/09/1918 05/23/2011 w/o Richard J.W.; d/o Harry & Della (Mathys)
Heirigs, Mrs.   12/??/1893 mother of Anna Heirigs Leui - researchers should confirm her burial in Grand Meadow cemetery
Hilton, Adelia Ann 'Delia' nee Stickle   ca1871 the little stone has no dates; w/o Amos W. (pastor of Grand Meadow Baptist church ca1868-1871)
Jones, Benjamin F.   12/28/1861 13y 2m 11d; s/o M. & C.A.
Jones, Charlott   05/08/1859 Note! Not sure of surname, may be w/o Morgan, stone is next to Morgan Jones & M. & C.A. Jones, may be nee Pearson
Jones, Morgan   07/25/1855 63y 7m 6d
Karmaus / Kamous, Caroline Dorothy nee Madaus 06/20/1860 05/03/1902 ssa Christian Madaus
Karmaus / Kamous, Henry 09/29/1866 05/??/1944 1st w/ Caroline Madaus, 2nd w/ Augusta Reinhardt
Kluss, John F.   01/04/1899 age 40y; h/o Mary A.
Kluss, Mary Anna nee Leui 01/31/1858 04/09/1939 w/o John; d/o Jacob & Susanne (Shields); source: Texas Death Index
Koevening, Joseph 03/17/1834 09/04/1882  
Krater, Michael   02/06/1853 age 41y
Krater, Peter   1851 or 1854 s/o M & F.S.
Kugel, Johann Carl August 01/11/1859 02/04/1932 'Father'; h/o Marie; s/o Gottlieb & Julia (Bergerler)
Kugel, Freddie 1890 1895 s/o August & Mary
Kugel, Johann Harvey 05/24/1902 07/22/1964 s/o August & Mary
Kugel, Louise Helene Mary 11/30/1885 02/08/1964 d/o August & Mary
Kugel, Marie 'Mary' nee Zieman 07/01/859 03/??/1939 'Mother'; aged 79y 8m 4d; w/o August; d/o John & Elizabeth (Meier)
Larson, Frances nee Pearson     see Frances Foster
Leui, Anna nee Heirigs 05/12/1843 06/03/1922 w/o Jacob
Leui, Anna H. 03/14/1869 12/25/1954 d/o Jacob & Anna
Leui, Augustus   11/06/1883 aged 18y 1m 8d
Leui, Caroline 04/23/1859 08/01/1937 d/o Jacob & Susan
Leui, Emma 09/13/1885 06/27/1899 d/o Jacob & Anna
Leui, Eva Caroline 07/30/1891 03/08/1902 d/o John H. & Milda
Leui, Homer C. 09/03/1897 07/23/1940 w/o Marie A.; s/o John & Milda
Leui, Jacob / Jakob 05/01/1820 07/26/1896 1st w/ Persis Lathrop (d. 1853), 2nd w/ Mrs. Susan Krater (1820-02/24/1861), 3rd w/ Anna Heirigs
Leui, John Henry 02/03/1864 05/27/1929 h/o Milda; s/o Jacob & Anna
Leui, Louisa C.   09/04/1887 aged 7y 4m; d/o Jacob & Anna
Leui, Marie Agnes nee Waters 11/09/1896 05/26/1987 w/o Homer C.; d/o Robert & Mary A. (McKinley)
Leui, Milda nee Sonnkalb 08/01/1870 11/07/1932 w/o John H.; ACDR
Leui, Susanna 'Susan' Krater nee Shields 10/??/1820 02/24/1861 b. France; 1st h/ Mr. Krater, 2nd h/ Jakob Leui; lot 84
Madaus, Christian 11/03/1832 07/31/1902 ssa Caroline Kamus
McMaster, A.M. Oliver 08/22/1829   lot 53; no death date on stone
McMaster, C.T.     lot 96
McMaster, Dellie E.   1/3/1878 d/o M.Y. & M.J., aged 8y 2m 20d
McMaster, Elias E.   01/23/1866 age 34, lot 96; middle initial may be 'B'
McMaster, Ellen M. 1831 11/06/1901 lot 96; "H.J. McMaster has placed an order for a handsome monument of Wisconsin red granite and a job of marble curbing for his sister's grave in the Grand Meadow cemetery with Ed H. Prior" ~Postville Review May 1902
McMaster, G.T     no dates on stone
McMaster, Hannah A. nee Russell 06/07/1806 10/20/1885 w/o Melvin; 79y 4m 12d (second stone)
McMaster, Howard Russel 1806 10/20/1885 lot 96
McMaster, J.E.     lot 53; no dates on stone
McMaster, Melvin   08/29/1874 age 75y; h/o Hannah A.; lot 53
Meyer, Bertha L. nee Sonnkalb 08/06/1872 03/09/1914 w/o John C.; d/o C.F.W. & Loretta (Range)
Pearson, Chester Arthur 'Chet' 08/11/1885 07/07/1942 'Father'; h/o Eula; s/o George W. & Julia (Hunt); ACDR
Pearson, Eula L. nee Jones 11/23/1892 12/13/1971 'Mother'; w/o Chester; d/o Frank & Ella (Collins); ACDR
Pearson, George W. 1823 1899 lot 74; he has 2 gravestones -the death date on this stone is incorrect
Pearson, George W. Nov. 1823 11/13/1900 h/o 1st Maria, 2nd Julia; he has 2 gravestones -the death year on this stone is correct
Pearson, Julia Marcella nee Hunt 05/23/1850 08/18/1941 2nd w/o George W.; d/o Horace S. & Harriet (Bailey)
Pearson, Maria A. nee Weber   1867 age 36; lot 74; 1st w/o George W.
Pearson, Mary A. Lyon nee Murch   2/26/1880 lot 76; 85y 9m 25d; w/o 1st Richard Lyon, 2nd Richard Pearson
Pearson, Richard SR 1800 1882 lot 76; 2nd h/o Mary A.
Plumb, Josephine E.H.   10/22/1870 age 29y 1m 3d; w/o E.D.
Plumb, Susan   10/13/1868 age 27y 10m 17d; w/o E.D.
Range, Henry M. 08/12/1844 09/24/1917 s/o Henry & Loretta
Range, Loretta nee Purdy 10/29/1806 04/04/1892 w/o Henry (d. 1854)
Sawyer, infant son   04/??/1895 s/o G.W. Sawyer
Schoulers, Joseph   10/05/1855 aged 1y 3m; s/o John & Christine
Seybert, Joseph C. 08/03/1849 12/16/1924 h/o Lydia A.
Seybert, Lydia A. nee Gano 02/02/1852 02/02/1930 w/o Joseph
Shepperd, Alva Anna Marie nee Kamous 03/27/1892 03/??/1941 w/o Alva; d/o Henry & Caroline Kamous; died at the County Home
Simpson, Bert L. 06/02/1880 07/16/1905 lot 66; s/o William & Sarah (Folsom)
Simpton, Elizabeth 07/26/1833 11/26/1874 lot 66; w/o William
Simpson, Sarah 10/08/1835 10/9/1856 lot 66; w/o William
Simpson, Sarah nee Folsom 02/07/1853 05/24/1931 lot 66; w/o William; d/o Benjamin & Sarah
Simpson, William M. 04/10/1828 11/12/1904 lot 66; his 3 wives are buried in this lot
Simpson, Willie J. 10/31/1860 03/18/1868  
Sonnkalb, Charles F.W. 'Carl' 11/15/1814 01/13/1882 lot 1; born in Saxony, Germany; h/o Loretta Range Tuttle
Sonnkalb, Charles F. 'Charley' 05/14/1869 08/16/1911 lot 103; h/o Elizabeth C.
Sonnkalb, Elizabeth C. nee Leui 03/14/1869 06/07/1952 w/o Charles F.; d/o Jacob & Anna
Sonnkalb, Loretta Tuttle nee Range 05/04/1836 05/20/1913 1st husb. John Tuttle (d. in CW 12/30/1862), 2nd husb. Charles F.W. Sonnkalb; d/o Henry & Loretta
Sonnkalb, Robert   1902 lot 103
Strickland, Rebecca   04/28/1848 age 56; WPA death year =1853, stone nearly illegible
Strickland, William   06/17/1861 age 63; WPA death year =1854, stone nearly illegible
Tuttle, George S. 1862 09/??/1936 aged 74y 8m 2d; s/o John & Loretta (Range); step-son of Charles F.W. Sonnkalb
Ward, Orrin 07/10/1870 10/??/1940 died of injuries in a fall on 10/15/1940 (Postville Herald, 10/23/1940)
Weber, Emma 5/18/1891 5/31/1891  
Whilton, Mrs. A.      
White, Donald William 'Barney' 01/20/1919 12/02/1989 h/o Mary E.; s/o Walter Rufus & Amy Lauinda (Moser); d. Iowa City; Schutte Funeral home; ACDR
White, Mary Ella nee Pearson 02/20/1926 07/03/1995 w/o Donald; d/o Chester & Eula
Zieman, Anna nee Lehtzke 03/04/1793 03/03/1883  


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