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Elk Valley Cemetery
aka Brookshier, Elk Creek or Taylor cemetery
Elk Twp., Sec 26 SW/NW

The cemetery is located a short distance off of the road in a field west of Iowa Ave. and less than mi. north of the intersection of Iowa Ave. and Horseshoe Rd.

Traveling from Edgewood, take Hwy 3 east, turning left (north) on Hilton Rd./Mill St. (C7X). Turn right on Horseshoe Rd., following it to the intersection with Iowa Ave. Turn left.

Elk Valley Cemetery - photo by Phyllis Peterson

Birdseye view - from Google maps

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Included are several photos of unidentified graves, indicated as either 'primative marker' or Unknown

Clayton co. Obituary Index
Obituaries of people buried in the Elk Valley cemetery may have been transcribed

Sources used to compile this burial list:
~The original list of burials was contributed by Charlene Barnhart and did not include dates.
~Photo survey of the cemetery April 2016 by Cheryl Locher Moonen
~Clayton County Death Records (CCDR)
~Additional burials, dates and other information have been added from obituaries, newspapers, gravestone inscriptions, military, marriage records, census and misc. other sources by S. Ferrall


Name Birth Death Remarks
Alzarquany, Annette E. nee Heitz 04/06/1966 07/17/2009 w/o Ali Alzarqany; d/o Leo & Joyce (White) Heitz
Besst, Alva      
Besst, Andrew E. 1902 07/31/1915 12y 8m 2d; s/o Alva; drowned "in the creek near his home"
Besst, A.R. - - no dates on stone
Besst, Archie   08/21/1911  
Besst, J.F. - - no dates on stone
Besst, Jim      
Besst, Marta nee Henderson - - no dates on stone; w/o Solomon
Bloodworth, Alpha 06/09/1816 01/17/1902  
Bloodworth, Charley 05/27/1859 06/07/1884  
Bloodworth, Emily nee Nichols   03/12/1877 29y 10m 21d; w/o John H.
Bloodworth, James 01/02/1850 11/20/1907 h/o Lucy
Bloodsworth, Wiley   07/1?/1937 age 20y; grandson of D.T. & Florence Hankins; struck his head on an overhead bridge while riding atop a box car
Boardman, C.P.      
Boardman, Elsie B. 06/26/1896 08/29/1896 d/o Charley & Phoebe Jane (Rulon)
Boardman, Isah S.   03/04/187? 21dy's; s/o C.B. & P.J.
Boardman, J.      
Brookshier, Carrie E.   10/20/1874 9y 1d; d/o J.P. & Mary
Brookshier, Ida Mae 01/01/1868 04/27/1883 15y 3m 26d; d/o John & Mary
Brookshier, Inda Estella 1879 1880 aged 8m ?d; d/o John P. & Mary
Brookshier, John P. 11/12/1836 04/03/1910 w/o Mary; CW veteran, Co. E, 41st IL Inf.
Brookshier, Mary nee Andrews 06/16/1836 03/17/1903 w/o John P.
Brookshier, Josie nee Locknane 1863 1931 w/o William W.
Brookshier, Stella 01/??/18?? 10/10/1877 (dates are 'best guess); d/o J.P. & Mary
Brookshier, Walter Wallace 11/27/1925 12/22/1925 s/o Alton J. & Hazel I. (Morley)
Brookshier, William 09/07/1864 1906 h/o Josie; s/o J.P. & Mary
Clute, Arthur E. 06/22/1870 05/01/1931 h/o Mary Jane; s/o John & Mary
Clute, Mary Jane nee Taylor 1879 1906 w/o Arthur E.
Combs, Alice nee Ross 08/04/1859 03/18/1935 w/o Job A.; d/o Robert Ross & Elizabeth G. (Oliver) Ross Rulon
Combs, Alma Pearl nee Hook 05/21/1899 08/12/1921 w/o Frank A.; d/o Charles & Melvina (Ingles); died a week after giving birth to a daughter
Combs, Job A. 05/07/1852 11/20/1909 h/o Alice; s/o Samuel S. & Mary
Combs, Mary nee Pinkley - 12/19/1868 46y 8m; w/o Samuel S.
Combs, Samuel Stockwell 02/28/1824 04/27/1894 h/o Mary
Cornwell, baby 1912 1912 likely is child of Claricy & Sam
Cornwell, Claricy 1886 1919 w/o Sam
Cornwell, Sam 1876 1956 h/o Claricy
Dodds, Sarah nee Combs 06/06/1850 06/17/1910 w/o Elbert E. (1855-1943, buried in Florida); d/o Samuel S. & Mary (Pinkley)
Fisher, Bernice Elvira 04/06/1908 04/28/1908 d/o Jos & H.C.
Freeman, Elijah J. 1844 1920 h/o Hester
Freeman, Hester A. nee Rulon 12/26/1852 11/18/1904 w/o Elijah; d/o Joseph & Mary (Hall)
Freeman, Julia nee Samp 07/04/1873 12/??/1900 w/o Asa; Note! Although her obit gives burial here, the obit of her husband states he was buried "...beside his first wife, the former Julia Samp" in Hillcrest cem., Volga City
Gleason, infant daughter - - d/o Edith; no dates; buried with her mother
Gleason, Alonzo D.   02/14/1857 s/o Nelson & Rebecca (Keiser)
Gleason, Charles H. 08/27/1859 02/01/1917 h/o Elizabeth J.
Gleason, Clarence Leroy 11/23/1883 05/01/1954 h/o Maude; s/o Charles H. & Elizabeth J.
Gleason, Claude 08/25/1896 05/20/1969 s/o Charles H. & Elizabeth J.; Wagr, Supply Co., 87th Inf., WWI
Gleason, Edith nee Sunderson 11/05/1920 02/19/1941 buried with her unnamed infant daughter
Gleason, Elizabeth Jane 'Lizzie' nee Taylor 06/26/1866 10/03/1936 w/o Charles H.; obit gives her name as Mary Ann Elizabeth
Gleason, Gilbert 12/16/1906 05/25/1921 s/o Clarence L. & Maude G. (Smothers)
Gleason, Grace Jane 08/08/1888 04/05/1981 d/o Charles H. & Elizabeth J.
Gleason, John Milo - - no dates on stone; aged 2m 13d; s/o William & Rebecca
Gleason, Louie Frank 04/10/1885 12/15/1903 s/o C.H. & L.
Gleason, Maude G. nee Smothers 08/14/1888 02/03/1951 w/o Clarence; d/o Edmon & Martha (Maddox)
Gleason, Rebeca nee Keiser 12/12/1821 06/24/1870 1st w/o William N.
Gleason, William Nelson 08/15/1816 1898 1st w/Rebeca Keiser, 2nd w/Susan Taylor
Haddeman, Matilda nee Hook 09/25/1893 04/26/1913 w/o William; d/o Samuel & Frances (Ingles)
Halfhill, Josiah 1839 04/19/1908 h/o Sarah; s/o Abraham & Sarah (Pickney); CW veteran, 12th IA Inf.
Halfhill, Sarah nee Bloodworth 1840 04/??/1919 w/o Josiah; d/o John B. & Alphebe (Waggoner)
Hall, Elizabeth nee Rizer 1833 03/06/1915 w/o John L.
Hall, John Lindsay 10/20/1830 12/28/1903 h/o Elizabeth Reizer/Rizer; Co D, 27th IA Inf. Civil War; Note: obit gives DOD 12/31/1903 & gives burial place as on his homestead
Hankins, Ida Mae 01/22/1895 06/10/1916 d/o D. T. & Iva Florence
Hankins, Iva Florence nee Besst 06/22/1868 12/07/1939 w/o David T.; d/o Solomon & Martha
Hogen, Hilma M. 03/03/1896 11/22/2002 w/o Orville
Hogen, Orville B. 04/17/1896 01/09/1948 h/o Hilma
Hook, Charles     h/o Melvina; s/o John & Delsiah (Shaw)
Hook, Earnest Theodore 'Ted' 01/13/1904 10/04/1962 h/o Mae; s/o Charles & Jennie M. (Ingles) Pvt., 104 Medical TNG BN, WWII
Hook, Iney 01/18/1898 05/27/1898 d/o Samuel & M. Frances
Hook, Mae E. nee Moser 1916 11/11/2016 age 100y; w/o Earnest 'Ted'
Hook, Melvina/Melinda nee Ingles 10/09/1879 08/09/1921 w/o Charles; d/o Benjamin & Catherine (Smith)
Hook, Minnie 01/29/1897 01/30/1897 d/o Samuel & M. Frances (Ingles)
Hutchinson, Richard Dean 06/15/1938 10/17/2010 h/o Georgia Smith; s/o Raymond & Elsie (Robinson); U.S. Army veteran
Ingles, Anda F. 08/19/1896 11/07/1896 s/o M.A. & E.N.
Ingles, Benjamin 05/10/1844 12/21/1882 h/o Catherine (see Catherine Irish, below); Civil War veteran, Co. E, 140th PA Inf.
Ingles, Calvin 04/30/1936 12/13/1963 s/o Phillip & Gertrude; killed when getting out of his car by accidentally shooting himself with a loaded shotgun
Ingles, Clarence Evelyn 'Shorty' 1913 05/1?/1976 h/o Violet; s/o Wm. LeRoy & Sophie (Kruger)
Ingles, Donald Franklin 'Butch' 11/26/1920 06/28/1987 h/o Mildred; s/o James P. & Gertrude F. (Smock)
Ingles, Dorothy nee McDowell 07/23/1928 12/16/1960 w/o Philip J.; d/o Joseph & Ethel Marie (Brown)
Ingles, Gertrude Flossie nee Smock 1896 1970 w/o Philip; George Washington & Minnie Belle (Hall)
Ingles, Harold 08/23/1909 07/29/1910 s/o Henry & M.L.
Ingles, Kerry P. 12/24/1952 07/15/1989 s/o Donald & Mildred; self-inflicted gunshot
Ingles, Larry 07/09/1947 06/09/2015 h/o Sheila; s/o Donald & Mildred
Ingles, Marvin Harold 1936 06/05/2003 s/o Clarence & Violet
Ingles, Mildred Geraldean nee Tindell 07/05/1924 04/23/2017 w/o Donald; d/o Howard & Elga (Welch)
Ingles, Philip J. 07/22/1929 04/11/1962 h/o Dorothy; s/o Philip & Gertrude
Ingles, Philip James 1897 1980 h/o Gertrude; Henry A. & Mary Elnora (Cornwell)
Ingles, Richard Dale 04/01/1955 09/05/2018 h/o 1st Debra Bolsinger (divorced), 2nd Sheri Schroeder; s/o Donald 'Butch' & Mildred G.
Ingles, Robert Lee 1937 03/04/2007 s/o Clarence & Violet
Ingles, Sheila Mary nee Wistrick 04/23/1947 09/07/2008 w/o Larry
Ingles, Terry 1951 04/2?/1975 s/o Don & Mildred; died in a car accident
Ingles, Travis Allen 05/31/1978 05/31/1978 s/o Arne & Cindy
Ingles, Violet Marie nee Ingles 1918 02/28/1986 w/o Clarence E.; d/o James P. & Gertrude F. (Smock)
Irish, Catherine Q. 'Kate' (Smith) Ingles 08/08/1844 02/02/1922 1st h/ Benjamin Ingles; 2nd h/ William; no gravestone; dates are from the State Death Certificate Index
Irish, William James 04/05/1844 01/26/1922 1st w/unkn., 2nd w/ Kate; 159th N.Y. Infantry, Civil War; Note: dates on gravestone conflict with those on State Death Certificate Index & obit gives DOD 1/29/1922
Jenkins, baby      
Johnson, Osie J. nee Combs 1900 05/2?/1970 w/o Walter; John & Kathryn (Schweikert)
Johnson, Walter C. 1894 1973 h/o Osie
Jones, Abe Benjamin 02/03/1908 05/28/1984 h/o Bernice; s/o Wm. & Gertrude (Phelps)
Jones, Bernice V. nee Smock 1915 1961 w/o Abe; George Washington & Minnie Belle (Hall)
Kafer, Roy G. 1895 1920  
McMonigal, Della nee Smothers 1873 1938 w/o Seldon; Edmon & Martha (Maddox)
McMonigal, Seldon 1884 1959 h/o Della
Morley, Hazel F. nee Smock 09/20/1898 07/28/1958 w/o Ross; George Washington & Minne Belle (Hall)
Morley, baby      
Morley, Ross W. 10/20/1900 04/18/1981 h/o Hazel
Nicol, William 'Uncle Billy   08/1?/1891 age 78y; Note: death notices imply burial in this cemetery, but confirmation is needed
Nicol, Mary Eliza nee Atkins 07/27/1836 09/17/1896 w/o John (died 3/21/1924, buried in Oklahoma, see also Civil War Honor Roll in the military section of this website)
Nimmo, Esther Etta nee Rizer 07/31/1853 04/28/1930 w/o William; d/o Wm W. & Nancy (Hall)
Nimmo, F.E.      
Nimmo, Forest 09/25/1916 12/02/1918 s/o Ray & Ruby
Nimmo, Frank E. 08/04/1887 01/23/1888 s/o Wm & Esther
Nimmo, Leroy W. 11/14/1878 10/29/1880  
Nimmo, Nellie Mae 01/23/1882 12/14/1884 d/o Wm & Esther
Nimmo, Osea Estella 04/28/1884 03/15/1885 d/o Wm & Esther
Nimmo, Ray Forest 12/01/1892 12/12/1918 h/o Ruby I. Morley; s/o Wm & Esther
Nimmo, Ruby Arlene 08/09/1918 11/24/1919 d/o Ray & Ruby
Nimmo, William 04/03/1853 11/24/1928 h/o Esther ; s/o John W. & unkn
Nimmo, William Harrison 11/20/1888 08/04/1889 s/o Wm & Esther
Noggle, Cassius 12/09/1881 05/22/1901 s/o Jacob & Sarah
Noggles, Dora   02/20/1932 age 59y; w/o Chris
Noggle, Jacob 03/12/1833 12/08/1902 h/o Sarah
Noggle, Sarah nee Dark   03/05/1908 aged 65y; w/o Jacob
Rizer, Martha   07/15/1880 age 18; d/o Wm W. & Nancy; died of goiter; Note: brief obit does not give burial place, but is presumed in Elk Valley where other family members are buried
Rizer, Nancy nee Hall 02/14/1833 12/22/1906 w/o William W.
Rizer, William W.   between 1860 & 1870 Burial here is presumed, verification needed
Ross, John E. 09/28/1851 07/14/1903  
Rulon, Alice R. 'Allie' nee Combs 04/17/1855 05/30/1895 1st w/o William K.; d/o Samuel & Mary (Pinkley)
Rulon, Elizbeth nee Ross 1856 05/0?/1934 w/o Perry
Rulon, George A.      
Rulon, Joseph 09/08/1828 - h/o Mary
Rulon, Mary nee Hall 12/10/1826 12/14/1894 w/o Joseph
Rulon, Minnie F. nee Combs 1869 1907 w/o George
Rulon, Perry 1859 1933 h/o Elizabeth; s/o Joseph & Mary
Rulon, William Kelly 07/20/1850 02/27/1927 h/o 1st Allie, 2nd Anna Scott (died 1940, bur. Mt. Harmony); s/o Joseph & Mary
Smock, B.R.      
Smock, Bert S. 1893 1943 s/o George W. & Minnie
Smock, C.R. 03/08/1892 03/28/1893  
Smock, C.V. 05/071902 05/07/1902  
Smock, Cecil H. 07/27/1907 02/04/1951 h/o Martha; s/o George W. & Minnie
Smock, Claude Alton 09/20/1909 04/04/1972 h/o Edith; s/o George W. & Minnie
Smock, Edith Wathan nee Hansel 1899 1979 1st h/ unkn. Wathan, 2nd h/ Claude Smock
Smock, Emma J. - - aged 9m 12d; d/o William Alexander & Emma (Starr); no dates on stone
Smock, George Washington 02/22/1861 07/19/1929 h/o Minnie;s/o John Wesley & Amanda (Lasher)
Smock, J.A. 10/1?/1890 11/12/1890  
Smock, L.R. 02/10/1884 01/31/1892  
Smock, Martha M. nee Brady 05/24/1910 10/10/1973 w/o Cecil H.
Smock, Minnie Belle nee Hall 01/19/1871 03/20/1920 w/o George W.; d/o John & Elizabeth (Rizer)
Smock, R.C. 04/13/1900 10/31/1901  
Smock, Ray Leonard 10/09/1900 02/21/1942 single; s/o George W. & Minnie
Smock, Rosco Franklin 'Frank' 05/22/1887 10/24/1908 s/o William Alex & Emma (Starr)
Smothers, Dale F. 07/21/1912 02/24/1913 s/o D.M. & A.M.
Smothers, Delbert 1921 1922  
Smothers, Edmond 04/14/1847 04/01/1891 h/o Martha; Civil War veteran, Co. A, 136th IL Inf.
Smothers, Ester Anne   05/02/1871 1y 2m; d/o Isaac N. & Mary
Smothers, G.A. 10/14/1866 10/20/1888  
Smothers, James N. 01/04/1869 01/13/1869 James & Mary
Smothers, Martha nee Maddox 12/22/1847 05/14/1928 w/o Edmond
Smothers, Mary nee Sparks ca1837 03/13/1905 w/o Isaac?
Smothers, Mary Elizabeth nee Dickey 02/18/1843 01/16/1869 w/o James Arthur
Smothers, M.B. 02/27/1874 09/16/1892  
Smothers, S.A. 03/14/1884 03/22/1895  
Smothers, T.E. 03/06/1873 03/06/1873  
Smothers, W.E. 03/06/1873 03/03/1878  
Taylor, Cliff      
Taylor, Cora Belle nee Smothers 07/01/1883 05/18/1901 or 1907 w/o Thomas; d/o Edmon & Martha (Maddox)
Tottman, infant son   03/03/1922 s/o Floyd
Tuecke, Janette Rose nee Smock 01/20/1940 06/20/1993 w/o Louis E.; d/o Claude & Edith (Hansel)
Tuecke, Louis E.   living h/o Janette
Van Sickle, Charles 02/22/1870 10/10/1918 h/o Vina
Van Sickle, Alvina 'Vina' nee Rizer 03/23/1860 04/20/1952 w/o Charles; d/o Wm W. & Nancy


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