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Ebenezer Cemetery

WPA Records & misc. notes

Elk Township
Section 21 SW/NW

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Ebenezer cemetery as recorded in October 2004 (with updates)

Name Birth Death Comments
Ackman, Anna E.      
Ackman, Anna E.      
Ackman, Bernard      
Ackman, Earnest A.      
Ackman, Wilhelmina 1858 1935  
Adams, Elsie I. 1934 01/20/1916  
Appleton, Floy B.      
Appleton, Otto      
Appleton, Vivian      
Berns, Elsie 1863 1936  
Berns, Herman 1862 1907  
Berns, infant dau      
Brockmeyer, Bessie Ann      
Brockmeyer, Frank 1858 03/22/1901 [WPA middle initial "H"]
Brockmeyer, Harold      
Brockmeyer, Irene A.      
Brockmeyer, John      
Brockmeyer, John      
Brockmeyer, Lenora      
Brockmeyer, Maria      
Brockmeyer, Margaret D. 1885 01/31/1910 [WPA only]
Ernst, Gerald      
Ernst, Marshall      
Ernst, Rosie      
Fensterman, Carl      
Fensterman, Clara      
Fensterman, Emma 1873 10/07/1909 [WPA middle initial "M"]
Fensterman, Fred      
Fensterman, Henry      
Fensterman, Howard      
Fensterman, Ida      
Fensterman, infant dau      
Fensterman, Lenora      
Friedley, Anna 1867 1925  
Friedley, Berdeen      
Friedley, Ella      
Friedley, Jr.      
Friedley, Lucy      
Friedley, Oscar      
Hamlett, Hulda      
Hamlett, infant dau      
Hamlett, Otley      
Hilgendorf, Benjamin 02/13/1894 05/25/1910  
Hilgendorf, Clara 05/21/1862 02/06/1909 lot 2
Hilgendorf, E.      
Hilgendorf, Edward 1857 06/13/1908 lot 2; [WPA mid. Int. = "C"]
Hilgendorf, Edw. C. F. 1821 10/23/1900 lot 1; [WPA only]
Hilgendorf, Emma      
Hilgendorf, Frieda      
Hilgendorf, G.E.      
Hilgendorf, George 09/20/1882 11/28/1907 lot 2; [WPA mid. Int. = "T"]
Hilgendorf, Joh D. 1824 03/05/189; [WPA only] lot 10; (female)
Hilgendorf, Laura M. 09/08/1888 11/03/1907 lot 2
Holland, Alvina 1860 05/06/1934  
Holland, Herman 1859 1921 [WPA first name = "H"]
Holland, Herman      
Holland, Margaret D.      
Kraus, Anna      
Kraus, Harley      
Kraus, John      
Kraus, Laura      
Kurrelmeyer, Edna Mary      
Kurrelmeyer, Anna Marie      
Kurrelmeyer, Bernard 1836 10/23/1914 [WPA first name = "B"]
Kurrelmeyer, Elisabein 1839 01/03/1918 lot 3
Luense, Burdette *      
Luense, Edward *      
Luense, Flora *      
Luense, Lucille *      
Moser, Anna      
Moser, Elizabeth N. 1827 03/20/1900 lot 4
Moser, Ernest      
Moser, Grace      
Moser, Mae      
Moser, Merle      
Moser, Nick 1855 02/15/1933 lot 4
Moser, Rosa 1861 1930 lot 4; [WPA only]
Moser, Roy E.      
Von Talge, Bertha 1887 1927  
Von Talge, Edward J. 1892 1931  
Von Talge, Herman 1851 1933  
Von Talge, Ida 1860 1932  
Wessel, Albert      
Wessel, Anna      
Wessel, Arthur H.      
Wessel, Ben      
Wessel, Doris      
Wessel, Edward T or F 1885 1920 lot 14; [WPA only]
Wessel, Erwin G.      
Wessel, Esther M.      
Wessel, Helen O.      
Wessel, Herman 1848 1926 lot 14
Wessel, Irving      
Wessel, Kate      
Wessel, Maria 1859 1925 lot 14
Wessel, Mildred      
Withell, Anna      
Withell, E. Randal      

- source: WPA cemetery records unless otherwise noted, they were transcribed Phyllis Montour
- original list of names was submitted by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
- note: comments found in [brackets] were added by the submitter; comments found in (parenthesis) or not enclosed, are from the WPA records


*submitted corrections & additional notes from Barbara Bates (Nov. 2003)

1. Luense, Burdette should be Wessel, Burdette E. - He was my mother's twin brother.
2. Luense, Edward should be Wessel, Edward F. - He was the father of the twins Burdette E. and Bernice Wessel.
3. Luense, Flora is correct. She was married to Edward Wessel until his early death & was mother of the twins. Flora later married John Luense.
4. Luense, Lucille should be Wessel, Lucille. She was the wife of Burdette E. Wessel.

Ebenezer cemetery as recorded in October 2004 (with updates)

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