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Clayton Cemetery
Clayton Twp. , Section 2 NE/NW

Photograph by Reid R. Johnson, July 2015

J-Y and Unknown

~The original file, containing only names & no dates, was contributed by Karen Lammers - her source is unknown
~WPA records, transcribed by Phyllis Montour
~Gravestone inscriptions. Note! Many of the dates & names shown below are from difficult to read inscriptions, researchers should expect unintentional errors and should verify the information.
~Obituaries, newspaper articles, and other as credited

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Name Birth Death Comments
Jacobs, Freeman 1863 1945 h/o Paulina
Jacobs, George Raymond 01/09/1922 02/12/1922 s/o Freeman & Paulina
Jacobs, Mary Jane     infant d/o Freeman & Paulina
Jacobs, Paulina nee Pesch / Poesch 01/23/1882 04/28/1929 d/o Henry & Clara (Millinghausen); w/o Freeman
Jerome, Eliza M. nee Enslow 11/04/1826 05/16/1912 w/o James G.
Jerome, James G. 08/20/1819 03/14/1869 h/o Eliza M.
Johnson, Donald H. 'Shorty' 06/08/1925 03/30/1994 h/o Catherine Jungling; s/o Byron & Hazel (Judd); U.S. Army, WWII
Johnson, Johana      
Johnson, Ole      
Jones, Clara nee Bell 02/25/1879 06/19/1959 w/o George (d. 01/01/1959); she died in New Mexico
Jones, Dean Olis 03/01/1915 10/06/1971 h/o Erma; s/o Clarence & Coye (Wise)
Jones, Erma B. nee Vanderpoolen 1918 2003 w/o Dean
Jones, Mabel      
Jones, Willis N. 'Willie'   11/11/1903 aged 72y
Jorgenson, Charles   07/10/1908 age 18y; drowned, identity unkn. when buried in Clayton cem. then ID'ed by mother after exhumation; reburied with "the expectation of removing it to Chicago as soon as circumstances would permit it."
Keehler, John      
Keen, Adam 1821 04/07/1882 h/o Catherine
Keen, Hattie      
Keen, Catherine 01/01/1821 01/04/1896 w/o Adam
Keen, Lydia 1822 1857  
Keller, Irving Robert 11/22/1908 08/02/1992 U.S. Army, WWII
Keller, Mary nee Smull 05/01/1896 01/31/1992 Army Nurse Corps, WWI
King, Henry   1942  
King, Sarah      
Kitto, daughter   11/??/1925 d/o Joe
Knight, Libbie nee Adams 09/03/1880 09/03/1922 w/o John J.; d. in Neenah, WI
Kochans, Wilhelmina      
Koehn, infant   09/??/1897 infant o/Fred; Note! Obit not clear to burial place, please confirm
Koehn, Teddy Lee 1948 1948  
Kraus, Anton 1826 03/08/1897 Smasal lot
Kraus, Catherine      
Kraus, Lorenz 1811 1892 Smasal lot
Kriebs, Caroline      
Kriebs, Louisa      
Kuehl, Barbara Sue nee Schlesselman 01/14/1942 07/29/1997 w/o Billy R.; d/o Orville & Wanda
Kuehl, Billy Ray 11/12/1932 09/25/2002 h/o Barbara; delayed burial on 05/10/2003 following his body donation to the Deeded Body Program, U of Iowa; U.S. Navy, Korean war veteran
Kuempel, Christian H. 01/21/1824 05/03/1900 h/o Marie
Kuempel, Marie Eva nee Knoebel 05/27/1821 09/05/1898 w/o Christian; Note: DOD may be 9/3/1898
Kuhse, Gustav   10/05/1961 Age 77y; h/o Sarah
Kurdelmeier, Ella      
Lape, Otto   06/04/1889 5y 6m 4d; s/o Charles
Leary, William 'Bill' 02/22/1869 02/25/1918 h/o Birdie Beetem; s/o Dennis & Anna J. (Bonner); killed when hit by a train
Leibrant, Mary      
Liers, child      
Liers, Caroline nee Venus 02/24/1854 04/17/1946 w/o Frank H.; d/o Joseph
Liers, Frank Henry SR 03/04/1847 03/12/1926 h/o Caroline; s/o Frank & Louise (Ehrhardt)
Liers, Frank Henry JR 06/05/1878 03/22/1967 2nd h/o Nora (Powers) Baker (d. 02/1948); s/o Frank & Caroline
Liers, Josephine M. 1875 1955 d/o Frank & Caroline
Liers, Louise M. RN 08/14/1887 09/14/1983 d/o Frank & Caroline; body donated for medical research, cremains buried Oct 1984; Red Cross nurse, WWI, served in France
Liers, Max M. 12/31/1881 03/03/1916 s/o Frank & Caroline
Linder, infant      
Lippert, Emma nee Smasal 12/22/1868 07/29/1944 w/o George; d/o W.A.
Lippert, George 1862 1927 h/o Emma
Litchfield, Warnie   ?/30/1887  
Lloyd / Loyd, S.      
Lloyd / Loyd, W.      
Lloyd / Loyd, John   04/??/1900 died in West Union
Lossing, Addie 1885 1887 s/o Charles & Carrie
Lossing, Addison     see John Addison below
Lossing, Carrie nee Freeman 09/07/1860 04/06/1895 w/o Charles J.
Lossing, Carrie M. 1882 02/??/1960 d/o Charles & Carrie; died in Dubuque
Lossing, Charles John 01/05/1845 11/19/1925 h/o Carrie; s/o John B. & Emma
Lossing, Emma nee Teffry or Triffry 1818 1860 1st w/o John B.
Lossing, Henrietta 'Hetty' nee Phillipson 10/13/1836 07/13/1897 2nd w/o John B.
Lossing, Janet 1889 1895 d/o Charles & Carrie
Lossing, John Addison 1867 08/10/1884 s/o John B. & Hetty
Lossing, John Benson 04/20/1816 08/15/1905 h/o Emma & Hetty
Lotus, H. - - no dates are visible on the stone, engraved under the name is 50 or 80 yrs.
Luers, Henry J. 10/16/1856 02/10/1954 s/o Herman, one of the founders of the Communia Colony; Henry was the last survivor of the original colony
Luers, Louise C. nee Venus 07/13/1856 08/27/1945 w/o Henry; d/o Louis Venus, one of the original 6 colonists who established the Communia Colony
Luers, Raymond Venus 10/14/1894 06/29/1947 U.S. Army, WWI
Maker, Charles      
Maker, Frank      
Maker, Marie      
May, John T. 04/30/1942 06/02/2013  
May, Ronald George 'Pondo' 09/05/1907 12/11/1997 h/o Sylvia J.
May, Sylvia Jane nee Sires 01/23/1908 08/24/1991 w/o Pondo
McGill, Nellie Mae nee Petit 03/26/1898 08/05/1930 w/o Ray W.; d/o John & Myrtle; died at Univ. Hosp., Iowa City
McGill, Raymond Wallace 01/19/1894 01/14/1957 h/o Nellie; s/o David & Caroline (Wirtzell)
Meder, Albertina nee Gurdy or Gade 04/30/1821 04/30/1877 w/o Fred
Meder, Frederick H. 'Fred' 10/22/1821 05/07/1901 h/o Albertina; one of the original members of the German colony at Communia
Meier, Carl J. 12/31/1838 07/21/1912 h/o Elisabeth Wille
Merrill, Ida M. nee Fry 09/15/1900 05/??/1922 w/o William; d/o Peter
Merrill, William 'Will' 1890 10/??/1924 h/o Ida; drowned in the Mississippi near Cassville, WI
Messner, child      
Meyer, Charles A. 06/16/1898 10/24/1978 h/o Helen
Meyer, Helen L. nee Bailey 03/08/1917 12/13/2005 w/o Charles
Millinghausen, Pauline nee Kruger 1821 1867  
Mohning, Keith F.J. 07/21/1936 12/10/2007 h/o Roylene; s/o Foster & Laura (Rodas)
Mohning, Roylene R. nee Hoth - - w/o Keith
Morrison, J.      
Morse / Morris, Barbara Ann Geiselman nee Bolsinger 02/05/1847 03/18/1913 1st h/ Joseph Geiselman (bur. Bethel cem., they were divorced), 2nd h/ Harmon
Morse / Morris, Harmon / Hiram / Hurmon 06/17/1838 03/23/1910 spelling of name varies with the record (Morris or Morse); 2nd h/o Barbara; Union army, teamster, Civil War
Murphy, William 04/12/1858 04/11/1919  
Olds, son      
Olds, Marcus Mrs.      
Olson, Edwin W. 1893 11/??/1966 h/o Ruth
Olson, Ruth F. nee Crawford 1898 1994 w/o Edwin
Osthoff, Edward SR 1874 1952 h/o Frances
Osthoff, Frances Elizabeth nee Broessel 10/19/1887 1959 2nd w/o Edward; d/o John & Elizabeth
Osthoff, Louise / Louisa 08/27/1871 05/20/1909 1st w/o Edward
Osthoff, Vivian 03/03/1921 10/06/1988 d/o Ed & Francis
Ousley, George 05/??/1853 04/07/1870 s/o Isaac & Sarah
Ousley, Isaac 08/06/1822 08/23/1908 h/o Sarah
Ousley, Sarah nee Bunston 01/29/1825 07/21/1906 w/o Isaac
Ousley, Sarah Jane 02/04/1864 08/06/1864 d/o Isaac & Sarah
Pesch / Poesch, Amy Alice nee Wood 03/28/1897 02/27/1916 w/o Walter; d/o B. Wood; died at City Hospital, Moline, IL where she'd had surgery
Pesch, Christ 1859 1913 Crefred lot
Pesch, Clara nee Millinghausen 1857 1942 w/o Henry
Pesch, George 07/24/1862 12/??/1931 s/o Isabelle (Ruckdaschel) Pesch Crefred; ssa Charles Crefred, his half-brother
Pesch, Henry 1853 1919 h/o Clara
Pesch, William 1856 1922 Crefred lot
Pieper, Ada 1909 1969 w/o Duluth
Pieper, Duluth 1896 1955 h/o Ada
Pieper, Edward   1955 s/o Herman & Sophia
Pieper, Ella     gravestone has no dates; she may be a child
Pieper, Helena Adeline      
Pieper, Herman 05/14/1840 10/07/1914 h/o Sophia
Pieper, Sophia nee Hedeman   11/??/1928 w/o Herman
Pieper, Wilhelmina Marie 'Minnie' 08/18/1873 03/31/1961 d/o Herman & Sophie
Radatz, Dorothy A. 'Dottie' Heeger     buried w 1st h/ Oscar Heeger, 2nd h/ Arthur Radatz (d. 08/18/1960); see Dorothy Heeger
Rees, Christian   07/19/1863 aged 32y 5m 28d
Reinke, August   07/??/1898 drowned in the Mississippi river
Reynolds, Carrie      
Robinson, Adelade / Adelaide Catherine Chewning nee Woods 11/15/1865 03/21/1942 1st h/John Alonzo Chewning (d. 5/28/1888), 2nd h/Winthrop Robinson; d/o John & Phoebe (Putnam)
Robinson, Elizabeth 1825 1913 w/o William
Robinson, Orville Asbury 09/01/1892 04/01/1909 s/o W.A & Adelaide
Robinson, William 1831 12/31/1886 h/o Elizabeth
Robinson, Winthrop A. 'Bud' 10/16/1855 03/28/1934 1st w/Caroline Fullbright (d. 1888), 2nd w/Adelaide (Woods) Chewning
Roeth, Amanda D.      
Rugnitz, Carl Theodore 01/27/1822 08/14/1882 h/o Johanna Mary
Rugnitz, Christian F. 11/03/1847 12/19/1865  
Rugnitz, Johanna Mary nee Meder 09/17/1822 12/12/1877 w/o Carl
Rugnitz, Walter 02/17/1884 01/07/1885 s/o August & Josie
Ruktaschel / Ruckdaschel, Chris ca1872 07/12/1919 s/o George & Elizabeth; died in Cheyenne, WY
Ruktaschel, Elizabeth Rinkert 05/28/1843 02/25/1914 w/o 1st Geo. Ruktaschel, 2nd George Rinkert
Ruktaschel, George 09/05/1838 04/07/1877 1st h/o Elizabeth
Ruktaschel, Margaret 1807 ?/29/1885 73y 7m ?d; w/o Wm
Ruktaschel, Willhelm 1807 11/201870 h/o Margaret
Ruktaschel / Ruckdaschel, William 1868 02/??/1938 s/o George & Elizabeth; d. in Cheyenne, WY
Rus, Christian 1832 1864 h/o Rosina
Schmidt, Else Emma nee Butschky 04/10/1902 12/21/1999 w/o Robert
Schmidt, Robert Karl 07/12/1899 03/16/1967 h/o Else; died in Valparaiso, IN
Schuetz, Anna A.   10/18/1967 Age 78y
Schultz, Arnold F. 06/02/1925 12/06/1995 h/o Donna; s/o Frank & Alma (Schumacher); U.S. Army, WWII
Schultz, Donna G. nee Fischer / Fisher 04/09/1928 11/13/1988 w/o Arnold; d/o Victor & Naomi (Hinrichs)
Schultz, Frank      
Schultz, son   06/0?/1978 infant s/o Craig & Carol
Schumacker, Emma 1863 1886 22 yrs; d/o A. & ?
Seipple, child      
Seipple, child      
Seipple, ???      
Seipple, Mike   02/??/1930 died at Dubuque
Sharp, Frank      
Sharp, Margaret 08/??/1829 12/18/1903 w/o Henry
Smasal, Anna 1801 1880  
Smasal, Anna nee Schoepf 1844 1922 w/o Wenzel
Smasal, Catharine   12/26/1880 aged 79y
Smasal, Leonard J. 04/09/1866 09/23/1906 s/o Wenzel & Anna
Smasal, Lorenz     no dates on stone
Smasal, Margret 09/06/1867 01/31/1915  
Smasal, Wenzel 12/08/1839 03/01/1902 h/o Anna
Smice, Martha J.   10/21/1860 w/o Jacob; age 31y
Smith, Lucille E. 'Lu' nee Hansel 03/05/1918 08/05/1989 w/o Eugene; d/o Harry & Lucille (Nolte)
Smith, Mary E. nee Davis 1831 06/28/1856 aged 25y; w/o Frank; d/o Timothy & Agnes; Note: Agnes is likely Nancy A. Davis, buried beside Mary
Smith, Minnie   1875 infant
Soles, daughter 01/27/1921 01/30/1921 Death certif: premature birth, father unkn., mother Margaret Soles (info. also given by her), burial Clayton cemetery 1/31/1921
Soles, Chester 07/??/1854 07/14/1928 h/o Philinda; Death certif.: died Finley Hosp., Dubuque
Soles, Lewis C. 10/03/1882 08/12/1919 s/o Chester & Philinda; drowned in Mississippi River
Soles, Philinda nee Scovel 10/16/1855 01/23/1927 w/o Chester; d/o Norm
Spear, Edward G. 01/02/1941 08/06/2005 h/o Marilyn
Spear, Marilyn J. nee Hare - - w/o Edward
Spiker, Dorothy Loretta nee Meyer 08/07/1934 12/05/1996 1st h/James W. Spiker, 2nd h/Roy Christopher; she is buried w/1st husb.; d/o Ewald & Myrtle (Brown)
Spiker, Edna Caroline 07/22/1900 08/30/1983 d/o John W. & Ethel L.
Spiker, Ethel Leona nee Knott /Nott 05/22/1881 01/21/1954 w/o John
Spiker, James Wesley 05/20/1908 06/19/1973 1st h/o Dorothy; s/o John & Ethel
Spiker, Mathew James   03/26/1980 s/o Beverly; grandson of Dorothy & Roy Christopher & James Spiker Sr. (deceased)
Spiker, Wesley Allen 07/07/1965 08/26/2012 s/o James & Dorothy
Stamm, August 03/07/1822 06/09/1903 h/o Theresa
Stamm, August JR 08/22/1857 03/12/1863  
Stamm, Marie 12/29/1855 10/29/1858  
Stamm, Theresa 11/07/1826 02/17/1905 w/o August
Stearns, Charles D.     h/o Sadie
Stearns, Fred 1862 11/18/1889 age 27y; s/o William & Nancy
Stearns, Nancy nee Gambrel 09/15/1825 07/05/1901 w/o William;
Stearns, Sarah 'Sadie' nee Beacom 06/12/1863 or 1868 07/10/1908 w/o C.D.
Stearns, William C. 1820 02/03/1896 h/o Nancy
Stearns, William E. 'Ed' 10/07/1852 01/22/1896 h/o Belle Solem
Steck, Frank Lister      
Steeman, Henry   11/24/1966 Age 77y
Streeter, Edith Mae 1927 1927  
Streeter, Joseph A. 10/03/1898 06/16/1931 World War I veteran
Streeter, Robert 1922 1985  
Streeter, Wallie     may be same person as Walter E.
Streeter, Walter E. 1925 1932 may be same person as Wallie
Szemkus, Henry R. 08/31/1912 07/08/1982 h/o Stella; s/o Otto & Louise (Rudolph)
Szemkus, John Henry 07/21/1944 07/17/2007 h/o Linda; s/o Henry & Stella (Pieper); U.S. Air Force Veteran
Szemkus, Linda Caroline nee Thoma - - w/o John H.
Szemkus, Rudy - - infant s/o Henry & Stella, died at birth
Szemkus, Stella L. nee Pieper 12/27/1920 12/27/2003 w/o Henry R.; d/o William & Suzanna (Stein), raised by Theodore & Alma Hetz from age 9 to adult
Tackman, Ervin Arthur 05/11/1932 07/12/2011 h/o Joann (Freese) Entner; U.S. Army Veteran, Korean war
Tappa, Andrew      
Thorpe, Fred A. 1873 1943 h/o Nellie
Thorpe, Nellie 1884 1930 w/o Fred
Tinkey, Fred      
Tinkey, Jake 06/03/1854 08/25/1935 h/o Adeline; s/o Samuel & unkn.
Tinkey, Samuel Eugene 07/09/1889 08/12/1918 s/o Jake & Adeline; originally buried in France, reinterred in Clayton cem. July 1921; died at Rouen, France, World War I
Tinkey, Sarah Adeline nee Wick 08/22/1866 09/22/1937 w/o Jake; d/o Andrew & Ann (Brandenburg); Note: there is no DOD engraved on the stone but Original Notices concerning her estate appear in the Clayton County Register in late September 1937. Her death cert. gives burial in Clayton cem.
Tischler, 2 children      
Trunkey, infant      
Trunkey, Francis   06/12/1881 aged 70y 2m 8d; h/o Mary Ann King (d. 1899, bur. Howard cemetery, Howard co. IA, near Elma, IA)
Tuecke, David Ervin 09/11/1956 06/07/1991 d/o Roland & Ruth (Tackman)
Venus, Joseph   10/??/1889 2 weeks; s/o Louis & Maggie
Venus, Margretha 'Maggie' nee Luers / Liers 02/21/1852 12/04/1889 w/o Louis
Vogelsang, Anna 11/04/1857 06/02/1872 d/o H. & R.
Vogelsang, Edward 02/10/1868 03/01/1872 s/o Hermann & Rebecca
Vogelsang, Margrethet     d/o H. & R.; dates illegible on stone
Walker, David 1861 1945 h/o Nellie
Walker, Nellie 1879 19-- w/o David; there is not a DOD engraved on her gravestone
Werb, Ada G. 09/01/1875 01/02/1910 w/o Harry; Note: DOD may be 1918
Werb, Harris 'Harry'   07/??/1916 drowned at Dubuque
Wickers, Irvin      
Wiggins, Frank      
Wildeboer, Bruno - - h/o Frances
Wildeboer, Frances E. 06/14/1928 02/20/1993 w/o Bruno
Wilker, Darlene nee Nydegger - - w/o Wm.
Wilker, William George 06/25/1931 01/06/2010 h/o Darlene; s/o William J. & Rosena (Lenth); Korean war veteran, U.S. Army paratrooper, 82nd Airborne Division
Woods, child      
Yohe, Donald R. 1919 2015 h/o Mary; s/o George & Elsie; U.S. Army, WWII; died in Chandler, AZ
Yohe, Elsie V. 1891 1954  
Yohe, George P. 1889 1936  
Yohe, Marcella Ruth 1926 1927  
Yohe, Mary Lee nee Adams 01/10/1929 03/12/2013 w/o Donald; d/o Arthur & Jane (Smull); died in Gilbert, AZ
Yohe, Virgil Arthur   1924  
unknown   08/15/1866 this stone is adjacent to Wilhelm Ruktaschel's gravestone so may be a Ruktaschel
unknown, ?Frederike     surname might end in KER
unknown, Albert     no surname or dates on the stone; it is near Frye family markers, so may be a Frye

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