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Jefferson Township, Section 1, NW/NE

The cemetery is 3½ mi. NW of Guttenberg along Hwy 52. It is south of the highway, but visible from the highway and accessed via a farm home driveway.

Birds-eye photo of Borcherding cemetery - from Bing maps
Birds-eye photo from Bing maps


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Name Birth Death Comments
???? , Barbara 11/4/1825 8/6/1870 stone is on the ground, inscribed 'Mother' on the top; see notes at bottom of page, surname may be Horsch
????, Henry 2/28/???? Nov. stone is on the ground inscribed 'Father' on the top; see notes at bottome of page, surname may be Horsch
Borcherding, Henry Dietrich 1/13/1837 11/28/1900 Born in Husum, Providence, Hannover
[WPA - Barcherding]
Borcherding, Louise C. 11/4/1848 1/18/1922 Wife of Henry D. Borcherding
Note: obituary gives birth date March 14, 1838; the gravestone clearly reads 11/4/1848
[WPA - Louis Barcherding]
Borcherding, Mary M. 11/29/1873 6/1/1895 Child of Henry & Louise (nee Kregel) Borcherding; inscription is on Henry's stone
[WPA - Barcherding]
Borcherding, Minnie S. 7/10/1871 5/20/1876 Child of Henry & Louise (nee Kregel) Borcherding; inscription is on Henry's stone
Borcherding, William F. 3/17/1877 3/11/1885 Child of Henry & Louise (nee Kregel) Borcherding; inscription is on Henry's stone
[WPA - Wm F. Barcherding]
Duwe, George W. 06/04/1811 05/24/1876 Born at Linsburg 14 Juni 1811
Duwe, Heinrich   11/19/186? Born in Linsburg, Hannover Germany
Duwe, Marie C. 1848 06/30/1872 [WPA]
? Duwe, ???     Possibly George W. Duwe's wife
inscribed: Mariag??? Jan or Jui 1822
Horsch gravestone     Elizabeth 1860 - stone is leaning against Horsch stone
Horsch, Henry      
Kregel, Charlotte 3/17/1826 04/05/1878 Charlotte Frau von Frederich H. D. Kregel
17 Mar 1826 - May 1898 [Note: conflicting death dates!]
Kregel, E. Wilhelm 1818 04/26/1891 Born Dec. 1 or 4, 1818
[F. Wilhelm - WPA]
Kregel, Friedrich H. P. 03/01/1826 08/01/1889 Frederich H. D. Kregel; b. in Gross Varlingen
[WPA - Frederick, same dates]
Kregel, Louise 12/5/1855 2/15/1866 Born In Gross Varlingen
Kregel, Sophie 1817 02/19/1900 wife of E. Wilhelm
Memke, Charlotta   01/01/1882 Chelotta wife of Ernst Menke, Age 73 years
Memke, Cattrine     Cattrine wife of Ernst; Aug?? 8 1876
57 years and 4 months
Memke, Ernest     Ernst Menke; January ?? 1883 73 years
Miller, Mary Dez 1809 Nov 1885 Mary is on the side of William Miller stone
Miller, William 5/1/1810 03/30/1867  
Muller, Carl 9/14/1856 6/14/1862 inscription: Carl, sohn von Marie Mull(er)
Geb Sep. 14, 1856    
Jun 14, 1862   
alter 5 Jahr  7 M
Nuhring, Anna Maria      
Nuhring, Henry 1825 04/10/1898 Nuehring is the Americanized spelling; b. Jan. 31, 1825 & d. Apr. 19, 1898
Nuhring, J. Henry 10/15/1864 9/15/1871 same stone as his parents & sister: Henry & Wilhelmina, Louisa
Nuhring, Louisa 1853 11/18/1871 [WPA] same stone as her parents & brother: Henry & Wilhelmina, John Henry
Nuhring, Wilhelmina   1866 St. John's church records, Guttenberg, give death date of Wilhelemina Homeier Nühring as Dec. 23, 1869
Ohlendorf, Henry 1808 10/28/1901 Nov. 2 or 21, 1808 - October 28, 1900
Ohlendorf, Wilhelmine 3/?/1820 08/20/1896 same stone as Henry
Rust, Katherine 12/25/1788 9/12/1880 On the back of the Ohlendorf stone
Strebel, Frederick   7/14/1868 child of George Strebel
note: All 3 children on one stone.
Strebel, Michael   7/18/1864 child of George Strebel
Strebel, William   9/14/1862 child of George Strebel




~Original list of names were transcribed by Charlene Barnhart from an unknown source
~Dates and additional names were added by Phyllis Montour from WPA cemetery records - comments enclosed by [brackets] are WPA comments
~Additional burials & inscription information from Georgia Nuering Bruns (now deceased) who walked the cemetery, photographed many of the stones and recorded inscriptions in the summer of 2002.


Horsch - "I believe that the two stones that do not have a last name is Horsch. Henry Horsch was born in Baden (Germany) about 1819. His first wife, Barbara was born in Baden also in 1825.  She is listed in the June 7,1870 Federal census and can't be found after that date. Henry may have died in 1899. Their son, John Horsch, married my cousin, Jennie Morrison..they later moved to California where they are buried.  I am sure that Henry and Barbara with no last names are John's parents. I notice that there is a Henry and a Elizabeth Horsch in the cemtery also.  This might be a daughter of Henry and Barbara."  February 2010, from Carolyn Gutzmer


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