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Bierer Cemetery

Millville Township
Section 4 SW/SW

Bierer cemetery - photo by Loras Gassmann

Bierer cemetery - photo by Loras Gassmann Bierer cemetery - photo by Loras Gassmann

Name Born Died
Bierer, Eliza Jane 1866 1871
Bierer, Frederick 1817 1904
Bierer, John 1861 1862
Bierer, Josephine (Kenny) 1850 1918
Bierer, Julia 1868 1893
Bierer, Julia Ann (Torrey) (Kenney) 1831 1878
Bierer, Margaret 1863 1950
Geick, Catherine Elizabeth (Bierer) 1871 1918
Geick, John Frank Frederick 1874 10/16/1906
Gike, Alfred "Geick" 11/4/1906 5/21/1986

photo by Loras Gassmann
Large gravestone:
Frederick Bierer, Julia A., his wife, John, Eliza J. & Julia
Small gravestone, front, center:
Alfred Gike "Geick"
photo by Loras Gassmann
Gravestone of John F.F. Geick


- dates added by Phyllis Montour from WPA records (December 2003)
- additional dates provided by
Loras Gassmann (January 2008)
- photos of the cemetery contributed by Loras Gassmann, November 2008
- original names file submitted by Charlene Barnhart

-notes: WPA records used the spelling Biers instead of Bierer although the first names are the same. The WPA records list Catherine Elizabeth Geick under Biers instead of Geick.

-important notice to researchers: WPA records are known to be incomplete & may contain errors - please use as a guide only

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