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Cemetery Index

St. Wenceslaus cemetery
Section 9, SW/NE, Giard twp.

aka: St. Vincent, St. Vaclav, Bohemian, Buelah, Watson cemetery

Alphabetical list of burials & a list of possible burials

Researched by Deanna Krambeer

see also: List of burials by family group * History & other misc. info.

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Alphabetical list of burials as of July 2017
(includes a list of possible burials at the end)

Alexander, Charles “Charley” d. 08/24/1915    “about 18 years old”

Ambrose, Anna	1840—12/08/1923  w/o Jacob   “about 84 years old”

Ambrose, Beatrice Loretta nee Nichols   07/05/1920—11/24/2000  w/o Vincent; d/o Leslie & Katie Nichols

Ambrose, Donald Lee  January 24, 1949—January 24, 1949   son of John F. and Marie Blanche Ambrose 
Ambrose, Frances  nee Fleischman   1890—1931   wife of John Ambrose, mother of John F.

Ambrose, Frank  12/04/1874—03/18/1914   s/o Jakub and Anna,  Stone lists birth year of 1875.

Ambrose Jacob	1833—02/11/1901  h/o Anna

Ambrose, John    1877—09/12/1923  husband of Frances, father of John F.; s/o Jakub and Anna

Ambrose, John F.   06/18/1913—01/16/1982  son of John and Frances; h/o Marie

Ambrose, Marie Blanche nee Havlicek  03/28/1912—07/02/2004  w/o John F. d/o John T. and Anna Klima Havlicek

Ambrose, Robert J.  08/23/1944—09/17/1985 son of John F. and Marie Blanche  Veteran—Served in Vietnam Campaign

Ambrose, Rozena Z.  12/23/1883—12/24/1883  daughter of Jacob and Anna 

Ambrose, Vincent   05/12/1917—October 25, 2002   h/o Beatrice

Bohonek, Ferdinand  07/08/1884—08/19/1884  	son of Josefa and Katerini Bohonek 

Bothel, Irene    06/02/1908—08/14/1938;  w/o Earl Bothel; d/o Albert and Anna Havlicek

Burlingame, Mamie  05/28/1894—02/26/1906   d/o Ben and Elizabeth Burlingame 

Cahoon, Blair   10/17/1963  s/o Wilbur and Mary Jane Cahoon

Cahoon, Mary Jane nee Pilkington   03/23/1924—12/25/1976   w/o Wilbur; m/o Blair

Cahoon, Wilbur  02/03/1921—04/18/1975   h/o Mary Jane; f/o Blair 

Cihla, Mary (Seglar) 1844—02/27/1921 w/o Mathias  Cihla was Americanized to Seglar

Cihla, Mathias/Mike  (Seglar)	1845—01/16/1918	h/o Mary  Cihla was Americanized to Seglar

Dettman, Marlin Walter 02/04/1958 - 11/10/2010  h/o Bridget Marie

Downing, Alvina  nee Papacek 12/08/1886—09/05/1915  d/o Thomas and Marie Papacek. Her name also appears on her parent’s 
tombstone, with a birth year of 1887. 

Hanzl, Frank 1/26/1831—05/12/1882  age 51 y, “Father”  h/o Matilda  ssa Matilka 

Hanzl, Matilka	01/25/1876—11/10/1881   age 5 years   “Daughter”  ssa Frank. Matilka was the first burial recorded in the Czech record of  St. Wenceslaus
Cemetery burials. Frank was the second recorded burial. 

Havlicek, Agnes H.  1900—04/05/1953 d/o   John F. and Anna Lechnir

Havlicek, Agnes L.  02/09/1912—10/12/1994	w/o Frank E. 

Havlicek, Albert  04/07/1867—07/24/1925   h/o Anna; f/o Anna, Mary and Raymond 

Havlicek, Anna nee Lechnir	 03/29/1861—11/12/1932  “Mother” w/o John F.

Havlicek, Anna  nee Papacek  1870—1940 w/o Albert; m/o Anna, Mary and Raymond

Havlicek, Anna B. nee Klima  08/03/1876—09/10/1967   w/o John T. 

Havlicek, Anna C.  11/25/1901—02/19/1920  	d/o Albert and Anna

Havlicek, Benjamin 08/07/1908—06/16/1947   Iowa, Staff Sgt. US Army, WW II

Havlicek, Catherine nee Herbeck   05/--/1845—11/11/1907  “Mother”  w/o Mathias

Havlicek, Edward A.  04/24/1885—09/19/1910  ssa Helen A.; s/o John F. and Anna. 1885 birth date on stone, other records say 1886

Havlicek, Frank E.   08/29/1914—03/02/1994   h/o Agnes L. 

Havlicek, Gerald  04/21/1937—09/10/1956	s/o Leo & Grace

Havlicek, Grace Evelyn nee Folsom    08/22/1911—08/07/2002  w/o Leo R; d/o Alonzo and Hazel Harris Folsom

Havlicek, Helen A.  06/21/1906—09/15/1906	ss/ Edward A.  d/o John F. and Anna 

Havlicek, John B.  1883—07/06/1960	s/o John F. and Anna 	
Havlicek, John F.  06/10/1850—06/02/1923	“Father”  h/o Anna Lechnir

Havlicek, John J.   02/20/1904—04/16/1981; never married; s/o John T. and Anna Klima, died Postville Hospital

Havlicek, John T. 	1869—11/11/1932		h/o Anna B. Klima

Havlicek, Leo R. 	04/19/1906—1967	h/o Grace; s/o John T. and Anna

Havlicek, Martin Matt     1876—05/24/1896  s/o Mathias and Catherine; died in the flood of 1896

Havlicek, Mary    1897—1974  d/o Albert and Anna Papacek Havlicek

Havlicek, Mathias   12/02/1835—07/12/1926  “Father”; h/o Catherine

Havlicek, Mayme E. 	01/06/1890—05/31/1956	d/o John F. and Anna Lechnir

Havlicek, Raymond J.   02/06/1920—02/22/1949, veteran Iowa, Staff Sgt 679 AAF Bomb Squadron, WWII

Hlavac, Jacob   07/18/1839—10/20/1897
Hlavac, John  07/07/1880—05/24/1896 s/o Jacob and Katherine;  drowned in the flood of 1896

Hlavac, Katherine	03/05/1840—01/23/1916	w/o Jacob. Her funeral was at the St. Vaclav (Bohemian) Church, but there is no statement in records of where
she was buried.  It seems likely she would be buried at St. Wenceslaus in the family plot. 

Hlavac, Mary	09/10/1869—03/09/1896    d/o Jacob and Katherine 

Holly, Jan (John)  6/1/1852—08/23/1933   h/o Marie; “Otec  Jan”(Father John)  is on the tombstone.

Holly John G.  01/20/1884—05/08/1945  s/o Jan(John) and Marie(Mary)

Holly, Marie/Mary  nee Lestina   07/02/1858—03/14/1943  w/o Jan (John); “Matka  Marie” (Mother Marie) is on the tombstone. 

Holly  Infant— “Infant Holly” is on the stone. Marie’s obituary lists an infant daughter preceding her in death.  John’s obituary lists 
an unnamed child who died in infancy. 

Jeremias, Albert T.    04/11/1838—05/04/1918  h/o Veronica “Father” on stone.

Jeremias, Veronica  nee Safar	 02/02/1839—12/09/1930    w/o Albert T.  “Mother” on stone.

Jermier, Jennie 	07/04/1873—03/04/1944     d/o Albert and Veronica

Jermier, John 	04/30/1879—11/09/1958   s/o Albert and Veronica

Jermier Mike	02/13/1877—06/14/1957     s/o Albert and Veronica 

Kadlec, Anna R. nee Lestina   05/30/1873—06/23/1916; 1st w/o Joseph F. 

Kadlec, Anna   07/14/1895—10/24/1918    d/o Joseph and Anna Lestina Kadlec. Her ashes were reported scattered on her mother’s grave. 
No other record was found. 

Kadlec, Antonia	nee Michael 11/08/1885—11/23/1971   w/o Frank J.

Kadlec, August G. 10/09/1908—08/04/1949   s/o Joseph and Anna Lestina Kadlec.  veteran, Iowa, Tec4, US Army, World War II

Kadlec, Frances Anna nee Levinsky   09/28/1888—01/13/1977  2nd w/o Joseph F; d/o Edward Levinsky; d. Postville hospital, Schultz Funeral Home 

Kadlec, Frank J.  03/30/1882—11/21/1970   h/o Antonia 

Kadlec, John 11/01/1876—05/24/1896    John drowned in the flood of 1896.  s/o Joseph and  Veronica Kadlec

Kadlec, Joseph	02/20/1842—12/31/1894     h/o Veronica Nydl/Nedle. The Czech words “Nas Otec” are on his stone.  
It means “Our Father”.  Some records list ‘Kadlec, Nasatec’ as a name for a separate  individual.

Kadlec, Joseph F.  03/07/1897 (or 07/03/1897)—09/18/1910    “Son” on stone   s/o Joseph F. and Anna Lestina 

Kadlec, Joseph Frank 07/21/1873—10/29/1968   1st w/Anna; 2nd w/Frances; s/o Joseph and Veronica Nedle Kadlec 

Kadlec, Veronica nee Nydl/Nedle 06/24/1844—06/19/1933     w/o Joseph

Kann, Lorraine ‘Loren” 12/20/1924—05/08/1987	h/o Antoinette; PFC US Army, WWII; brother of Reynold

Kann, Reynold Godfried 08/26/1923—10/01/2009;  h/o Shirley Nichols; s/o Herbert & Ida (Heck) Kann; PFC US Army Coastal Artillery, WWII

Kann, Shirley nee Nichols	05/20/1928—08/02/2014    w/o Reynold

Klima, Anna 1888—1890   d/o  Joseph SR & Mary Kadlec Klima

Klima, Annastasia  04/08/1838—04/23/1903  w/o Joseph 

Klima, Joseph	02/09/1838—11/06/1913   h/o Annastasia,  father of Joseph SR

Klima, Joseph SR 03/28/1863—08/03/1946      h/o  Mary Kadlec, son of Joseph

Klima, Mary nee Kadlec 3/04/1864—08/25/1946    w/o Joseph SR

Klima, Tereise	10/07/1866—04/04/1895   d/o Joseph & Annastasia 

Koresh, John Raymond     April 04, 1948—April 16, 2016; h/o Mary, a daughter of Ralph and Eloise; buried in the first row, near the Welch family

Koresh, Mary Colleen  w/o John R.

Kostal, Marie nee Marovec	07/02/1840—09/18/1915   w/o Matej

Kostal, Matej (Matthias) 1823—buried April 21, 1891  (stone says 1892)  ssa Marie; h/o Marie

Kubes,  (Kubesh),  Joseph	 11/18/1911—02/20/1912     s/o Vaclav Kubes

Kubes, (Kubesh), Joseph/Frank	  died 04/17/1915   75 years old

Lacina, Jakub	05/02/1828—02/23/1920    h/o Marie  “Otec” on stone means father  (Americanized surname is Lotza )

Lacina, Marie (Americanized surname is Lotza)	09/03/1835—12/27/1919 w/o Jakub  “Matka” on stone means Mother

Lacina, Marie	02/16/1861—03/21/1893    Mrs. John Oslum

Lestina, Albert   03/30/1848—07/15/1936    h/o Mary Holly

Lestina, Frank	01/05/1860—06/16/1928    h/o Kathryn

Lestina, Frank	1887—1887 s/o Jno and Mary Blaha Lestina

Lestina, Frank Albert 	08/22/1878—10/02/1946      h/o Martha Plozel,  s/o Albert and Mary Holly Lestina

Lestina, Jakub	01/13/1814—11/20/1893	h/o Marie Vlasek; f/o  Albert, Frank (1860-1928), and Katerina 

Lestina, James 	   1884—09/16/1903	 Aged 19 years   s/o Jno and Mary Blaha Lestina

Lestina, Jno (John)	05/03/1850—12/06/1917	h/o Mary Blaha. Year of birth on stone is 1850, in obituary it is 1851, on funeral home record it is 1848.				
“Father” on small stone   “Jno Lestina” on large stone

Lestina, John/Johan	04/10/1883—05/04/1883	s/o Jno and Mary Blaha Lestina

Lestina, John G.  01/23/1893—02/24/1924    PVT Med Corps  WWI

Lestina, John T.   02/11/1890—12/28/1915      s/o Jno and Mary Blaha Lestina

Lestina, Josef	03/05/1846—10/22/1933	h/o Katerina   ssa Katerina

Lestina, Kate  09/28/1902-–12/06/1908  age 6 years   d/o Jno and Mary Blaha Lestina 

Lestina, Katerina nee Lestina	10/29/1840—02/10/1924      w/o Joseph  ssa Joseph. (Katerina Lestina married Joseph Lestina)

Lestina, Kathryn	   11/20/1855—12/07/1938	 w/o Frank

Lestina, Marie/Maria  nee Vlasek	 6/22/1818—12/26/1903     w/o Jakub

Lestina, Martha nee Plozel	3/19/1877—05/06/1962   w/o Frank Albert

Lestina, Mary  nee Blaha	08/15/1859—08/27/1915  “Mother” on small stone; w/o Jno Lestina

Lestina, Mary nee Holly 07/04/1854—04/25/1902   w/o Albert

Lestina, Rosie	1898—09/07/1898   9 days old  d/o Jno and Mary Blaha Lestina

Lestina, Vaclav/Waclav 37 years old   buried 01/29/1893  s/o Wojeha Listiny Buried in lot with John and Mary Holly

Lestina, Vojtech  75 years old, buried 01/12/1895. Buried in lot with John and Mary Holly 

Lotza, Anna Bertha nee Kottman   11/08/1909—08/17/1977;  w/o Sylvester; d/o Henry &  Louise (Havorland) Kottman 

Lotza, Anna M.  nee Moses    09/08/1875—05/11/1949   ssa Joseph W.  w/o Joseph W

Lotza, George W.   02/19/1905—04/26/1905   s/o Joseph W. and Anna M.

Lotza, Joseph W.  02/04/1871—05/20/1960   ssa Anna M.;   h/o Anna M.

Lotza, Sylvester S.    8/03/1906—06/15/1984       h/o Anna B.;  s/o Joseph W. and Anna M.

Macha, Thomas	 died 1889    age 18 

Mazanec, Frantisek	10/20/1830—06/14/1893        h/o Marie 

Mazanec, Marie	 08/22/1834—10/03/1907    w/o Frantisek

Mielke, Gerald D.  11/24/1917—05/18/1995    h/o Madonna; Tec 5 US Army, WWII

Mielke, Madonna C. nee Kirschbaum	09/03/1916—04/05/2005   w/o Gerald 

Miller, Pamela 04/25/1955    d/o Nick and Marcella

Miller, Marcella nee Welch	03/30/1913—06/10/1998	w/o Nick 

Miller, Nicholas ‘Nick’	09/26/1899—08/01/1972   h/o Marcella 	

Mojzis, Albert   “Vojtech” on stone    03/18/1822—02/18/1899    Albert’s stone lists  his death year as 1898, but his obituary appeared after his death in February 1899.   

Mojzis, Frank    1871—12/31/1902

Moritz, Gary Lee

Moritz, Marleen Marie nee Blietz 12/06/1945 - 08/26/2017 w/o Gary

Moses, Catherine nee Ambroz 	07/04/1850—12/14/1939  w/o Simon    “Mother” on small stone.

Moses, Simon	10/25/1844—10/28/1889  h/o Catherine   “Father” on small stone

Olson, Antoinette B.  nee Samek	06/14/1881—04/09/1979  w/o Peter H.

Olson, Peter H. 	1876—1936    h/o Antoinette B. 

Oslun, Oslum  nee Marie Lacina  02/16/1861—03/21/1893  (See Marie Lacina)

Palas, Stanley Gene	03/11/1950—12/30/1979      h/o Marcia Ambrose; s/o Glenn & LaNida Nevermann Palas;  Sgt. US Marine Corp., Vietnam.   

Papacek, Alvina	-see Downing, Alvina

Papacek, Marie nee Lenz/Lentz	  11/05/1839—09/10/1922    1839 on stone, obituary is 11/05/1842.  w/o Thomas

Papacek, Thomas       12/19/1839—07/10/1913    b. Steponowic, Bohemia; h/o Mary/Marie Lenz  Stone says “FOUNDER OF THIS CHURCH AND CEMETERY”

Pilkington, Emma M.  nee Plozel      05/23/1885—01/13/1970      w/o Will B.  d/o Thomas and Mary Plozel

Pilkington, Will B.  09/08/1879—07/23?/1956      h/o Emma 

Plozel, Anna 01/22/1873—09/07/1965    d/o Thomas and Mary 

Plozel, Mary nee Pozar    04/09/1847 or 1848—07/17/1919  w/o Thomas; d/o Jakub Pozar

Plozel, Thomas     12/11/1838—06/--/1924   h/o Mary

Pozar  Jakub    1808—03/--/1893    father of Mary Plozel;  buried March 24, 1893	. Sometimes listed as Jacob Vinner on records
Samek, Emma Agnes nee Lestina  03/03/1883—12/07/1938     w/o Frank

Samek, Frank 	04/18/1878—02/19/1970  h/o Emma A;  s/o Albert and Mary Bicca Samek

Samek, Henry      07/16/1872—07/18/1948   h/o Mary Kostle 

Samek, Henry Martin     11/12/1901—02/26/1971   Iowa, 52 US Navy, World War I;  s/o Henry and Mary

Samek, Lillian Mae  1906—12/24/1974    “Wife of Wilford Schultz”  on stone 

Samek, Mary/Marie nee Bicca/Bica     1836—08/05/1932  m/o Henry, Frank, Antoinette Olson. She is incorrectly listed as Marie Olson on some old records. 

Samek, Mary  nee Kostle  03/13/1872—06/05/1963   w/o Henry 

Samek, Ora Mary    1897—11/04/1898   St. Patrick’s Church Monona lists her buried at “Beulah”, St. Wenceslaus Cemetery,“Aged 1 yr, 1 month & 19 days”.  
No other official record of this infant was found. Henry Samek’s obituary lists an infant daughter, Laura, preceding him in death. 

Schlitter, Elmer C.   10/04/1914—December 8, 2002   h/o Margaret Lestina 

Schlitter, Margaret M. nee Lestina   04/29/1913—10/27/1993  w/o  Elmer C.; d/o Frank A. and Martha Plozel Lestina

Schultz, Lillian Mae  nee Samek	1906—12/24/1974     w/o Wilford  d/o Henry and Mary Kostle 

Seglar, Frances   11/30/1883—05/26/1979   w/o John

Seglar, John   1883—1965   h/o Frances

Subdol, Marie    01/25/1882—01/26/1882     d/o Johanna and Tonky Subdol  

Subdol infant son     died at 2 days of age, 1883  s/o Johanna and Tonky Subdol

Subdol  infant son    died shortly after birth  1884    s/o Johanna and Tonky Subdol

Subdol, Joseph     1821 or 1826—09/01 or 02/1903   f/o Frank 

Sudol, Frank SR.    1866—10/16/1956  “Father” on stone;  ssa Mary and John 

Sudol, John   9/21/1899—02/11/1955  “Son” on stone; ssa Frank and Mary

Sudol, Mary nee Klima    03/11/1871—08/19/1952   “Mother” on stone; ssa Frank and John
Tayek, Jacob   05/23/1825—10/23/1890    ssa Marie and Mikie; g/father to Marie and Mikie;  h/o Mary Blaha

Tayek, Jacob Jr.    12/09/1911—12/10/1911  “son of J & M” on stone; son of Jacob and Marjorie Burlingame Tayek;  
Great-great grandson of Jacob and Mary Tayek         

Tayek, Joseph	01/17/1877—08/21/1965  h/o Katherine;  grandson of Jacob and Mary Tayek

Tayek, Katherine  nee Moses   11/16/1878—10/08/1973  w/o Joseph;  d/o Simon and Katherine Ambroz Moses; d. Postville, Ia (ACDR)

Tayek, Marie	 01/17/1881—03/12/1889   ssa Jacob and Mikie; granddaughter of Jacob and Mary Blaha Tayek; sister of Mikie

Tayek, Mary nee Blaha    07/07/1820—05/12/1917   w/o Jacob;   g/mother  of Mikie and Marie

Tayek, Mikie/Mathias   02/17/1896—12/12/1908  ssa Jacob and Marie; g/son of Jacob and Mary Blaha Tayek

Tayek, Robert James  11/25/1923—04/02/1988  s/o Jacob and Marjorie Burlingame Tayek; Staff Sgt US Army, Co H 345th Infantry, WW II; Purple Heart 

Thomas, Rena E.    07/12/1915—1971    d/o Will and Emma Lestina Pilkington 

Thornton, Connie nee Havlicek   09/14/1945—11/9/2010  d/o Leo and Grace Havlicek

Verchota, Frank  1839—12/10/1919  h/o Marie Hairety Verchota

Verchota, Katherine 	 1874—04/20/1926     d/o Frank and Marie

Verchota, Marie   nee Hairety 1839—1895     w/o Frank 

Vlazny, Josef    1832 (est.)—07/15/1903      h/o Kathrina; “J. V.” on small stone. Two large family stones also on lot

Vlazny, Josef      08/22/1904—10/01/1919     s/o Martin and Mary Skluzacek Vlazny

Vlazny, Kathrina  1835 (est)—02/21/1925  w/o Josef; “K. V.” on small stone 

Vlazny, Martin	10/31/1872—09/06/1947  ssa Mary h/o Mary,  s/o Josef and Kathrina 

Vlazny, Mary nee Skluzacek	02/28/1882—03/27/1962   ssa Martin   w/o Martin Obituary lists birth date of 02/19/1882

Welch, Caroline A. nee Papacek      04/12/1905—03/27/1995    ssa Lloyd D.   w/o Lloyd D.

Welch, Eloise Stella  nee Moose  02/28/1927—09/30/1985  w/o Ralph O.; d/o Gerald and Stella Livingood Moose

Welch, Larry David	05/14/1949—08/09/1967  s/o Eloise and Ralph

Welch, Lloyd D.   11/21/1905—03/06/1982   h/o Caroline A.  

Welch, Ralph Orin	 01/15/1928—07/26/2007    1st w/ Eloise, 2nd w/ Joan Streittmatter Hertrampf;  s/o Lloyd and Caroline

Whittle, Anna E. nee Tinker    07/14/1877—08/25/1939   w/o Michael F. 

Whittle, Bernard Michael	11/11/1936—02/28/1991     h/o Shirley L. Doerring; s/o Bernard and Odelia Fassbinder Whittle; death date in obituary is 02/27/1991. 

Whittle, Clarence L.  02/17/1905—03/20/1957  s/o Michael and Anna 

Whittle, Irene A.	09/15/1900—09/17/1909   d/o Michael and Anna 

Whittle, Emma	09/20/1879—08/07/1902  ssa Michael  d/o Michael and Napolena 

Whittle, Michael	11/11/1830—03/08/1909    father of Emma 

Whittle, Michael F.  07/06/1877—06/26/1946   ssa Anna E.  h/o Anna

Zirbes, Glen J.	05/03/1915—08/21/2005   h/o Martina M; Tec 3 US Army, WW II  s/o Ida Zirbes

Zirbes, Ida nee Plozel  02/19/1880—10/12/1947  m/o Glen; d/o Thomas and Mary Plozel. Obituary has birth year of 1881.

Zirbes, Martina M.  nee Aird  07/22/1917—12/21/2010     w/o Glen


Other Possible Burials at St. Wenceslaus Cemetery or on nearby farms.

The Czech Journal does not record any deaths for the years 1885, 1886,1887, 1888, 1890, and 1900. One tombstone was found with a death date of 1890, but it seems likely other deaths occurred during the times listed, especially from 1885-1888, a period of four years.

Lacina/Oslun, Marie
There is a an Andera Cross for Marie, and a possible translation of the Czech Journal is that she died “with pregnancy”. There is no record of an infant being buried with her.

Samek, Henry Martin and Viola Henry Eugene Samek, their son, died at 5 weeks of age 10/27/1927-12/06/1927. He was “Buried in Catholic Cemetery”, but no record
is found in other local Catholic Cemeteries or St. Wenceslaus.

Jermier, Albert T. and Veronica
Family history says a pair of twins born in Clayton County died at birth. This is likely between 1874 and 1876, before St. Wenceslaus was organized. Their burial site is unknown.

Lestina, Albert and Mary
Their obituaries list 3 children who died in infancy or childhood. Joe, likely born 1876 or 1877, is on the 1880 census but not on the 1885 census. He is mentioned in
his brother Frank’s obituary in 1946. He apparently died between 1880 and 1885, but no record of his burial is found. In 1879 a twin sister to son Albert died at birth or shortly thereafter. A third child was apparently born and died. The birth report states that there was a 7th child, a male, born on 03/30/1883. There was no record of Emma’s birth, reportedly about this same time.

Lestina, Frank and Kathryn
In 1881, twin sons died at birth. The Czech Journal begins recording deaths in November 1881, but there is no record of these twins. There are two small stones on the family lot with no names on them.


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