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Guttenberg City Cemetery Association

source: postcard collection of David Shedlock, used with permission
Undated postcard is from the David Shedlock collection. Used with permission.
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The following items were contributed by either S. Ferrall or Reid R. Johnson


Cemetery Association Organized
A meeting was held at the town hall Friday evening for the purpose of organizing a cemetery association here, the efforts of the association to be devoted entirely to the maintaining, beautifying, improving and government of the City Cemetery.

A large number of residents of our citizens were present at the meeting. Dr. A.E. Beyer was chosen as chairman and Attorney Chas. E. Scholz as secretary of the meeting. Upon motion it was resolved to incorporate the association under the name Guttenberg Cemetery Association.

The following persons were selected as the first officers of the association, and which persons are to hold office until the next annual meeting of the association:
Dr. A.E. Beyer, president
Mrs. Etta Beutel, vice president
Selma Class, secretary
C.J. Adam, treasurer
Emil Ihm, Mrs. John O. Kuempel, F.J. Friedlein, Wm. Nuehring and John P. Eckart, directors.
~Guttenberg Press, Thursday, June 22, 1916


Power of Attorney granted to the Guttenberg Cemetery Association, a corporation under the laws of the State of Iowa
[abstracted from a much longer article composed of legal language]

-Town of Guttenberg grant to the Cemetery Association the following Power of Attorney (moved by Ihm and seconded by Frommelt), full power and authority to perform all necessary to be done in the caring for, improving, regulating, beautifying, platting, laying out, managing, selling and transferring of graveyard lots and spaces for graves; the same as the said town itself has power to do.
-The power extending to the present cemetery in the Town of Guttenberg and to it's future extensions and additions.
-Authorize and direct the aforesaid. Vote results: Ayes - Beerman, Frommelt, Hamann and Ihm. Nayes - none.
~Guttenberg Press, Thursday, August 10, 1916 (Town Council Proceedings)


Annual Meeting
The regular annual meeting of the Guttenberg Cemetery Association was held at Turner hall April 2, 1924, at which were present - F.J. Friedlein, C.J. Adam, Emil Ihm, George Kohler, Mrs. George Kohler, Mrs. Tony Lorenz, Hazel Rau, Emma Minger, Albert Minger and Mrs. Ettal Beutel.

F.J. Friedlein, vice-president presided in the absence of the president, Dr. A.E. Beyer. Minutes of previous meeting were read, approved and adopted as read. The report of the secretary showing a balance of $743.77 on hand was read, adopted and placed on file.

The bill of Guttenberg Press for publishing notice, $1.00 was ordered paid.

Election of officers followed: Dr. A.E. Beyer, president; F.J. Friedlein, vice president; C.J. Adam, treasurer; Mrs. Emma Jenkins and F.J. Friedlein directors for 3 years; Mr. George Kohler, sexton for the coming year; Mrs. Hazel Rau, secretary to fill vacancy caused the the resignation of Miss Kappen.

A vote of thanks was tendered Miss Kappen for faithful service rendered as secretary for six years.

The chairman appointed Carl Ihm and C.E. Scholz the auditing committee to examine the books of the secretary and treasurer.

The association has a membership of 277.

The Guttenberg cemetery s a gem of beauty. It is always well kept. It's unusual features will repay the visitor.
~Guttenberg Press, April 10, 1924


The Guttenberg Cemetery Association held their regular meeting in Turner Hall on Friday evening. The officers are:
President - Dr. A. E. Beyer
Treasurer - C. J. Adam
Secretary - Mrs. A. Rau
Vice-President - Chas. Scholz
Directors - Emil Ihn, Emma Jenkins, Wm. Neuhring, F. J. Friedlein, J. P. Eckart
Sexton - George Kohler
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 26 Apr. 1928. Guttenberg column


The Guttenberg Cemetery Association held its annual meeting in the town hall Wednesday evening. The following were elected officers for 1933:
President - Dr. A. E. Beyer
Vice-President - Dr. E. J. Pohle
Treasurer - C. J. Adams
Secretary - Hazel F. Rau
3 yr. Directors - F. J. Friedlein, John Purnhage
Sexton - Henry Holtz, Jr.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 13 Apr. 1933. Guttenberg column


The annual meeting of the Guttenberg Cemetery Association was held at the town hall here Thursday evening. The following officers were elected for the year:
President - Dr. A. E. Beyer
Vice President - Dr. E. J. Pohle
Secretary - Mrs. Hazel Rau
Treasurer - C. J. Adam
Directors - Emil Ihm, A. H. Borman
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 12 Apr. 1934



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