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Garretson Cemetery

The cemetery is located in Sec. 30, NWSW Sperry twp., Clayton county, off of Acre Road (county road W61), just across the Clayton-Fayette county border from Fairfield twp., Fayette county. Visitors to the cemetery may need to access it via private property.


~Compiled by Rita Goranson, Mason City, Iowa

~Rita's notes: A combination of sources give this cemetery a more complete picture of who may be buried there.  The records are from Find-a-Grave, the Clayton County Historical Society and from my personal research.  This cemetery is on private property and not used today (April 2012). The following burial list has not been personally confirmed by me and may contain errors. Please use as a guide only - it is the responsibility of a researcher to independently verify the information.

The source of the information is given in the remarks column with the following abbreviations:
fag = Find-A-Grave, Garretson cemetery
CCHS = Clayton County Historical Society record of the cemetery by Gertrude Cordes
RG = personal records of Rita Goranson

Name Born Died Remarks
Barber, Annette nee Bradshaw 09/01/1851 12/29/1867 fag
Bradshaw, Benjamin 07/28/1850 09/18/1850 fag
Bradshaw, Elmena 12/02/1853 08/31/1855 fag
Bradshaw, John Pleasant 09/18/1858 July 1863 fag
Bradshaw, Justus Eugene 01/26/1874 06/21/1900 fag
Butler, John 1855 1855 fag
Butler, Wesley Moorow 10/23/1850 unknown fag
Cummings, Cerena Amanda nee Butler 09/30/1852 04/11/1874 fag; Note! She & her husband Thomas also are recorded on the burial list for Hill Crest cemetery, Volga
Freeman, Amanda nee Lucas 10/05/1799 03/24/1863 fag
Freeman, Amy Amanda 12/11/1873 01/18/1874 fag
Freeman, Archibald Pennell 03/26/1835 02/22/1883 fag
Freeman, Catherine L. nee Johnson 1832 1865 fag
Freeman, Daniel Rufus 1861 12/24/1888 fag
Freeman, John II 09/18/1783 1858 fag
Freeman, Lee unknown unknown fag
Freeman, Rachel Garretson 1832 11/12/1852 fag
Freeman, St. John 1852 unknown fag
Heths     CCHS; no other info.
Hewitt, Moses F.   04/01/1853 CCHS; age 33 years, s/o Joseph Hewitt

Photo is courtesy of the Clayton County Historical Society

Hickman, Sarah E. 1844 likely 1850/51 RG; d/o Elizabeth Hickman Hewitt (burial is probable, not confirmed)
March, Phoebe   unknown CCHS
Mead, child   unknown CCHS; child of Ezra & Emeline Mead
St. John, Seth April 1856 02/22/1858 fag
Wilcox, child   likely Nov. 1878 CCHS; child of Helen (Nelson) Wilcox


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