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East Side Cemetery Association
... originally called Ladies Cemetery Association

East side cemetery, Elkader

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Misc. Cemetery Association Records:


At the annual meeting of the Ladies Cemetery Association last Thursday at the Court House the following officers were elected:
Pres. - Mrs. J. C. Stemmer
Vice Pres. - Mrs. H. W. Wilke
Secretary - Mrs. H. S. Merritt
Treasurer - Mrs. L. F. Gossman
~Elkader Register, Fri. morning, 27 Aug. 1897. Local Scrap Bag columns
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


The Ladies Cemetery Association recently decided to incorporate, in order that their work migh be more satisfactorily performed. In the seven years of its existence this association has done noble work, and we doubt if many of our readers realize its extent. Then they took hold of the East Side Cemtery it was in a deporable condition, fences down and no special care taken of the grounds more than to hae the grass cut once a year, just before Memorial day. But what a change, a good durable fence has been put about the grounds, additional lots were purchased, trees and shrubs planted, gravestones repaired and reset, water extended to the grounds and the lots carefully cared for and kept in order. This year they have put in over 800 feet of roadway, curbed and macadamized to that all parts of the cemetery can be reached without driving upon the grass. This roadway was put in by John Stoops and is an excellent piece of work, the cost being $668.00. The city water works have been extended about this roadway with four hydrants at intervals so that water is easy to be had from all parts of the grounds.

No person who was familiar with the appearance of the cemetery a few years ago, can visit it now without expressing hearty words of commendation to the ladies who have worked so hard to accomplish what has taken place. It has not always been smooth or pleasant. Now that they have been incorporated and given the authority to control the cemetery, they propose to continue in the good work, and that this may be done pleasantly and with the least amount of misunderstanding they have promulgated a set of rules and regulations. These have been approved by the town council and are now the laws governing the cemetery.

Articles of Incorporation - By Laws - Rules & Regulations
Ladies Cemetery Association

We, the undersigned citizens of Clayton county, Iowa, do by this act form ourselves into a body corporate for cemetery purposes and do adopt the following Article of Incorporation:

Article I
This corporation shall be known under the style and name of The Ladies Cemetery Association of Elkader, Iowa, with its principal place of business at Elkader, Iowa.

Article II
The object of this corporation shall be to look after and care for the cemetery known as the East Side Cemetery at Elkader, Iowa, to ornament and keep the same clean and in good order, to regulate the burial of the dead, to extend the limits from time to time, and to make all such necessary regulations and improvements as may be required, also to acquire, take, hae, and hold real estate and personal property for cemetery purposes, to make rules and regulations concerning the said property and to dispose of the same.

Article III
The officers of this corporation shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and five directors.

Article IV
The duties of the President, Vice President, Sectrtary and Treasurer shall be such as usually pertain to said offices.

Article V
The Directors shall have general charge of the cemetery or cemeteries and of the sale of lots by themselves as directors and to have charge of the expenditure of all monies belonging to said corporation and to expend the same for cemetery purposes only.

Article VI
Any lady who is interested in this work may become a member of this Association by paying a membership fee of fifty ceents and may withdraw from said Association by giving written notice to the president to that efect and a member so withdrawing shall lose all rights and interests in the property of said corporation.

Article VII
The election of officers shall be held on the first Thursday of April of each year and on the first Thursday of April, 1903, there shall be elected a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, who shall each hold office for one year or until their successors are elected and qualified, also on said date there shall be elected two directors for one year each, two directors for two years each, and one director for three years, who shall hold office until their successors are elected and qualified. All officers shall be elected on the first Thursday of April and shall hold office for one year and until their successors are elected and qualified, except that the term of office of the directors shall be three years and until their successors shall be elected and qualified.

Article VIII
Until the first annual election, the officers of this corporation shall be Mrs. Lizzie Stemmer, Pres.; Mrs. Emma Ruegnitz, Vice Pres.; Mrs. Emma Gossmann, Treas.; Mrs. Ella Merritt, Secy.; and Mrs. Caroline Becker, Mrs. Anna Wilke, Mrs. Kate Falkenheiner, Mrs. Julia Preston and Mrs. Mary Griffith, Directors.

Article IX
This corporation shall not have power to incur indebted ness to exceed two hundred dollars and all individual property of its members shall be exempt fomr corporation debts.

Article X
This corporation may, at its annual meeting on the first Thursday of April, or at any meeting called for that purpose, adopt any by-laws for its government not inconsistent with these articles of the Code of Iowa.

Article XI
The duration of this corporation shall be forever unless sooner terminated by some act of itself or by the General Assembly of Iowa.

Article XII
These articles of incorporation may be amended at the annual meeting on the first Thursday of April, or at any special meeting called for that purpose by a two-thirds votes of the members present.

Dated at Elkader, Iowa, this 20th day of June, 1902, A.D.
Lizzie Stemmer
Ella H. Merritt
Carolin Becker
Mrs. Wm. W. Wilke
Julia L. Preston
Mary A. Griffith
Katie Falenhainer
Minnie Kleinpell
Ella Schmidt
Louise Leibrock
Emma Ruegnitz
Josephine E. Leonard
Mrs. L.F Gossmann

Be it remembered that on this 20th day of June, 1902, before me, G.H. Schulte, a Notary Public within and for said county and state personally came [not re-typed, named were the same women who signed the Articles of Incorporation..sg] known to me to be the identical persons whose names are affixed to the foregoing.
[Seal] G.H. Schulte, Notary Public

Be it resolved by the Town Council of Elkader, Iowa, that the Ladies Cemetery Association of Elkader, Iowa, be and the same is hereby appointed Superintendent of the East side Cemetery of Elkader, Iowa, to look after, care for, and govern said cemetery under the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations adopted by said association up to this date.
July 17, 1902
G.H. Schulte, Mayor
Wm. F. Reinecke, Clerk

By Laws, Rules & Regulations
[trancription note: the following have been abstracted or paraphrased by the transcriber]

...duty of every member to advance the interests & enlarge membership in all legitimate ways.

...annual dues are $0.50; no dues in yr. membership is taken

...members deliquent for 1 yr. will not be allowed to vote & may be suspended

...President will preside at meetings, call special meetings, appoint committees & sign all orders on the treasurer. Vice president will assume same duties in absence of president

...Secretary to do all record-keeping, corresponding, keep minutes, sign orders on the treasurer & receive all monies and pay it into the hands of treasurer

...Treasurer to receive monies belonging to association, pay all orders drawn, report monies received & expended semi-annually, and give bonds as fixed by associaiton

...Secretary & Treasurer's books open for inspection at all times
...meetings 1st Thurs. of each month

...auditing committee to be appointed by president in April & Oct. to examine & audit books

...lots sold for cash except in special cases approv. by association; extension of payment, sale or conveyance of lot or part of lot (that part not occupied by a burial) can be made by association on lots not fully paid or a burial made in a lot not fully paid.

...lots to be properly seeded, kept mowed, graves filled & trimmed

...no person will be allowed to trample on, pick flowers from or remove plants except the owner of a lot.

...floral decorations, wire frame works, shells, tin cans, glass cases & like objects that are considered injurious to the beauty, dignity & repose of the cemetery will be removed by the assoc. if not by the owner

...after full settlement, no grave will be allowed to remain over 3 inches above the general lot surface, no abrupt sides and no enclosure of lot without the direction and supervision of the association.
...horses & teams not allowed in cemetery except on draveways and not allowed to be hitched to anything except hitching posts

...graves will be dug by the employed sexton of the association unless permission is obtained from the directors

...foundations from 16-24 inches square may be laid with dry stone & not less than 3 ft. deep, those from 24-36 in. sq. must be 4 ft. deep & any over 36 in. will be not less than 5 ft. deep and concrete. Any exposed part of foundation to be cut stone. All work must be under approval and supervision of directors.

...a quorum for transaction of assoc. business is 7

...special meetings can be called anytime by pres. or by 3 members ...vacancies of office will be filled by appointment to be held until next annual meeting ... by-laws & regulations can be amended at any regular meeting by 2/3 vote of those present and the concurrence of the town council ... violators of the above rules & regulations are liable to a fine of $5.00 for each offense.

Adopted this 17th day of July, 1902

~Elkader Register, July 24, 1902 ~transcribed by S. Ferrall



The Ladies' Cemetery Association, of Elkader, held its annual meeting on Thursday last and elected the following officers:
President,- Mrs. J. C. Stemmer
Vice Pres.,- Mrs. Clara Muegge
Secretary,- Mrs. Ella Merritt
Treasurer,- Mrs. Emma Gossmann
Directors,- For three years, Mrs. M. A. Griffith; for two years, Mrs. Grace Jack and Mrs. Kate Falkenhainer; for one year, Mrs. Julia Preston and Mrs. Caroline Becker.
The association proposes to hold its regular annual dinner on Memorial day, May 30th.
~Elkader Register, Thur., April 9, 1903 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



The Ladies' Cemetery Association held their annual meeting at the residence of Mrs. J. C. Stemmer last Thursday and elected the following officers:
President - Mrs. J. C. Stemmer
Vice Pres. - Mrs. Geo. Muegge
Secretary - Mrs. Ella Merritt
Treasurer - Mrs. Jos. Lamm
Directors for three years - Mrs. R. F. Schmidt, Mrs. H. W. Wilke
At a subsequent meeting of the directors Mrs. John Becker was chosen chairman of the Board.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 13 Apr. 1905 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



The Elkader Ladies Cemetery Association held its annual meeting at the residence of Mrs. J. C. Stemmer last Thursday afternoon and elected the following officers:
President- Mrs. J. C. Stemmer
Vice Pres.- Mrs. Clara Muegge
Sec.- Mrs. H. S. Merritt
Treas.- Mrs. Jos. Lamm
Directors- Mrs. S. V. Jack, Mrs. John Becker, Mrs. H. W. Wilke and Mrs. R. F. Schmidt

The report of the treasurer showed that the association had $1,000 in the endowment fund and about $75 in the contingent fund. It is the hope of the members so to increase the permanent fund that the interest will take care of the cemetery. The ladies have worked hard for the cemetery and deserve every encouragement.
~Elkader Register, Thur., April 12, 1906
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



The annual meeting of the Ladies Cemetery Association was held at the home of Mrs. S. V. Jack last Thursday and the following officers were elected:
President - Mrs. W. A. Preston
Vice-President - Mrs. D. G. Griffith
Secretary - Mrs. Ella Merritt
Treasurer - John F. Becker
Directors - Mrs. S. V. Jack, Mrs. B. F. Falkenhainer, Mrs. John Becker, Mrs. J. G. Hempel
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 14 Apr. 1910
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



The annual meeting of the East Side Cemetery Association was held at the home of Mrs. F. H. Soll. Officers elected for the ensuing year were as follows:
Pres. - Mrs. F. H. Soll
Treas. - John Becker
Sec. - Mrs. Grace Jack
Directors - Mrs. Kate Dittmer, Mrs. Emma Bishop
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 11 Apr. 1929
~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



Fifty-second Anniversary of the Ladies Cemetery association of the East Side cemetery

The Ladies Cemetery association of the East Side cemetery at Elkader celebrated the 52nd anniversary of its organization when 20 members met at the home of Mrs. Kathryn Dittmer Wednesday afternoon. Present in the group was Mrs. Louise Leibrock of Elkader, a charter member of the association. She and Mrs. Ella Merritt of Los Angeles are the only members living of the original group. Mrs. Grace Jack, a former resident of Elkader, now of Strawberry Point, who joined in 1896, was present, Mrs. Kathryn Dittmer joined in 1899, and the two have been members continuously.

All three women, Mrs. Leibrock, Mrs. Jack and Mrs. Dittmer gave accounts of the early activity of the association, the condition of the cemetery when the association assumed the responsibility of its upkeep and the progress that has been made in beautifying the grounds through all the years. A potluck supper was served at 6 p.m.

The present officers of the association are president, Mrs. Lena Bente; secretary, Mrs. Kate Wistrick and treasurer, Mrs. Ada Bandow. The first records of the association revealed that the following ladies served as officers when it was organized: president, Mrs. Lizzie Stemmer, deceased; secretary, Mrs. Ella Merritt now of Los Angeles, and treasurer, Mrs. Caroline Becker, deceased.

Mrs. Kathryn Dittmer will celebrate her 86th birthday anniversary Sunday, and the occasion recognized both anniversaries.
~Oelwein Daily Register, July 25, 1947
~contributed by S. Ferrall


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