IAGenWeb Project - Clayton co.

Thank-you notes for all of the Clayton co. contributors!

  • Please pass my sincerest gratitude to everyone involved in this project including yourself. You have provided some wonderful information and much needed information on my family starting with John Patterson & Jane Graham. I never knew about my great great grandfather Ezra Sr., John & Jane's youngest son (I think) was married for just a few months before his beloved wife Susana got ran over by a team of horses and died. It's little nuggets like that, that you have provided on your site that make it easy to experience their lives. My father's mother died when he was 7 and he wasn't even sure about her name. So now since he is 72, I have made it my mission to try to find out as much as I possibly can. You and the others have made this dream possible. So in a very long-winded way, Thank you so much. You have made it possible for me to fulfill part of my goal and this gift of information for my father - who has also been very excited about what I have found so far. ..... from a researcher in Arizona
  • Thanks to all that help with the Clayton CO. web-site and list. It's been a great help for all of who don't live there..... Iris
    The Clayton Co. page is definitely the one best one I've seen for counties all over the U.S.! ... Raven
    Thank you for such an excellent site. I have just found my g-g-grandfather's (James Mcguire) farm in the 1866 and 1886 maps of Grand Meadow township's NW Quarter. Most exciting. Thank you all for your hard work ..... Sharon
  • You can be proud of your website. Through your efforts and encouragement, Clayton has more information than most counties. Keep up the good work ..... Judy
  • Great job! I'm impressed with the work that has gone into this website..... Mary in Sacramento, Calif.
  • Was just checking the IAGenWeb site, it looks great. ..... Dan in California
  • Let me thank you profusely for all the work you’ve put into [the] web site. The postings of marriage licenses and marriages helped me correct two errors in my records. You have a wealth of information here..... Gary
  • I have used this site for a long time. It has been very helpful .... a researcher
  • Thank you for all you do on the website! .... Ann
  • This is my first time going to the Clayton co. site. From what I have seen thus far, it is a great site! Thank you so much .... Sharon
  • Thank you for all the work you do.... LaVeryl
  • Thanks. The work on the marriage records is particularly good & the census records too.... Donna
  • Amazing! This website is simply wonderful. Those of us on a fixed income need to budget carefully and can't always afford the 'pay for' websites. I wish my Pennsylvania research could be this convenient.... Alma in Manitoba
  • I came across your website, and have really enjoyed browsing through it.... Del
  • I truly appreciate this website and all the work that has gone into it ... Jackie in upper New York state
  • For the short time I have been visiting your site, it looks to be a very interesting site .... Russ in New Zealand
    Thank-you so much to everyone involved with your website! ..... Susan
  • I clicked on a Google link only half-hoping to find some information. What I found was awesome. Thank-you. ...... John Z. in Albuquerque


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