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Walters Family Album

Aaron Jackson Walters
Aaron Jackson Walters
Malinda Sophrona  Cooper
Malinda  Sophrona  Cooper

Aaron Jackson Walters was born February 22, 1822 in Fayette Co. Pennsylvania. He died January 10, 1908 at Garber. Helen Walters Jennings now has his Family Bible. He was married, about 1844, to Malinda  Sophrona  Cooper. She was born December 7, 1824 in Virginia, and died February 22, 1898, aged 73 years 1 month 15 days They are buried at Hansel Cemetery, Garber, Mallory twp. Clayton co. Iowa


Isaac Newton Walters

Isaac Newton Walters, son of Aaron J. & Malinda S. Walters, was born November 16, 1848 in Fayette Co. PA. He died June 23,1921 in Updegraph, Clayton Co., burial Hansel cemetery. Married Aug 8,1873 to Sarah Elizabeth Purman. She was born November 8, 1854 in Lima, Allen co. Ohio and died July 8, 1937; burial at Brown cemetery.

Sarah Elizabeth Purman
Sarah Elizabeth Purman

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Marvin and Mae (Smith) Walters 50th Anniversary photo
Marvin and Hannah 'Mae' (Smith) Walters 50th Anniversary photo
August 23, 1899 - August 23, 1949

Marvin Newton Walters, son of Isaac Walters and grandson of Aaron Walters, was born July 11, 1873 in Colesburg, Iowa, and died August 14, 1963 in Colesburg. He married Hannah Mae Smith on August 23, 1899, daughter of George Smith and Mary Hyde. The photos below are of Hannah as a young girl and as an older woman.

Hannah Mae Smith Hannah Mae Smith Walters


Children of Marvin Walters and Hannah 'Mae' Smith

Mary Elizabeth, Isaac Dale, Ina Bernice, Theodore, Kenneth Linn, Marvin Wayne 'Chum', Layton A., Freda Mae, Marjorie Gale, April Joy and Gerald Eugene. Their albums are below:


Mary Elizabeth Walters

Dale Learn & Mary Elizabeth Walters Learn

Born February 15,1900, died Sept 3,1981. Married Dale Learn on October 12, 1920. Dale was born March 15, 1901 & died January 24,1996. They are buried in Brown cemetery

Their children: Jean and Betty.

Isaac Dale Walters

Isaac Dale Walters & Margaret J. Bray Walters

Born April 8,1902 in Colesburg. Died July 6,1996. Married November 21,1925 to Margaret Jean Bray. Margaret was born in Des Moines on May 2,1900 and died April 22,1982. She was a school teacher at Colesburg for 2 years and Dale was a farmer and auctioneer. They are buried in Brown cemetery. Their children: Richard 1926-1926, Darrell 1927-2006, John 1929-1980, Helen, Lois & James. Col. Dale Walters, Auctioneer Retires (1983 news article & photo - opens a new widow)

Ina Bernice Walters

Ina Bernice Walters, 1925 senior class photo

William Kubicek & Ina Walters, 1936

Ina Bernice Walters & her husband William Kubicek

Ina was the third child of Marvin and Mae Walters, born July 27,1904, died July 12, 1991. Married Jan 4, 1936 at Osage, IA to William Kubicek. He was born Dec 30, 1907 and died July 24, 2001. Burial Strawberry Point cemetery. Their children: Evelyn, Marla and Timothy.

Theodore Walters

Theodore & Bertha Walters

Born Feb 27, 1907, died April 201994. Married March 5, 1931 at Elkader to Bertha Bernice Amsden. She was born Jan 18,1913 and died July 1987. Burial in Oakhill cemetery Colesburg. Their children: Wilma June, Kay, Patricia, Dwight and Janet.

Kenneth Linn Walters

Kenneth L. Walters & Leona Adams, wedding 1936

Mr & Mrs. Kenneth L. Walters, 1981

Born October 31, 1909 and died October 03, 1993. Married to Leona Adams in Chicago in October 1936. Leona was born Sept 12, 1915 and died July 22, 2004. Their children: Ronald, Sandra,Carol, Steven, Sharon and a set of twin girls.

Marvin Wayne ' Chum' Walters

Marvin & Bernice (Schulte) Walters

Born May 29, 1912 and June 14, 1989. Married to Bernice Schulte on Feb 1,1939 at Garnavillo. Bernice was born Dec 23, 1917 and died Dec 6, 1996. Buried in McGregor. Their children: Forrest and Fara Wayne.

Layton A. Walters

Walters-Hittemiller wedding, 9/22/1949

Born November 10, 1914 and died December 15, 1998. Burial in Brown cemetery. Married Sept 22,1949 at Colesburg to Collen Hittemiller of Dyersville. Their children: Cheryl, Jay and Randy. Layton was confined to a wheel chair in 1959 due to a injury.

Photo L-R: Kenneth Walters, April Finnegan, Layton Walters, Collen Hittemiller & Wallace Finnegan

Freda Mae Walters

Julius Wittman & Freda M. Walters, 1940
Julius Wittman & Freda M. Walters 1940
Donald Swanson & Freda Walters Wittman, 1986
Donald Swanson & Freda Walters Wittman, 1986

Born March 03, 1917 in Colesburg and died March 2, 2006 in Michigan. Burial Lutheran cemetery Elkport. She was married to Julius Wittman on Aug 30, 1940. Julius was born April 3, 1914 and died Sept 6, 1975. Their children: Julie Ann (died at birth), Lynn and Thomas. Freda was married 2nd to Donald Swanson on May 6, 1986.

Marjorie Gale Walters

Darrell L. Wallace & Marjorie G. Walters, 1940

Born Jan 09, 1919 and died Feb 13, 2006. Buried in Brown cemetery. Married Darrell L. Wallace on June 13, 1940. He was born June 17, 1915 and died Jan 4, 2006 in CA. They were divorced. Their child: Elizabeth.

April Joy Walters

Wallace Finnegan & April Walters, 1943

Wallace Finnegan

April Walters Finnegan

Born April 1, 1921 and died 14 Sept 14, 2010. Married Wallace Finnegan on Sept 1,1943. Wallace was born May 24, 1920 and died Jan 13, 2003. They are buried in the City cemetery, Guttenberg. They had one son.

Gerald Eugene Walters

Gerald & Lois (Keck) Walters, married Feb. 23, 1944

Gerald Eugene Walters was the 11th child of Marvin & Mae Walters. Born Oct. 21, 1923 at Colesburg, IA. Died June 24, 2014. He married Lois Keck on Feb. 23, 1944 at Garnavillo.

Gerald E. Walters, undated photo
Gerald E. Walters, undated photo

Gerald E. Walters, 2009
Gerald E. Walters, 2009


~All photos were contributed by Helen Jennings, daughter of Isacc Dale Walters. Helen's email address can be found in the surname registry for 'Jennings'. She has other family photos to share with interested researchers.


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