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Jennings family

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William W. Jennings
William W. Jennings
Julia (nee Guy) McDonald Jennings
Julia (nee Guy) McDonald Jennings

William Warder Jennings family

William W. Jennings, son of William George Jennings, was born May 09, 1809 in St. George, Hanover Sq., Westminster, London, England, and died November 13, 1875 in Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa. He is buried in Mount Harmony cemetery, Garber, Volga Twp.

William married first Elizabeth Mott abt. 1834 in London, England. She was born abt. 1811 in London and died 1852 in New York City, New York. He married second Julia (nee Guy) McDonald, a widow, abt. 1854. She was born March 03, 1825 in Ireland, and died September 14, 1911 in Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa.

William's parental family was very well established in the St. George's Hanover Square area. William married a servant girl (Elizabeth Mott) and as a result of this marriage, his parents disowned him. William, Elizabeth and their sons William W. and George, immigrated to the United States on the ship "Grayitor or Graditor", entering the port of New York City on August 18, 1839. The family lived in New York City for several years and had three more children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. The daughter, Elizabeth was born in 1839 & died in 1841. Elizabeth Mott also in New York City about 1852. Mother and daughter are buried in New York City.

William removed to Elkport, Iowa abt. 1855 with his four surviving children, William W., George, Henry C. and Amelia; and his new wife Julia, along with her children from her first marriage, Eliza, Mary and George C. McDonald (b. March 1854). Together they had seven children.

An early newspaper called the Iowa Gazetter, but published in Chicago, mentioned in April of 1865 a new little Iowa town named Elkport that was laid out in 1853, it made the remark that little was known of any improvements made since then. The paper located the town as being on the Turkey River, that the railroad would probably kill off any hopes of river use for trade. The first house there was built in 1842 by Frederick Hartage, the first store in 1853 was run by two brothers, John and Martin Garber, Frederick Hartage, was the blacksmith as early as 1842. William Borton made the first wagon in 1852, the first schoolhouse was built in Elkport in 1854, a frame house 20 by 30 feet. Frederick Hartage, had the first saw mill and grist mill in 1843, both was run by water power. William Jennings was the first boot and shoemaker in Elkport, having come there in 1854. William Borton built and ran the first hotel, starting in 1852. John Garber was the postmaster in 1852 and the first Doctor, Dr. McCullough came in 1857.

Julia Guy McDonald Jennings and her double family
Julia Guy McDonald Jennings and her double family
Widow of William Jennings, pioneer bootmaker.

Behind Julia, who is seated, are Edwin Jennings, Elizabeth McDonald Lantis, John Jennings, George McDonald, Harmon Jennings. Standing on the steps are Matilda Jennings Strube (w/o C.R.), Arthur Jennings (s/o Edwin), Hattie McDonald Schnepf (d/o George), Charles Rudolph Strube (h/o Matilda), Laura Jennings Corson (d/o Edwin), Bertha Strube Bowman (d/o C. R. & M., w/o Morris), Jennie Jennings Hansel (d/o Edwin), Dyer Hansel (h/o Jennie), Ray Strube (s/o C. R. & M.). Photo taken c1907-1908 (Jennie died in 1908). Julia Guy came from Ireland and spoke mostly Gaelic.

Thomas Guy - click to enlarge
Thomas Guy
brother of
Julia Guy McDonald Jennings


Children of William W. Jennings and Elizabeth Mott

i. William W. Jennings JR., b. October 24, 1835, London, England; d. January 31, 1906, Herndon, Rawlins County, Kansas.

William Warder Jennings, JR

William W. Jennings, JR

While living in New York, William Jennings SR had a house fire, resulting in William Jennings JR having a scarred face and crooked arm. He came to Iowa when 17 years old. He was married to Mary Lewis (photo below). She was born Sept. 8,1847 and died Sept 25,1910. William W. & Mary Ann removed to Kansas in 1880.

The family bible of William Warder Jennings is held by Helen Jennings (contact info. at the bottom of the page)

Mary Ann Lewis Jennings, 1904
Mary Ann Lewis Jennings, 1904

Their daughter Carrie Emma Jennings Reilly was born March 8, 1866 & died March 30, 1951. (Continue to pg 2 of album for photos & more about Carrie Emma and her family history)

ii. George J. Jennings
, b. October 09, 1837, London, England; d. October 16, 1916, Iowa

George J. Jennings family, undated
George J. Jennings, Margaret Cosley & daughter Naomi

George J. Jennings married Margaret E. Cosley April 27, 1867 in Colesburg, Delaware Co.Ia. She was born April 8, 1845 in Missouri and died Nov 13, 1926 in Vasalia, California.

The photo below was taken before he went to the Civil War, Aug 12,1862

George J. Jennings

iii. Elizabeth Jennings
, b. December 29, 1839, New York City, New York; d. August 18, 1841, New York City, New York.

iv. Henry Charles Jennings
, b. May 01, 1844, New York City, New York County, New York; d. November 10, 1909, Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. Henry Charles Jennings married Ida Ann Zearley on Sept 16, 1874 in Clayton Co. by W.H. Behle, Pastor.  She was the daughter of John Zearley & Mary Hansel born Aug. 27, 1855 in Elkport and died Sept 18, 1932 in Howard, Miner Co. South Dakota.

Henry Charles Jennings

v. Amelia Elizabeth Jennings
, b. November 25, 1845, New York City, New York; d. February 17, 1919, Delaware County, Iowa. Amelia Elizabeth Jennings married twice. Her first husband, Franklin Henry Mason was killed in a timber accident.
We have never found Franklin. But know he & Amelia were married in Clayton county because there is a record of the marriage at the county court house. Amelia had 2 sons with Franklin: Milton and Clarence Franklin Mason. Amelia had three more boys with her 2nd husband, Mr. Keller: Charles, Amos, George and Harry Keller.

Amelia Elizabeth Jennings Mason Keller


Children of Amelia Jennings and Franklin Henry Mason

1. Clarence Franklin Mason, born Aug. 8,1872 at Colesburg and died May 6, 1937 at Sioux City, Iowa. Clarence was married Oct. 31,1894 to Mathilda Ellen Richards at Marcus, Iowa. Mathilda was born Oct. 5,1871 at Linden,WI and died Dec 27, 1951 at San Francisco. They are buried in Amherst Cemetery Marcus. Clarence & Mathilda had 3 children: Harry Laurett Mason, Marguerite Irene Mason Toner and a infant son.

Clarence Franklin Mason & Mathilda Ellen Richards
Clarence Franklin Mason & Mathilda Ellen Richards

Clarence, Tillie & Margie Mason
Clarence, Tillie & Margie Mason
Clarence Mason
Clarence Mason

2. Milton E. Mason born 1870 Clayton county and died 4/29/1938, buried at Amherst Cemetery, Marcus, IA.

Children of William W. Jennings and Julia McDonald

vi. Edwin Cornelius Jennings
, b. February 13, 1857, Clayton, Mallory Twp., Clayton County, Iowa; d. February 04, 1941, at the Jennings farm, Garber, Clayton County, Iowa. Edwin Cornelius Jennings and Caroline 'Lena' Augusta Stahl married on March 17, 1885. She was born August 15, 1863 in Cox Creek twp. and was the third daughter of Charles and Christina (Heiden) Stahl. She died January 18, 1892. Lena and Edwin had four children:

Jennie (January 30,1886-June 26,1908); married on July 4,1905 to George Hansel
Laura (Nov 3,1887-July 29,1871)
Mae (May 14,1889-Dec 26,1986)
Earl (March 4,1891-March 18,1924)

Edwin was married second to Malinda Harbaugh on Oct 26,1892. Edwin & Malinda had one son, Arthur Guy Jennings (Aug 27,1899-Jan 16,1970)

Edwin C. Jennings & Caroline A. Stahl, 1885
Edwin C. Jennings & Caroline 'Lena' Augusta Stahl, 1885
Edwin C Jennings & Melinda Harbaughm 10/26/1892
Edwin C. Jennings & Melinda Harbaugh
Oct 26,1892
Edwin C. Jennings, 1892
Edwin C. Jennings, 1892

Edwin Jennings family
Edwin C. Jennings family ca mid-1890's

Malinda (Harbaugh) Jennings, Laura, Jennie, Edwin C. Jennings, Earl & Mae in the front.

Edwin C. Jennings family ca1895
Edwin C. Jennings family ca1895

L-R back: Laura, Melinda (Harbaugh) Jennings, & Mae
front: Jennie, Edwin C. Jennings & Earl (b. March 1891)

Edwin C. Jennings ca1920
Edwin C. Jennings ca1920

Jennings family in front of their home ca1895

Jennings family in front of their home. A corner of the barn (below) can be seen at the far right of the photo, ca1895

Jennings barn, built 1896
Jennings barn, built 1896

Children of Edwin C Jennings as adults
Children of Edwin C. Jennings as adults
L-R  Mae Jennings Baker, Arthur Guy Jennings & Laura Jennings Corson

(Continue to pg 2 of album for photos & more about the children and grandchildren of Edwin C. Jennings)

vii. John Hamilton Jennings
, b. April 27, 1858, Clayton County, Iowa; d. February 22, 1922, Clayton County, Iowa; m. Clara Gantenbein

John H. Jennings & Clara Gantenbein 2/4/1908
John H. Jennings & Clara Gantenbein wedding 1908

Marriage certificate. Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge the Marriage Certificate


John Hamilton Jennings son of William and Julia Guy McDonald Jennings was born April 27,1858 and died Feb 22, 1922 at Garber, Ia. He married Clara Gantenbein on Feb 4, 1908. Clara was born Nov 15, 1876 and died in childbirth around 1909 at age 33. Burial Linwood Cemetery Dubuque, Iowa. John never remarried.

viii. Nelson Jennings
, b. October 15, 1859, Clayton County, Iowa; d. March 18, 1864, Clayton County, Iowa.

ix. Julia A. Jennings,
b. March 1861, Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa; d. July 16, 1861, Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa.

x. Harmon Jennings
, b. March 23, 1862, Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa; d. July 22, 1944, Oakland, California. He married Dora Kleeman March 16,1892 in Elkport. She was born Oct.07,1865 in Elkport and died July 04,1933 in Mason City, Cerro Gordo Co, Iowa.

Harmon Jennings & Dora Seaman
Harmon Jennings & Dora Kleeman

Harmon Jennings & Dora Seaman
Harmon Jennings & Dora Kleeman

Their children:
Ruth Henrietta Jennings, b. March 15, 1893 in Elkport
Forrest Jennings, b. November 28, 1895 in Elkport and d. December 28, 1972 in Lantana, Florida.

xi. Matilda Jane Jennings
, b. February 18, 1864, Clayton County, Iowa; d. December 14, 1952, Garber, Clayton County, Iowa. She married Rudolph Charles Strube June 15, 1882 in  Elkader. Rudolph was born March 30,1856 in Clayton co. and died Feb 8, 1922. He was a blacksmith in Garber and Matilda was a seamstress.

Matilda Jennings Strube
Matilda Jennings Strube
Rudolph Charles Strube
Rudolph Charles Strube
Rudolph C. Strube & Matilda J. Jennings wedding photo, 1882
Rudolph C. Strube & Matilda J. Jennings
wedding photo, 1882

Rudolph C. Strube family
Rudolph C. Strube family

L-R back: Rudolph, Ray on lap, John, Bertha, Edwin & Matilda
Front: Grace

Their children:
Bertha Mae Strube, b. July 2,1883 in Garber and d. July 9,1975. She married Morris Bowman.

John H. Strube, b. Sept 18, 1884 in Garber and d. April 5, 1970. He married Edna Becker. They had one child, Beverly Mae Strube b. May 15, 1918 in Estherville, IA. Beverly married Mr. Hendrickson. They adopted a son Craig Alan born Oct, 8,1954 who died as a young man.

Edwin C. Strube, b. Nov. 24, 1885 in Garber and d. June 26 1936. He married Minnie Schrafinberg. They had three children, Merle, Everett and Don.

Grace Strube, b. June 24, 1889 in Garber Iowa. She married Hume W. Brown. They had no children.

Raymond Bruno Strube, b. June 23, 1891 in Garber and d. September 19, 1947 in San Antonio, Texas. He's buried at Mt. Harmony Cemetery, Garber. Married Ann Morrow. They had no children

xii. Lucy Jennings
, b. September 30, 1866, Clayton County, Iowa; d. November 20, 1869, Clayton County, Iowa.

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~Unless otherwise credited, the photos were contributed by Helen Walters Jennings. Family data for W.W. Jennings is from the records of Kathy Eaton; additional family data and photos from the personal collection of Helen Jennings. (Helen's email address can be found in the surname registry for 'Jennings')

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