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All of the photos on this page are from the personal collection of Judy (Mallory) Holthaus, ggg-granddaughter of Horace Mallory, and granddaughter of Dean S. Mallory, who took many of the photos.

Judy: "My Mallory family first settled just a little north of the Delaware County line in Clayton County, near what is called skip level road along the Colesbrug to Garber road. They lived, owned land, and worked in both counties.Where they first settled is across the road from the Brown Cemetery, and north toward Colesburg." 

Allen Horace Mallory SR
Allen Horace Mallory SR

Allen Horace Mallory, SR went by "Horace". His oldest son, Allen Horace Mallory, JR went by "Allen". Mallory township is named for Allen.

Hard to think what life was like for Lucina (Allen) Mallory, Horace's wife. She gave birth to about ten children in New York State, and Iowa. She traveled from New York to Iowa leaving her Dad, stepmom and favorite brother.

After coming to Iowa, Horace, Lucinda and their family settled in the Old Mallory cabin about 1837-8 in Mallory Twp. Lucinda would have given birth to Annis in the old cabin. She also had another child who died, that I think was born in the cabin. I don't have a picture of Lucinda.

She was first buried in a cemetery in Colesburg in Delaware County next to the Masonic Lodge hall that was later abandoned. Lucinda's remains with those of her little daughter Susan, and their headstone, were moved to the Brown cemetery in Clayton County. Even in death the poor woman couldn't rest.

After Lucinda died, Horace married Rebecca Sterling. Horace is also buried in Brown cemetery.

My granddad Dean told how his granddad told him that they would get up in the morning in their old cabin, and sometimes when it was really cold an indian would be sleeping in front of the fireplace.

Allen 'Horace' Mallory, SR: 1795-1867
... his 1st wife Lucinda (Allen) Mallory died October 15, 1847
... their daughter Susan died at age 1y 6m


Annis (Mallory) Stone
Annis (Mallory) Stone

Daughter of Horace & Lucinda (Allen) Mallory.

A Delaware county history tells how Annis, who was born in Clayton county, was the first child born in the area.

Bess White
Bess White

Bess was Dean Mallory's aunt, sister of his mother Mary White. Bess was a teacher in the McGregor area.

Photo by Dean S. Mallory, ca1908-1913


Sam Mallory and his son Dean
Sam Mallory and his son Dean

Dean Samuel Mallory on his pony, with his dad, Sam Mallory, on the Mallory farm Section 9, Mallory twp. The photo was taken with Dean's old tripod camera about 1908, and developed from one of his glass negatives.

My granddad Dean S. Mallory's mother Mary died about a week after he was born on the lower Mallory farm where I grew up.  His dad Sam, took Dean and they lived with Sam's parents Augustus and Rose Mallory who lived just across the road.  Sam remarried when Dean was about 8 years to a neighbor girl Elsie Grace White. Augustus died when Dean was small, and Dean was still pretty much raised by Sam, and his Grandma Rose.

When Dean was about 17 yrs. he bought a tripod camera, and took pictures of relatives, and area towns, etc.  He developed his pictures onto glass negatives, and most of them he developed into pictures. 

Samuel G. Mallory (1861-1948) Obituary
...his 1st wife, Mary (White) Mallory, died 1891 Obituary

Dean S. Mallory (1891-1977) Obituary & photo
...his wife, Edna Mae (Every) Mallory (1886-1980) Obituary


Photo by Dean S. Mallory, ca1908-1911

Neighbors helping to build the Sam Mallory barn in Section 8, Mallory twp. Later the home of Bob and Elsie Mallory & family. Sadly a strong wind destroyed this barn a couple of years ago.

Close-ups of the above photo. The men and boys are not identified.

Left side of photo:

Right side of photo:


Making Maple Syrup

Making maple syrup in the spring on the Mallory farm section 8, Mallory twp. Clayton County, Iowa

Photograph by Dean S. Mallory ca1908-1913. Developed from his glass negative.
(see close-up of the photo below)

The family shared the syrup with friends, and what they didn't use was put in barrels, and shipped by train from Osterdock, IA and sold in the Eastern U.S. Later years syrup was made just for our family, and friends, and 1952 was the last year the Mallory family made maple syrup.

I will never forget helping my granddad Dean Mallory collect the sweet sap from the containers under the spiels placed next to the maple trees. Standing near the steam from the big pan (seen in the picture), and smelling the sweet smell of the syrup as it was boiled down on the fire. The fire was kept going day, and night, and I recall my Uncle Hod Mallory tending the fire at night.

When it was near time to take the big pan off the fire, my brother Bruce, and I made paddles from wooden shingles. After they poured the thick maple syrup from the big pan Bruce and I would use our paddles to lick up some of the thicker syrup on the bottom of the big pan "MMMM".

My Mallory family had about 700 crock pots made at the Colesburg, IA pottery factory years ago with the initials "A.H.M." stamped on the side. They were made, and used for years by my family to collect the maple syrup as it ran out of the maple trees. They are bulky, and hard to handle when collecting the sap, and took a lot of room to store. Later metal pails, and one gallon empty oil cans were collected, and replaced the crocks.

Older Family members used the crocks to feed chickens, other animals, and over the years many were broken. Not many are left, and some family members have & treasure them, and pottery collectors have some.

My first Clayton County Iowa ancestor is Allen Horace Mallory Sr. and seven of his sons have the initials A.H.M., but the initials on this crock is probably for Augustus Harford Mallory.

Close-up of the larger photo above. No one pictured is identified.



Mallory family neighbors - the Palmer family feeding their poultry

Photograph by Dean S. Mallory, ca 1908-1913


Henry Palmer (1872-1960) & children Eugene, Arthur, daughter (Goldie or Alvina) Palmer. The Palmer family lived in Section 4, Mallory Twp. The old Penhollow family farm and a local landmark 'The Mound' can also be seen in the background of the top photo.

~*~ ~*~

< View of the Wisconsin River flowing into the old Mississippi River was probably taken from Pikes Peak ca1908-1913 by Dean S. Mallory. This photo was developed from one of his glass negatives.

>The woods by Mound Creek on Section 8, on the Mallory farm. The photo was taken ca1908-1911 by Dean S. Mallory.

Judy Holthaus can be reached via email. See the surname registry for "Mallory"
Many other photos of the vicinity around Osterdock, Mallory twp. have been contributed by Judy and are displayed on various pages of this website.


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