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Garber photos


Garber Catholic Church on Main St. Closed Sept 14, 2003.
It had the glass doors on it, before it was sold and used as a house.

The old Tavern on Main St.
Next to the tavern is the M.W. Voss Store

Rear of the store and tavern

(Left) Front St. Homes of Maloy & Selma Zittergruen , then Haldane & Miriam Vorwald. Miriam was a school teacher at Elkport in her early years. Around 1958 she went to teaching at Guttenberg until her retirement.

(Top) Elmer and Marion Zittergruen home on Front St. Marion and her daughter where living in his homeat the time of the flood May 23,2004. The house has since been torn down.

(Right) Zittergruen house, one of the older homes in Garber, on 3rd St. In the May 23,2004 flood the water was just below the door sill but never entered the house.

(Right) The gas station was started Oct 27,1932 as a Sinclair filling station by James McLane. March 2, 1933 William Reed took over the Sinclair Station, followed by Fred Schrader. Fred left in 1942. In 1942 Elmer Kuehl took over. Tony Smith moved to Garber in 1943 had it the last time as Texaco. Tony passed away in 1983 so was the last of this station.

(Above) Moser home. Over the years this house was flooded many times. It finally had to go.

(Left) Home known for years as the Wilbur & Gertie Hyde place.


(Above) This is where they stored there gas for the Standard Oil Company for years. Operated by William Freitag leaving in Feb 1938 with William "Bill" Kuehl taking over and then going to Garnavillo. Other tank haulers were Gene Ruegnitz , Delbert Moser Kevin Schroeder.

Garber depot agent's home


(Above) The building where the deport agent & his family lived. Train track ran on the left.


Anchor Inn.
Was completely remodeled inside after the flood of May 23, 2004


~ the photos & descriptions contributed by Helen Jennings & Judy Holthaus


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