Tax Liens

1935 ending 1937

Real Property Lien -- Old Age Assistance




Filed September 9th, 1937 at 10:00 A. M.

Verna M. O'Connor

County Recorder


KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS:  This indenture, executed this  8th  day of   September , A. D., 1937, by the State Board of Social Welfare on behalf of the Division of Old Age Assistance, hereby release the lien for assistance furnished to  Leopoldina Eberhardt  against the real estate of  Leopodina Eberhardt  and/or  Peter Eberhardt Estate   located in the county of  Clayton , State of Iowa, said lien recorded against  Leopdina Eberhardt   in book   1  at page  28 , and recorded against  __________ in book  ___, at page ____ (Old Age Assistance Record) or in (Miscellaneous Records) of the records of the County Recorder of Clayton   County, Iowa, on the 10th day  of  March  A.  D.,  1936.


W. J. Miller


Chairman State Board of Social Welfare

Attest: D. H. Jenkins



       On  this   8th  day of  September A. D. 1937, before me, a Notory Public, in and for Polk County, Iowa, personally appeared W. F. Miller and D. F. Jenkins to me personally known, who being by my duly did say that they are, respectively, the Chairman and Secretary of the State Board of Social Welfare of the State of Iowa, and that said instrument was signed on behalf of the said State Board given by resolution duly adopted by said State Board and entered in the Minutes of the proceedings of said State Board, and the said W. F. Miller and D. H. Jenkins  acknowledged the executionof said instrument to be voluntary act and deed of said State Board by it voluntarily exected.

  Gladys Lewis
  Notary Public in and for Polk County, Iowa




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