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Northeast Iowa Hills
A Picture Guide to Allamakee and Clayton Counties

by Apple Jack

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Suttle Creek mill
Suttle Creek Mill, located northeast of Monona.
Note: the booklet does not elaborate on the location of the mill, and it may actually be located in Linton twp. Allamakee county

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Kleinlein Mill
Kleinlein Mill, located northwest of Strawberry Point

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Motor Mill

Left: Motor Mill, located southeast of Elkader

Below: Where can you find a more peaceful scene than this? These sheep are contently grazing near beautiful rock-outcroppings near the Motor Mill in Clayton County.

sheep grazing near Motor Mill

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Big Spring State Trout Hatchery Big Spring State Trout Hatchery is located near a large spring on the Turkey River.

This place is a little hard to find. Follow the signs out the new county paved road Northwest out of Elkader, turn to the West about five miles out and again follow the signs.

This is a good place for trout, bass and catfish. 5 Picnic tables, water, and toilets are available and fires and camping is permitted.

The Clayton County Conservation Commission has an area across the river here but I’m not sure of facilities. It’s reached by the River Road up the Southwest side of the river from Elkader.

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Bixby State Park Bixby State Park is located just two miles north of Edgewood in southern Clayton County. This is not a large park at all and it is under the jurisdiction of the park custodian at Backbone State Park, southwest of Strawberry Point.

For years part of the work of cleaning at the park was done largely by citizens of Edgewood. Though it is small, it is a wonderful picnic spot and boasts an ice cave which really cools you off on hot summer days.

There is a shelter house, 23 picnic tables, spring water west of the road through the park, and toilets. In addition to the ice cave, a good trail winds up the side of the timbered hillside to Steamboat Rock, a bluff resembling a ship’s hull overlooking the valley.

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Pikes Peak State Park

Pikes Peak State Park Pikes Peak State Park, located off Highway 340, leaving from the south end of McGregor’s main street, takes you up to Pikes Peak where you can get a magnificent view of the Mississippi River.

From here you can see the Wisconsin River enter the Mississippi just south of Prairie du Chien. There are at least fifty picnic tables, several fire grills, toilets and a fine shelter house where candy, ice cream and soft drinks are available.

A camping area has been made available during the last few years, which includes a shower building with laundry facilities. The kids will like the trails to the colored sand and you will too, if climbing is your cup of tea. The trails are steep in spots. This is a good place to camp and explore other interesting points by car.

Pikes Peak State Park map

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Bloody Run camping area

Upstream on Bloody Run from Marquette the Clayton County Conservation Board has established a nice little access spot for trout fishermen.

The park established here has 2 picnic tables, 2 fireplaces and water. Overnight camping is allowed.

Bloody Run

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Frenchtown Lake Public Access Area

Frenchtown Lake Public Access Area is a Clayton County Conservation Commission project North of Guttenburg.
Here at Frenchtown in 1812 Chevalier Marais, a member of French Royalty, who fled to America to escape the French Revolution in 1792, established a trading post. Many early settlers in the Garnavillo area landed at Frenchtown with their supplies.

The area is mainly for fishermen, though anyone would enjoy the picnic area with three tables and three fireplaces. There is water and a toilet.

This incidentally, is a good place to view the famous lilies which bloom in late summer on the Mississippi backwaters.


~source: undated booklet, ca1960's, written by "Apple Jack"
~scanned & transcribed by Errin Wilker.


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