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History of Clayton County, Iowa
Chapter XXXIV

Marion Township

Marion Township
(page 927-928)

This township was named by J.C. Rounds, after a severe struggle with Judge Price, who first named it Morasser, but assented to a change if the township would vote for a change of the county seat (the Judge was in favor of Guttenberg, and he hoped to get the Marion vote for his favorite location); the name was changed and the election held, but not one vote was given for Guttenberg, and Judge Price was disgusted. This is the fourth township in as many different States that Mr. Rounds has named Marion, viz: Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Marion Township is in the western tier of Clayton County, and is township 94 north, range 6 west of the fifth principal meridian. It is bounded on the north by Grand Meadow Township, on the east by Wagner, on the south by Highland, and on the west by Fayette County. It contains both timber and prairie areas, much of which is now in a good state of cultivation. The township is watered by Turkey River, which flows through its southern half, and numerous small tributaries.

The township was organized in 1855. It had previously formed a part of Wagner Township, and was in this year detached and organized independently. The first election was held soon after, at the house of Ole Oleson, section 15, northeast one-quarter, in the month of April. Notices for this election had been posted by J.C. Rounds. At this election nineteen votes were polled. The officers elected were: Clerk, J.C. Rounds; Justices of the Peace, J.C. Rounds and Thomas J. Butcher; Assessor, J.C. Rounds; Constable, Jacob Light; Trustees, Willard Robbins and William Connor.

The present officers are: Clerk, H.S. Holstensen; Assessor, Thomas Oleson; Justices of the Peace, A.L. Peterson and E.E. Lein; Trustees, William C. Barber, Ole Johnson and B. Frieden; Constables, Ascrim Oleson and Jacob Paulson.

Before the present school law came in force, there was but one school in the township, and this was held on section 36. Who the first teacher was is unknown. At the present time there are nine school-houses, with an average value of $300 each. The number of children in the township of school age is 390.

J.C. Rounds solemnized the first marriage, but no record was kept of their names.

The first death known was that of a daughter of William Conner.

The first postoffice was established in 1857. It is now the only east quarter of section 2, at J.C. Rounds' house, he is the Postmaster, and has been for some nine years. The first Postmaster was Benjamin Worthing. The annual receipts average about $100 per year.


The Marion Norwegian Lutheran Church is situated on section 11, and was built in 1873. It is 44 x 94 feet, 20 feet high, and cost $5,600. The first sermon was preached May 27, 1873, by Rev. Ole Valdeland, who has continued as pastor ever since. The present membership is about 360.

The Apostolic Christian Dunkard Church is located on section 20. They believe in immersion, and have several peculiar tenets. The first meeting was held in Michael Garber's house, in the northeast quarter of section 30. Meetings were held in private houses until 1854, when they procured a preacher from the old country, Christian Bowman. He served until January, 1870, when he died. The congregation have built a substantial stone church, 28 x 40 feet, at a cost of $1,600. The membership includes thirty families. The present pastor is Rev. Jacob Raugg.


This chapter concludes with biographical sketches.


transcribed by an unknown volunteer (if you submitted this history, please contact the Clayton co. coordinator so you can get credit on this page)
source: History of Clayton County, Iowa, 1882, Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Co., 1882. Reproduced by the sponsorship of the Monona Historical Society, Monona, Iowa, reproduction Evansville, Indiana: Unigraphics, Inc., 1975; page 927-928.


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