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History of Clayton County, Iowa
Chapter XXXIII

Mallory Township


Mallory Township
(page 909-910)

Range 3 west of the fifth principal meridian. The first settlement was made in 1833 by Thos. Clinton, Martin, Moses and Jacob Van Sickle. Three of the boys are dead. Clinton was killed in McGregor, about one and a half years ago, by a runaway team. The other brothers live near McGregor. Edward Dickens and Sol. Wadsworth, Samuel D. Peck and his brother Douglas, also came at an early day. Samuel D. Peck is now the earliest settler living in an area of twenty miles square. Henry Hardin was the first child born in this township, although Dudly Peck, a resident of the township, died first. He died in the township of Millville, and is now buried in Mallory Township. There are three cemeteries in Mallory Township.

The first school-house was built on Mr. Peck's land, near Osterdock. There are now eight school-houses in the township.

The number of churches in the township is two.

Cumberland Presbyterian Church. - There is an organization of this society in this township, but the church edifice is in Millville.

There is a membership of fifty souls. The church is in a healthy condition. There are two Sabbath-schools in connection with this organization. Their average attendance is about forty. The present pastor is Rev. Joseph B. Howard.

Present officers - John Bolsinger, Frederick Schrunk, Francis Palmer, Clerk of the Session; Mr. Gull, Mr. Tweedy and George Hansel are the Elkers.

Fairview Church of United Brethren in Christ, located on section 20. It was organized in 1854, by Luther McVey, J.A. Slick and wife, and others. The first services of this denomination were held in Colesburg. Luther McVey was the first pastor, and served six months. Enoch Fothergill was the next pastor and served two years; Wm. Dollarhide, one year; R.W. Kaughman, one year; Joseph Foster, one year; I.L. Lockridge, one year. About this time J.A. Slick became a licentiate, and was called to take charge; form that time until the present he has been the local minister, much of the time having full charge. There have been a number of revival seasons of great interest, under Rev. Haufman, Slcik, and G. H. Watrous. At the Mound School-house, Rev. Slick also conducted a revival season of much interest. The house of worship was built in 1859; it is 26 x 36 feet in size, and cost about $500. J.A. Slick, James Ridenour, C. White, H. Hatfield and W. Long are trustees. There have been about 300 members in all; present membership 140. The condition of the church is good. There is a Sunday-school of about 17 scholars just organized; the Superintendent is Rev. J.A. Slick; the present pastor is G.H. Walrous.


Village of Osterdock

Village of Osterdock is located on the Turkey River, lying on both banks. There are three general stores here. The north side of the town was laid out in 1877, by Samuel W. Bowman. He still owns the greater part of it. The hotel, depot, warehouse, sawmill and two of the stores are located on that side of the river. Mr. George Hansel laid out, in 1878, one-half of the south side of the village. His farm adjoins, and there is room for more growth as soon as the lots are demanded. Mr. H. has sold many of the lots he laid out. Mr. Kickbush, in 1878, laid out the east half of the south half of the town, and has sold several lots. John Henry Bowman originally laid out ten lots, and from this the present town has sprung.

It was surveyed in December, 1872, by John H. Zearley, Deputy County Surveyor. It is situated on lot 2, section 2, township 91 north, range 3 west, and the proprietors were Jasper N. Bowman, Martha M. Bowman, John H. Bowman and Hannah J. Bowman. Two additions were made in January, 1879, by George Hansel and Elizabeth Hansel.


This chapter concludes with biographical sketches.


transcribed by an unknown volunteer (if you submitted this history, please contact the Clayton co. coordinator so you can be given credit on this page)
source: History of Clayton County, Iowa, 1882, Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Co., 1882. Reproduced by the sponsorship of the Monona Historical Society, Monona, Iowa, reproduction Evansville, Indiana: Unigraphics, Inc., 1975; page 909-910


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