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History of Clayton County, Iowa
Chapter XXIX

Grand Meadow Township

Grand Meadow Township
(page 825)

Grand Meadow Township, so named by Judge E.H. Williams because of the great beauty of the wild prairie. It is township 95 north, range 6 west, and is the northwest corner township of the county. It is principally high, rich rolling prairie, with here and there fine groves of timber, principally hard wood - oak, elm, hickory, ash and considerable black-walnut, with some basswood and poplar; there is plenty of timber for the use of the farms. The township is finely watered by springs, of which there are many of excellent water; besides these there are numerous creeks. Roberts Creek is the largest, and runs from the northwest corner to the southeastern portion of the township, commencing on section 18, and leaving the town on section 36. Deer Creek runs from west to east, beginning on section 22, and emptying into Roberts Creek on section 35. Besides these are many small streams not named. Grand Meadow Township is perhaps the most desirable for all purposes of residence of any in the county. Mr. Caton was the first settler of this township; he died a few years since. Mr. Wheler, Hardy Barnes, Mr. Henry Fewel, Mr. Rowe, and Mr. and Mrs. Post are among the early settlers, most of whom are dead.

The first religious services were held at Mrs. Post's, just over the line, where many of the Grand Meadowites came and worshiped.

Mr. Michael Croter was the first person who died in this township. His death occurred in 1852.

The present township officers are: Carl Knodt, John F. McKinley, W. I. Chase, Trustees; John Welzel, Clerk; R. G. McLelland and David Riley, Justices of the Peace; A. F. Marston, Joseph Sybert, Constables; Thomas Fleming, Assessor.

There are seven school-houses in the township, the value of which is about $5,000. There are about 225 chidlren of school age in the township. There is only one church in the township, Norwegian Lutheran.


This chapter concludes with biographical sketches.


- transcription by Roxanne Barth
source: History of Clayton County, Iowa, 1882, Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Co., 1882. Reproduced by the sponsorship of the Monona Historical Society, Monona, Iowa, reproduction Evansville, Indiana: Unigraphics, Inc., 1975; page 825


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