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History of Clayton County, Iowa

Chapter XIX


* Jail Escapes * A Wild Tornado * Storm * Death in the Flames * Postoffices in Clayton County * Clayton County Medical Society * Railroads * Marriages * Literature * Census Reports * A Retrospect * Clayton County in 1882 *

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In this connection will be found a number of interesting historical events and tables too short to form a chapter, but of too much importance to omit.

Clayton County Medical Society
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Among the important society organizations of the county may be mentioned the Clayton County Medical Society, which was organized May 14, 1879, with a membership of thirteen.

The names of the officers elected at the time of organization were as follows:

President, D.W. Chase, M.D.; Vice-President, K.F. Purdy, M.D.; Secretary, S.N.Bixby, M.D.; Treasurer, J.W. McLean, M.D.

The society has a membership constantly increasing, and its members are among the most successful, efficient and qualified in the medical profession of Iowa.

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The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Company now control all the railroad lines passing through Clayton County.

Iowa and Minnesota Division - This road was bgunn in 1857, under the name of the McGregor, St. Peters & Missouri Railroad. John Thompson, of Elkader, was President. In 1862 the McGregor Western Railroad Company was formed, which bought out the road, and extended it as far as Calmar. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul purchased a controlling interest in 1864. The road passes through North McGregor, Beulah Junction, where it connects with the Elkader branch, Monona, Luana, and leaves Clayton County in the middle of the northern line of Grand Meadow Township.

Dubuque Division - This division was originally built by the Chicago, Clinton, Dubuque & Minnesota Railroad Company, and passes along the river on the eastern boundary of the cunty, passing the stations of Turkey River, Guttenberg, Clayton, McGregor and North McGregor.

The Volga Branch of the Dubuque Division was built in 1871, and runs from Turkey River to Wadena, having in Clayton County the stations of Elkport, Littleport, Mederille, Osborne and Volga City.

Racine & Southwestern Division - The Davenport line of this division passes through the southwestern part of the cunty, having stations at Edgewood and Strawberry Point (Enfield).

Iowa Eastern - This road was finished as far as Elkader in 1875, and did a fair business till April, 1876, when a large amount of track was washed out by a violent storm. This track was never rebuilt; so Elkader was left about three miles from the end of the road. Judge Williams, as President of the road, continued to operate it until April, 1882, in the meantime trying in vain to raise the money to extend it to some important terminal point. It was finally disposed of to the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Company, who changed its name to the Elkader Branch of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul.

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The first marriage recorded in Clayton County is that of Thomas B. Walker and Susan E. Lyons, both of Clayton County. The ceremony was performed Oct. 10, 1839 by Eliphalet Price, then Justice of the Peace. The next was that of Cyrus Henderson, of Prairie du Chien, and Miss Harriet M. Wells, of Clayton County. This couple were united inthe hold bonds of matrimony on Sunday, April 26, 1840. The ceremony took place at the house of Wm. Walker, and was performed by Eliphalet Price.

In the year 1841 three marriage took place, the names of the participants being as follows: H.H. Singer and Martha J. Gould, both of the Boardman settlement, married March 25; James S. De Palos and Sarah Mclelland, of Clayton County, married at Prairie La Porte, Aug. 8, by Rev. William Simpson; Alexander O'Neil, of Black River, Wis., and Elizabeth M. Daudley, of Yellow River, Clayton County, married April 8.

From this time on the number of marriages has steadily increased, keeping pace with the growth of the county in population.

-transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall
-source: History of Clayton County, Iowa, 1882, Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Co., 1882. Reproduced by the sponsorship of the Monona Historical Society, Monona, Iowa, reproduction Evansville, Indiana: Unigraphics, Inc., 1975;
page 318-355


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